Supreme Uprising Chapter 960

Chapter 960 Overbearing

Chapter 960: Overbearing
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Heavenly Venerate Sacred Image could generally overlook everything!

However, it also depended on the location. For example, all the top existences in the entire Longtian Great Cosmos were gathered at the Great Jasper Banquet.

A congealed sacred image of a seventh-level Heavenly Venerate was not a big deal compared to some of the characters at this Great Jasper Forest Banquet.

Nevertheless, Luo Yunyangs Heavenly Venerate Sacred Image wasnt the same, not just because of the sacred images gathered power, but because of Luo Yunyangs reputation for killing the Long Family Patriarch.

Great Heavenly Venerate Rubble and the others stood up in respect the moment Luo Yunyang appeared. Your subordinates pay their respects, Great Heavenly Venerate Yunyang!

For a seventh-level Heavenly Venerate, sacred images could basically substitute their original self. However, when Luo Yunyangs sacred image appeared at this moment, Yuan Venerates High Stone and Haoyu looked displeased.

They were also Yuan Venerate Almighties in any case. Although Luo Yunyang was strong, he was just a junior in their eyes. Now, the two of them had personally attended the Great Jasper Forest Banquet and treated Luo Yunyang with respect.

However, they had never expected that Luo Yunyang wouldnt know how to appreciate the kindness and would only send a sacred image to meet these two. In their opinion, this was the greatest disrespect to them.

Still, even though they were unhappy, the two of them didnt act out. Their gazes met and they saw a look of resolve on each others face.

Sit! the Heavenly Venerate Sacred Image said indifferently, My actual self still needs some time to finish. Therefore, I have to slight everyone.

The implied meaning of everyone made everyone present tense up. Deep down, they knew that even though Luo Yunyang didnt get along with Yuan Venerate High Stone and Yuan Venerate Haoyu, he would at least show these two the respect they ought to get.

Nobody had expected that Luo Yunyang would imply that they were ordinary people.

Great Heavenly Venerate Yuanmiaos face darkened, but he still swallowed his anger. After all, he couldnt speak up at this point without coming off as rude and showing that he still had some misgivings about Luo Yunyangs intentions.

You are Yuanmiao? Great Heavenly Venerate Yuanmiao hadnt said anything, but he was the person Luo Yunyang was targeting this time.

Great Heavenly Venerate Yuanmiao was the High Stone Sects sect master. He represented the High Stone Sect, so he immediately reported, I am the High Stone Sects Yuanmiao. I wonder what guidance Great Heavenly Venerate Yunyang has for me?

On the surface, these words sounded very deferential. However, upon closer inspection, they were rather flexible. To be specific, his identity sounded like a sort of warning.

Luo Yunyangs sacred image eyed Great Heavenly Venerate Yuanmiao and said indifferently, You arent welcome here. Hurry up and get lost!

Although this was just a short phrase, that impolite banishment still made the entire Great Jasper Forest Banquet freeze up.

Great Heavenly Venerate Yuanmiao even had some trouble believing what he had just heard!

Who was he? He was Great Heavenly Venerate Yuanmiao. He was someone who had a reputation even amongst the 36 Great Cosmoses.

After all, he was a Great Heavenly Venerate and the sect master of the High Stone Sect. However, he had actually been berated in such a manner at the Great Jasper Forest Banquet.

If an ordinary seventh-level Heavenly Venerate had said that, Great Heavenly Venerate Yuanmiao, who was a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate, would definitely have made that person an enemy for life.

Unfortunately, the person who had said this had slain a Yuan Venerate entity. If Yuan Venerate High Stone hadnt been at the helm, Great Heavenly Venerate Yuanmiao would have had to leave no matter how unwilling he was.

Even so, he didnt persist too much in front of Luo Yunyang. All he could do was cast an imploring gaze at Yuan Venerate High Stone.

Yuan Venerate High Stone seemed pissed. Although Luo Yunyang was speaking to Great Heavenly Venerate Yuanmiao, he knew that Luo Yunyangs words were in fact a tight slap to his face.

Great Heavenly Venerate Yuanmiao was his disciple. Luo Yunyangs rudeness to Great Heavenly Venerate Yuanmiao was simply a great disrespect and a massive face smack.

Thus, Yuan Venerate High Stone scoffed. Fellow cultivator Yunyang, if you dont welcome the High Stone Sect or any of these sects, we can leave immediately. Why are you throwing a tantrum against a junior?

Although Yuan Venerate High Stone said the word junior rather smoothly, Great Heavenly Venerate Yuanmiao felt his face flush when he heard it.

After all, even though his cultivation grade was above Luo Yunyangs, he had fallen into the category of a junior, which made him uncomfortable.

However, who would dare treat Luo Yunyang as a junior given his current cultivation base? Thus, even though he didnt enjoy what his own master had said, he could only bear with it.

When did I get mad at him? A vast resounding voice reverberated from Luo Yunyangs sacred image. He was the one that threw a fit in front of Heavenly Venerate Nongyue.

This is the Rising Sky Feather Sect. Return to the High Stone Sect if you are trying to throw your weight around!

Besides, rather than asking why your disciples died, I shall ask you something else, Yuan Venerate High Stone. Why did the High Stone Sect disciples come to the Rising Sky Feather Sects territory and pluck our Thunderbolt Flowers?

Is it because the High Stone Sect is so overbearing, or because you are all adept at bullying an unmanned Rising Sky Feather Sect?

Luo Yunyangs tone was ordinary, but there was fearsome awe in it that would make one tremble.

Bullying an unmanned Rising Sky Feather Sect? Even Yuan Venerate High Stone wouldnt dare say that. After all, Luo Yunyang was now at the helm. Even though Luo Yunyangs cultivation base was only at the Heavenly Venerate, he had been able to kill a Yuan Venerate entity.

Yuan Venerate High Stone frowned. Those disciples were indeed in the wrong for plucking Thunderbolt Flowers in your domain.

I can compensate you for the losses, but can Heavenly Venerate Yunyang give me an explanation regarding their deaths?

Explanation? What is there to explain? Luo Yunyang said, Is there any need to explain why thieves were beaten up for stealing?

Yuan Venerate High Stones face turned red when he heard this. Although he was extremely unwilling to admit it, in truth, the actions of these disciples had been no different from stealing.

Great Heavenly Venerate Yuanmiao also understood that his master had already lost the upper hand in this verbal exchange. Great Heavenly Venerate Yunyang, if what you said is true, then those High Stone Sect disciples have really died for nothing.

What if they hadnt? Could you perhaps have tried to compensate me? Luo Yunyang stared at Great Heavenly Venerate Yuanmiao and said indifferently, Why dont you hurry up and scram? Do you want me to take action against you?

Yuan Venerate High Stone stood up suddenly and said, Yuan Venerate Haoyu, looks like our show of sincerity by coming over personally isnt appreciated. I think we should just take our leave.

Yuan Venerate Haoyu had been sitting quietly and observing the conflict between Luo Yunyang and Yuan Venerate High Stone without saying anything. Upon hearing Yuan Venerate High Stones suggestion, he too got up slowly.

The three Venerate Lords and the few ninth-level Heavenly Venerates also stood up.

These people were acting jointly and had already formed a pact. Upon seeing Luo Yunyangs forceful display, the pact they had formed became even more resolute.

The Sacred Water Palace Master and the others felt as though they were sitting on pin cushions at the moment. Although they couldnt get involved in such matters given their level, they too had to face a choice. If they chose wrong, then a calamity might await them.

Some people wanted to follow and stand up, but many more people chose to wait.

Luo Yunyang chuckled as he watched Yuan Venerate High Stone and the others, who were about to leave. Forgive me for not sending off those that ought to leave. However, leaving this place means that you are no friend of mine, but a foe.

Everyone, please dont blame me for being merciless!

These pompous words made the two ninth-level Heavenly Venerates that helmed the sects turn pale. Due to Luo Yunyangs return and his intention to host the Great Jasper Forest Banquet, these two had already been shaken. They even wanted to cough up the benefits they had taken from the Rising Sky Feather Sect.

However, Yuan Venerates High Stone and Haoyu had stepped forth and made them listen to the instructions of these two Yuan Venerates. Furthermore, they werent willing to spit up stuff that they had already gobbled up either.

Unfortunately, the current situation gave them a headache. If Luo Yunyang really took action, then these two great sects would suffer the most.

However, it was already impossible for them to stop halfway. Betraying the two Yuan Venerates was something the two ninth-level Heavenly Venerates couldnt afford to undertake.

Yuan Venerate High Stone met Yuan Venerate Haoyus gaze. Yuan Venerate Haoyu spoke fist. Luo Yunyang, are you threatening us?

Thats right, I am threatening you all. Luo Yunyangs voice was calm yet indifferent.

As Yunyang Haoyu was about to say something, Luo Yunyang said icily, Even if you two join forces, you still wont be able to deal with my Thousand Era Imperial Purposes.

Yuan Venerate Haoyus face stiffened. Over the past few days, he had witnessed Luo Yunyang using the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes through certain means.

Even though he wasnt willing to admit it, the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes was indeed something he couldnt withstand. At the moment, a hint of doubt sprouted in Yuan Venerate Haoyus mind.

Although he wasnt willing to lose the benefits he had gained, he had a feeling that his own losses would be even greater if Luo Yunyang really came at him forcefully.

Yuan Venerate High Stone didnt look too good either. Luo Yunyang was really overbearing at the moment. Against this show of force, Yuan Venerate High Stone really felt pressured.

However, if he chose to back off without a confrontation, then his reputation in Longtian Great Cosmos would be completely ruined.

Furthermore, it wouldnt be just him fighting alone. At the very least, he still had one more ally besides Yuan Venerate Haoyu.

As these thoughts were going through his mind, a casual voice echoed through the void. Brother Yunyang, Brother Haoyu, both of you come down. It is better to discuss things properly.

A godly figure radiating with a glittering glow appeared within the void.

Yuan Venerate High Stone smiled slightly when he saw this person.