Supreme Uprising Chapter 956

Chapter 956 Fallen To The Mundane World

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Long Zetian was a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate. He actually ought to have fled far away by now, but he had chosen to face Luo Yunyang.

At the moment, Long Zetian was like a hero that had given no thought to his own fate.

Luo Yunyang was unperturbed as he watched Long Zetian. He had already received the Middle Hall Masters word. Even if he were to completely wipe out the entire Long Family, nobody would say anything.

However, upon noticing Long Zetians calm appearance, Luo Yunyang said indifferently, Long Xiangbei has committed a heinous crime by colluding with the Mysterious Underworld Race and has already been executed. Are you unable to accept this?

Long Zetian was definitely unable to accept it, but how could he dare say that to Luo Yunyangs face?

Instead, he said in a somewhat deferential manner, I wouldnt dare. Sir, I only plead you to give the Long Family a way to survive.

I will erase the entire Long Family. You might think that I am being merciless, but under Long Xiangbeis reign, your family ran rampant and never thought that this day would come. Luo Yunyang eyed Long Zetian as he spoke calmly.

Long Zetian shuddered. He knew that begging Luo Yunyang to forgive them wouldnt be an easy task. However, as the head of the Long Family, he still stood up after hesitating over and over again.

Now, he sensed that Luo Yunyang wouldnt be easily swayed about this matter.

Indeed, he couldnt be swayed!

While facing Luo Yunyang, there was no other route he could take other than to sway Luo Yunyangs decision.

After all, a huge gulf existed between his cultivation and Luo Yunyangs cultivation.

The Long Family Patriarch was a spy for the Mysterious Underworld Race. This alone meant that the Long Family wouldnt receive any help from any Yuan Venerates. After all, Hong Meng Sacred Hall and the other Five Sacred Halls would definitely be trying to track down more spies.

Any Yuan Venerates that had ties to the Long Family Patriarch would be really trying to avoid the Long Family now.

Although many of us received protection from Long Xiangbei, at the same time, there are many family clansmen who dont even know who Long Xiangbei is. Holding them responsible for Long Xiangbeis crime would be unjust.

Long Zetian gritted his teeth. I am willing to offer all the Long Familys accumulated resources and wealth to you as long as you give our family a way out.

Luo Yunyang eyed Long Zetian and said nonchalantly, Are you sure you only want a way out?

Yes, my lord. I only pray for a way out. Long Zetian met Luo Yunyangs gaze as he spoke solemnly.

Alright, I will give you a way out. Luo Yunyangs voice was unsympathetic, as if this matter didnt concern him at all.

However, Long Zetian felt that Luo Yunyangs quick, straightforward reply was definitely not good.

Nevertheless, when Luo Yunyang said this, he still had to say thanks. When he knelt to the ground to pay his respects, a large millstone appeared in Luo Yunyangs hand.

The Great Obliteration Millstone!

This was the Great Obliteration Millstone that had slain the Long Family Patriarch. There was an additional divine inscription on the Great Obliteration Millstone now.

People who didnt really understand the Great Obliteration Millstone wouldnt discover anything when this divine inscription appeared. However, as the owner of the Great Obliteration millstone, Luo Yunyang was rather happy to see all this.

This wasnt an ordinary divine inscription, but rather one that had been formed by the Long Family Patriarchs cultivation. This divine inscriptions appearance on the Great Obliteration Millstone meant that most of the Long Family Patriarchs cultivation had already been incorporated into the Great Obliteration Millstone.

The appearance of this divine inscription also allowed Luo Yunyang to sense how terrifying the Great Obliteration Millstone actually was.

After completing the Great Obliteration Millstone, Luo Yunyang had discovered that although the Great Obliteration Millstone was of a very high grade, its might wasnt all that powerful.

It wasnt even able to deal with similar-grade treasures.

However, when the Great Obliteration Millstone had slain the Long Family Millstone and retained all his cultivation, Luo Yunyang had truly understood the true intent of the Great Obliteration Millstone.

The potential of the Great Obliteration Millstone was boundless, so unlocking this potential required the great millstone to obliterate many things.

Of course, ordinary stuff would have insignificant effects on this Great Obliteration Millstone. Only Yuan Venerate existences like the Long Family Patriarch could raise the might of the Great Obliteration Millstone.

All of you should be exterminated. You are the traitors blood relatives after all. However, because the heavens are kind, I shall give you a way out.

Luo Yunyangs voice reverberated like thunder in the void. Upon hearing this, many Long Family martialists shuddered.

They all clearly knew what sort of punishment they ought to face. After all, the Long Family Patriarch had betrayed the Human Race. Thus, when Luo Yunyang said that he was going to give them a way out, it was delightful.

Yuan Venerate Xuanxu and Yuan Venerate Yinchu were both seated quietly within a cave. The two of them were paragon existences of Longlin Great Cosmos, but they werent prepared to get involved in the Long Familys matters.

Or rather, they had already given up caring about any matters of the entire Longlin Great Cosmos.

The two of them could be considered to be chummy with the Long Family Patriarch. Now, what they wanted to do most was distance themselves from this matter as much as possible.

Although they were a little reluctant about the territory and resources left behind by the Long Family Patriarch, they didnt dare snatch all of this away from Luo Yunyang.

Yuan Venerate Xuansus eyes glimmered when he heard Luo Yunyang say he was going to give the Long Family a way out.

Or rather, it could be said that Yuan Venerate Xuansu slightly looked down on Luo Yunyang, as he felt that Luo Yunyang was really naive this time.

Youngsters really dont have experience. Is he so sure that the Long Family wont make a comeback? Now, nobody would even say a thing if he were to exterminate the Long Family, but hes allowing it to survive? He he!

Yunyang Xuansu spared no expense with his words. Only the two of them were in this space, so he wasnt afraid of Luo Yunyang hearing.

Yunyang Yinchu sighed but didnt say anything. However, he too felt that Luo Yunyang hadnt handled this matter that efficiently. However, he chose to stay silent because he still had misgivings about Luo Yunyang.

I will strip away your entire cultivation base!

I will strip away all your potential to advance!

I will strip away all innate martial path talent!

This mighty voice reverberated all around. A massive millstone revolved slowly in the void as this voice echoed out.

Although Long Zetian wasnt within the millstone, he was able to sense his own cultivation base rapidly disappearing. He wanted to resist but he simply had no strength to resist under the pressure of that massive millstone.

He squeezed out his last ounce of strength to see whether the other members of the Long Family were gathered and saw that almost all the Long Family clansmen had been enveloped by a projection of a millstone.

Some of them accepted it calmly, but many more were frantically trying to resist that millstone projection. All sorts of techniques and skills were furiously blasted at that millstone.

Unfortunately, despite the means employed, the projection of the millstone continued to revolve slowly. They were all simply like mayflies against the massive millstone. They simply couldnt resist at all.

Their cultivation base was gone, their potential was gone, their innate skill to cultivate martial paths was gone too!

Long Zetian felt pain as he watched the circumstances around him. He knew that the Long Family was thoroughly finished!

Although the Long Family wasnt fully exterminated, a Long Family without potential or any methods to cultivate would only be like mere ants in the future.

Perhaps many people might even forget that there used to be a Long Family in Longlin Great Cosmos.

His cultivation base was vanishing. All the advancements he had made over the years were disappearing. Everything of his was disappearing without a trace. As this occurred, all other ideas and plans Long Zetian had possessed vanished completely as well.

It was at this moment that all the martialists in Longlin Great Cosmos who were above the Universe Grade sensed Luo Yunyangs dominance. They were terrified and astonished by Luo Yunyangs method.

My cultivation base, my cultivation base! A Long Family genius wailed hysterically after the projection of the Great Obliteration Millstone dissipated.

He had been born with a peak Galaxy-Grade cultivation base. Before Luo Yunyangs arrival, he had always been full of ambition and hoped to become a Yuan Venerate thanks to the Long Family.

However, he felt really weak and feeble now. Even moving his limbs had become very difficult.

His strength, potential, bloodline Everything had been stripped away!

Wailing from the bottom of his heart was of no use. Luo Yunyang was like a god of the realms overlooking everything.

Our family has Heavenly Venerates that are away. They will definitely avenge us! A Long Family powerhouse bellowed furiously after his cultivation base was stripped away.

However, they didnt know that they would forever be unable to break Luo Yunyangs prohibitions on them. The only thing they could do was pin their hopes on their fellow clansmen, who had fled.

Unfortunately, as they cried out, a scene appeared before their eyes. Long Family powerhouses hidden in various small spaces or other voids were being ground by the massive projection of a millstone.

The majority of these powerhouses were Heavenly Venerates or peak Universe-Grades. They were the Long Familys last hope after the Long Family Patriarch had been slain.

Long Zetian, who was also seeing all these scenes, turned to the indifferent Luo Yunyang and couldnt help but ask, My lord, are you really unable to give our family just one chance?

Luo Yunyang replied coldly, I have already given you a way out.

With that, he waved his sleeves and Long Zetian fell from the sky. The massive millstone surrounding his body also vanished without a trace.

However, this time, he had already descended to the mundane world!