Supreme Uprising Chapter 952

Chapter 952 Twist

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The massive hammer radiating in four colors appeared unstoppable!

The four-colored hammer wasnt that terrifying. The really frightening part were the nomological laws that encircled the four-colored hammer.

The power formed by the gathering of four different nomological laws was obviously beyond the scope of ordinary nomological laws. Hence, when the massive hammer hovered in the air, it felt as if it could split mountains and shatter stars.

Luo Yunyang had a grave expression on his face while facing the massive hammer. Although he felt that he would be able to deal with this hammer, he would have to pay a hefty price for it.

In an instant, he prepared to use the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes, as it was the only technique that could compete against the power of the massive hammer.

However, what would happen after he used the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes?

As Luo Yunyang was preparing to make his move, a six-colored rainbow appeared in front of him, forming a barrier ahead of him.

The six-colored rainbow seemed like a comforting sight. When the hammer crashed against the ribbon heavily, it was as though the hammer had struck a bed of clouds. It hardly caused any destruction.

A figure Luo Yunyang found familiar appeared strangely in front of him. This person looked at the Si Clans Third Patriarch and said with a hint of derision, "The Si Clan is really regressing with the times."

"You, the Third Ancestor of the Si Clan, have shamelessly attacked a junior. You probably dont even know what embarrassment means."

The Third Patriarch of the Si Clan was very imposing. However, he had an ugly look on his face when he saw the Divine Elder appearing out of nowhere.

He berated him angrily. "So what? The Si Clan doesnt concern you. That Hong Meng Sacred Hall junior started a fight in the Si Clans territory without our permission. Are you and your Hong Meng Sacred Hall going to fight against our Ancient Six Families?"

"If Hong Meng Sacred Hall does not give us an explanation for the incident today, Ill treat it as a declaration of war made by the Five Sacred Halls against the Six Ancient Families!"

The Divine Elders expression never changed. He chuckled as he looked at the Third Patriarch of the Si Clan and said, "Si Clans Third Patriarch, you arent capable of making the decision for an all-out war."

"Not that Im Iooking down on you, but you dont have such authority!"

These words made an ugly look appear on the face of the Si Clans Third Patriarch. What he had said previously was meant to be a threat, but it had been easily countered with a simple line by the Divine Elder.

The Third Patriarch of the Si Clan snorted at the Divine Elder. "Although I might not have that authority, the Si Clan does. Let me tell you something. The Ancient Six Families have always tolerated and allowed your Five Sacred Halls to command the Human Tribe. Dont push your luck!"

As the Third Patriarch of the Si Clan was talking, the Long Family Patriarch, who was still wedged between the Great Obliteration Millstone, frantically shouted, "Help the Si Clan, Patriarch!"

Although the Long Family Patriarch was a Yuan Venerate, being stuck in the Great Obliteration Millstone was the end of the line for him.

He no longer felt that his body could endure, as it was being broken down. After recalling the situation within his internal universe, the Long Family Patriarch couldnt help but shout for help.

He couldnt wait any longer!

The Third Patriarch of the Si Clan glared at the Long Family Patriarch before turning to the Divine Elder and saying, "This vile person should have been taken back to the Si Clan and handed over to face punishment. However, since the Divine Elder has come in person, I shall treat you with respect."

"Take away this vile being and leave the Patriarch of the Long Family here. If you do so, we can consider this matter resolved!"

The Divine Elder was slightly tempted by the offer of the Third Patriarch of the Si Clan. He wasnt too concerned about the feud between Luo Yunyang and the Long Family Patriarch.

In his opinion, it was nothing more than a feud between juniors, and he did not care about such conflicts.

Furthermore, the Divine Elder did not wish to see the Long Family Patriarch die like this either. Although he did not know what sort of connection the Long Family Patriarch had with the Ancient Six Families, he was still a Yuan Venerate of the Human Race after all.

Every Yuan Venerate was extremely important to the Human Race.

If it werent for the rule that forbade intervention in feuds between Yuan Venerates, Hong Meng Sacred Hall would also have asked Luo Yunyang to stop.

After all, a Yuan Venerate was too precious.

Even Hong Meng Sacred Hall had only nurtured fewer than 20 Yuan Venerates through painstaking efforts over the years. Losing one would be too painful of a loss.

Accepting was not a bad choice! While the Divine Elder had this thought, he heard Luo Yunyang say, "The Long Family Patriarch must die!"

"Vile being, I just showed the Divine Elder respect. Who do you think you are? Do you think you can kill the Long Family Patriarch?" The Third Patriarch of the Si Clan was livid.

Luo Yunyang ignored the Third Patriarch of the Si Clan as he turned to the Divine Elder and said, "I must kill the Long Family Patriarch!"

The Divine Elder frowned as he said, "Yunyang, can we discuss this matter again? As you know, for our Human Race, every Yuan Venerate is"

Luo Yunyang responded, "Divine Elder, the Long Family Patriarch is definitely a great evil in our race. I think that he is a spy left behind amongst our people by the Mysterious Underworld Race."

The face of the Si Clans Third Patriarch turned dark the moment this was uttered. Immediately, he reprimanded him. "An enemy of yours is a spy for the Mysterious Underworld Race? This is simply absurd. Release him immediately. Otherwise, Ill kill you!"

The Divine Elder hesitated for a moment before his spirit consciousness turned to Luo Yunyang and asked, "How sure are you that he is a traitor helping the Mysterious Underworld Race?"

"Stop for now if you arent confident. After all, this will implicate the Six Ancient Families. Things have become serious. It would be better to take a step back temporarily."

Luo Yunyang noticed the Divine Elders solemn expression and understood that the Divine Elder was looking out for him. However, he would not allow the Long Family Patriarch to be given a new lease on life.

Thus, Luo Yunyang replied heavily, "Divine Elder, this matter doesnt concern the Si Clan in the first place. I have a grudge against the Long Family Patriarch. Why should the Si Clan interfere?"

"And why would I have to prove that the Long Family Patriarch is a spy for the Mysterious Underworld Race? Is the Si Clan that amazing?"

The Third Patriarch of the Si Clan made eye contact with the Long Family Patriarch, who was in danger of breaking at any moment. After listening to what Luo Yunyang had said, he berated him once again. "Kid, you have a death wish!"

He took flight immediately while the four-edged hammer in his hands transformed into countless hammer-lights that shot towards Luo Yunyangs surroundings.

The strike was earth-shattering!

Luo Yunyang did not retaliate immediately. Although he was ready, he was still waiting for the Divine Elders reaction.

He wouldnt need to take action if the Divine Elder intervened. However, if the Divine Elder did not move, he would use the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes.

The Divine Elder frowned when the Third Patriarch of the Si Clan made his move. Although he wasnt pleased with Luo Yunyangs determination to kill the Long Family Patriarch, he had to admit that Luo Yunyangs decision wasnt wrong either.

The feud between the Long Family Patriarch and Luo Yunyang was personal. The Si Clans interference was already wrong, and the reason they were negotiating with the Si Clan was because their clan was powerful.

If it werent for the strength of the Si Clan, he might not have compromised with them on this matter.

After he pondered this, the six-colored rainbow in the Divine Elders hands turned into a cloud that blanketed the Third Patriarch of the Si Clan.

Although the Third Patriarch of the Si Clan was strong, he could not maintain the upper hand against the Divine Elder as the massive millstone continued to rotate slowly.

Meanwhile, the Long Family Patriarch, who was wedged between the massive millstone, had nearly broken down completely. He was unable to use any technique. He could only shout for help.

"Si Clan Patriarch, you must save me. You promised that you would save me. Otherwise, we will all be in trouble!" The Long Family Patriarchs eyes were bloodshot and he seemed on the verge of giving way.

Any martialists who could become Yuan Venerates were basically mentally tough. The reason the Long Family Patriarch spoke so bluntly was because he did not want to die.

He was pressuring the Si Clans Third Patriarch!

The Si Clans Third Patriarch had difficulty coping with the Divine Elder. It was too late to save the Long Family Patriarch. While he was filled with resentment upon hearing the threat of the Long Family Patriarch, he knew that he couldnt sit by and do nothing.

Otherwise, things would become more troublesome.

"Divine Elder, you will regret it!" The Si Clans Third Patriarch turned to the two Yuan Venerates of his clan and shouted, "What are the two of you waiting for? Attack! Rescue the Long Family Patriarch and both of you will receive great merit. Otherwise"

Although the Third Patriarch of the Si Clan didnt reveal the final consequences, the two Yuan Venerates of the Si Clan knew what would await them.

Thus, after exchanging a glance, they brandished their weapons and charged towards Luo Yunyang

Yuan Venerate Tianshu and his companions had been reduced to spectators. However, as they watched the fate of the Long Family Patriarch, they exchanged a glance and surrounded the Great Obliteration Millstone.

Luo Yunyang was ready to use the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes once more. Unexpectedly, just as he was about to unleash his blow, he heard a loud boom come from the Long Family Patriarch.

The Long Family Patriarchs body shattered.

After the Long Family Patriarchs body shattered, a large universe hidden in the Long Family Patriarchs body also collapsed.

The moment the large universe collapsed, groups of Mysterious Underworld Race martialists swarmed out of the Long Family Patriarchs body, forming a battle formation that resembled an Ancient Yuan Underwordling.

There were so many Mysterious Underworld Race elites that it was impossible to determine the number.

However, the appearance of these Mysterious Underworld Beings stunned Yuan Venerate Tianshu and the others, who had been about to attack Luo Yunyang!

They had originally thought that Luo Yunyang was simply slandering the Long Family Patriarch. However, they now realized that things were not as simple as theyd thought!