Supreme Uprising Chapter 962

Chapter 962 One Vs. Three

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Seems like Yuan Venerate Jin Ge is having a tough time! A dozen elite Great Heavenly Venerates who were at the Great Jasper Forest Banquet were gazing into the sky.

Even though ordinary folks would just see an ordinary sky, peak Heavenly Venerate martialists were able to observe the earth-shaking battle that was going on in the endless chaos with their extraordinary sight.

However, even so, those Great Heavenly Venerates were only able to catch a glimpse of the actual situation.

Those who were able to get a clearer picture were the three Venerate Lords, Yuan Venerate High Stone, and Yuan Venerate Haoyu!

The person who spoke was a Venerate Lord who had already abandoned the thought of expropriating the belongings of the Rising Sky Feather Sect a long time ago.

Although the resources of the Rising Sky Feather Sect were alluring, one still had to consider thoroughly if one wanted to face a Yuan Venerate.

If it hadnt been for the fact that they couldnt offend Yuan Venerate High Stone and Yuan Venerate Haoyu, the three Venerate Lords would have surrendered the territories that they possessed and the produce that came with them respectfully during the Great Jasper Forest Banquet.

However, Yuan Venerate Jin Ges moves had landed most of them passively in a difficult spot.

Luo Yunyang, take this! Yuan Venerate Jin Ge bellowed furiously in humiliation as the three-edged golden ax in his hands moved in the void, sending a fury of smaller golden axes that transformed into droplets of flowing water towards Luo Yunyang.

Based on previous exchanges, it was highly probable that Luo Yunyang would flap his wings again to evade the incoming attack.

However, as everyone was expecting Luo Yunyang to dodge, they saw his wings transforming into a rainbow streak as the purple and green rays of light slashed towards Yuan Venerate Jin Ge.

The small golden axes that had turned into droplets of water were silently severed whenever they came into contact with the purple and green rays of light.

Yuan Venerate Jin Ge grimaced slightly. He was very confident in his own move.

This move of his could cover an entire ordinary cosmos.

Furthermore, the small golden axes didnt just form an inescapable net. They stretched continuously for miles. While the move appeared mild, it wasnt something an ordinary move could compare to.

Although the purple and green rays of light werent weak, Yuan Venerate Jin Ge felt that they could never break his move.

Unfortunately, as the golden radiance formed by the convergence of the small golden axes was severed, the rays of green and purple light converged and transformed into a huge vortex that swarmed towards him. It was only then that Yuan Venerate Jin Ge felt how extraordinary this move was.

He brandished the three-edged golden ax in his hands and cleaved towards the purple-and-green vortex.

This cleave encompassed almost all of Yuan Venerate Jin Ges power. According to his estimation, defending himself against the oncoming onslaught if all his power was focused on defense would definitely be enough.

However, the instant he started preparing to defend himself, Luo Yunyang appeared behind him silently with a flicker of his wings. Rays of light began to gather as the purple-and-green wings moved.

Eight-Wind Thunder Art, Thunderstorm Of The Nine Heavens!

A mighty steak of thunder came crashing down behind Yuan Venerate Jin Ge. The terrifying speed made it nearly impossible for him to defend himself.

Yuan Venerate Jin Ge was using his three-edged golden ax to defend himself against the purple-and-green vortex. How could he even have the opportunity to dodge?

Luckily, Yuan Venerate Jin Ge lived up to his name as a seasoned executive of Battle Sacred Hall. When the massive streak of thunder came crashing down, a huge cauldron immediately appeared above him and swelled up to the size of a mountain instantly.

The huge cauldron was a precious treasure Yuan Venerate Jin Ge had obtained since ancient times. He had always utilized it as a trump card. Now, while facing the immense threat of Luo Yunyang, he had no choice but to use the huge cauldron.

The purple thunder crashed against the ancient cauldron, making it shake tremendously as fine cracks started to appear. Although the cracks seemed small, they still pained Yuan Venerate Jin Ge immensely.

After defeating the vortex created by Luo Yunyang with his three-edged golden ax, Yuan Venerate Jin Ge made a move again and transformed into thousands upon thousands of clones that all wielded golden axes exuding killing intent.

Luo Yunyang was not afraid at all under the circumstances. His Wind Thunder Wings moved again, sending out an endless amount of illusions into the void, making it impossible for anyone to detect his real body.

The void nearly froze as these astonishing clashes continued.

Although Yuan Venerate Jin Ge was still holding his ground, this situation put him under an unprecedented amount of pressure.

On the other hand, Luo Yunyang seemed like he was everywhere. Yuan Venerate Jin Ge found it difficult to do anything even though he had the ability.

Although he was thoroughly resenting Luo Yunyang right now, he regretted taking the initiative to attack Luo Yunyang first.

He would not have involved himself in this situation if he had known how difficult it would be to deal with Luo Yunyang. The benefits promised by Yuan Venerate High Stone were indeed not that easy to obtain.

As Yuan Venerate Jin Ge thought to himself, Luo Yunyang suddenly said, Yuan Venerate Jin Ge, seems like this is all you got!

These contemptuous words outraged Yuan Venerate Jin Ge, who also had a foreboding premonition.

Luo Yunyang, who was engaged in a battle with Yuan Venerate Jin Ge, had his wings turn into two purple-and-green blades that cut at Yuan Venerate Jin Ge.

The slashes were lightning-quick, but Yuan Venerate Jin Ge felt more afraid of the power hidden within the strike, which far surpassed the nomological laws he had created.

The power was vast and mighty. The power was boundless.

Fear crept into Yuan Venerate Jin Ges mind when he sensed the surging power heading towards him. He did not use his golden ax to defend himself as he took out the massive cauldron again.

Although the huge cauldron was very precious, his life was more important.

Just as Luo Yunyangs purple-and-green blades were about to land, Yuan Venerate Jin Ge realized that his decision had been correct. The two razor-sharp blade-lights struck the huge cauldron instantaneously.

The attack did not dissipate after colliding with the huge cauldron. Instead, it bounced off before transforming into a purple-and-green halo that dived back toward the cauldron again.

Wind Thunder Calamity! The sixth technique of the Eight Wind Thunder Techniques. Calamities were created in succession when this technique was executed.

As the purple-and-green halo collided against Yuan Venerate Jin Ges huge cauldron again and again, Yuan Venerate Jin Ge also started to get worried.

While he contemplated ending the battle, someone said, Brother Jin Ge, let me help you out!

Yuan Venerate Jin Ge saw Yuan Venerate High Stone emerge with a heavy black stone sword that he sent slashing towards Luo Yunyang.

The sword slash, which contained Yuan Venerate Jin Ges nomological laws, wasnt just extremely formidable. It could ignore all defenses as well.

Unfortunately, while the slash was closing in, Luo Yunyangs Wind Thunder Wings flapped again and broke away from the range covered by the heavy sword instantaneously.

Yuan Venerate High Stone had an ugly look on his face. The black stone sword contained the Gravitation and Defense Ignoring Nomological Laws he had created, which had never faced much resistance in the past. However, this move was easily evaded by Luo Yunyang. It felt as if Luo Yunyang had a natural ability to counter his moves.

The instant Luo Yunyang evaded the move, bits of water that formed screens appeared in the vast, endless chaos. These were real water screens, not illusionary ones.

The water screens acted like a net that enveloped Luo Yunyang. When the water screens appeared, the gravitational force of the surrounding area suddenly increased a million times.

Someone who recognized this type of water exclaimed in horror when the huge body of water appeared. Taiyi Water! Its Taiyi Water!

A drop of Taiyi Water was enough to extinguish the soul of a peak Universe-Grade elite. Even a Venerate Lord would not be able to escape such an endless amount of Taiyi Water.

However, Luo Yunyang, who had landed inside the Taiyi Water, was still moving around freely with his wings as he continued to change position.

Yuan Venerate Jin Ges desire to fight emerged once again when he saw Yuan Venerate High Stone and Haoyu taking action. He had been nearly overwhelmed by Luo Yunyang during the entire battle, which had been very humiliating for him.

He felt that he needed to recover his lost dignity, no matter what it took. All three of them were experienced Yuan Venerates, so they determined their individual tactics very quickly. Each of them stood at a corner and executed their techniques against Luo Yunyang.

The flawless coordination between the three Yuan Venerates was seamless. Yuan Venerate Haoyus endless water body constantly created thousands of wave layers, and Yuan Venerate High Stones sword felt devastating every time it came crashing down.

Of course, the strongest of the three was Yuan Venerate Jin Ge. The killing intent emanating from his golden ax was overwhelming as it chased after Luo Yunyang.

However, Luo Yunyang wasnt inferior. He constantly changed position and evaded all these attacks with ease. More importantly, he would retaliate fiercely with his Eight Wind Thunder Techniques whenever there was an opening in between the attacks of the three Yuan Venerates.

After half an hour of action, it seemed like they were doing equally well. However, the elites observing the battle below had already come to a realization.

On the surface, it seemed like Yuan Venerate High Stone and the two other Yuan Venerates were mighty and overwhelming, but the one who was truly skillful was Luo Yunyang.

It would be hard for the three Yuan Venerates to stop Luo Yunyang if he chose to leave. It wasnt going to be an easy task for the three Yuan Venerates to end the battle.

In fact, there was already a clear disparity between them and Luo Yunyang.

Yuan Venerate Jin Ge and the two other Yuan Venerates also understood the situation, but it was impossible for them to stop during the battle. It would be unpleasant news if the three of them didnt take down Luo Yunyang, even though they were working together.

While they intended to carry on with the battle for another half an hour and wait for someone else to come mediate, Luo Yunyangs voice was heard.

It would be impolite of me not to respond in kind. Take this from me!