Supreme Uprising Chapter 951

Chapter 951 Fight Me If You Dare Taichu Yuan Venerate

Chapter 951: Fight Me If You Dare; Taichu Yuan Venerate
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Luo Yunyang wasnt aware of the situation with the Middle Hall Master. However, he knew that he couldnt cower no matter what!

The Long Family Patriarch would be taken away the moment he backed down. If that happened, the enmity between him and the Long Family Patriarch would never be resolved. Hence, Luo Yunyang decided to make his move here.

His mind activated the Great Obligation Millstone, which began to rotate.

The Long Family Patriarch desperately conjured the divine light to envelop himself and tried to resist the power of the Great Obliteration Millstone. Unfortunately, he was already stuck in it. It definitely wasnt an easy task to break free of the restraints of the Great Obliteration Millstone.

In an instant, half of the light shrouding his body had been erased.

Yuan Venerate Tianshu and the others were enraged. Although the Five Sacred Halls shared the same hatred against the Mysterious Underworld Race, they were also infighting between themselves over the ebb and rise of power between the Sacred Halls.

After all, there could only be a single number one!

"Everyone, Four Stars Align, Brilliance Descends!" Yuan Venerate Tianshus voice reverberated in the void.

At Yuan Venerate Tianshus command, the four Da Qian Sacred Hall Yuan Venerates executed moves at the same time. The weapons in their hands were conjured while beams of light condensed into stars within the void and flew straight towards Luo Yunyang.

In the end, the four stars aligned with one another as they illuminated as brightly as a constellation and rushed over at Luo Yunyang.

The hidden nomological law within this constellation was extremely penetrative, so it crushed everything that it went through. Now, this constellation was barreling straight at Luo Yunyang!

Luo Yunyang watched the hurtling constellation solemnly. He felt that the power of this constellation was similar to the joint attack of the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Brothers.

However, the huge constellation contained four types of nomological laws and had considerable flaws. Thus, there was still a huge gap compared to the attacks of the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Brothers.

Luo Yunyang believed that using the same move that he had used to deal with the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Brothers wouldnt work, as flaws existed in this attack. It wouldnt affect the entire attack too much even if he were to shatter the constellation.

In short, the losses outweighed the gains.

Thus, after hesitating for a moment, Luo Yunyang threw his Tyrannical Fist at the silver constellation.


The constellation was shattered, while Luo Yunyang managed to remain on the massive millstone. However, he still swayed a little.

"Repent, vile being! The Si Clan shall not let you off today!" The two Si Clan Yuan Venerates rushed towards Luo Yunyang.

The Yuan Venerate with the broken sword felt the strongest loathing for Luo Yunyang. As a result, his moves were also the most ruthless.

Instantly, the broken sword in his hand transcended the limitations of time and space and appeared behind Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang had just resisted the powerful constellation and had difficulty sustaining his power. Thus, the attack of the Si Clan Yuan Venerates instantly entered his internal universe.

Luo Yunyang had lain a solid foundation for his seventh-level internal universe, which condensed his Sacred Image. However, even so, a rift still appeared within Luo Yunyangs seventh-level universe.

Although the rift was quickly repaired by his Inextinguishable Eternity Scripture, another rift appeared in Luo Yunyangs mind.

He glared at the haughty Yuan Venerates from the Si Clan. Luo Yunyang was unhappy with Da Qian Sacred Hall, but it was the Si Clan that infuriated him the most.

"You are asking for it!" Luo Yunyang bellowed as the pagoda wielded by his Sacred Image was sent out.

The 18-story pagoda wielded by Luo Yunyangs Sacred Image had always been a defensive treasure. However, it was now blasted out by Luo Yunyang!

The Si Clan Yuan Venerates scoffed at the 18-story pagoda, as they underestimated it.

When the broken sword was brandished, sword-light struck the 18-story pagoda directly. Although it did not completely sever Luo Yunyangs 18-story pagoda, it still sent it flying to the side.

Furious, Luo Yunyang also sent out the Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell through his Sacred Image in the direction of the two Si Clan Yuan Venerates.

The Si Clan Yuan Venerate with the broken sword seemed even more arrogant now.

"Puny tricks!"

The Yuan Venerate from the Si Clan slashed his sword heavily at Luo Yunyang.

The swing of the sword was incomparably carefree.

However, just as he swung his sword and was about to collide with Luo Yunyangs Chaotic Yuan Sky Bell, a huge figure suddenly appeared within the bell and blasted a punch at that Si Clan Yuan Venerate.

The figure was blurry to begin with, so it was impossible to see it after it was enveloped by a boundless radiance. However, as this figure threw a punch, the Si Clan Yuan Venerates attack was instantly shattered.

The Si Clan Yuan Venerate was also sent flying by that punch.

Cracks started to appear on his body. Although he quickly rejuvenated his body, the power that remained within his body caused the cracks to reemerge.

Once, twice, thrice

"Luo Yunyang, one of us shall die!" The Si Clan Yuan Venerate bellowed in anger. However, Luo Yunyang had already raised his hand as he was mouthing off.

"You should have seen the power of this fist! It is called the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes!" Luo Yunyang met the gazes of Yuan Venerate Tianshu and the others, who were preparing to attack again, and said dryly, "Your fate will depend on a dice roll once I execute it."

These words instantly made Yuan Venerate Tianshu and the others stop in their tracks. They wanted to save someone, but one thing was certain: They couldnt do so at the cost of their own lives.

Yuan Venerate Tianshu and the red-faced Yuan Venerate started to hesitate after hearing what Luo Yunyang had said.

The two Si Clan Yuan Venerates were also in a dilemma. Although they didnt know how strong Luo Yunyangs Thousand Era Imperial Purposes was, they didnt dare make any mindless moves after seeing how cautious Yuan Venerate Tianshu and his compatriots had become after what Luo Yunyang had said.

Furthermore, the Si Clan Yuan Venerate who had attacked Luo Yunyang hadnt yet recovered fully. Even though they were furious, they were more afraid and reluctant.

The Long Family Patriarch was clamped between the massive millstones, and the divine light on his body was slowly being ground away. Although the two millstones had not completely closed, cracks had already started to appear on his body.

"Help, Yuan Venerate Tianshu! Help!" The Long Family Patriarch no longer cared about losing face as he begged Yuan Venerate Tianshu for help.

Yuan Venerate Tianshu frowned. Although he wanted very much to save the Long Family Patriarch, Luo Yunyang was still glaring at him.

Luo Yunyangs Thousand Era Imperial Purposes was too strong. He knew that rushing forward meant that all of them would get heavily injured even if they did not die.

"Si Clan Yuan Venerates, did you forget why you came? None of you will end up in a much better state if I die." The Long Family Patriarch gave up on his goal to seek aid from the Si Clans Patriarch after noticing the inaction of Yuan Venerate Tianshu and his companions.

The Two Si Clan Yuan Venerates stiffened up. The clan head had ordered them to save the Long Family Patriarch no matter what it took.

Although they werent too sure of the relationship between the Long Family Patriarch and their clan, they knew that their status within the clan would plummet if they failed to carry out the orders of their clan.

After they exchanged a glance, the Si Clan Yuan Venerate with the spear told Luo Yunyang, "Luo Yunyang, do you really want to become a mortal enemy of the Si Clan and the Ancient Six Families?"

Although these words were threatening, most of them felt that the Si Clan Yuan Venerate seemed to lack confidence while saying that.

Luo Yunyang, who was already hostile to the Si Clan, scoffed, "Arent you and I already enemies?"

"Mortal enemy? Come at me if you dare!"

The two Si Clan Yuan Venerates faces turned dark when they heard what Luo Yunyang said. They wanted to continue threatening him, but they knew that they would merely be tarnishing the Si Clans reputation by repeating the threat. However, they didnt dare take action either.

"Hong Meng Sacred Hall has really regressed over the years!" A loud voice reverberated in the void as a huge figure appeared.

The figure arrived with a step and landed near Luo Yunyang momentarily while doubling in size.

The hallowed light around this being illuminated the nine skies. Even Yuan Venerate Tianshu and his companions involuntarily bowed their heads when they saw this person.

The two Si Clan Yuan Venerates greeted him. "Greetings, Third Patriarch. We have disgraced the Si Clan."

The figure being addressed as Third Patriarch scoffed before turning towards Luo Yunyang. "Such audacity at such a young age Release the Long Family Patriarch and restrain yourself. Then follow me back to receive your punishment."

Luo Yunyang glared at the Si Clans Third Patriarch. He could tell that this person had an aura not weaker than the Left Hall Master.

Taichu Yuan Venerate!

Although he had faced the Five Qi Mysterious Underworld Brothers and defeated the Long Family Patriarchs Ancient Yuan Dragon, it was still the first time Luo Yunyang was facing a Taichu Yuan Venerate.

"What kind of nonsense are you spouting? Fight if you want!" Luo Yunyang said with indifference.

The Si Clans Third Patriarch was normally an even-tempered person. However, his face darkened when he heard Luo Yunyangs words.

"Impudence! Now die!" He growled.

A four-edged golden hammer appeared in his hand and smashed heavily at Luo Yunyang.

Four different light rays gathered around the hammer as it illuminated the void!

The cracks on the body of the Long Family Patriarch widened as Luo Yunyang suddenly sensed something and turned his attention to the Long Family Patriarch.