Supreme Uprising Chapter 946

Chapter 946 Converging A Thousand Eras Into A Single Fist

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The Long Family Patriarch was eyed by Luo Yunyang icily, as if he was watching prey that he was about to devour.

It could be said that the Long Family Patriarchs fear of Luo Yunyang increased as Luo Yunyang developed. Now, this restraining fear had reached its peak.

There was finally an opportunity to kill Luo Yunyang in one fell swoop. Thus, the Long Family Patriarch would not give up this opportunity no matter what.

Of course, he wasnt willing to give up this opportunity either!

Everything would be destroyed by the World Extinguishing Dark Flame Wave. The mighty force was extremely pleasing to the Long Family Patriarch, but he still felt a pang of regret deep down.

This regret came from his World Extinguishing Dark Flame Wave.

Although the World Extinguishing Dark Flame Wave was extremely powerful, he knew that he could only use this move once. Once the black Ancient Yuan Dragon divine body collapsed, the power he borrowed would also disappear.

He hoped that the two Ancient Yuan Dragon divine bodies that would be given to him wouldnt be inferior to this Ancient Yuan Dragon divine body.

While the Long Family Patriarch was anticipating what was to come, he saw Luo Yunyang start to make his move. The Long Family Patriarch had been paying close attention to Luo Yunyangs movements.

He smirked when he saw Luo Yunyang blast out his punch.

Luo Yunyang hadnt used any top-level secret treasures while facing the World Extinguishing Dark Flame Wave at such a critical juncture. This meant that he did not have any worthy treasures in his possession.

The Long Family Patriarch was ecstatic when this thought popped into his mind.

However, he was immediately shocked when countless silhouettes that looked like celestial figures appeared within Luo Yunyangs fist-light.

When those figures empowered Luo Yunyangs fist-light by unleashing their moves one by one simultaneously, the Long Family Patriarchs face fell.

He felt that Luo Yunyangs attack was going to be extremely strong, extremely powerful, extremely mighty, extremely

He was like a lord descending from the nine skies, like a deity ruling the heavens, like an emperor suppressing the nine lands

Incredibly massive, mighty, and imposing!

The expression of the Long Family Patriarch became extremely ugly while he felt an impulse to run away. His mental state had already been trained to extremely determined levels as a Yuan Venerate Almighty, but he really wanted to run away now.

He had a strong feeling that he wouldnt be able to match this punch.

What sort of technique was it? The power hidden within it was no less inferior to his own World Extinguishing Dark Flame Wave, but the terrifying might that it had generated was vastly superior.

What was the World Extinguishing Dark Flame Wave? It was the unique technique of an Ancient Yuan Dragon. How could a supreme technique sealed within the body of an Ancient Yuan Dragon be a match from such an ordinary attack!

However, that seemingly ordinary attack still gave off an incredibly destructive feeling when it was released by Luo Yunyang.

The Long Family Patriarch no longer had any other techniques that he could use. All he could do now was face the impending strike head-on.

All he could do now was brace himself!

Thus, the endless radiance of the mighty punch was like a monster that devoured everything in its path as it surged towards his World Extinguishing Dark Flame Wave.

Luo Yunyang, who had unleashed the punch, was like a domineering deity that deprived him of any thoughts of resisting and defending himself against the punch.

Luo Yunyang seemed to lack emotion right now, as he had already immersed himself completely into the fist-intent of his Thousand Era Imperial Purposes technique.

This was the first time Luo Yunyang had executed it against an opponent, even though he had been playing it out in his mind for a long time.

He only became fully aware of the true intent of the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes now. He could sense that all the energy in the atmosphere was gathering in his fist and, after his punch was thrown, the energy of the World Extinguishing Dark Flame Wave also seemed like it was being guided towards his punch.

The punch could only be completed by absorbing a thousand eras and all the energy for thousands of miles.

Although the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes used the effigies of the Three Eras as a base, it had already far exceeded the effigies of the Three Eras when it was executed.

At that moment, Luo Yunyang realized how powerful and important the Sacred Soul Sky was.

However, Luo Yunyang also felt unsatisfied with the punch he had executed. He believed that its power hadnt been completely unleashed to its full extent.

It could be said that this fist had only unleashed 10% of its true might. The reason behind this was naturally that his cultivation was lacking and he was unable to display its true might and ability.

How strong the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes had been when it had been unleashed by the powerhouse on the golden mountain That powerhouse had even had to destroy himself, leaving behind only a Sacred Soul. What sort of situation had he encountered?

Luo Yunyang felt a vague sense of terror as these random thoughts went through his mind.

According to Yuan Emperor Shaking Sky, the existence that manipulated everything hadnt completed his plan to bury thousands of worlds.

If such an existence had always been around, then how could anybody withstand him?

When Luo Yunyang had this thought, a gentle sigh was heard in a place of eternal silence.

The sigh wasnt too loud, but the lingering sound that gently reverberated gave rise to a frightful sensation.

Along with this sigh, everything that had originally been stagnant in the land of eternal silence seemed to be starting to move.

However, the movement lasted only for a moment. Then, everything went silent again. Everything that had been stagnant fell back into silence once more.

Although it was only a short sigh, the Creation Divine Disc that was in Hong Meng Sacred Hall of the Human Tribe emitted a crisp cry.

Even though the crisp sound wasnt too loud, the Divine Elder, the Middle Hall Master, and the others all rushed frantically over to the Creation Divine Disc when they heard the sound.

Although Luo Yunyang was important to them, he wasnt more important than the Creation Divine Disc.

Large races like the Mysterious Underworld Race and the Divine Incarnate also received similar warnings. All their top-level powerhouses were horrified as they gathered.

They did not know what had happened, but according to their ancient records, they could sense the arrival of a huge looming threat.

Still, all of this had nothing to do with Luo Yunyang and the Long Family Patriarch. The two of them were concerned with who would be victorious after the showdown of their techniques.

A golden luster that looked like a divine dragon tore through the nine skies! Everything would collapse instantly wherever it went, and the black darkness would dissipate soundlessly.

Everything seemed to happen in a moment, yet it also seemed to last a long time!

During this short yet long time, the golden fist mark had shattered everything instantly.

The black World Extinguishing Dark Flame Wave dissipated soundlessly while the huge black Ancient Yuan Dragon corpse also vanished.

The Long Family Patriarch was trembling in fear while he was enveloped by the golden luster. Meanwhile, his Ice Flame Divine Cone disappeared as well.

Everything had been erased by the golden luster.

The Long Family Patriarch even wondered if he would disappear into nothing too if this attack went on.

The fist mark continued!

The Long Family Patriarch executed all his life-preserving techniques almost at once. He retreated frantically while employing all sorts of secret treasures and using whatever abilities he had.

Although his struggle seemed to be in vain, this was the only thing he could do when his life was on the line.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Endless light swept away the dust from heaven and earth. However, the light, which seemed like it did not belong in this world, began to dissipate rapidly the moment it swept across.

Luo Yunyang felt extremely weary. All the energy in his body had disappeared without a trace.

Although he knew that he only needed to endure for just another moment and the Long Family Patriarch would be destroyed completely, after the previous clash, he felt totally devoid of strength and unable to use this technique.

Hence, Luo Yunyang could only allow the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes to dissipate on its own while he quickly utilized his attribute regulator to transfer the attributes of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast to his main body.

As the Long Family Patriarch floated unsteadily in mid-air, half of his body was already crushed. Although he was still alive, his fighting capacity had dropped beyond measure.

He felt that even a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate could kill him right now. After all, the clash with Luo Yunyang had been really overwhelming.

The spirit consciousnesses of both Yuan Venerate Xuansu and Yuan Venerate Yuanchu were trembling. They had been wary of the Long Family Patriarch technique, so Luo Yunyangs Thousand Era Imperial Purposes terrified them.

They were already very far away from the Long Family Patriarch, but they were still shrouded by the power of the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes.

They couldnt retaliate at all while they were shrouded by this technique. Luo Yunyang was just a frightening existence.

How could there be such a powerful technique in the world?

Long Zetian and the other elites of the Long Family watched Luo Yunyang and their Patriarch anxiously. They were even more terrified now.

Luo Yunyangs attack wasnt directed at them, but it still scared them witless.

It could even be said that Luo Yunyangs attack seemed completely unstoppable!