Supreme Uprising Chapter 945

Chapter 945 Ancient Yuan Dragon

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Yuan Venerate White Crane was chatting with the Divine Elder at Hong Meng Sacred Hall. Although Hong Meng Sacred Halls influence and power were widespread, they only governed certain major issues.

Therefore, Yuan Venerate White Crane was rather carefree most of the time as one of the Seven Sacred Emissaries.

The Divine Elders embodiments were everywhere, and he was widely experienced. Thus, even Yuan Venerate White Crane would consult him on many things.

This Luo Yunyang kid really doesnt know when to stop! The Divine Elder gesticulated as the scene of Luo Yunyang attacking the Long Family Patriarch was projected in front of them.

Yuan Venerate White Crane watched as the Long Family Patriarch dodged Luo Yunyangs sword-light while Luo Yunyangs 12th Sword turned the Long Familys ancestral land to ashes.

He too was an experienced person, so he lamented when he saw this. Looks like Yunyang will suffer a major loss this time. However, he is still young, so he just needs to be tempered. Losses are the best for tempering oneself!

The Divine Elder scoffed. Im afraid this kid is going to suffer a lot. I just hope he doesnt get way more than he bargained for.

While the Divine Elder said this, a bright and dark blue shadow shot towards Luo Yunyang.

Its a Taichu Treasure! Yuan Venerate White Crane exclaimed in horror when he saw the dark blue light.

Even he only had one Taichu Treasure. From the looks of it, it seemed like this Taichu Treasure had been activated to its full capacity.

Although Luo Yunyang wasnt an ordinary person, he was still way inferior while facing a Taichu Treasure that had been activated to its full capacity.

This kid is in danger. Divine Elder, Yunyang is a Shengzi of Hong Meng Sacred Hall. We cant let anything happen to him!

It was too late for Yuan Venerate White Crane to rush over. Hence, he could only look at the Divine Elder.

Dont worry too much. Its just an Ice Flame Divine Cone. While this kid might not be able to escape, he definitely wont die, the Divine Elder said casually.

Yuan Venerate White Crane smiled reluctantly. I naturally believe in your judgement, but Luo Yunyang is a person of great importance. If we do not worry about him this time, then

Before Yuan Venerate White Crane could finish, the black dragon had already appeared behind the Long Family Patriarch. The dragons appearance made the screen projecting Luo Yunyangs situation start to crack.

An Ancient Yuan Dragon corpse! How is this possible? How could he possess this Ancient Yuan Dragon corpse? The Divine Elder was shocked.

Yuan Venerate White Crane was equally shocked when he saw the black dragon, which emanated waves of incredible divine power but showed zero signs of life.

This was the corpse of the Ancient Origin Dragon! This was the legendary Ancient Yuan Dragon corpse!

Yuan Venerate White Crane recalled the legends regarding the Ancient Yuan Dragon corpse hurriedly in his mind. The dragon race had always been an extremely powerful existence throughout countless eons.

Although they had not been able to stop the fall of the Great Realm, some peak Yuan Dragons were unwilling to die quietly.

Therefore, they would bury their bodies in extremely harsh lands, hoping that one day their bodies would be resurrected and their cultivation would be preserved for future generations of the Dragon Race.

However, disasters like the fall of a Great Realm were simply too extreme. Even though some Ancient Yuan Dragons with weaker cultivation werent willing to die, they were still unable to prevent themselves from quietly disappearing into the void.

Those that could survive were all exceptional examples amongst Ancient Yuan Dragons. However, even so, the divine bodies left behind were buried in harsh lands that would send chills down the spine of anyone that heard about them.

Although there were records of the appearance of Ancient Yuan Dragon divine bodies in the history of the Human Race, these were very rare cases.

Furthermore, most Ancient Yuan Dragon divine bodies were in a state of dilapidation and some were even missing half their bodies. Even so, those Ancient Yuan Dragon divine bodies were still extremely powerful. Those that relied on the help of Ancient Yuan Dragon divine bodies could turn defeat into victory in a do-or-die situation.

The Divine Elder and Yuan Venerate White Crane knew that the Long Family Patriarch would have made preparations to deal with Luo Yunyang, but they had never expected his plan to be this good.

Even a Yuan Venerate would find it hard to escape a blow from an Ancient Yuan Dragon divine body. Although Luo Yunyangs cultivation was comparable to a Yuan Venerates cultivation, he wasnt exactly one yet.

There was still a large gap between him and a Yuan Venerate in many aspects.

Thus, the Divine Elders expression turned somewhat dark in an instant.

Divine Elder, you Yuan Venerate White Crane looked at the Divine Elder, as if imploring him for help. Yuan Venerate White Crane knew about the opportunity that Luo Yunyang had obtained and was well aware of Luo Yunyangs value. It would be a huge blow to the Human Race if Luo Yunyang really fell because of the Long Family Patriarch.

Yuan Venerate White Crane was blaming himself as he thought of that. Why wasnt he by Luo Yunyang side at such a critical juncture?

Although Luo Yunyang would still be in a dangerous situation if he was there, at least he would have some hope of survival.

I cant get over there in time. Its too late, the Divine Elder said helplessly, Furthermore, that Ancient Yuan Dragon sealed up the space when it appeared. It would be too late even if I were to break the seal barrier. Hell have to depend on himself to survive.

As the Divine Elder was talking, Yuan Venerate Xuansu and Yuan Venerate Yinchu had ugly looks on their faces. After all, they could sense the looming threat coming from the Long Family Patriarch.

They had always placed themselves around the Long Family Patriarch, but deep down they also felt that they were on equal footing with the Patriarch.

Unfortunately, the Long Family Patriarchs sudden move made them realize that there was a huge gap between them and the Long Family Patriarch.

Now, both of them felt that their fates were in the hands of the Long Family Patriarch. Although they knew that the Long Family Patriarch would not attack them without a reason, they didnt like not having control of their own lives.

Hence, both of them felt like they had been fooled.

Luo Yunyang seemed as calm as he could be while he watched the black dragons body soaring into the sky and the Ice Flame Divine Cone indifferently.

The Ice Flame Divine Cone was the fastest, so dealing with it was Luo Yunyangs top priority. Without any hesitation, Luo Yunyang launched the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell from his hands to greet the Ice Flame Divine Cone.

Although it seemed like Luo Yunyangs Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell was a tad weaker, it shouldnt have any problem resisting the cone for a bit.

What was more crucial was the black Ancient Yuan Dragon that was behind the Long Family Patriarch, as well as the powerful energy it contained.

Luo Yunyang, you killed many of my familys clansmen. I will kill you even if I die! The Long Family Patriarch roared.

His long hair flowed even though there was no wind. Meanwhile, the huge black dragon was like a god of death looming behind him, ready for revenge after emerging from the depths of hell.

Luo Yunyang, who could sense delight in this enraged growl, smirked and said, So this is your hidden trump card!

The Long Family Patriarchs voice echoed in Luo Yunyangs mind. The voice utilized a special transmission, so only the two of them could hear each other.

Yes, this is my trump card indeed. The Ancient Yuan Dragon divine body. Do you know that I paid a hefty price for this Ancient Yuan Dragon divine body?

However, killing you with the Ancient Yuan Dragon is totally worth it. Not only will I eliminate an opponent of mine, but I will also gain back two more Ancient Yuan Dragon divine bodies.

Ha ha ha Your biggest trump card was Hong Meng Sacred Hall, but you have destroyed the protection given to you.

Do you know something? Im not afraid to kill you now. Ha ha ha! Do you understand? All Hong Meng Sacred Hall can do is collect your body after I have killed you.

The Long Family Patriarchs proud laughter reverberated throughout the void. Luo Yunyangs glare turned even colder when he heard this.

Killing him would allow the Long Family Patriarch to obtain two Ancient Yuan Dragon divine bodies in return. Who exactly was dealing with him?

However, when Luo Yunyang inquired, he saw that the Long Family Patriarch had already swung his fist.

A dazzling wave of majestic radiance erupted from the black dragon when the punch was thrown. The radiance that gathered on the Long Family Patriarchs fist transformed into light rays like a black silk net that unraveled all around Luo Yunyang.

Ancient Yuan Dragon, World Extinguishing Dark Flame Wave!

Everything that came in contact with the black light was reduced to nothing when the Long Family Patriarch said this.

Some martialists who were not far away from Luo Yunyang frantically took out and used their various treasures and techniques when they saw this light approaching in a bid to withstand the wave of energy.

However, almost all techniques were useless in the face of the World Extinguishing Dark Flame Wave, as Origin Sources Laws began to collapse wherever the light went.

The World Extinguishing Dark Flame Wave was a high-grade nomological law controlled by a Taichu Yuan Venerate. Even the Origin Source Laws of a Great Cosmos would not be able to resist such a nomological law.

Besides, Luo Yunyang was at the very center of the World Extinguishing Dark Flame Wave!

Evading was simply impossible. According to Luo Yunyangs estimations, the light of the World Extinguishing Dark Flame Wave could cover half of the Great Cosmos in an instant.

The World Extinguishing Dark Flame Wave wasnt in any way inferior to the joint attack of the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Brothers.

Previously, Luo Yunyang had defeated the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Brothers with the aid of his attribute regulator. This time, he had to take this move on without it.

Hence, Luo Yunyang threw a punch as the World Extinguishing Dark Flame Wave approached!