Supreme Uprising Chapter 957

Chapter 957 A Furious Sword Great Jasper Forest Banquet

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Sky Feather Sacred Land, Convergent Thunder Mountain!

Streaks of purple lightning gathered in the void. Although this lightning didnt strike, it was still a frightening sight to behold.

The Convergent Thunder Mountain was renowned in the Sky Feather Sacred Land. Not only was the terrain unique, but there was also an abundance of Thunderbolt Flowers there!

Thunderbolt Flowers contained tremendous vitality. This wasnt just a supreme treasure for cultivation. It also offered immense benefits for medical treatment and healing injuries.

There were even Heavenly Venerates that used Thunderbolt Flowers as a base to refine Yuan Thunder pills. Just one pill could let anyone beneath the Heavenly Venerate level recover fully regardless of the severity of their injuries.

It was because of the effectiveness of the Thunderbolt Flower that many martialists paid attention to it.

For many years, the Convergent Thunder Mountain had been under the Rising Sky Feather Sects scope of power, so the Thunderbolt Flower was naturally a great resource and source of wealth for the Rising Sky Feather Sect.

However, the Sky Feather Sacred Land had already been split into six and been occupied by six different powers. The Rising Sky Feather Sect was just one of these six powers.

The Thunderbolt Flowers had naturally become something the six powers shared.

Senior Brother, this is too much. Half of our Thunderbolt Flowers have been stolen! a good-looking man blurted out angrily.

The cultivation base of this man was at the Galaxy 3-Grade, and he too had some authority in the Rising Sky Feather Sect.

The man he had called Senior Brother was a middle-aged man who seemed to be in his fifties. He had a steady, honest air about him.

Upon seeing his incensed junior brother, he whispered, Forget about it if it has been stolen. What we have to do now is collect the remaining Thunderbolt Flowers and bring them back.

The younger mans face darkened. He had never imagined that his senior brother would actually make such a suggestion.

This wasnt even an idea!

Senior Brother, those Thunderbolt Flowers are ours. We already have an agreement. What are we supposed to tell Heavenly Venerate Lanyue when we only return with half of what we are supposed to?

The senior brother chuckled. Junior Brother, what do you think we should do?

The young man said, Its not like we cant find out who plucked our Thunderbolt Flowers. As long as we use the Thunder Glass, everything will come to light. We can then force whoever stole our things to cough them out.

What if the culprit doesnt hand our things over? the unflustered senior brother said, Will you make a move on them? We could defeat them, but do you know what the consequences of attacking them are?

They are disciples of Yuan Venerates. The weakest people amongst them are also descendants of Venerate Lords. If you were to hurt them, then would the Rising Sky Feather Sect be able to bear that responsibility?

The young man glowered. Although he knew that what his senior brother said was correct, he still couldnt get rid of this anger.

With his fist tightly clenched, the young man said bitterly, Are we just going to let it be?

What can we even do about it? the senior brother replied, Junior Brother, the Rising Sky Feather Sect cant be compared to the way it was in the past. It already wasnt easy for us to preserve our sect after last time. Right now, we absolutely mustnt incite any calamity.

Junior Brother Yan Ling, strength is necessary to raise ones head, but it takes courage to lower your head. Under the current circumstances, there are some things that we can only tolerate. We should swallow our anger.

The young man known as Yan Ling nodded his head. The two of them then took to the sky and flew towards the west peak of the Convergent Thunder Mountain.

The Rising Sky Feather Sects domain was there. In the past, they had plucked Thunderbolt Flowers from this area. However, when they arrived this time, they discovered that there were people currently plucking the flowers.

These people didnt seem to care about the two arrivals, as they continued to busy themselves with whatever they were up to.

Junior Brother Yan Lings face flushed red when he saw these people. He then shouted furiously, Arent you High Stone Sect people overstepping? This area is the Rising Sky Feather Sects domain. All of you better put down any Thunderbolt Flowers you have plucked.

The people plucking the flowers werent upset about Junior Brother Yan Lings outburst. Instead, these people, whose cultivation bases were merely at the initial Nebula Grade, eyed the two of them as if they were prey.

Ha ha ha! Are you asking us to put them down? We used quite a bit of effort to gather them. Do you think we will just do as you command? A rather rough-looking hooligan chuckled.

He grinned at the furious Junior Brother Yan Ling. Look at you. You are on the verge of hitting me. Im sooo scared!

Ha ha These are well-renowned disciples of the Rising Sky Feather Sect. Tsk tsk I heard that they can sweep everything before them with just a sword in their hand.

A bunch of this guys comrades hooted with laughter when they heard these sarcastic words.

They knew that their comrade was making fun of Junior Brother Yan Ling, so they all treated this as a spectacle.

Junior Brother Yan Ling was livid. A hint of killing intent glowed in the eyes of the calm senior brother. However, he still held onto Junior Brother Yan Ling and said, Junior Brother, lets go!

Ha ha ha Thats why I said that. Rising Sky Feather Sect who? They are simply cowards. The loutish fellow guffawed. Young fellow, let me tell you something. Ever since the Yuan Venerate of your sect left, you are merely dregs in this Great Cosmos.

From this day onwards, this area will belong to us. If you arent happy, then slay me here. Let me see exactly what sort of sword techniques you have.

As that loutish man said all this, he used his fingers to make a gesture of slitting his throat.

Junior Brother Yan Lings eyes were completely bloodshot. He glared at the neck sticking out in front of him and instantly slashed with his sword.

His senior brother wanted to stop him but simply couldnt make it in time. In an instant, the sword had slashed at the loutish mans neck.

Sword-light flashed as a head fell.

Given the loutish fellows cultivation base, he couldnt be reborn from a single drop of blood. However, he could easily regenerate his head after it fell.

Unfortunately, Junior Brother Yan Ling had already utilized a sword technique of the Rising Sky Feather Sect. As the sword-light cut through, sword intent poured into the neck of that loutish fella and instantly killed him.

It was a slaughter without the slightest bit of hesitation!

You You killed my senior brother. I will fight with you! A comrade of the loutish fellow rushed over at Junior Brother Yan Ling after being momentarily stunned. Unfortunately, the unflustered senior brother had already made a move as they surrounded Junior Brother Yan Ling.

Sword-light flashed and a cold light expanded in every direction. Although the senior brother didnt use the Rising Sky Feather Sects strongest Sky Feather 13 Swords, this cold light still cut down more than half of the people surrounding Junior Brother Yan Ling.

Those fortunate enough to survive started to escape frantically into the distance.

They escaped several thousand miles away in just an instant. However, even though they were fast, the unflustered senior brother was even quicker. As the sword-light flashed, a few of them who believed that they had managed to escape were slain.

As the last escapee was cut into two, a jade talisman flew out of his body, wrapped this fellow, ripped through the void, and vanished.

Rising Sky Feather Sect, I will definitely make sure you pay for this! A voice filled with bitter resentment echoed throughout the void.

Junior Brother Yan Ling looked around at the corpses and said worriedly, Senior Brother, was I too impulsive?

The senior brother patted Junior Brother Yan Lings shoulder gently. You cant be blamed for this.

The senior brother had a look of firm resolve on his face as he said this. Although we dont know what sort of punishment we will receive, we still better report this matter to Master as soon as possible. Master will suffer a great loss when the High Stone Sect comes seeking answers.

Junior Brother, when that time comes, just push all the blame on me. It is better that I die than we both die, the senior brother said in an unquestionable manner.

Junior Brother Yan Ling said solemnly, Senior Brother, this all started because of me. How can you take responsibility for it? I will report everything that happened to Master.

Are you stupid? The senior brother was exasperated. I killed the most disciples of the High Stone Sect. They definitely wouldnt let you off, but you might still be able to strive in the future.

Everything isnt over for the Rising Sky Feather Sect yet. We still have to persist.

At this point, the senior brother took out his communication device and recounted this whole encounter to his master.

At first, these two thought that they had stirred a hornets nest and would definitely be facing the wrath of their master.

However, they had never imagined that their masters reply to their report would simply be a nod. Alright, so be it. Come on back.

Both the calm senior brother and Junior Brother Yan Ling found this kind of unbelievable. They even felt as if their master was someone entirely different.

As they were filled with doubt, a calm voice spoke in their ears. Those fellows have taken advantage of us for 1,000 years. It should be time to make them cough it all up.

Lord Luo Yunyang has already gotten ready and is currently preparing to invite all Heavenly Venerates of this Great Cosmos over to participate in the Great Jasper Forest Banquet. The two of you can come back and help me prepare the Great Jasper Forest Banquet.

Luo Yunyang had returned? They were going to prepare the Great Jasper Forest Banquet?

We should be able to trust Lord Luo Yunyangs character. However, Lord Luo Yunyangs cultivation base Junior Brother Yan Ling sounded a little doubtful.

You dont have to worry about this. Just some time ago, Lord Luo Yunyang slew the Long Family Patriarch of Longlin Great Cosmos.

The words of their master left them dumbfounded. However, what came afterward shocked them even more.

The Long Family Patriarch was a Yuan Venerate!