Supreme Uprising Chapter 941

Chapter 941 Descent On Longlin Great Cosmos

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Luo Yunyang turned his attention to the Bug Race elite that had spoken. That elite did not belong to the same bloodline as a Bug Queen. He was a three-meter-tall, black-scaled Sky Battle Bug Monarch with three giant tails.

This sort of Sky Battle Bug Monarch would generally be the guard of a Bug Queen.

Luo Yunyang wasnt very familiar with this kind of Sky Battle Bug Monarch, as he had never fought against one before.

"Yes, Bubbles from the Sky Worm Nest." Luo Yunyang eyed the Sky Battle Bug Monarch. "Where is Bubbles?"

The Sky Battle Bug Monarchs third-level Heavenly Venerate cultivation was insignificant before Luo Yunyang.

He replied in a trembling voice, "My Lord, Her Highness Bubbles was abducted by the Long Family. I heard that they took her to Longlin Great Cosmos."

Longlin Great Cosmos!

There was a cold glare in Luo Yunyangs eyes when he heard about the Long Family. How could he ever forget having to flee from the Long Family elites? Back then, even the Long Family Patriarch had tried to deal with him personally.

If he hadnt obtained the Eon Martial Token or become one of Hong Meng Sacred Halls Shengzis, he, along with the entire Milky Ways Human Tribe, would have been obliterated by the Long Family.

How could this kind of grudge be forgotten?

Luo Yunyang would never forget this. The reason he hadnt made a move was because he had always felt that his cultivation wasnt strong enough to allow him to kill the Long Family Patriarch yet.

Hong Meng Sacred Hall and four other Sacred Halls wouldnt care if a conflict occurred between two Yuan Venerates due to a personal grudge.

However, Luo Yunyang was a Shengzi of Hong Meng Sacred Hall and was still considered to be under their protection. If he waged war against the Long Family, then both he and the entire Milky Ways Human Tribe would no longer be protected by Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

The protection of Hong Meng Sacred Hall had been very important to Luo Yunyang in the past. He still valued it after his return from the Dual Realm Sky. However, Luo Yunyang was very confident in himself after obtaining the inheritance of the Sacred Soul.

Murderous intent engulfed the entire Divine Union void in an instant.

All martialists above the Galaxy Grade in the Divine Union Void could sense this intent and they all felt helpless because of it.

Within the Machine Empires territory, a few Universe-Grade martialists were reporting to their Heavenly Venerate, who sat on his high throne.

However, as this wave of murderous intent swept past them, all of them suddenly prostrated on the ground, not daring to resist in the slightest.

The two Human Tribe Heavenly Venerates were also prostrating on the ground in their palaces. They had just discussed the attack on the Machine Empire through the virtual void. However, this thought was now completely eradicated from their minds.

All the martialists in the Purgatory who were engaging in battle did not dare attack. The only Heavenly Venerate in the Purgatory prostrated on the ground and prayed.

"My Lord!" The Bug Queen could sense the fear of her subordinates. Even though she knew that this wasnt a good time to speak, she still mustered up the courage to speak to Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang, who was jolted by the Bug Queens call, nodded at her before retracting his terrifying spirit consciousness.

However, the fear these Bug Race elites felt for Luo Yunyang had already increased greatly.

This person was simply too terrifying!

"Why did the Long Family take Bubbles away?" Luo Yunyang turned towards the Sky Battle Bug Monarch as he asked this question.

"My Lord, the Long Family mentioned that they were selecting people with good potential to nurture when they left. Her Majesty Bubbles was a Bug Queen from the Sky Worm Nest and was considered one of the very best among the Bug Race. Hence, she was selected."

The Sky Battle Bug Monarchs voice trembled as he continued to speak. "I was a servant for Her Majesty Bubbles at the time. I wanted to follow her into Longlin Great Cosmos, but the person who made the selection did not want me."

Luo Yunyang was a little touched when he saw the slight reluctance on the Sky Battle Bug Monarchs face. Although the Sky Battle Bug Monarch wasnt strong, Luo Yunyang could still sense his loyalty to Bubbles.

The memories awakening in the Sky Worm Nest and the 1,000 years he had spent there constantly revolved in his mind. Luo Yunyang had already regarded Bubbles as his sister.

Hence, after seeing that the Sky Battle Bug Monarch was so loyal to her, he asked, "Are you willing to follow me to look for Bubbles?"

"Yes, why wouldnt I?" The Sky Battle Bug Monarch started getting emotional. "I wouldve gone to Longlin Great Cosmos if it wasnt for my weak cultivation."

"Alright, go make some preparations. Well set off in a bit." Luo Yunyang waved his hands before turning towards the Paragon Bug Queen.

Although the Paragon Bug Queen felt that Luo Yunyang wouldnt take her life, she felt extremely uncomfortable being around someone who could easily decide her fate. Thus, she felt her heart jump to her throat when Luo Yunyang turned towards her.

She could sense that this was the moment her fate would be decided.

She would die if that person wasnt in a good mood.

"All of you may return!" Luo Yunyang instructed after making eye contact with the Paragon Bug Queen.

Even though the Paragon Bug Queen had reckoned that Luo Yunyang was going to say that, she still felt immensely relieved when these words were actually uttered.

"Thank you, my lord." Upon saying this, the Paragon Bug Queen hurriedly brought her subordinates with her and returned to her nest.

Luo Yunyang had never been to Longlin Great Cosmos, but that wasnt going to stop him. Although the small silvery tower had been broken, he could rip apart the void anytime he wanted to and enter any Great Cosmos.

"Lets go!" Luo Yunyang gestured at the Sky Battle Bug Monarch before his figure disappeared completely from the Divine Union Void.

10 days later, Luo Yunyang arrived at the outskirts of Longlin Great Cosmos. Longlin Great Cosmos was largely similar to other Great Cosmoses and had a vast extent of land at its core.

While Luo Yunyang did not deliberately express the fact that he was coming to Longlin Great Cosmos, he also didnt hide it.

Searching for someone within a Great Cosmos was difficult, even with the cultivation base of a Yuan Venerate.

"My Lord, this this is Longin Great Cosmos?" the Sky Battle Bug Monarch asked in disbelief after he was released from Luo Yunyangs internal universe.

He had been inside Luo Yunyangs internal universe for the past ten days, but Luo Yunyang hadnt isolated him from the things that were happening outside. Hence, he could see what was going on.

"Indeed. This is Longlin Great Cosmos." Luo Yunyang smiled at the Sky Battle Bug Monarch.

The Sky Battle Bug Monarch had a lot of wild guesses regarding Longlin Great Cosmos, but he realized that his previous guesses had been very childish upon seeing it with his own eyes.

"Childish" was indeed the only appropriate word to describe his imagination.

With that thought in mind, he started to feel worried. He was worried about how they were going to look for Her Highness Bubbles.

This Lord could cover the entire Divine Union void with a mere thought. However, the nomological laws here were more powerful and complete, and the space was many times larger than in the Divine Union Void. Could Luo Yunyang find Her Highness Bubbles here?

"My Lord, how should we go about looking for Her Highness Bubbles? Should we first head to the Long Family?" the Sky Battle Bug Monarch suggested cautiously.

Luo Yunyang waved off the suggestion. "Theres no need. Well begin our search now."

Luo Yunyangs spirit consciousness had already started to spread across the massive Longlin Great Cosmos.

Although Luo Yunyang was not too familiar with Longlin Great Cosmos, he understood the situation in the entire cosmos when he successfully scoured through the mind of a Heavenly Venerate.

Luo Yunyangs spirit consciousness started to head in the direction of the Long Family.

In a secret realm of the Long Family, a Long Family elite was guiding his juniors through their training. Luo Yunyangs spirit consciousness swept past him just as he was warning his juniors not to disgrace the Long Family.

Actually, Luo Yunyangs spirit consciousness had intruded into the Long Familys secret realm so the Heavenly Venerate elite of the Long Family couldnt resist it at all.

"Sir, this is a secret realm of our family. Youre openly declaring war against us by doing this!" an elder of the Long Family shouted frantically.

However, his voice echoed only for a moment. Then, he no longer made any more sounds.

The elder wanted to resist, but the more he resisted, the greater the pressure he experienced from Luo Yunyangs power was. Eventually, the elders body started to crack, and he had no choice but to lower his prideful head.

Luo Yunyang expanded his spirit consciousness again as his search of the Long Family became even more outrageous.

After the Long Family elites were suppressed in succession, people all around the massive Longlin Great Cosmos started to pay attention.

The Long Family had always been an influential force in the Longlin Great Cosmos. However, a much more ferocious dragon had appeared and was behaving tyrannically now.

Who was this person and why had he acted in such an overbearing manner? Would the Long Family retaliate with an even stronger counterattack?

Everyone, from Yuan Venerate Almighties to ordinary Galaxy-Grade martialists, was looking forward to seeing what the spirit consciousness that had invaded the Long Family would do next.

They were looking forward to witnessing the clash between the powerhouse that had landed in Longlin Great Cosmos and the old Patriarch of the Long Family!