Supreme Uprising Chapter 958

Chapter 958 Change Of Fortune Return Of The King

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In Longlin Great Cosmos, thousands of mountainous ranges stood where the High Stone Sect was. These mountain ranges were like massive dragons entrenched on the ground. Surging violet Qi and multicolored glows made the High Stone Sect seem like a wonderland or paradise.

With a Taishi Yuan Venerate at the helm and dozens of Heavenly Venerates gathered, it could be said that the High Stone Sect was a fearsome power that dominated everything around it.

"To think that the Rising Sky Feather Sect actually dared attack our sect disciples! This is completely repulsive!" A peak Universe-Grade powerhouse roared furiously. "We must make the Rising Sky Feather Sect pay in blood this time!"

This touched upon their sects interest, so all the High Stone Sect disciples gathered there were easily incited. The Universe-Grade powerhouses cry was followed by a chorus of approving grunts.

"Yes, we must teach the Rising Sky Feather Sect a proper lesson this time. Nine of our disciples were killed by the Rising Sky Feather Sect. This time, we must make sure they compensate with the lives of ninety of their disciples."

"How is ninety enough? Our sect is under the guidance of a Yuan Venerate. The life of a single one of our disciples is much more precious than a hundred of theirs!"

"Can paying with their lives be enough? Lets trample on the Rising Sky Feather Sect!"

The atmosphere was bubbling and all sorts of impassioned cries echoed in succession. Suddenly, a ray of light shot over from the high heavens.

It was a sword-light. Or rather, the sword-light of a summons. The noisy disciples quietened down considerably as this sword-light arrived.

It wasnt because this sword-light was mighty that this sword-light of the Rising Sky Feather Sect used for a summons hadnt appeared ever since Yuan Venerate Wanliu of the Rising Sky Feather Sect had returned to dust.

While ordinary disciples must have more or less already forgotten this sort of sword-light, core disciples of the High Stone Sect could really remember this sword-light summons very vividly.

After all, each time the Rising Sky Feather Sect used this sort of sword-light as a summons, it also represented an unquestionable might.

Many times, the appearance of this sword-light would signal a reign of terror all over the area.

"Sky Feather Sword-Light! How impressive!" A young-looking Universe 9-Grade powerhouse jested frivolously.

He strolled over to the sword-light outside the sect gates and picked it up. After a quick glance, he guffawed. "The Rising Sky Feather Sect will host the Great Jasper Forest Banquet. Ha ha ha! Even our Patriarch is invited."

"The Rising Sky Feather Sect really does not know its own worth. They actually want to invite our esteemed Patriarch to attend a small gathering? Do they think that our Patriarch really has the time to attend their"

The young Universe-Grade stopped midway through his sentence, not because he had chosen to stop, but because he was astonished to realize that his own master, the High Stone Sects sect master, was already standing by his side silently.

Although he was at the Universe Grade, there was no way he could be arrogant in front of a peak Heavenly Venerate.

After noticing his master, he cupped his hands respectfully. "Greetings, master."

"The Rising Sky Feather Sects summons sword-light isnt something someone like you can view when they wish to." His master chided him.

The Universe-Grade powerhouse felt as if he had suffered a severe blow. All this time, he hadnt always been the favorite of his master.

Even though he had made mistakes in the past, his master hadnt even said a word of criticism. However, his master had just embarrassed him in front of so many people.

Although this disciple felt somewhat wronged, he was also a smart fellow so he knew that he couldnt go against his own master, no matter the reason. Thus, after he greeted his master, he backed off stealthily.

The clamorous disciples quietened down completely when they saw the Sect Masters beloved disciple being chided.

All of them watched their sect master, who was staring at the summons sword-light, with a bad feeling.

"The Rising Sky Feather Sect is still one of the three great sects in this Great Cosmos. You all must remember to show the Rising Sky Feather Sect the respect that they deserve."

The sect master then glanced at all the disciples gathered there and said sternly, "Wagging your tongues over here is a disgrace to the High Stone Sect."

"Remember, no matter who you are, make sure you have a respectful attitude when you are dealing with the Rising Sky Feather Sect."

"All of you get out!"

The sect master vanished after he said that. Many people had a slight idea of what was going on after seeing the direction in which their sect master was headed to.

It looked like the Rising Sky Feather Sect had undergone a massive change. Otherwise, their sect master, who had never thought much of the Rising Sky Feather Sect, wouldnt have changed his attitude.

Despite his calm demeanor in front of his disciples, the High Stone Sects sect master was a little worried. Ever since Yuan Venerate Wanliu had passed, the High Stone Sect had gained the most from the Rising Sky Feather Sects territories and resources.

Furthermore, the Rising Sky Feather Sect had always taken a tolerant stance towards their resources being devoured. Unfortunately, everything was different now.

The Long Family Patriarch had been slain. This news had been really astonishing. After all, the Long Family Patriarch was a Yuan Venerate.

Coughing up all these benefits such a long time after swallowing them was extremely difficult. Furthermore, it also involved the benefits of the High Stone Sects Heavenly Venerates. Even the sect master wouldnt convince the masses easily if they got worked up.

"I request an audience!" The sect master had already arrived at the space where his Patriarch resided.

Although two kids bowed before him, he didnt sense any respect in their expressions.

The Sect Master didnt get angry about this. After all, the two children had served Yuan Venerate Taishi for many years and were trusted aides.

"I have some matters I need to discuss with the Patriarch." The High Stone Sects sect master waved the summons in his hand. "This is the Rising Sky Feather Sects sword-light summons."

"The Patriarch is currently having a discussion with some guests. He knew that you would be coming and tasked me to let you know that the sky wont fall."

The child in green smiled faintly as he spoke. There was even a hint of content in his smile.

The sect master of the High Stone Sect, Great Heavenly Venerate Yuan Miao, immediately relaxed upon hearing this. There was no longer any need to worry since the Patriarch had said so.

He immediately understood and thought some more about what this child had just said. With these thoughts in mind, he drew two storage pouches from his pockets. "This is some Golden Crow Ore I chanced upon. I heard that you are cultivating the Holy Inferno Technique, brothers. These are for you two."

The two kids naturally understood Great Heavenly Venerate Yuan Miaos intent. They exchanged a glance before the kid in green said with a smile, "The Patriarch is currently meeting with Yuan Venerate Haoyu and three Venerate Lords."

Yuan Venerate Haoyu and three Venerate Lords!

Great Heavenly Venerate Yuan Miao felt even more relieved after hearing the kids explanation, as he knew who the three Venerate Lords were without even asking. Before the Rising Sky Feather Sect had declined, the five of them had swallowed the majority of the Rising Sky Feather Sects benefits.

"I understand!" Great Heavenly Venerate Yuan Mile left with a smile plastered on his face.

The Great Jasper Forest Banquet was at the Rising Sky Feather Sects Jasper Forest Valley. There were 100,000 jade trees there, and the area was both a sacred ground for cultivation as well as a scenic sightseeing spot.

Some people throughout the Great Cosmos even said that this was a paradise-like wonderland. However, in all these years, even though the Rising Sky Feather Sect hadnt fallen, the Jasper Forest Valley had also become an ordinary cultivation ground.

Now, the Great Jasper Forest Banquet convened once more. This was inspiring news for the entire Rising Sky Feather Sect.

"Ha ha ha Greetings, Uncle-Master. Long time no see!" A peak Universe-Grade powerhouse approached Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble and smiled delightedly.

Great Heavenly Venerate was currently in the Jasper Forest Valley, keeping an eye on the preparations for the Great Jasper Forest Banquet. Although there simply wasnt any need for him to oversee things here, he still couldnt help but come running over.

The person who greeted Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble had been a disciple of his senior brother back in the day. However, this senior brother hadnt become a Heavenly Venerate and had reached the end of his life before turning to dust.

Although this disciple looked really young, he had basically given up all hope of becoming a Heavenly Venerate. After all, one couldnt become a Heavenly Venerate just based on cultivation length alone.

"Long time no see, Yuan Feng. Seems like your cultivation base hasnt progressed. Ha ha You should really put more effort into cultivation."

Although he knew that saying all this was of no use, Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble still couldnt help it. "Look at you. Your odds of breaking through have already fallen drastically."

Yuan Feng chuckled. "Thank you for your guidance, Uncle-Master. I have long given up any hopes of becoming a Heavenly Venerate. If you wish to groom geniuses, why dont you set your sights on some of the younger juniors?"

"I am already satisfied to see our sect rise once again. However, Uncle-Master, will we really be able to regain our original territories at the Great Jasper Forest Banquet?"

Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble met the skeptical gaze of Yuan Feng and said nonchalantly, "What do you think?"

"Uncle-Master, although I believe that we will be able to regain considerable territory, regaining what we had back when the Patriarch was still alive wouldnt be that easy."

"After all, what we are facing now isnt just power. Getting them to cough out all the things they have swallowed into their bellies wont be an easy task."

"I reckon that we will at most only get one-third back," Yuan Feng said with a deadpan expression.

Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble patted Yuan Fengs shoulder and laughed. "We can only see what happens after the Great Jasper Forest Banquet. You must prepare yourself well and not disgrace Great Heavenly Venerate Yunyang."

"Dont worry, Uncle-Master." Yuan Feng pounded his chest and spoke loudly.

Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble didnt say anything else. Instead, he walked inside the Jasper Forest Valley. However, as Yuan Feng turned away, he heard Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble say via voice transmission, "Actually, I would be very satisfied with just one-third."

At that moment, Yuan Feng understood that the Sect Master wasnt very confident about regaining their sects territories either.