Supreme Uprising Chapter 950

Chapter 950 Da Qian Master

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Luo Yunyang, who was thoroughly angered by the two Si Clan Yuan Venerates, glared at them both. "Get lost!"

The reason he spoke so rudely but didnt engage them directly wasnt because he was unwilling to start a feud with the Si Clan. It was because Yuan Venerate Baihe had told Luo Yunyang before about the major complications that would occur if he started a conflict with the Six Ancient Families, so it was best that this was avoided.

Otherwise, Luo Yunyang would never have let the two of them go after they had launched a sneak attack on him.

The Ancient Six Families had always had a superiority complex and looked down on everyone else. Thus, both of them were at a loss when they were reprimanded so bluntly by Luo Yunyang.

They glared at him and took aim with their weapons once again.

Luo Yunyang did not say anything else in the face of the two Yuan Venerates provocation. He raised his palm slowly as the power of the Tyrannical Fist he had created started to gather in his hands.

Although the first form of the Tyrannical Fist wasnt comparable to the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes, it was much stronger than Close, Yet Worlds Apart and perfect for dealing with the two Si Clan Yuan Venerates.

The two Si Clan Yuan Venerates also sensed the threat emanating from Luo Yunyang, which made them feel very afraid.

They had felt a similar sensation before, but this sort of sensation came from certain Taichu Yuan Venerates that were far stronger than them.

Luo Yunyang wasnt even a Yuan Venerate.

Although the two of them did not want to tarnish the reputation of the Si Clan, they were also afraid of engaging in a battle to the death with Luo Yunyang.

"Fellow martialist Yunyang, why do you want to capture the Long Family Patriarch?" A faint voice rang out as four figures appeared in the void.

Luo Yunyang did not recognize these four people, but all of them exuded auras of Yuan Venerates.

The two Si Clan Yuan Venerates, who had initially been frightened, had haughty looks on their faces when they saw these four.

"Ha ha ha Yuan Venerate Tianshu, I never expected that Da Qian Sacred Hall would be so arrogant as to come to the doorstep of our Ancient Six Families. Do you really think you can belittle the Ancient Six Families just because your Five Sacred Halls lead the Human Race?" said the Yuan Venerate with the broken sword before he hissed icily, "If you dont give us a satisfactory answer, I will report this matter to the Patriarch and ask him to decide!"

The faces of Yuan Venerate Tianshu and his companions turned dark. Although they had gone there for the sake of the Long Family Patriarch, what these Si Clan Yuan Venerates had said made them shudder.

One of the Yuan Venerates of Da Qian Sacred Hall, whose face was already flushed, opened his mouth to speak but his companions held him back.

In the end, Yuan Venerate Tianshu spoke again. He glanced at the Long Family Patriarch, who was trapped between the Great Obliteration Millstone, and said, "You are barking up the wrong tree, friends from the Si Clan."

"Luo Yunyang is a Shengzi of Hong Meng Sacred Hall and has nothing to do with Da Qian Sacred Hall. We cannot order him to do anything."

One of the Si Clan Yuan Venerates glanced at Luo Yunyang and told Yuan Venerate Tianshu, "You people and Hong Meng Sacred Hall are birds of the same feather flock. Do you think there is no relationship between you and them just because you say so?"

"Take down this lunatic who dares tarnish the Si Clans territory immediately and bring him to the Si Clans Sky Man Hall to be punished, or you shall bear the consequences!"

Yuan Venerate Tianshus expression turned solemn as he thought to himself, "The Ancient Six Families are too abominable. This is clearly Hong Meng Sacred Halls matter. Do they really think that we are bullied that easily?"

While Yuan Venerate Tianshu was mulling over his next course of action, he heard the Long Family Patriarch shout loudly, "Save me, Brother Tianshu!"

Yuan Venerate Tianshu did not want to tangle with the Si Clan Yuan Venerates. Thus, he turned to Luo Yunyang. "Fellow cultivator Yunyang, although there is enmity between you and the Long Family Patriarch, he is still a Yuan Venerate of our Human Race."

"Every Yuan Venerate is an important asset for the Human Race, so please let him go. Da Qian Sacred Hall can address the feud between you."

A stony expression had been on Luo Yunyangs face ever since Yuan Venerate Tianshu and his companions had arrived. After listening to the proposed mediation of Yuan Venerate Tianshu, he said with a straight face, "The Five Sacred Halls have no right to intervene in the conflicts between Yuan Venerates."

Luo Yunyang did not say this very loudly, but his tone was forceful.

Yuan Venerate Tianshu was very upset, yet he had to admit that Luo Yunyang was right.

However, the Long Family Patriarch had always been close to Da Qian Sacred Hall and could be considered one of the external forces aligned with Da Qian Sacred Hall.

If the Long Family Patriarch were to die, Da Qian Sacred Hall would not only lose a considerable portion of their fighting force, but this would also dishearten the other Yuan Venerates aligned with their Sacred Hall. Hence, they had to protect the Long Family Patriarch at any cost.

"Luo Yunyang, dont be shameless when we are treating you with respect! The Long Family Patriarch is a subordinate of Da Qian Sacred Hall. Killing him is akin to provoking Da Qian Sacred Hall!" The red-faced Yuan Venerate, who had just been chided by the Yuan Venerate from the Si Clan, shouted loudly at Luo Yunyang.

The two Si Clan Yuan Venerates were prepared to continue pressuring Yuan Venerate Tianshu and his companions. After listening to what Yuan Venerate Tianshu had said, the two men exchanged a glance and smiled.

Although they didnt know what sort of relationship the Long Family Patriarch and the Si Clan had, they would be more than happy if Da Qian Sacred Hall could rescue him.

Luo Yunyang stared at the red-faced Yuan Venerate and said, "I have a grudge against the Long Family Patriarch. You should know that."

"You ignored the situation when the Long Family Patriarch attacked me with the Ancient Yuan Dragon divine body but jumped out to stand up for him now that he is down. I wasnt the one who challenged Da Qian Sacred Hall. It is Da Qian Sacred Hall that is challenging me now."

"Do you understand that?"

The Da Qian Sacred Hall Yuan Venerates face flushed even more. He had never thought that someone would belittle Da Qian Sacred Hall to such an extent.

This made him feel completely furious.

"Yuan Venerate Tianshu, we should make our move now and rescue the Long Family Patriarch!" The red-faced Yuan Venerate glanced at Yuan Venerate Tianshu as he spoke.

Yuan Venerate Tianshu frowned. To be honest, he wasnt willing to thoroughly offend Luo Yunyang. It would be best if they could settle this matter amicably. Once he made a move on Luo Yunyang, the relationship between Da Qian Sacred Hall and Luo Yunyang would be wrecked beyond repair.

While he was hesitating, a purple-gold blade appeared in the hands of the red-faced Yuan Venerate. When he brandished it, a blade-light sprung forward like a galloping horse that cleaved in the direction of Luo Yunyang.

The blade transformed into thousands of voids in an instant before collapsing towards Luo Yunyang.

The endless power that surged out from this collapse turned into a high-level nomological law power that surged violently towards Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang wasnt surprised that the red-faced Yuan Venerate had made his move. After all, the negotiations had fallen apart and the best way to make someone listen was with a display of might.

With a mere thought, Luo Yunyangs Tyrannical Fist, which was already gaining momentum, blasted out.

While this punch wasnt as majestic as the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes, it also contained all the Martial Paths that Luo Yunyang had cultivated throughout the years.

Therefore, the instant the punch was sent out, Yuan Venerate Tianshu and the others, who had never made any moves, felt the void around them being suppressed by Luo Yunyangs punch.

The purple-gold long blade clashed against Luo Yunyangs fist.

The blade-light was shattered in a second before the red-faced Yuan Venerate was sent flying.

Luo Yunyang did not pursue the red-faced Yuan Venerate. Instead, he eyed Yuan Venerate Tianshu frostily and said, "I must kill the Long Family Patriarch. Anyone who gets in my way is an enemy."

With that, Luo Yunyang took flight and landed on the huge millstone. While that happened, the millstone that had been suppressing the Long Family Patriarch started to rotate slowly.

In the endless starry sky, the Middle Hall Master and Left Hall Master were facing a figure seemingly shrouded by the brilliance of many stars. The figure stood within the endless void like a dictator that controlled the stars.

The Middle Hall Master eyed the figure sternly and said, "Da Qian Master, it seems that you are doing something wrong!"

"Ha ha! Middle Hall Master, I know this goes against our agreement, but as you know, the Long Family Patriarch has always been an external force of Da Qian Sacred Hall. If we dont rescue him, what will the other Yuan Venerates relying on us think of Da Qian Sacred Hall?"

The Da Qian Masters tone was gentle yet unquestionable.

The Middle Hall Master scoffed, "What they think of you is none of my business. Leave now, or well have to duke it out."

The brilliance around the Da Qian Master shuddered for a moment before he said coldly, "Duke it out? Sure, its also been a long time for me "

"Both of you are Masters of a Sacred Hall. Why do you have to fall out with each other because of this?" A soothing voice was heard as a woman in black silk appeared in the void.

"In my opinion, it is better to discuss a solution rather than fight."

The Middle Hall Master eyed the lady in black and said icily, "How can we negotiate when Da Qian Sacred Hall wants to violate the agreement between the Sacred Halls? Does he think he can override the agreement of our Sacred Halls?"

"It is true that Da Qian Master is slightly in the wrong here. However, the Long Family Patriarch is the Yuan Venerate of a domain, so it would be a little painful if he died like this."

The lady continued her gentle persuasion. "Why dont you ask Luo Yunyang to release him and make sure Da Qian Sacred Hall will be responsible for compensating Luo Yunyang?"

"Compensating him? Does Hong Meng Sacred Hall care about being compensated by Da Qian Sacred Hall?" The Middle Hall Master glared at the Da Qian Master. "Since Da Qian Sacred Hall had to meddle, then all we can do is fight!"

The Hexagon Long Sword illuminated the void brilliantly as he said that.