Supreme Uprising Chapter 955

Chapter 955 The Ancient Six Families Origin

Chapter 955: The Ancient Six Families Origin
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Are you angry? The Middle Hall Master stood beside Luo Yunyang as he asked this question in a placid manner.

Luo Yunyang didnt hide his opinion in front of the Middle Hall master. Thus, he nodded and said, Im not angry, Im extremely furious! Actually, I already intended to wipe out the Ancient Six Families many million years ago, the Middle Hall Master said.

Many million years ago?

Luo Yunyang inhaled sharply when he heard this. This was a really long period of time, especially to Luo Yunyang right now.

The Middle Hall Master chuckled at Luo Yunyangs astonished reaction. Surprised? Ha ha ha!

With a wide grin, the Middle Hall Master glanced at Luo Yunyang and said, Given your current cultivation base, you will quickly realize that many millions of years really wouldnt be that long.

Luo Yunyang, who felt that what the Middle Hall Master had said wasnt beyond reason, looked at the Middle Hall Master and waited for him to continue.

The Ancient Six Families are quite a big deal. I believe you have seen some information about them. I have some information regarding them here. Take a look.

As he spoke, the Middle Hall Master extended his finger and tapped. Streams of information rapidly flowed into Luo Yunyangs mind.

Remember, this information is an absolute secret of our Human Race! the Middle Hall Master warned him in a serious manner.

Luo Yunyang nodded. The information transmitted by the Middle Hall Master wasnt something most ordinary information could compare with. Furthermore, after the Middle Hall Master told Luo Yunyang this, his gaze fell on the Da Qian Master as well as the lady in black from Xuan Ping Sacred Hall.

Da Qian Master, you have to give me an explanation regarding this matter! The Middle Hall Masters tone was unquestionable.

The Da Qian Master had a pained look on his face. The incident with Luo Yunyang had made the Da Qian Hall become really passive.

It could be said that they had lost a great deal of face!

The Da Qian Master mulled this over for a moment before he responded. The fault lies with Da Qian Sacred Hall this time. Da Qian Sacred Hall will definitely give a proper explanation.

As soon as he said that, the Da Qian Master cast a glance in Luo Yunyangs direction before vanishing completely.

After the Da Qian Master left, the lady in black told the Middle Hall Master. Its best to think carefully about what you want. This is a really good chance to hurt that miserly Da Qian Master.

The Middle Hall Master chuckled and glanced at Luo Yunyang.

Right now, Luo Yunyang was going through the information regarding the Ancient Six Families. There wasnt a lot, but the information on the origins of the Ancient Six Families was very clear.

For example, there was information on the first appearance of the Ancient Six Families in this Great Realm!

The Ancient Six Families had first appeared when the Human Race had been in this Great Realm for 100,000 years. Back then, the strongest powerhouses in the Human Race had only been Heavenly Venerates.

The Ancient Six Families personnel that had appeared had also been at the Heavenly Venerate level. When the Ancient Six Families had first appeared, they had proclaimed themselves ancient royals and tried to rule over everything.

The Human Race that had risen up in this Great Realm had easily acknowledged the Ancient Six Families. Although the way the Ancient Six Families did some things didnt seem too right, they were still part of the Human Race and had very good cultivation.

However, as opportunities after opportunities had been snatched up and some Human Race genius elites had been forcibly slain by the Ancient Six Families, the Human Race had started to form the Five Sacred Halls and finally began to guard itself against the Ancient Six Families.

The information that the Middle Hall Master had provided Luo Yunyang with mentioned one thing: When the founder of Xuan Pin Sacred Hall had obtained the Xuan Pin Gate, based on the vestiges of the Xuan Pin Gate, four words had been discovered.

Four ancient words.

Four ancient words filled with immense bitterness and rancorBeware The Ancient Six

Although the next word hadnt been written out, Human Race powerhouses could easily guess the meaning of it right away.

As the Ancient Six Families had bared their fangs time after time, the Five Sacred Halls had finally clashed with the Ancient Six Families about 30 million years ago.

At the time, Human Race Yuan Venerates had been starting to pop out one after another and it could be said that the Human Races power had been rapidly growing. However, when the Human Races powerhouses had routed the allied armies of the Ancient Six Families, six corpse-like figures had appeared where the allied armies had stood.

If the Five Sacred Halls had not exhausted countless supreme treasures, the alliance of the Five Sacred Halls would have been completely obliterated by the six ancient corpses back then.

The six ancient corpses, which had also seemed to have certain misgivings, had taken the initiative to reconcile with them.

Under the circumstances, the Ancient Six Families and the Human Race had maintained some sort of strange equilibrium. By the time the Mysterious Underworld Race had appeared, the Human Tribe had already found out multiple times that these ancient corpses were related to the Ancient Six Families.

Although countless Human Race powerhouses really resented this discovery, the conclusion they came to after some discussions was to endure.

Because the Five Sacred Halls were unable to wipe out the Ancient Six Families in one fell swoop, the upper echelons of the Five Sacred Hall even suspected that peak Taiyi Yuan Venerate entities had existed in the domains where the Ancient Six Families resided. Perhaps even an authority that surpassed Taiyi Yuan Venerates had existed.

The Middle Hall Master and the others had cultivation bases that were only at the peak Taichu Yuan Venerate.

While Luo Yunyang didnt know whether the Five Sacred Halls had any other hidden strengths or powers, just these suspicions made him feel that dealing with the Ancient Six Families was very difficult.

The Ancient Six Families seemed to have progressed rapidly since that great battle. They had been continuously sounding out the Human Races baseline all this time.

Unless we have complete power, it would be best not to touch the Ancient Six Families yet, the Middle Hall Master said softly.

Luo Yunyang nodded and pondered this for a moment. If the Ancient Six Families had come out of their ancestral lands when the Human Race had just emerged, could it

Although Luo Yunyang didnt say it out loud, the Middle Hall Master understood his intent and replied, We dont have all the answers to this.

During the conflict back then, we also read the minds of some powerhouses of the Ancient Six Families. Based on the memories of the Ancient Six Families, the first batch was derived from a gene bank of the Ancient Six Families.

The Patriarchs of the Ancient Six Families seemed to be under some sort of restrictive seals. Although they were really powerful, they couldnt come out that easily even if they wanted to.

The Middle Hall Master sounded somewhat helpless at this point. Amongst the Five Sacred Halls, there have always been two points of view regarding the Ancient Six Families. The first is that even though the Ancient Six Families and the Human Race have basically no difference in appearance, they cant be treated as if they are from the Human Race.

The other view is that the Ancient Six Families are powerful. Although they have a special origin, they are still part of the same race and if they can support the entire Human Race, our chances of victory against the Mysterious Underworld Race will be much better.

Luo Yunyang grinned when he heard this. Why do I feel that this way of thinking is a little immature?

The Middle Hall Master chuckled heartily. Actually, you arent the only one. Deep down, I also feel that this way of thinking is a little naive.

However, the strength of the Mysterious Underworld Race has caused quite some people to lean towards this view.

The only thing you have to remember is that the Ancient Six Families are not to be trusted. If there is really a conflict with them, you dont have to be too apprehensive and boldly go about doing what you ought to.

The Middle Hall Masters words were without a doubt meant to encourage Luo Yunyang, who replied, Dont worry, Middle Hall Master, I know what to do.

Oh right, because of this matter, Da Qian Sacred Hall will give you some compensation. I will definitely select something good for you and I hope to give you good news soon. Also, you can handle the Long Family on your own.

Letting him handle the Long Family was a favor. Luo Yunyang pondered this for a moment and made up his mind. Middle Hall Master, can I take over Longlin Great Cosmos?

Take over Longlin Great Cosmos?

The Hall Master was stunned for a moment. He glanced at Luo Yunyang before finally nodding. The Human Race has a total of 36 Great Cosmoses. Each Great Comos has a few Yuan Venerates jointly controlling it. Although your idea isnt too bad, I still believe that it would be better if you took over the Long Familys territory.

Luo Yunyang had suggested this to swallow as much as he could. Now, he was still rather satisfied with the Middle Hall Masters response.

After all, the Long Familys power within Longlin Great Cosmos wasnt ordinary. Gaining the strength of the Long Family was akin to absorbing half of Longlin Great Cosmos.

Luo Yunyang was also prepared to seek out Yuan Venerate Xuansu and Yuan Venerate Yinchu to have a discussion with them. Although they hadnt attacked him, they had been persuaded by the Long Family Patriarch to be on his side.

Having ties to a spy colluding with the Mysterious Underworld Race was enough to make these two Yuan Venerates reflect. While this incident probably wouldnt swallow up all their territories, Luo Yunyang was rather confident that these two wouldnt dare go against him.

The Middle Hall Master and the Divine Elder both needed to return to Hong Meng Sacred Hall. Therefore, only Luo Yunyang returned to Longlin Great Cosmos in the end.

By now, all the top characters in Longlin Great Cosmos already knew the outcome of Luo Yunyang and the Long Family Patriarchs pursuit, as well as that the Long Family Patriarch was really a traitor of the Human Race.

The one who suffered the greatest blow was naturally the Long Family. Long Family Powerhouses had already started to think of ways to flee.

Even though they had extraordinary cultivation levels, how easy could it be for them to find a place to hide?

When Luo Yunyang returned to Longlin Great Cosmos, the entire great cosmos had already gone totally silent. Many Long Family elites had prostrated on the ground in fear.

They all knew that they had no power to resist.

Great Heavenly Venerate Yunyang, the Long Family has existed for many years. Are you really not leaving our family any leeway? Family head Long Zetian hadnt escaped. Instead, he had knelt respectfully at Luo Yunyangs feet.

However, these words also posed a tough question for Luo Yunyang.