Supreme Uprising Chapter 944

Chapter 944 Grand Scheme

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In the ancestral land of the Long Family, countless younger generations of the Long Family were watching the scene unfolding. This situation was very unsettling for many of the younger members of the Long Family.

Their family had always been the overlord of Longlin Great Cosmos. It could be said that they were always the bully and never the ones bullied.

Thus, watching their Patriarch making concessions now was hard to swallow.

However, nobody dared to rush forward at a time like this. Although the martialists of the Long Family had dominated Longlin Great Cosmos for many years and they were all proud people, this didnt mean that they couldnt understand the situation.

This Luo Yunyang, whom their Patriarch was now facing, was a figure comparable to a Yuan Venerate. Rushing out would be akin to throwing their lives away.

This wasnt a matter they could resolve. Hence, they could only watch everything unfold.

The conversation between Luo Yunyang and their Patriarch had angered many of the Long Familys martialists.

Arrogant pr*ck! Does he really think our family can be abused by him at will? a martialist from the Long Family said angrily.

Another martialist scoffed, If Hong Meng Sacred Hall was not standing behind him, the Patriarch would have destroyed him. What a shameless fellow!

Alright, theres no point in saying all this. Luo Yunyang is merely an insignificant person from the Divine Union Void. Does he really think that he is invincible?

All sorts of chatter followed in succession as many people cursed Luo Yunyang, who was damaging the reputation of the Long Family.

However, even more people were waiting quietly as they watched the scene outside.

Luo Yunyangs attack against the Long Family Patriarch discontented many Long Family martialists. Even though they were unhappy, they were also looking forward to seeing what would happen next.

Many martialists felt that their Patriarch was no longer able to hold in his anger.

Luo Yunyang would get the short end of the stick once their Partiach no longer had to hold back. Their Patriarch would use Luo Yunyangs blood to wash away the humiliation of their family.

However, they hadnt expected that their Patriarch would evade Luo Yunyangs sword-strike.

He did not stop the sword. He actually seemed to have guided the sword slightly!

Of course, not everyone could see this action clearly. Only Long Zetian and several other Long Family Heavenly Venerate martialists were able to see through the Long Family Patriarchs action.

They immediately knew what their Patriarch wanted to do when they saw his movement. Although they were reluctant and found this unacceptable, they didnt dare go against the plans of their Patriarch.

Furthermore, they also understood that they would never be able to stop Luo Yunyangs attack even if they sacrificed their lives trying to block it.

Instantly, dozens of lights erupted from the ancestral land of the Long Family. The lights that erupted from the ground instantly managed to wrap themselves around Luo Yunyangs sword-light.

12th SwordObliteration!

This was a move filled with killing intent, as well as a move that Luo Yunyang had used before. Luo Yunyang had never expected that the Long Familys Patriarch would be so ruthless.

The closest young generations of the Long Family were in the Long Family Ancestral Lands. It could be said that they were considered the foundation of the entire Long Family. However, they were now enveloped by Luo Yunyangs sword-light.

It was difficult for Luo Yunyang to retract the sword-light even if he wanted to. The sword-light that had enveloped the ancestral land of the Long Family annihilated everything in an instant.

There were no exclamations, no whining, no resistance. It seemed as if the ancestral land of the Long Family had never existed, as it had vanished completely.

Vile being, how dare you! Although we do share some enmity, I have always been kind to you. Now, you you have destroyed the foundation of my family. Damn you, you despicable person!

The Long Family Patriarch bellowed hysterically while jabbing his finger at Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang did not regret his actions. Although the move had been executed by him, the person who had guided the sword towards the ancestral land was the Long Family Patriarch.

Thus, it could be said that the person who had destroyed the Long Familys ancestral land was their own Patriarch. However, the Long Family Patriarch was trying to frame Luo Yunyang for it.

Luo Yunyang scoffed at the Long Family Patriarchs actions. He was even slightly looking forward to seeing the reaction of the Long Family Patriarch when he found out everything that he had planned had gone down the drain.

Luo Yunyang did not have the slightest favorable impression of this ruthless Patriarch. He glared at the Long Family Patriarch and said indifferently, If the children of the Long Family turned into ghosts, they wouldnt know who to look for.

Luo Yunyang, even though you are a Hong Meng Sacred Hall Shengzi, I will seek justice for my children and grandchildren. I dont care if I lose all my cultivation.

The Long Family Patriarch paid no attention to Luo Yunyangs sarcasm. In his opinion, his priority now was to be firm and unshakable and blame Luo Yunyang for annihilating the Long Familys ancestral land.

Yuan Venerate Xuansu and Yuan Venerate Yinchu didnt look very happy. They had never imagined that the Long Family Patriarch would be so ruthless.

They had clearly seen the Long Family Patriarch deliberately decide not to block Luo Yunyangs attack and even guide the attack to strike his ancestral land.

Although they knew the reason behind this, they couldnt help but admire the Long Family Patriarchs actions.

His resolute decision-making wasnt something they could hope to match.

After gaining the moral high ground, the Long Family Patriarch wouldnt need to worry too much when he attacked Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang, you deserve to die! The Long Family Patriarch roared in rage and made his move. He brandished his hands as a golden dragon claw appeared in the void, destroying everything in its path.

Great Sky Dragon Claw, Complete Destruction!

Everything, either organic or inorganic, would be sliced to pieces as long as it was struck by the Great Sky Dragon Claw. Back when the Long Family Patriarch had fought with others, his Great Sky Dragon Claw had passed through half a Cosmos, turning half of that cosmos into ashes.

Now, the Long Family Patriarchs Great Sky Dragon Claw was flying towards Luo Yunyang.

After feeling the destructive nomological laws of the Great Sky Dragon Claw, Luo Yunyang swung his Sky Feather Sword again.

Close, Yet Worlds Apart went up against the Great Sky Dragon Claw and Luo Yunyang was instantly dragged away from the destructive force of the claw.


The Long Family Patriarch was unresigned after meeting Luo Yunyangs resistance. He conjured his technique again, sending huge claws that turned into sharp swords and served as punishment from heaven towards Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang continued to execute the Sky Feather 13 Swords Close, Yet Worlds Apart. The level of nomological laws and strength was similar. Although the Long Family Patriarch was a Yuan Venerate, he wasnt a lot more superior than Luo Yunyang. Thus, it felt like the two of them were on equal footing.

The Long Family Patriarch looked extremely pissed, but his mind was actually extremely calm. He felt that his decision was correct after seeing the way Luo Yunyang had executed his move.

If Luo Yunyang could withstand the Great Sky Dragon Claw at this age, he would never be a match for Luo Yunyang if he were to become a Yuan Venerate.

The way to get away with killing Luo Yunyang by using such techniques was to put himself on a higher moral ground.

Whether Hong Meng Sacred Hall would be skeptical wasnt much of a concern, as he was confident that he could get away scot-free.

Da Qian Sacred Hall would simply brush it aside.

Attack, attack, attack!

What he needed to do now was capitalize on the fact that his ancestral land had been destroyed and launch a rapid, furious assault against Luo Yunyang. This was the only way he would have a chance to execute his plan.

The Great Sky Dragon Claw swept forward, destroying the void with its vast nomological laws. However, such power was useless to Luo Yunyang, as the Great Sky Dragon Claw failed to come close to Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang, go to hell! The Long Family Patriarch bellowed as a dark blue light emanated from his hand.

A cone flew out and enveloped Luo Yunyang momentarily.

When this cone appeared, the surroundings began to burn in dark blue flames wherever the cone moved.

Everything within this cone of flames was reduced to ashes in an instant.

Ice Flame Divine Cone!

Luo Yunyang felt that the nomological laws around him had been replaced by these furious, turbulent nomological laws when the cone appeared.

Even the nomological laws derived from the Close, Yet Worlds Apart technique collapsed in the presence of this cone.

Nomological laws of the Taichu Yuan Venerate level were contained inside the Ice Flame Divine Cone!

Luo Yunyang fully understood the Long Family Patriarchs plan at that moment. He sneered as he watched the Ice Flame Divine Cone.

The Long Family Patriarch had been scheming to kill Luo Yunyang all along. If he had not obtained the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes technique, he might have fallen to the Ice Flame Divine Cone after just a moment of slight negligence.

However, the Long Family Patriarch had just made the wrong decision.

Just as Luo Yunyang was ready to attack the Ice Cone, a sudden burst of majestic aura appeared behind the Long Family Patriarch.

The surroundings started to shake violently as this aura appeared.

A huge black dragon that exuded an aura which surpassed a Taichu Yuan Venerate had appeared behind the Long Family Patriarch.