Supreme Uprising Chapter 953

Chapter 953 The Truth

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In the boundless void, Da Qian Master and the Middle Hall Master were currently fighting. The Middle Hall Masters attacks were very ordinary, but inexhaustible nomological laws were created every time the hexagonal sword was swung.

Da Qian Master seemed to be surrounded by a neverending splendor of stars. Every single one of his attacks appeared to contain the power of millions of stars.

Although it looked like he was on the defensive all this while, he was able to rely on the brilliance of stars to hold his ground.

Naturally, holding his ground meant that he had successfully stalled the Middle Hall Master.

The lady from Xuan Pin Sacred Hall watched the exchange between these two without saying a word. She had no intention of calling for them to stop and she was watching as intently as though she was watching a play.

"He he Da Qian Master, why dont you attack Brother Middle Hall too? You two are the strongest amongst us all."

"Its such a rare occasion to see you have a match. Dont disappoint me, please!" The ladys voice was filled with mockery. Unfortunately, neither the Middle Hall Master nor the Da Qian Master was too bothered by her mockery.

The Middle Hall Master withdrew the hexagonal sword and an austere aura instantly shrouded his body. "Da Qian Master, let me ask you this. Will you back off?"

"Brother Middle Hall, the Long Family Patriarch is a Yuan Venerate of our Human Race. Although he is just an ordinary Taishi Yuan Venerate, you cant deny that he is still a pillar for our race."

"Furthermore, he is a subordinate of Da Qian Sacred Hall that relies on our support. How can we not help him at such a time?"

The Da Qian Master added icily, "Da Qian Sacred Hall definitely cant back off this time."

These words had already revealed the Da Qian Masters stance. The Middle Hall Masters cold gaze intensified when he heard these words.

The two of them no longer said anything else. They both knew that the other party was experienced and unwavering. Thus, mere words wouldnt be able to shake the ideologies of the other person.

When words couldnt convince one, fists would have to do the talking.

As the two of them prepared their strongest techniques in a bid to decide the victor and the loser, the lady in the black silk suddenly shouted out, "Alright, enough! Both of you stop!"

"Da Qian Master, you have really failed this time!"

The ladys words didnt cause the Da Qian Master to stop. He hadnt even turned his head back. The Middle Hall Master and his hexagonal sword didnt show any hint of hesitation either.

The lady in black shouted at once. "That That Long Xiangbei was a spy for the Mysterious Underworld Race. He has died already!"

"Quick, take a look! These Mysterious Underworld soldiers came out of Long Xiangbeis body."

As a scroll unfurled in front of them, the radiance around the Da Qian Master dimmed.

"How How is this possible?"

The Da Qian Masters face went rigid when he saw the countless Mysterious Underworld soldiers. Although he could easily wipe out these soldiers with a mere snap of the fingers, the current circumstances put him in a very tough spot.

He hadnt hesitated, but the person he had tried to protect was actually a spy. If this matter became known, he would simply be a huge laughing stock.

However, the Da Qian Master didnt find this joke very funny. He had already utterly disgraced himself.

"Da Qian Master, so these are the sort of external Yuan Venerates Da Qian Sacred Hall assembles. I really do not know what sort of auditing process your hall has," the Middle Hall Master said without any restraint.

"I think that Da Qian Hall will have to give an explanation regarding this matter."

The Da Qian Master opened his mouth. Although he didnt wish to lose to the Middle Hall Master, deep down, he was well aware that this entire matter was a thorough, crushing defeat.

Thus, there was really nothing he could say.

The Middle Hall Master scoffed and ignored the Da Qian Master. He then took to the sky and shot off towards the location Luo Yunyang was at.

Yuan Venerate Tianshu and the others were just like the Da Qian Master. They were too shocked to say anything. Some of them had even considered the Long Family Patriarch a sworn brother.

Now, many Mysterious Underworld soldiers had come out of the Long Family Patriarchs internal universe. Even if this was a coincidence, this coincidence was

It should be said that these Mysterious Underworld soldiers were something the Long Family Patriarch and the Mysterious Underworld Race had colluded on.

Nothing could be done to reverse the situation.

"Senior Brother Tianshu, what do we do?" the red-faced Yuan Venerate asked Yuan Venerate Tianshu solemnly.

Yuan Venerate Tianshu really wanted to flip out, as he didnt know what to do either. However, upon seeing the defeated looks of his compatriots, Yuan Venerate Tianshu chose to stay silent.

The current circumstances had landed Da Qian Sacred Hall in hot soup. They had actually allowed a traitor to sneak in and had even tried frantically to save him. Even the Da Qian Master had made a move. How were they going to explain this?

The Si Clans Third Patriarch wasnt looking pleased either. He was aware of these circumstances and had wanted to rescue the Long Family Patriarch before all else.

However, he had never imagined that Luo Yunyang wouldnt respect him, nor had he expected that Hong Meng Sacred Hall would actually support Luo Yunyang on this matter.

The Divine Elders cultivation was above his own, which made it difficult to rescue the Long Family Patriarch right away. However, Luo Yunyangs persistence was to blame for almost everything.

Things wouldnt have reached such a state if it hadnt been for Luo Yunyang.

Upon seeing this mass of frightened Mysterious Underworld soldiers, the Si Clans Third Patriarch bellowed. "To think that the Long Family were actually traitors of the Human Race! How despicable!"

Following that, he instructed his two subordinates. "Seal the surroundings. Dont let a single Mysterious Underworld being escape."

The two Si Clan Yuan Venerates immediately reacted. Although they had seemed to provoke the Five Sacred Halls, they still couldnt afford to be branded as traitors of the Human Race.

Therefore, what they needed to do was completely make sure they had no relation with the unfortunate Long Family Patriarch.

Although the Long Family Patriarchs body had been completely shattered, his soul still existed. Upon seeing the throng of Mysterious Underworld soldiers flocking out, he couldnt help but unleash an anguished cry.

Its over. Everything is over now!

He didnt wish for those Mysterious Underworld forces to exist in his own internal universe. After all, these forces were of limited help to him.

However, there were some things that he had to do even though he wasnt willing. After Yuan Venerate Vast Glass attempt to assassinate Luo Yunyang had failed, the Human Race had started to use all sorts of methods to investigate and find Mysterious Underworld Race spies.

Although there were numerous internal universes amongst powerhouses, many hidden spots of the Mysterious Underworld Race had been found and destroyed.

The Long Family Patriarch was a Yuan Venerate entity and thus wasnt subjected to investigation. Therefore, someone had sent all these Mysterious Underworld Race forces into his internal universe.

Although the Long Family Patriarch knew that this was detrimental, he had no choice but to accept it.

Back then, he had believed that there wouldnt be any problems. However, his life would definitely end now.

"Tell us, why did you choose to betray the Human Race?" The Divine Elder stared at the Long Family Patriarch and spoke sternly.

Although the Divine Elder rarely revealed himself, his status was unquestionable. Right now, he was full of loathing for the Long Family Patriarch.

After all, the Human Races previous crisis at the Dual Realm Sky had happened because of Lie Kongzis betrayal. If it had not been for Luo Yunyangs actions, the Human Races strength would have suffered a huge blow.

The Long Family Patriarch glanced at the Mysterious Underworld soldiers surrounding him and protecting him. He hesitated for a moment before roaring with laughter. "Why? You are asking why, Divine Elder?"

"To become a Yuan Venerate and have the fate of a ruler, of course." The Long Family Patriarch was essentially snarling. "Divine Elder, you had the innate tendency to surpass ordinary Yuan Venerates, so you naturally wouldnt understand the difficulty ordinary martialists like us face."

"Do you know something? Back when I had to break through to the Galaxy Grade, there was a 90% chance of death. However, I didnt regret it, nor was I afraid. What I was frightened off was that one day, I would find it difficult to take a single step to improve!"

"After becoming a Heavenly Venerate, I naturally wanted to become a Yuan Venerate. However, my innate aptitude and resources werent enough for me to become a Yuan Venerate. I wasnt willing to accept that!"

The Long Family Patriarch, who seemed to have calmed down slightly, pointed at the Mysterious Underworld forces flanking him. "They can help me accomplish the things that I cant do!"

"Resources Huge quantities of resources for me to refine. Exceptional opportunities, which they can provide. If you must say that I betrayed the Human Race, then why would you care about my reasons?"

Upon hearing all this, Luo Yunyang said frostily, "How utterly shameless. Seeking cultivation improvement isnt wrong, but selling out your last bit of morality and shouting your lungs out here is really shameless!"

The Long Family Patriarch glared at Luo Yunyang and said venomously, "Luo Yunyang, the thing I regret the most in this life is not being able to kill you. Back then, if I had violated the laws of Hong Meng Sacred Hall and killed you, the most I would have gotten was a severe punishment. However, I have now lost my life. I cant accept this!"

The Si Clan Third Patriarchs gaze lingered on Luo Yunyang for a moment. Luo Yunyang could sense a wave of killing intent coming from this wave.

Even though the Si Clans Third Patriarch hid it very well, Luo Yunyang could still sense how overwhelming that killing intent was. He glanced at the Si Clans Third Patriarch and then asked the Long Family Patriarch, "Do you still have any compatriots?"

"Spit it out. Even if I cant spare your life, I will still let the Long Family leave behind some descendants."

The Si Clan Third Patriarchs face darkened when he heard these words.

Although he didnt fear Luo Yunyang, this wasnt the time for the Si Clan to fall out with the Five Sacred Halls.