Supreme Uprising Chapter 942

Chapter 942 A Weaklings Counterattack

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As the number one family in Longlin Great Cosmos, the Long Family was prosperous and included many elites. The Long Family had eyes and ears throughout the entire Longlin Great Cosmos, and any signs of disturbance or trouble would be reported to them, let alone Luo Yunyangs outrageous attack against the Long Family.

The head of the Long Family was a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate. In terms of seniority, he was only the great-grandson of the Long Familys Patriarch.

However, his talent had allowed him to become a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate, and the title of the family head had been conferred on him.

Although he was unable to control the children of the Long Familys Patriarch, he was the representative of the Long Family in the entire Longlin Great Cosmos.

When Luo Yunyangs spirit consciousness enveloped the entire Longlin Great Cosmos, the head of the Long Family sensed it immediately and his first reaction to this intrusion was anger.

Indeed, it was anger!

The Long Family was the top power in Longlin Great Cosmos. Although they could not annex other powers, the Long Family still believed that Longlin Great Cosmos was exclusively theirs.

Anyone who dared to make any audacious moves without the consent of the Long Family in Longlin Great Cosmos would be grossly disrespecting them.

Therefore, the head of the Long Family was prepared to take action right away.

However, when he found out that Luo Yunyang was behind this, he was even more pissed yet hesitant. He was no stranger to Luo Yunyangs impudent actions. After all, the Long Family had gone after Luo Yunyang quite fervently in the past.

The genius of the Long Family had also been defeated by Luo Yunyang during the competition for a spot in Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

After Luo Yunyang had entered Hong Meng Sacred Hall, a rumor had started to spread in the Long Family that he and the Long Family would have an all-out war one day.

Although many people had suggested that Luo Yunyang be dealt with in advance, the Long Family didnt dare do anything because of Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

In the Rising Sky Feather Sect, Luo Yunyang had been ambushed by a group of Yuan Venerates of the Mysterious Underworld Race and his cultivation base had stagnated as a result. Hence, the Long Family had begun to rub its fists in glee as it waited for the day when Luo Yunyang would lose his status as a Shengzi of Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

However, they hadnt expected that Luo Yunyangs cultivation base would skyrocket once more in the Dual Realm Sky.

After learning that Luo Yunyang had defeated Lie Yunzi, the Long Family had started making various preparations for Luo Yunyangs revenge.

However, they estimated that Luo Yunyang would return to take revenge most likely only after he became a Yuan Venerate.

After all, when Luo Yunyang became a Yuan Venerate, he would be more confident in taking revenge against the Long Family. In order to cope with this situation, the Long Family had started to accumulate more resources for the head of the family, in hopes that he would ascend and become a Yuan Venerate. They had also started to build stronger relations with the other Sacred Halls.

For example, Da Qian Sacred Hall!

The head of the Long Family believed that the possibility of him becoming a Yuan Venerate had increased with the help of Da Qian Sacred Hall. However, Luo Yunyang had arrived before he had even taken a step forward.

His arrival meant a declaration of war against the Long Family. This declaration of war was a very good opportunity for the Long Family.

However, although Long Zetian was the head of the Long Family, he couldnt be the one making decisions about such matters.

Hence, he sought out the Long Family Patriarch to ask him to call the shots when Luo Yunyang invaded their territory.

Contrary to what the Long Family Head thought, the Long Family Patriarch appeared to be enchanted as he listened to the beautiful tune of a zither played by an alluring woman. He seemed to be rather relaxed.

The woman playing the zither was a seventh-level Heavenly Venerate. Although she could be considered a top-level individual even in Longlin Great Cosmos, she was merely a concubine of the Long Family Patriarch and would come and go as he ordered.

Even though Long Zetian knew that he should not show any emotion, he couldnt help but sneak a peek at the woman, whom he had felt affection for since many years ago.

This complicated glance contained a secret intent.

The woman continued to play the zither indifferently, as though she hadnt noticed Long Zetians complicated look.

Greetings, Patriarch. Long Zetian put on a game face before greeting the Long Family Patriarch respectfully.

You are a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate and the head of our family. How can you look so anxious! the Long Family Patriarch said in a slightly reprimanding fashion. As a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate and the head of the Long Family, Long Zetian was already a person of great authority in the eyes of many people.

However, he could now only reply respectfully, I lost my composure indeed. Thank you for your lesson, Patriarch.

Isnt just Luo Yunyang coming over? Will the sky fall because of him? the Long Family Patriarch remarked casually.

Long Zetian knew that Luo Yunyangs audacious arrival wouldnt escape the ears of the Long Family Patriarch. The Long Family Patriarch had even heard the news before he had.

The reason he had come wasnt just to show respect to his Patriarch, but also because he did not understand the Patriarchs plan.

Patriarch, the relationship between Luo Yunyang and the Long Family is beyond reconciliation. Now, he has a cultivation base no weaker than a Yuan Venerates. We should have made plans earlier. Long Zetian felt his surroundings tremble suddenly as he spoke.

The place where the Long Familys Patriarch was located was also the center of the Long Family. Thus, this shaking motion meant that the Long Familys territory had been invaded.

The invasion of the Long Familys territory was like a huge club swinging and battering Long Zetians mental state. He had already forgotten the last time the Long Family had been invaded.

The Long Familys reputation held great weight throughout the entire Longlin Great Cosmos. Some people even said that Longlin Great Cosmos belonged to the Long Family.

No one would even consider invading the Long Family. Long Zetian said angrily, Patriarch, Luo Yunyang is really too much.

Is that so? He felt aggrieved at how our family treated him. It is pretty normal that he would come to pay us back! The Long Family Patriarch sounded completely relaxed, as if everything that had happened was supposed to happen.

Long Zetian nearly thought his ears were playing a trick on him. In his opinion, the Patriarch was a tyrannical, vengeful person who would never tolerate anyone that dared to challenge his authority.

Long Zetian wondered if the Patriarch was suffering from a mental disorder. After all, he acted as if being invaded blatantly was not a big deal.

We have to meet our friend Luo Yunyang since he has visited our family. Otherwise, people will say that we lack manners. The Long Family Patriarch disappeared from this domain as he spoke.

Long Zetian couldnt react in time. As he was getting ready to follow the Patriarch, he heard a powerful note leave the zither.

This note instantly broke Long Zetians train of thought. He suddenly reached a higher level of understanding.

The Patriarch wasnt giving in. Doing things this way would show weakness to the enemy. Once Luo Yunyang pushed his luck too far, a devastating counterattack would await him.

The possibility of Luo Yunyang surviving such a blow was extremely low. After all, Long Zetian knew that his Patriarch, who was a Yuan Venerate that dominated Longlin Great Cosmos, was definitely not going to be as gentle as he had said he would be.

Thank you. Long Zetian mumbled these two words before leaving.

The elegant woman was still playing the zither gently, but the faint discernible sounds of the zither were now filled with a glaring intent to kill.

A fatal blow? Can it really deal a fatal blow? The woman sounded a little doubtful, but there was a hint of anticipation in her voice.

Ha ha ha! Yunyang Shengzi has come to my cosmos. This has really brightened up Longlin Great Cosmos! Long Zetian heard the Patriarch speak in a flattering fashion as he flew over the Long Familys territory.

These words confirmed Long Zetians suspicions. He knew that the Patriarch wasnt someone that yielded easily. It seemed like his preparations had already been completed based on the way he was speaking to Luo Yunyang.

He would step back and exercise forbearance until it was no longer tolerable before unleashing the fatal blow. By then, even Hong Meng Sacred Hall wouldnt be able to say anything about it.

While Luo Yunyang could defeat a Taishi Yuan Venerate like Lie Yunzi, Long Zetian also knew that the Patriarch would definitely have some tricks up his sleeves.

Otherwise, the Long Family Patriarch would never have been so accommodating.

Luo Yunyang glanced at the smiling Long Family Patriarch and sensed the difference in him. He knew that his feud with the Long Family would never be resolved by mere words. Both of them were well aware of this.

The Long Family Patriarch definitely wasnt a weak person either, as he had dominated the entire Longlin Great Cosmos for many years.

He was deliberately showing weakness by acting in such a manner. In other words, he was pretending to be a victim.

The corners of Luo Yunyangs mouth curled into a grin. Im brightening up your place? I think I am brightening up Longlin Great Cosmos, but the Long Family is probably quaking in fear.

These words were rude, and his forceful, overbearing attitude was way too much.

The Long Family Patriarchs eyes glinted coldly for a moment, but he immediately smiled and replied, Yunyang Shengzi, there have been some misunderstandings in certain areas, but our family is indeed sorry.

Im asking you to give the Long Family a chance to compensate you. As long as you need anything, Yunyang Shengzi, our family will not be stingy.

As a Yuan Venerate Almighty, the Long Family Patriarchs stance had already reached the bottom line. If Luo Yunyang continued to press on, it would mean that he had no sense of propriety and was too unforgiving.

Misunderstandings? Do you think those really were misunderstandings? Luo Yunyang sneered. Old Long Family Patriarch, you are just trying to act pitiful. Stop your tricks and stop acting stupid, or youll get struck by thunder. Trying to retaliate by acting weak would first require you to have the capability of mounting a counterattack! Otherwise, it would just be a big joke!