Supreme Uprising Chapter 940

Chapter 940 Divine Union Void Transformations

Chapter 940: Divine Union Void; Transformations
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Luo Yunyang cultivated in seclusion after returning from the Sacred Soul Sky. Although the integration of the Sacred Soul had allowed the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes to reach a peak stage, he still had to familiarize himself with it.

At the very least, he could not be unfamiliar with executing it.

He did not train in seclusion for too long this time. In half a year, Luo Yunyang had finished his seclusive training.

He was very delighted with the might of the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes. Unfortunately, even though the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes was very powerful, it required a lot of energy and strength to execute it well.

Given Luo Yunyangs current cultivation, he could only execute the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes thrice. However, all three times were rather satisfactory for Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang decided to visit Yuan Venerate White Crane after leaving his residence. Yuan Venerate White Crane had a complex look on his face when he saw Luo Yunyang.

Yunyang, I always thought that I valued you highly. However, I think I have been underestimating you. Yuan Venerate White Crane lamented.

Luo Yunyang smiled. It seems like what Ive gained from the Sacred Soul Sky wasnt that bad.

Wasnt that bad? You gained a Paragon Sacred Soul! Yuan Venerate White Crane said fiercely. Did you know that there are only six Paragon Sacred Souls in the entire Sacred Soul Sky? Each of them represents a top powerhouse in their own time and era.

Yuan Venerate White Crane then added, The three Hall Masters have made their decision. From now on, youll no longer be bound as a Shengzi of Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

He would no longer be bound as a Shengzi? This meant that he could do anything and everything he wanted!

Luo Yunyang smiled when he heard that. Really?

Of course! Yuan Venerate White Crane gestured with his hand. You can remain in Hong Meng Sacred Hall to train if you want. We wont stop you if you head out and venture on your own for a while.

Training inside Hong Meng Sacred Hall wasnt a bad choice, but the techniques in Hong Meng Sacred Hall were no longer useful to Luo Yunyang.

He had already surpassed the Sky Feather 13 Swords, so the only thing that was useful to him in Hong Meng Sacred Hall was the Divine Creation Disc.

However, he hadnt really digested the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes completely and hence was not in the mood to comprehend the Divine Creation Disc.

After all, it wouldnt be that beneficial to him. Instead, it might even waste other better opportunities.

Alright then. Ill venture outside on my own. After bidding farewell to Yuan Venerate White Crane, Luo Yunyang transported himself and returned to the void where the Da Alliance was located.

The void was the same as it had been before!

As far as the environment was concerned, Luo Yunyang felt like the old days when he had arrived in this void. However, compared to the Great Cosmos that Luo Yunyang had been to, as well as Hong Meng Sacred Hall, the amount of spirit essence here was rather sparse.

If Luo Yunyang could be considered capable of being an important figure in an entire Great Cosmos, then one could say that he was entirely capable of controlling the entire void that he was now in.

If he wanted, Luo Yunyang could turn the entire void into ashes with a mere thought.

The Divine Union Void where the Da Alliance was based remained largely unchanged. Although the Human Tribe continued to become stronger and had replaced the Demigod Tribe as one of the four major forces, the alliance between the Bug Race, the Machine Empire, and the Purgatory also remained powerful.

The alliance they had formed to deal with the Human Tribe was still extremely strong.

Luo Yunyangs spirit consciousness entered the Milky Way Galaxy while all sorts of information regarding the Human Tribe quickly entered his mind.

Although there were still familiar traces of the Milky Ways Human Tribe, there was basically no one that Luo Yunyang still had ties with here.

Even though this was the homeland of the Milky Ways Human Tribe, it was just a void after all. Besides the fact that it lacked spirit essence, the Origin Source Laws here were also inferior to those in a Great Cosmos.

There were unavoidable disadvantages here, regardless of whether they were related to cultivation or other aspects.

The Human Tribe actually had two Heavenly Venerates now, and one of them was someone Luo Yunyang didnt know. However, Luo Yunyang did not intend to do anything about the two Heavenly Venerates.

There were also some great opportunities that would allow people to become Heavenly Venerates directly in this void, just like the Tribulation Platform in the Tianyun Void.

However, this sort of Heavenly Venerates exhausted their potential and could only be first-level Heavenly Venerates. These Heavenly Venerates could only be cannon fodder in the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground.

The other races each had one Heavenly Venerate. Luo Yunyang didnt recognize any of them either.

In the past, all Heavenly Venerates in this void had been imprinted with a Kong Tuo Seal by Luo Yunyang. However, after the Long Familys domineering invasion and the opening of the Primordial Sacred Battle Ground, it had become increasingly difficult for Luo Yunyang to contact those Heavenly Venerates.

Although the fate of these Heavenly Venerates was unknown, according to Luo Yunyangs estimations, those Heavenly Venerates must have met their own end.

Now, the Heavenly Venerates formed in this void were of little use to Luo Yunyang.

He could completely ignore the existence of those Heavenly Venerates.

Luo Yunyang no longer cared about the Divine Union Void after some careful consideration. Letting the void function according to its rules was actually a pretty option.

Rather than destroying the three races, it would be better to give the Human Tribe some opponents that would force it to strive unremittingly. As for everything else, Luo Yunyang was no longer interested.

As his interest was waning, Luo Yunyang was preparing to head off to the Purple Cloud Great Cosmos and the Rising Sky Feather Sect. Although it wasnt in the Divine Union Void, it could be said that it was the only place that could give Luo Yunyang a sense of home.

Just as Luo Yunyang was about to step away, a thought appeared in his mind. Back when he had been in the Divine Union Void, he had once entered a Bug Race Queens hive to cultivate.

At the time, he had made considerable improvements strength-wise.

However, when it came to strength improvement, young Bubbles had left the warmest, most lasting impression on him back then.

He wondered how that small bug, who loved to talk and would always tell him everything, was doing.

Although they hadnt met in years, Luo Yunyang still remembered the aura of Bubbles. In an instant, his spirit consciousness covered the entire Bug Races territory.

Nothing, nothing, nothing

Luo Yunyang couldnt find anything despite expanding his mind powers across the entire void.

Could Bubbles have died during a calamity? Luo Yunyang felt pain at the thought.

While he hadnt really cared about matters in the Divine Union Void before, he now actually looked forward to such matters.

Luo Yunyang activated his spirit consciousness instantly, sending a wave of boundless energy that brought the first-level Heavenly Venerate of the Bug Race and all other Universe-Grade elites over to him.

The Heavenly Venerate of the Bug Race was a Bug Queen who was meditating. She got even angrier for a moment when she sensed Luo Yunyangs spirit consciousness.

After all, it was disrespectful to do this to her. This was a provocation to both her and the Bug Race.

Such a provocation often led to an all-out war.

However, just as she fumed with anger, she could sense that she had totally no resistance against the massive force that had shrouded her.

In just a moment, the Bug Queens attitude had turned from rage to extreme fear. It seemed as if she was oblivious to everything happening outside. She didnt know who had captured her, but it was someone she had no way of resisting.

Just as she was wondering how to escape, she heard someone asking, Who are you? How dare you act against juniors like us? Our Paragon Bug Queen will not let you do as you wish.

The Paragon Bug Queen had an impulse to strangle whoever had said that. She could forgive her subordinates ignorance when it came to this situation, but this person was actually causing her trouble.

Ha ha Our Highness is here. Youre going to die! The persons eyes lit up when he saw the Paragon Bug Queen and shouted at Luo Yunyang.

The Paragon Bug Queen didnt dare try anything. When she realized that her limbs were finally free from the restrictions, she hurriedly greeted him. Greetings, my lord. Im Bai Xinyue of the Bug Race.

She was a little confused about how to address Luo Yunyang. Hence, she chose to address him as a lord.

The subordinate who had threatened Luo Yunyang fell silent upon seeing the Paragon Bug Queen acting this way.

Luo Yunyang ignored that subordinate completely and nodded at the Paragon Bug Queen. Skip the formalities. Ive brought all of you here because I have some questions.

His tone became mildly gentle at this point. You may all raise your heads.

Only then did the Paragon Bug Queen dare to look up. Although Luo Yunyang appeared peaceful, the aura exuded by him was like a mountain crushing her until she couldnt breathe.

You You are Luo Yunyang? No, youre Lord Luo Yunyang! The Paragon Bug Queen suddenly came to a realization.

Luo Yunyang, who wasnt too surprised that the Paragon Bug Queen had recognized him, replied, Yes, Im Luo Yunyang. Do you know me?

My Lord, your power and might dominated everything in the past. Im just an insignificant individual, but of course I know who you are. The Paragon Bug Queen fawned over him respectfully.

Alright. I have gathered all of you here to ask something. Is there a Bug Queen called Bubbles in the Bug Race? Luo Yunyang asked the Paragon Bug Queen.

The Paragon Bug Queen quickly ran this name through her mind. However, she really couldnt think of anyone named Bubbles.

While she panicked and started to sweat profusely due to her inability to answer, someone replied, Lord Yunyang, is the Bubbles youre looking for the Bubbles that came from the Sky Worm Nest?