Supreme Uprising Chapter 961

Chapter 961 Eight Wind Thunder Technique Blade Like Wings

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Luo Yunyang did not recognize the person who spoke, but he could determine that this person was a Yuan Venerate the moment he appeared.

The person in question had a peaceful tone, but an ardent killing intent emanated from his body.

Greetings, Yuan Venerate Jin Ge! Both Yuan Venerate High Stone and Yuan Venerate Haoyu greeted him with smiles when the man in white robes and a golden crown appeared.

Yuan Venerate Jin Ge!

Information about Yuan Venerate Jin Ge appeared in Luo Yunyangs head immediately as he recalled what he knew. Yuan Venerate Jin Ge was the third in rank executive of the Five Great Executives of Battle Sacred Hall.

Although he ranked in the middle, his capabilities werent inferior to Yuan Venerate White Cranes at all.

Luo Yunyang quickly came to a realization. No wonder Yuan Venerate High Stone and the rest were able to act so confidently. It seemed like they had the support of Battle Sacred Hall.

One the surface, although the Five Sacred Halls appeared to be united, each of them had their own schemes when it came to obtaining benefits for themselves.

Yuan Venerates who did not come from any of the Sacred Halls would basically rely on the Five Sacred Halls for support. Because there werent many Yuan Venerates, all the Sacred Halls treated every Yuan Venerate with importance.

This must have been Yuan Venerate High Stone and Yuan Venerate Haoyus idea.

Luo Yunyang made a decision instantly as he watched Yuan Venerate Jing Ge strolling over confidently.

He smiled at Yuan Venerate Jing Ge before greeting him. Greetings, Yuan Venerate Jing Ge.

Yuan Venerate Jing Ge raised his arm in response. Skip the formalities, Yunyang. I came uninvited today because Im here to mediate the dispute going on in the Longtian Great Realm.

The Human Race encourages martialists to compete and battle against one another, as elites are born only during these fights.

Those that stay comfortable are not considered martialists!

Yuan Venerate Jing Ges imposing manner was in full display as he flicked his sleeves and added, However, when it comes to people with a cultivation like yours, Yunyang and Yuan Venerate High Stone, a huge conflict between you would be detrimental to our race!

Luo Yunyang did not say a word while Yuan Venerate High Stone and Yuan Venerate Haoyu responded simultaneously. We will surely comply with Yuan Venerate Jing Ges kind intentions.

The three Venerate Lords and other ninth-level Heavenly Venerates also replied respectfully. We will abide by Yuan Venerate Jing Ges instructions.

Then, people began to turn and look at Luo Yunyang, especially neutral forces such as the likes of the Sacred Water Palace.

In their opinion, Luo Yunyang would most likely not object.

Luo Yunyang wasnt very comfortable with the way Yuan Venerate Jing Ge had emerged and acted with authority, but he still treated Yuan Venerate Jing Ge with respect on the surface as he replied, What does Yuan Venerate Jing Ge have to say about this then?

Yunyang, although the Rising Sky Feather Sect still stands, it isnt the same sect it was 1,000 years ago. Yuan Venerate Jing Ge maintained his carefree smile. After all, the current Rising Sky Feather Sect is a sect that relies mainly on you.

Yuan Venerate Jing Ges meaning was very obvious. He was drawing a line to separate the Rising Sky Feather Sect of Yuan Venerate Wanliu in the past with the current Rising Sky Feather Sect.

Once the line became clear, Luo Yunyang would not be able to ask for the territories that had belonged to Yuan Venerate Wanliu in the past. If this were a game of chess, this would be a very clever move.

Luo Yunyang did not object to Yuan Venerate Jing Ge immediately. Instead, he chose to listen on.

So, if we have to set rules now, we have to act according to the present situation. Yuan Venerate Jing Ge continued after seeing that Luo Yunyang wasnt going to speak. In my opinion, the other forces shall bring out what they have, which is equivalent to a quarter of what the Rising Sky Feather Sect possessed back then, as a gift to congratulate you on becoming the Master of the Rising Sky Feather Sect. Yunyang, what do you think about this?

A quarter!

Luo Yunyang glared icily at Yuan Venerate Jing Ge for a moment. He had already gotten wind of the discussion between Yuan Venerate High Stone and Yuan Venerate Haoyu from a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate and knew that they were prepared to offer one-third of their territories.

He had never expected that Yuan Venerate Jing Ge would reduce that to one quarter directly.

Although it seemed like the difference between one third and one quarter was negligible, it was a very large amount based on the territories that the Rising Sky Feather Sect used to possess in Longtian Great Cosmos.

Both Yuan Venerate High Stone and Yuan Venerate Haoyu looked at Yuan Venerate Jing Ge in astonishment. During their discussion with Yuan Venerate Jing Ge, they had mentioned that they would gift more to him if he managed to negotiate for more benefits.

It seemed like Yuan Venerate Jing Ge really did have a huge appetite.

Luo Yunyang looked at Yuan Venerate Jing Ge and said faintly, One quarter Yuan Venerate Jing Ge, you really have a huge appetite. Im afraid you are not aware that the territories belonging to the Rising Sky Feather Sect were taken even though I never spoke about them.

Since I have the ability now, I hope that the parties present will give those territories back. Of course, I can forgo the benefits they received for the past 1,000 years.

Luo Yunyang would not budge, and his reaction caused made Yuan Venerate Jing Ges expression change. He was one of the Five Executives of Battle Sacred Hall and could be considered someone with a significant status. Hence, he felt very offended upon seeing that Luo Yunyang wasnt respecting him at all.

Luo Yunyang, what did you say? You want all the territories back? Do you know that doing so will throw Longtian Great Cosmos into upheaval?

If things get out of hand, you will have to pay a hefty price, even if Hong Meng Sacred Hall is protecting you, Yuan Venerate Jing Ge said sternly.

Upheaval? I dont think so. Luo Yunyang turned to look at Yuan Venerate High Stone and Yuan Venerate Haoyu. Im always ready if you two want to have a battle with me. However, your losses will not be limited to the Rising Sky Feather Sects territories if you lose. I want half of the territories belonging to both sects on top of what is mine!

Both Yuan Venerate High Stone and Yuan Venerate Haoyu were angry. They had never encountered such an overbearing situation before.

Most of the time, they were the ones bullying others.

Yuan Venerate Jing Ge also felt embarrassed by the situation. He had originally thought that his arrival would make Luo Yunyang yield under the pressure, even if Luo Yunyang was reluctant.

He had never expected Luo Yunyang to be even more overbearing than him.

His imposing manner would be defeated completely if he did not respond immediately. Hence, he glared coldly at Luo Yunyang after hesitating for a moment and said, Luo Yunyang, do you really want to cling willfully to that intention? If you must, then do not blame me when I take action against you on behalf of the entire Longtian Great Cosmos.

Yuan Venerate Jing Ges tone was stone-cold.

Luo Yunyang eyed the solemn Yuan Venerate Jing Ge and replied faintly, Yuan Venerate, Ill definitely keep you company if you want to try.

While waiting for Luo Yunyang to make his move against Yuan Venerate High Stone and Yuan Venerate Haoyu, the Sacred Water Palace and the rest felt that Luo Yunyang, who hadnt yet become a Yuan Venerate, was too cocky.

However, after listening to what Luo Yunyang had said, all of them thought that Luo Yunyang had gone completely crazy. He had yet to defeat Yuan Venerate High Stone and Yuan Venerate Haoyu, yet he now wanted to go against the person who had come to mediate.

He was completely arrogant!

Just as they were mulling this over to themselves, a three-edged golden ax pulsating with killing intent appeared in the hands of Yuan Venerate Jing Ge. Luo Yunyang, it is important to know your own limits. You will pay the price for being too arrogant!

Yuan Venerate Jing Ge took flight into the endless void after speaking. Since were going to fight it out, lets do it in the endless chaos. Well be able to fight to our hearts content there!

A battle in the endless chaos?

This was a form of battle that would occur between Yuan Venerates if things became uncompromisable. Now, both Yuan Venerate Jing Ge and Luo Yunyang had made their decision as soon as the Great Jasper Forest Banquet had started.

When Yuan Venerate Jing Ges body tore through the spatial barriers of Longtian Great Cosmos and arrived in the endless chaos, Luo Yunyang followed suit.

This time, it was Luo Yunyangs actual body that appeared instead of his Sacred Image.

Luo Yunyang was like a massive roc soaring through the nine skies with spread wings as he arrived instantly in the endless chaos.

Yuan Venerate High Stone and Yuan Venerate Haoyu exchanged a glance before smirking. Although they werent able to determine who was going to win, Luo Yunyang or Yuan Venerate Jing Ge, being able to get Yuan Venerate Jing Ge to join them in dealing with Luo Yunyang was already a victory for them.

Martialists with a cultivation like theirs could observe the battle even though Luo Yunyang and Yuan Venerate Jing Ge were situated in the endless chaos.

Luo Yunyang, I know you have some pretty tricks up your sleeves, but let me tell you something. You need more than a few tricks to go up against Battle Sacred Hall. Yuan Venerate Jing Ge was equally unhappy that Luo Yunyang had chosen to battle with him.

He brandished the three-edged golden ax in his hands and cleaved heavily at the winged Luo Yunyang.

The cleave was devastatingly mighty and it leaked murderous intent.

Luo Yunyang could sense three different Origin Source Laws coming from the cleave. In the endless chaos, which was devoid of nomological laws, Yuan Venerate Jing Ges three nomological laws immediately dominated the entire void.

However, just as Yuan Venerate Jing Ge was making his move, the pair of wings behind Luo Yunyang flapped suddenly. Purple and green light flickered before Luo Yunyang disappeared completely.

The three types of nomological laws coming from Yuan Venerate Jing Ge, which dominated the void, were completely useless.

Yuan Venerate Jing Ge appeared to have an even graver expression on his face than before when his spirit consciousness picked up Luo Yunyangs location in an instant.

He brandished his golden ax again as a golden horizon enveloped the void and swarmed towards Luo Yunyang crazily!

Unfortunately, Luo Yunyang was like a fish swimming against the golden horizon as he broke through the void and disappeared completely again.

Yuan Venerate Jing Ge had made more than a dozen cleaves in an instant. However, Luo Yunyang, with his Wind Thunder Wings, was like an apparition as Yuan Venerate Jing Ge couldnt find any trace of him whatsoever!