Supreme Uprising Chapter 954

Chapter 954 A Small Sacrifice To Safeguard Major Interests

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On a desolate planet, the two Mysterious Underworld Yuan Venerates sat facing each other. They were clearly furious.

The Yuan Venerate they had so painstakingly groomed had been ruined just like this. This was a massive loss for them.

It could even be said that they couldnt endure such a loss right away.

The two of them could clearly understand the situation based on the information transmitted over by the Si Clan.

"The Si Clan has an extraordinary relationship with us. If the Si Clan is having trouble, it will be a big problem for us," the Mysterious Underworld Yuan Venerate on the left said, "Now, this idiot Long Xianbei cannot remain here."

"Makes sense. Then lets have him disappear forever!" the Yuan Venerate on the right said icily. "We wouldnt have suffered such great losses if it hadnt been for him."

"Our Mysterious Underworld Race consumed a great deal of resources to send these soldiers into the human territory back then. Now, we have lost at least half just like this. I dont know how we are going to explain this to the top!"

"Enough, now isnt the time to worry over this. We should escape for the time being!" the Yuan Venerate on the left said, "I fear that the Five Sacred Halls are going to use even more powerful means to detect our people."

"Humph!" The Yuan Venerate on the left said unhappily, "The Ancient Six Families are just incompetent bunglers! One day, I shall extinguish the indecisive Ancient Six Families first!"

"It wont be easy. They" The Yuan Venerate on the right shook his head. "Saying all this wont help in the least. Right now, we still need their cooperation."

As the two of them decided what to do, the Middle Hall Master had already traversed through the void and appeared where the battle had been going on.

The Middle Hall Master nodded at the Divine Elder and then glanced at the Long Family Patriarch, who was stuck between the Great Obliteration Millstone. "I can vouch for Luo Yunyangs words. If you can provide two clues of equivalent value to your status, I can even spare your life."

Leaving some descendants behind didnt interest the Long Family Patriarch in the slightest.

Would he even care whether future generations could continue after he died? However, the Middle Hall Masters words tempted him greatly.

Two clues of equivalent value to his status and he could live This was simply too worthwhile.

As this thought went through the Long Family Patriarchs mind, the Mysterious Underworld forces gathered around him simultaneously turned all their weapons towards the Long Family Patriarch. These weapons gathered to form a massive blade that cut down the Long Family Patriarch.

This long blade was like a white bone. As it cut a swathe, an overwhelming intent of destruction appeared.

However, as the Mysterious Underworld forces made their move, Luo Yunyang formed a few hand seals and the Great Obliteration Millstone immediately crushed these Mysterious Underworld forces into dust.

They simply had no way of escaping when they were caught between the Great Obliteration Millstone.

These soldiers wouldnt even have a problem ambushing a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate. Unfortunately, all around them were powerhouses like Luo Yunyang, who was at least close to a Yuan Venerate.

The Si Clan Third Patriarchs face was stiff. He had a grave look in his eyes when he saw the Middle Hall Master appear through the void. If the Long Family Patriarch really divulged, then the Si Clan would have no way of handling the problem they were about to face

"Alright, I agree. I still believe the Middle Hall Masters words!" The Long Family Patriarch had a strange look on his face when he saw all these Mysterious Underworld soldiers die.

He had actually betrayed the Human Race for the sake of cultivation and could naturally betray the Mysterious Underworld Race as well.

He didnt care whether the Mysterious Underworld Race would seek him out to settle the score for the time being. After all, his priority was to stay alive.

As Yuan Venerate Tainshu and the others stared at the Long Family Patriarch, their expressions were a mixture of solemness and anticipation.

Clearly, they hoped to hear some words of hope from the Long Family Patriarch.

The two Si Clan Yuan Venerates glanced carefully at the Si Clans Third Patriarch. They werent fools. Even though the Long Family Patriarch hadnt said anything, their own clans actions had been rather suspicious.

"Speak!" The Middle Hall Masters expression was calm, yet the single word he said was unquestionable.

The moment the Middle Hall Master said that, boundless starlight radiated. The Da Qian Master, who had appeared within the void, stared coldly at the spiritual consciousness of the Long Family Patriarch that was trapped within the Great Obliteration Millstone.

Clearly, he very much wanted to rip the Long Family Patriarch to shreds.

After reaching such a level of cultivation, he could basically be considered a paragon figure so just a single word of his could decide the fate of countless people.

Gains and losses of resources werent a big deal to him. What he really viewed highly was reputation.

His confrontation with the Middle Hall Master had been something major! However, as the matter escalated, Da Qian Sacred Halls reputation had taken a severe beating.

It could even be said that Da Qian Sacred Hall had already become a laughing stock because of this matter. The person he hated most at this very moment was naturally the Long Family Patriarch.

"Middle Hall Master, you must guarantee that Da Qian Sacred Hall wont bother me either!" the Long Family Patriarch said hurriedly when he saw the Da Qian Master arriving.

The Middle Hall Master gestured with his hands. "I can promise you this. Not only will our Five Sacred Halls protect you, but we will protect you if others try to take action against you too."

"Now, you can say whatever you know. I shall decide if this information is valuable enough to release you."

The Long Family Patriarchs consciousness was like a real person within the Great Obliteration Millstone. He pondered for a moment before saying determinedly, "Okay, okay, okay. Since Sir Middle Hall has said so, then I shall"

Just as he was about to speak, a black spot of light suddenly appeared in the middle of his forehead.

Instantly, he wasnt able to say anything.

"Arghhh Arghhh You all" The Long Family Patriarch struggled. The Middle Hall Master and the Da Qian Master reacted immediately when they saw this.

However, it was already too late!

In just an instant, the Long Family Patriarchs consciousness was obliterated from the void. The black bit of light had become an image of a Mysterious Underworld being that glared at the Middle Hall Maser and the others.

"You guys definitely wouldnt be able to find us." The image of the Mysterious Underworld being sounded pleased.

The Si Clans Third Patriarch quickly returned to his ordinary composed demeanor. He even smiled slightly, as he knew that the Si Clan had already freed themselves from the shadow of the Long Family Patriarch.

"Damn the Mysterious Underworld Race! How dare they cause trouble within the Human Race at such a time?"

The snarling Third Patriarch bellowed angrily. "The Si Clan nearly let this hungry wolf into the clan. Fortunately, it hasnt yet caused any losses for our clan."

The two Si Clan Yuan Venerates exchanged a glance before the Yuan Venerate with the broken sword looked at Luo Yunyang and said, "Patriarch, even though the Long Family Patriarch was a spy of our Mysterious Underworld Race, someone belittled our Ancient Six Families so we cant just drop the matter like this."

The Si Clans Third Patriarch nodded. "Middle Hall Master, I hope that Hong Meng Sacred Hall will give the Si Clan a proper explanation. Otherwise, we will consider this a provocation to the Six Ancient Families."

How could the Middle Hall Master not guess what the Si Clans Third Patriarch was up to? He had always had his doubts regarding the Ancient Six Families.

Now, how could he not see what sort of part the Si Family was trying to play in this matter?

The Middle Hall Master turned to the Si Clans Third Patriarch and said icily, "Our Five Sacred Halls will thoroughly investigate whether the Si Clan provided asylum to the Long Family Patriarch because of the Mysterious Underworld Race."

"As for the fact that Luo Yunyang slew the Long Family Patriarch, this didnt cause the Si Family to lose any face. I shall give you only one reply now."

The Middle Hall Masters voice was calm yet low. The Si Clans Third Patriarch had a really bad feeling when he heard this. He vaguely sensed that things wouldnt be as peaceful as they seemed to be after what had happened today.


The Middle Hall Master hissed. The Si Clans Third Ancestor looked pissed when this was said. He had never imagined that the Middle Hall Master would actually say this to him.

He had a great status and plenty of authority within the Si Clan. After having lived for so long, he felt little fear for the Middle Hall Master and other similar individuals.

In his opinion, the Middle Hall Master wouldnt dare offend their Ancient Six Families, no matter what. However, he had just been told to scram.

This telling-off lacked any bit of respect.

His face flushed when he heard it, but he quashed whatever anger he felt when he saw the hexagonal sword in the Middle Hall Masters hand.

He knew that he wasnt a match for this person from Hong Meng Sacred Hall. If he were to forcefully attack him, the only thing he would achieve would be humiliation.

"Middle Middle Hall Master! This is a provocation to the Si Clan and to our Ancient Six Families. I will definitely inform the various elders of what you said. I believe that the elders will definitely give Hong Meng Sacred Hall a warning."

After saying all this, the Si Clans Third Patriarch glared at Luo Yunyang and said icily, "Throughout the years, every person who defied the Ancient Six Families died a horrible death!"

Luo Yunyang had never had a good opinion about the Si Clan. Thus, when he heard this unbridled threat come from the Si Clans Third Patriarch, the murderous desire in his heart flared up.

"Is that so?" Luo Yunyang said with a disdainful grin.

The Si Clans Third Patriarch scoffed and instructed the two Yuan Venerates behind him. "Lets go!"

Luo Yunyangs eyes burned with killing intent as he watched the figure of the Si Clans Third Patriarch disappear into the distance. The Six Ancient Families were really arrogant!