Supreme Uprising Chapter 947

Chapter 947 No Mercy Or Leniency

Chapter 947: No Mercy Or Leniency
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In Da Qian Sacred Hall, many people were watching the battle between Luo Yunyang and the Long Family Patriarch. However, the people watching the screen showing the scenes in Longlin Great Cosmos were completely silent.

Some of them exclaimed, while some even lamented and sighed when the Long Family Patriarch used the Ancient Yuan Dragon divine body. How can this be? The Long Family Patriarch is clearly trying to kill Luo Yunyang!

While some people in Da Qian Sacred Hall were very dissatisfied with the behavior of the Long Family Patriarch, others took delight in Luo Yunyangs misfortune even though they feigned dissatisfaction on the surface.

Luo Yunyangs defeat would be akin to a loss for Hong Meng Sacred Hall, not Da Qian Sacred Hall. They also believed that although Luo Yunyangs death would be a heavy blow to the Human Race, there were too many elites in the Human Tribe so one death was not a big deal.

Furthermore, Hong Meng Sacred Hall was to blame. If Hong Meng Sacred Hall had provided sufficient protection, geniuses like Luo Yunyang would not have to

While they continued to watch the situation unfold, they saw Luo Yunyangs stunning fist strike.

The overbearing Thousand Era Imperial Purposes made the people watching from Da Qian Sacred Hall truly understand the power of the six Paragon Sacred Souls.

Luo Yunyang had obtained one of the six Paragon Sacred Souls. Many people turned pale upon seeing that the hidden technique in one of the six Paragon Sacred Souls was actually that powerful.

This meant that if Da Qian Sacred Hall fell behind Hong Meng Sacred Hall, it would be difficult to change things.

Although everyone should work together and was willing to work together, nobody wanted to play second fiddle forever.

After all, this wasnt something easy to endure.

Hong Meng Sacred Hall was helmed by the three Hall Masters, who had the power to intimate everyone else. If Luo Yunyang continued this impressive uprising, then Da Qian Sacred Hall would no longer have the opportunity to be the best in the future!

However, Luo Yunyang, who wasnt a Yuan Venerate, already possessed an overwhelming strength. He would become another powerhouse that towered over all others if he could develop successfully.

Dont let him kill the Long Family Patriarch! someone said heavily, Even if the Long Family Patriarch did something wrong, he is still a Yuan Venerate after all! Killing him would be a considerable loss for the Human Race as well!

The person who spoke was a Sacred Emissary of Da Qian Sacred Hall. The rest of the Da Qian Sacred Hall also reacted upon hearing him.

The Long Family Patriarch was considered one of Da Qian Sacred Halls subordinates. It would be a great loss for them if he died.

The Sacred Emissarys words immediately jolted everyone present. Some people even looked at the Hall Master of Da Qian Sacred Hall, who was seated high up, and said, Hall Master, you must stop Luo Yunyang.

Thats right. Every Yuan Venerate of the Human Tribe is extremely precious. We cannot tolerate allowing Luo Yunyang to kill a Yuan Venerate because of a personal grudge.

Hall Master, Luo Yunyang will definitely feel resentment, but he is the Shengzi of our Five Great Sacred Halls and he has an obligation to put the overall situation before himself!

The Hall Master of Da Qian Sacred Hall frowned. He watched the screen that reflected the situation in Longlin Great Cosmos as a sacred glow flickered in his eyes.

Although he also wanted to stop Luo Yunyang, he knew that it wouldnt be an easy task to do so.

While Luo Yunyang was a junior, the might he had displayed vastly surpassed an ordinary Taichu Yuan Venerates. Making him stop after he was on the receiving end of a sneak attack by the Long Family Patriarch was too

Hall Master, the Long Family Patriarch was only acting out in a moment of anger. After all, who wouldnt be impulsive if his home was destroyed? Furthermore, the Long Family Patriarch is a Yuan Venerate whose ancestral land was just destroyed, said the same Yuan Venerate that had warned everyone before. He then added in an unquestionable tone, The Long Family Patriarch has made mistakes and should be punished, but Luo Yunyang is also to blame for this matter. He wiped out the Long Familys ancestral land

Someone snapped back after this Sacred Emissary spoke. Tianheng, your reasoning is useless.

Do you think nobody can see through the Long Family Patriarchs intentions? His display of weakness right from the beginning was actually a trap set up for Luo Yunyang.

Unfortunately, his performance turned out to be nothing more than a joke. A joke that wasnt the least bit humorous.

The person who spoke was Yuan Venerate Tianshu, who said solemnly, Have you considered the consequences if we were to stop Luo Yunyang now? Luo Yunyang would feel deep enmity for us. If that happens, it will be equally unfavorable for Da Qian Sacred Hall. I think we should

While Yuan Venerate Tianshu was speaking, he saw Long Zetian and the other Long Family powerhouses rushing over to the Long Family Patriarch.

Yunyang Shengzi, the Long Family concedes this time. Our family is more than willing to compensate you 100 times for your losses, Long Zetian, who was the head of the Long Family, said. He might be a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate, but he was trembling as he faced Luo Yunyang, who was a seventh-level Heavenly Venerate.

After all, Luo Yunyangs attack had been really terrifying.

They now stood in front of the Long Family Patriarch, not because they had deep sentiments for the Long Family Patriarch, but because all the Long Familys elites understood that, without a Yuan Venerate at the helm, everyone else would take advantage of them and kick them while they were down.

After all, the Long Familys hegemony was renowned throughout this realm. Many people wouldnt mind striking them while they were down at a time like this.

Besides, Long Zetian was duty-bound as the head of his family.

The Long Family Patriarch had an ugly look on his face. As the Yuan Venerate that controlled the Great Cosmos, when had he ever reached a point when he had been forced to beg for mercy like this?

However, he didnt dare speak. He was afraid of angering Luo Yunyang if he did so. The Long Family would definitely suffer heavy losses if that were to happen.

While the Long Family Patriarch was pondering this, he saw that Luo Yunyang was getting ready to strike again as the massive bell in the Sacred Image came crashing towards him.

The massive bronze bell was so powerful that it seemed capable of shattering everything when it pushed forward.

Although the bell only contained the power of a seventh-level universe right now, Luo Yunyangs cultivation and formidable Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell Technique had already caused the power of the massive bell to exceed every ordinary technique by far.

Long Zetians face tightened when he saw Luo Yunyangs attack.

He felt that there was a very low possibility of him being able to withstand the attack.

However, he knew that if he did not withstand this attack, then the possibility of his Patriarch surviving it would be extremely low.

Long Zetian hurriedly formed a series of hand seals in a moment of thought as green rays of light began to condense into a huge divine mark.

The divine mark condensed the power all around and reached the peak of two nomological laws. This would be considered the strongest technique of an ordinary Heavenly Venerate, but the person he was facing this time was Luo Yunyang!

Patriarch, leave now! Long Ze shouted loudly with a hint of determination in his voice, The Long Family can live without me, but you are indispensable!

Other Long Family elite Heavenly Venerates also realized that the most critical moment had arrived. Long Zetian was right: The Long Family could survive without them, but it couldnt survive without their Patriarch.

After all, the Long Family Patriarch was the most important figure for the future of the Long Family.

Hence, they also rushed towards Luo Yunyang the moment Long Zetian spoke. Even though they couldnt stop Luo Yunyangs desire to kill the Long Family Patriarch, they wanted to stall Luo Yunyang for a few moments.

This way, their Patriarch would still have a chance of surviving.

Even if the Long Family Patriarch decided to find a place to hide and never come out, it would still be great news for the Long Family. After all, the Long Family would rise again as long as their Patriarch didnt die.


Luo Yunyang did not pity the members of the Long Family. Had the Long Family taken pity on others when their elites had descended upon the Divine Union Void?

Had they felt pity for their own when the Long Family Patriarch had taken away the ancestral land as a bargaining chip in a bid to slay Luo Yunyang? Since the Long Family had shown no pity about this matter, then why should Luo Yunyang show them any mercy?

Hence, the massive bell that came crashing over chimed loudly in the void.

Two seventh-level Long Family Heavenly Venerates died immediately when the chimes echoed in the void. Two other eighth-level Heavenly Venerates retreated frantically as cracks appeared on their bodies.

The only one who could take the blow was Long Zetian. The mark conjured by him slammed against Luo Yunyangs Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell.

When the divine mark shattered, cracks also appeared on Long Zetians face. His arms were crushed as well.

Even though both of them were Heavenly Venerates, their cultivation bases were on a completely different level.

The Long Family Patriarch did not even watch the outcome. Deep down, he knew that it was impossible for his juniors to win.

He was satisfied with the efforts of Long Ze Tian and the others, but that was all. After all, his own survival was the most important thing on the agenda.


The Long Family Patriarch fled as fast as a stray. After fleeing thousands of miles away, he shouted loudly at Yuan Venerate Xuansu and Yuan Venerate Yinchu, Yuan Venerate Xuansu and Yuan Venerate Yuanchu! The three of us plotted this together. Its time the two of you made some effort!

Fear crept into the faces of Yuan Venerate Xuansu and Yuan Venerate Yinchu. They had never expected that the Long Family Patriarch would drag both of them down along with him at such a time. This was simply too vicious!