Supreme Uprising Chapter 949

Chapter 949 Taking The Initiative

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The Si Clans territory was just ahead!

The Long Family Patriarch was overjoyed. He had already guessed that Luo Yunyang was using some unknown means to make his speed drop drastically.

It would be very unsettling for him should Luo Yunyang catch up. He couldnt beat Luo Yunyang even if he wanted to, but escaping meant that he would need to continue to pay a hefty price.

Now, his rescuers were just around the corner. He would not need to fear Luo Yunyang as long as he successfully met up with the Si Clan!

The Long Family Patriarch was overjoyed as he exclaimed, Martialists of the Si Clan, I am Long Xiangbei of Longlin Great Cosmos. I am being pursued by an enemy and I hope my friends from the Si Clan can save me!

The Long Family Patriarchs exclamation brought smiles to the faces of the two elites of the Si Clan who were responsible for receiving the Long Family Patriarch.

They knew that it wasnt right to directly participate without saying anything, but they had a reason to take action if the Long Family Patriarch asked for help, even if it meant targeting Luo Yunyang.

Although a reason wasnt important when it came to a fight in most cases, it was still important when it was required.

Now, the Long Family Patriarch had given the Si Clan a reason to save him!

All of you stop. No one is allowed to make a move before the Si Clan! A thunderous voice echoed in the void.

The Si Clan!

Luo Yunyang had some insight into the Ancient Six Families, as he had thoroughly researched the Ancient Six Families after hearing about them.

The Ancient Six Families, which were supposed to have existed even before the entire history of the current Human Race had started being recorded, held a strong position among the Human Race.

If nothing else, their terrifying foundation was enough to make even Yuan Venerates think twice.

The Si Clan was just 100,000 miles away, and the Long Family Patriarch ran towards the Si Clan while his life was at stake. What did all this mean? Everything was crystal-clear!

Luo Yunyang and the Si Clan had no relationship, so he definitely wasnt willing to let the Si Clan get involved. He was more reluctant to let the Long Family Patriarch escape after things reached this point.

It seemed a little too late to catch up to the Long Family Patriarch. After exploring his options in his mind, Luo Yunyang launched the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell from his Sacred Image and aimed at the Long Family Patriarch immediately.

Then, he gritted his teeth as the true Great Obliteration Millstone contained within his mind flew out and enveloped half the void in an instant.

Luo Yunyang felt that his body was on the verge of collapsing while he executed these two techniques at the same time.

It could be said that this was his best effort.

The Long Family Patriarchs injury was serious, and his vitality had suffered a big hit due to the burning of his blood essence. However, the Si Clans arrival made him feel really relieved.

Many people believed that being relaxed at an important juncture was basically a disaster waiting to happen.

The Long Family Patriarch knew this as well. Even though he had been really worried moments ago, he trusted the Si Clan and thus relaxed a little.

Just as he felt at ease for a moment, the massive bell containing all of Luo Yunyangs power hurtled towards him.

The bell shattered the void and appeared beside the Long Family Patriarch in an instant, catching him off his guard and leaving him no time to react.

He was a Yuan Venerate, so although he was only a Taishi Yuan Venerate, his control of nomological laws allowed him to reverse any nomological laws at any time.

According to this theory, he could still deflect the massive bell even though it had reached him.

However, he realized that all of his techniques were useless against that massive bell, which tore through the void.

His body was sent flying as the massive bell crashed into him.

Cracks began to appear on his body, which seemed about to crumble at the moment. However, what really frightened him were the trails of nomological laws that shackled him within the void when he was sent flying.

It was nearly impossible for him to even move.

For a Yuan Venerate, moving ones body was an extremely simple task. However, the Long Family Patriarch felt like an insect that had been fossilized in amber. He was completely unable to move his body.

He looked up unknowingly and saw the towering huge black millstone above him. Although there was no rotation, the lines and patterns on the millstone still felt extremely mysterious and profound, as if the birth and death of the universe were contained within.

Even a Yuan Venerate like himself would feel insignificant before that huge millstone.

He immediately looked below his feet and saw that another similar millstone had appeared beneath him. The black patterns on the bottom millstone were like a moving spider web.

Deep fear filled the Long Family Patriarchs heart at that moment.

He didnt know what sort of treasure this was, but he had a hunch that it was certainly very powerful. Otherwise, he would have been able to resist it.

Luo Yunyang appeared delighted, while the Long Family Patriarch felt hopeless.

The Great Obliteration Millstone was a top treasure he had obtained during the final battle at the Primordial Sacred Battleground in the past. Although he had broken the shackles that had restricted him, Luo Yunyang could only use one of the seals within the Great Obliteration Millstone.

This was not because he didnt want to, but because his current cultivation base only allowed him to execute one seal.

The power the seal possessed far surpassed an ordinary Taishi Treasure.

Thus, Luo Yunyang wasnt willing to use this Great Obliteration Millstone most of the time.

After all, he reckoned that this treasure should be of a similar grade as the Creation Divine Disc. Hence, it was better to use it sparingly.

He didnt care so much now, as the Long Family Patriarch was going to escape!

The Long Family Patriarch was pinned down by the huge millstone. He had nowhere to run this time. However, as Luo Yunyang was preparing to utilize the massive millstone to crush the Long Family Patriarch, he heard someone berate him. I already told you to stop. Didnt you hear?

The voice was accompanied by a spear-light that hurtled towards him.

The spear looked simple, as it did not even have any variations. However, the force of the nomological laws within it ignored the boundaries of time and space and all sorts of defenses as it headed directly for Luo Yunyangs mind.

The person that had unleashed this move had to be a Yuan Venerate and a very domineering one at that, as he had gone straight for Luo Yunyangs life immediately.

Luo Yunyang had not had a good impression of the Ancient Six Families to begin with. However, there was a cold look in his eyes after that Yuan Venerate made this arrogant move. Immediately, his spirit consciousness sprang into action as he unleashed Close, Yet Worlds Apart, a move of the Sky Feather 13 Swords.

At that moment, another figure dashed towards the Great Obliteration Millstone. The sword-light in his hands flickered with groundbreaking power as he slashed against Luo Yunyangs Great Obliteration Millstone.

His intention was to shatter Luo Yunyangs Great Obliteration Millstone.

Obviously, the plan was very good, but he had underestimated Luo Yunyangs Great Obliteration Millstone, which wasnt used often. The moment his sword-light struck the millstone, a black light flashed across the black millstone.

Instantly, a deafening clang echoed throughout the void and the sword-light snapped.

The face of the Yuan Venerate that had unleashed this sword-light darkened when he saw this. His long sword was also a Taishi Treasure. Although it couldnt be considered extremely precious, it was still something he had used for many years.

This long sword had increased his combat abilities by at least 30%.

His combat abilities were enhanced by at least 90% with this sword light. Hence, his expression turned ugly when he witnessed this.

The other Yuan Venerate, who had attacked Luo Yunyang with a spear, also tensed up. After all, his attack, which seemed to ignore all defenses, had no effect against the defense of Luo Yunyangs Close, Yet Worlds Apart.

You vile being, how dare you behave atrociously in front of the Si Clan! Today, Ill make sure you wont leave! The person holding on to a broken sword seemed like a pissed-off man in his thirties.

The other man, who was holding the spear, withdrew his weapon. However, he still looked like a tiger ready to pounce at any moment.

Luo Yunyang had also been angered by the sudden attack of the two Yuan Venerates. He had no enmity against the Si Clan and hadnt encroached on their territory yet.

In order not to create a new enemy for no good reason, he had even taken out his Great Obliteration Millstone. However, he had never expected that the Si Clan would be so ruthless.

They had not given anyone a chance to explain themselves.

Esteemed gentlemen, the Long Family Patriarch is my mortal enemy. Were dealing with personal grudges today and have not entered the Si Clans territory yet. I can overlook everything that has happened. Please leave us alone.

Luo Yunyang felt that he had done everything he could after saying this.

The Long Family Patriarch shouted, Friends from the Si Clan, I am Long Xiangbei! Please deliver justice for me and dont let this youngster kill me.

The Long Family Patriarch was rather unperturbed, as two Yuan Venerates of the Si Clan had arrived.

He believed that the Mysterious Underworld Race and the Si Clan would not go back on their word.

Causing trouble for the Si Clan is a great crime! The man with the broken sword hissed icily. I shall give you a chance now. Withdraw your millstone immediately, restrict your cultivation willingly, and follow us to the Si Clan to accept your punishment. Otherwise, you will be killed without pardon!