Supreme Uprising Chapter 948

Chapter 948 Ancient Families

Chapter 948: Ancient Families
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In a simple galaxy devoid of suns and moons, two figures were sitting in a lotus position on a planet. The spirit essence there was somewhat lacking, and there were basically no cultivation perks.

Any martialist would be able to see that this was an internal universe of a Galaxy-Grade martialist right away.

This particular Galaxy-Grade martialists cultivation base wasnt very high.

It could be said that there were many Galaxy-Grade martialists of this sort, so it was difficult for him to stand out.

Trash! one of the two figures said angrily. The six eyes on his face flickered coldly as he said that.

The six eyes were the mark of the Mysterious Underworld Race. Furthermore, when this being spoke, his six arms gesticulated.

Mysterious Underworld Beings lurked among the Human Race.

The moment this furious Mysterious Underworld Being spoke, a mighty wave of energy rushed forth, crushing all the stars inside the internal universe.

The owner of this internal universe was a human martialist. Although he was good-looking, he had a slightly unsavory glint in his eyes.

The situation inside his internal universe made him feel really uncomfortable, but he was afraid to make any noise no matter how unbearable it got.

He clearly understood what was hidden inside his body!

Fortunately, the Mysterious Underworld Being reacted in time and drew back his imposing aura, allowing the stars that collapsed to merge back quickly.

In the past, the Mysterious Underworld Being would definitely have given some benefit to this Galaxy-Grade martialist. After all, this was a human that was determined to rely on him, and Mysterious Underworld beings should provide more benefits for such humans.

However, the failure of the Long Family Patriarch made this person rather unhappy. Hence, he did not provide any of the benefits.

The other Mysterious Underworld Being didnt look too happy either. The Patriarch of the Long Family is really a piece of trash.

Weve given him so many resources to aid him in becoming a Yuan Venerate. What did it yield in the end? A meticulous plan was ruined by him. Damn it!

Both of the Mysterious Underworld Beings were Yuan Venerates. Along with Yuan Venerate Vast Glass, who had attacked Luo Yunyang before, they were the three Yuan Venerates of the Mysterious Underworld Race that had infiltrated the Human Race.

After Yuan Venerate Vast Glass had failed to ambush Luo Yunyang and lost his body, the two Yuan Venerates had shifted their hideout into an internal universe of an ordinary Galaxy-Grade martialist.

The black Ancient Yuan Dragon corpse that the Long Family Patriarch had used on Luo Yunyang had been supplied by them.

The two of them were rather confident about using the Ancient Yuan Dragon divine body to kill Luo Yunyang. However, they had not expected that Luo Yunyang would be so fearsome and powerful.

Both of them were extremely discomfited after finding out what had happened. They knew that Luo Yunyang successfully becoming a Yuan Venerate would be the greatest failure.

After all, the most important task of their mission was to kill the most important genius of the Human Race.

Luo Yunyangs performance had been extremely dazzling, so he would naturally be the most important genius.

Although the Long Family Patriarch is a piece of trash, he is very important to the Mysterious Underworld Race. After all, he is a Yuan Venerate we have nurtured. In any case, we cannot allow him to die now, one of the Mysterious Underworld Yuan Venerates said, Furthermore, one-third of our people is inside his internal universe.

These words calmed his furious compatriot at once. His compatriot clearly was aware of the value the Long Family Patriarch had. His status as a Yuan Venerate aside, one-third of the Mysterious Underworld martialists were hiding inside the internal universe. This was something they couldnt give up.

After all, the Mysterious Underworld martialists they had brought were amongst the most elite fighters.

The Long Family Patriarch is of great use to us, the previously furious Yuan Venerate said, But how are we supposed to save him now? Do you think the Taichu Yuan Venerates of the Human Race will sit quietly and wait if the two of us make a move?

The other Yuan Venerate snorted, Of course we cant do such a thing. The Long Family Patriarch has escaped out of the Longlin Great Cosmos, but hell definitely be caught if he continues to flee.

What we need to do is arrange a place for him to escape to and shelter him from Luo Yunyang, the first Yuan Venerate of the Mysterious Underworld Race said, I think Ive found a place.

The other Mysterious Underworld Yuan Venerate nodded in response. Contact the Si Clan of the Six Ancient Families and get them to open their secret space and allow the Long Family Patriarch to take refuge.

We have an agreement with them and they have gained a lot of our benefits. Its time for them to repay some of their debt to us.

Alright, youll contact the Long Family Patriarch then!

While the two Mysterious Underworld Yuan Venerates came to this decision, the Long Family Patriarch dashed frantically into the endless primal chaos.

Even the best ninth-level Heavenly Venerates might die in the endless primal chaos, but this wasnt much of a problem for either Luo Yunyang or the Long Family Patriarch.

They could even pick up some treasures along the way in the endless primal chaos.

However, the Long Family Patriarch and Luo Yunyang were not in the mood to care about all these things. It was like a cat-and-mouse pursuit as they ripped through the void like two streaks of lightning.

The Long Family Patriarch simply had no intention of checking out his surroundings, as the distance between him and Luo Yunyang was becoming shorter.

Although Long Zetian and several other juniors had bought him some time, this was still too short a timeframe to matter. Now that Luo Yunyang was on the verge of catching up, he could only rely on himself to escape.

He was like a stray dog frantically running into the distance without a care.

Where? Where can I go to survive?

He was someone who always wielded authority and had his own territory, so the Long Family Patriarchs mentality had always been firm as a rock. Hence, he would never give up so easily at a time like this.

Da Qian Sacred Hall was the most ideal place for the Long Family Patriarch. However, the exact location of Da Qian Sacred Hall was constantly changing. Even though he was a Yuan Venerate who Da Qian Sacred Hall valued highly, he didnt know the specific location of Da Qian Sacred Hall.

Although the Long Family Patriarch felt that trying his luck wasnt reliable, it seemed like it was the only thing he could do right now.

While he felt anxious and slightly panicked, a trace of spirit consciousness entered his mind and transmitted a message. The Long Family Patriarch felt ecstatic when he got the message.

The Si Clan of the Six Ancient Families would be helping him out as long as he could reach their territory. Furthermore, he would also become a subsidiary of the Si Clan. This way, he wouldnt have to die.

The Long Family Patriarch got excited while thinking about the arrangement the Mysterious Underworld Race had made for him. At the same time, he felt that it had been a wise decision to rely on the Mysterious Underworld Race.

Indeed, he believed that it had been a wise decision. The Mysterious Underworld Race had saved him at a critical moment and would help him gain contact with one of the Six Ancient Families.

What were the Six Ancient Families? They were the legacy of the Ancient Great Sage. It was fabled that they were the supreme beings that had continued to exist after the Great Realm had fallen. Even the five Sacred Halls had to adopt a tolerating stance when dealing with the Six Ancient Families.

The Long Family would definitely reach greater heights if it became a subsidiary of the Six Ancient Families. Moreover, his desire not to fall along with the current Great Realm could also be realized thanks to the Si Clan.

The Si Clans territory wasnt too far away. After memorizing the location the Si Clan transmitted, the Long Family Patriarch started to speed up, even if it meant sacrificing some of his cultivation foundation.

Luo Yunyang had transferred most of his attributes to his Speed, which had already surpassed the speed of light.

However, the Long Family Patriarch wasnt someone easy to deal with, as he was constantly using all sorts of secret techniques that made it difficult for Luo Yunyang to catch up right away, even though he was using his attribute regulator.

He could only continue to accelerate and constantly reduce the gap between himself and the Long Family Patriarch. However, just as Luo Yunyang had determined that he would catch up to the Long Family Patriarch, he realized that the Long Family Patriarch had started to accelerate.

He was accelerating as though he disregarded the consequences!

The Long Family Patriarch, who was very fast, had extended the gap by three million miles in just a short while. Even though Luo Yunyang chased after him, the distance between the two of them widened once more.

Luo Yunyang had a bad feeling. Given the way the Long Family Patriarch had suddenly become so desperate, could a savior be coming for him?

That notion had merely popped up in Luo Yunyangs head when he realized that the Long Family Patriarch was speeding up again.

After hesitating for a moment, Luo Yunyang directly used his attribute regulator. This time, he adjusted the speed of the Long Family Patriarch.

Lower, lower!

Although Luo Yunyangs various attributes werent considered low, they were still much lower than the Long Family Patriarch. Hence, even after Luo Yunyang reduced all his speed attributes, the speed of the Long Family Patriarch was only reduced by half.

When the Long Family Patriarch noticed that he was getting slower, he also realized that Luo Yunyangs speed had decreased too.

Although he did not know the reason for the reduction in his speed, he knew it would become more unfavorable the longer it dragged on.

As he was starting to get anxious, he heard someone shout loudly, The Si Clan territory lies 100,000 miles ahead! Everyone, stop fighting immediately!