Supreme Uprising Chapter 96

Chapter 96


In half an hour, everyone had made it through the public square safely and arrived beneath the large palace. When Researcher Qin saw the long flight of stairs leading to the palace hall, she couldn’t help but glance at Luo Yunyang with an instinctive look of reliance.

“This palace must probably be the main building of Zulong’s Tomb. According to the ancient records, its name should be the Sun Moon Palace.”

As she spoke, Researcher Qin’s gaze flitted across everyone present. “If the research team is trapped here, the place they would most likely be trapped in would be the Sun Moon Palace. That’s why we should be even more cautious when we enter it.”

When Researcher Qin finished speaking, the three members of the Green Dragon Combat Squad and everyone else gazed at Luo Yunyang.

Although nobody had appointed him as leader, the strong were always worshipped in the army, so Luo Yunyang had undoubtedly become the group’s leader.

“You come up with a plan, Researcher Qin. I will head up first!” Luo Yunyang’s words were very simple. However, the simpler his words were, the more he garnered everyone’s respect.

“You should rest for a while and eat something, Brother Luo. I have the best energy bar for you!” A soldier from the Sky High Military smiled wide as he took out a golden energy bar.

“That’s a grade-eight energy bar!” Luo Yunyang’s voice had a trace of ruefulness as he stared at the golden energy bar.

Grade-eight energy bars were really expensive, because they were made from C-grade dire beast meat. Even the richest people in the Da Alliance couldn’t eat them all the time.

Although they could afford the cost, a high elite status was also required in order to purchase this sort of grade-eight energy bar.

Luo Yunyang didn’t hold back. He had just murdered Mu Xinghe, so he had used too much of his energy. He immediately wolfed down the bar.

It tasted so good that he finished the entire thing in a few mouthfuls. Heat rose in his stomach, but it was absorbed by the green source core in a flash.

The Sky High Military soldier looked dumbstruck as he watched Luo Yunyang make quick work of the energy bar.

He didn’t regret not eating the grade-eight energy bar himself. He was just impressed. The bar weighed at least 25 kilos, yet Luo Yunyang had devoured it in the blink of an eye.

He had been a little too savage!

“I have some Refreshing Water here, Yunyang. Have some!” Researcher Qin handed over a small bottle.

Luo Yunyang studied the bottle, which didn’t have any markings, and hesitated a little before replying, “Thank you, Researcher Qin.”

“I’m Qin Wanqing. Just call me by my name!” Qin Wanqing said, waving her hands around.

This change stunned all the soldiers, who were offering Luo Yunyang free stuff. Suddenly, Zhang Hu flashed a dubious smile and teased him in a curious tone, “Why don’t you thank Wanqing, Yunyang?”

“Right You have to thank her vigorously!” Xiong Ben patted his chest as he teased him with a knowing look. “I could only help you get to this point, you macho man!”

His teasing made everyone burst out laughing. The previously tense atmosphere lightened up considerably.

After half an hour of rest and reorganization, Luo Yunyang and the others started moving forward once again. There were 81 stairs, so they made their way up extremely carefully. Fortunately, they didn’t encounter any problems.

They suddenly saw the words “Sun Moon Palace” written in seal script. They seemed to be made out of pure gold. When one looked at them, they exuded an aggressive, domineering aura.

Qin Wanqing’s gaze swept through the words once before she shook her head gently. When her gaze landed on the interior of the large palace hall, she stood rooted to the spot.

Both she and everyone else had blank expressions on their faces.

What they had seen were countless soldiers wielding crossbows. No, they were probably stone figures shaped like soldiers.

Some of the soldiers were standing or squatting, but the crossbows and their hands were all pointed in a single direction.

They were all surrounding and pointing at the center of the room!

In the heart of this encirclement were a few people who were seated on the floor. Although they all looked pitiful, judging by their expressions, the majority of them had to be military personnel working for the Alliance.

Besides some slight movement in their arms and hands, they didn’t seem like they dared to budge.

“Father!” When Qin Wenqing faced this scene, she couldn’t contain her emotions.

When he heard Qin Wanqing’s cry, Luo Yunyang turned his eyes to a middle-aged man of average height. The man looked wise and far-sighted.

He had an ordinary face, but his eyes were very bright. When he heard Qin Wanqing’s voice, a flicker of emotion flashed across his eyes.

“Wanqing! Who asked you to come here? Zulong’s Tomb contains countless hazards and dangers! You you…”

Suddenly, the middle-aged man sighed. “Alright. If you are here, then it seems like the heavens haven’t forsaken me completely. Listen up! I have a prescription for a body-strengthening powder here that you must make sure is delivered to the Alliance!”

“How can we save you, Father? We are going to rescue you right away!” Qin Wanqing felt as if her heart had been stabbed by a knife. As she spoke, she instinctively wanted to step forward.

“Don’t come any closer! Do you want your comrades to be buried here as well? Do you want to be condemned by the entire Da Alliance? Don’t tell me that you want to destroy humanity’s last hope!” The man’s stern voice stopped her.

Luo Yunyang suddenly saw Zhu Yan standing behind the man. Although he seemed to be missing an arm, he still looked lively.

When Luo Yunyang looked at him, Zhu Yan caught sight of him and flashed him a big smile.

“These stone figures have already been awakened, Wanqing. The crossbows they wield are made of some unknown material that can penetrate a martial master’s armor.”

There was a hint of admiration in the man’s voice as he spoke. “If we learn how they manufacture this sort of crossbow, then the chances of humanity coming out victorious in a future war would rise considerably.”

“What a pity!”

“Alright, hurry up and memorize this prescription. You should all memorize it as well. There must be absolutely no mistakes.”

Researcher Qin’s father had just finished speaking, when a second middle-aged man in a military uniform said, “I am Senior Colonel Cui Shengdao from the Royal Forest Military. I order the entire operation to follow Professor Qin’s orders. Anyone who disobeys will be subjected to martial law.”

“Sir, our mission was to find you and take you back to the Chang’an Headquarters safely,” a man who looked like a skinny monkey said resolutely.

“I know that you really want to rescue me, Old Hou, but saving this secret formula is more important. This formula will increase the strength of the Eight Armies of the East considerably. My life is insignificant compared to it.”

“Plus, if my source power is unable to beat these things, do you think you would be able to achieve anything? Just obey my orders!”

His words were like a heavy burden in everyone’s hearts.

“It’s great to see you here, Yunyang. Please tell Qianqian that, if she loves me, she can’t drown herself in memories of me. She must move on, find a nice person to marry and start afresh. I will only rest in peace if I know that she’s happy!” Zhu Yan said calmly when he saw Luo Yunyang.

This sort of tranquility was the peace a person felt when they confronted death. His calmness was a fearlessness that deserved respect.

Luo Yunyang’s eyes turned red as he looked at Zhu Yan. He knew Zhu Yan well enough to know that he wasn’t pulling his leg this time.

“I came here to save you! Don’t tell me you’re going to make me go back and tell Big Sister Qianqian that I came here and saw you for the last time and then returned back alone! Is there really no other way out?” Luo Yunyang was really frustrated.

Qin Wanqing, Lu Tiefeng, Zhang Hu, Xiong Ben and the other soldiers all looked over at Luo Yunyang. They were really concerned about the lives of Professor Qin and the rest of the team.

Although the surviving research team members didn’t have any ties or relations to them, the soldiers had hoped that they would be able to rescue them and take them back safely.

“I like your way of thinking, young man, but there really isn’t any other way!” Professor Qin glanced at Luo Yunyang in admiration as he added, “If there was any other way, we wouldn’t have chosen to die. My beloved daughter hasn’t gotten married yet either. My greatest wish is for her to find someone that she truly loves.”

Professor Qin’s words caused tears to come gushing out of Qin Wanqing’s eyes once again. The woman gazed longingly at her father. She wanted to say something, but no words would come out.

She really didn’t know what to say to her father right now.

“Promise me. Don’t say no!” Luo Yunyang heard a soft voice next to his ear. As he tried to understand what it meant, he suddenly heard Qin Wanqing blurt out, “I have already found someone who makes my heart beat violently, Father! He He is very brave and he volunteered to join this mission to rescue you. I hope that you will give us your blessing.”

As she spoke, Qin Wanqing grabbed Luo Yunyang’s hand.

Beads of sweat formed on Luo Yunyang’s forehead. Could you use some of your IQ when it comes to emotions, Sister? Your dad is really smart. How could someone with such a high IQ not realize that you are trying to deceive him?

When Luo Yunyang glanced at Professor Qin, he saw a faint smile on his face.

Although it was a smile full of gratitude, Luo Yunyang could also see the meaning behind it. I can see through this, but I won’t say anything!

This was an exchange of sentiment between father and daughter.

Luo Yunyang chose to remain silent. If the father had seen through the act but wouldn’t expose it, then Luo Yunyang could do this much.

“Be good to my Qing’er. She is a good girl,” Professor Qin said eventually in a calm voice.

As Luo Yunyang watched Professor Qin’s lonely figure and Zhu Yan’s grateful expression and noticed the unflinching resolve on Cui Shengdao and the other team members’ faces, he felt really indignant.

Those people couldn’t die there!

“Is there really no other way?” Luo Yunyang had still not given up.