Supreme Uprising Chapter 963

Chapter 963 Shattering Heavens Might Of The Sacred Bell

Chapter 963: Shattering Heavens; Might Of The Sacred Bell
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Yuan Venerate Jin Ge and the two other Yuan Venerates felt uneasy when they heard Luo Yunyang say that.

Although their battle with Luo Yunyang was stuck in a deadlock, they had always been on the offense rather than on the defense.

Hence, these words made them extremely apprehensive.

Just as the three of them raised their guard, Yuan Venerate Jin Ge had an ominous feeling.

It was purely in his mind, as he couldnt sense any imminent threat.

Even so, Yuan Venerate Jin Ge still made a decision right away. In a split moment, he shifted his physical body hurriedly.

A Yuan Venerate could teleport millions of miles away with a mere thought.

However, just as Yuan Venerate Jin Ges physical body was about to move, a massive bronze bell landed heavily on his back.


Yuan Venerate Jin Ges physical body shattered immediately when this deafening sound echoed. Meanwhile, his entire body was smashed to the ground like a ragdoll.

Although it was rather humiliating for Yuan Venerate Jin Ge to fall in such a manner, he still managed to sigh in relief.

He had escaped. This was a reprieve and an escape for Yuan Venerate Jin Ge!

Yuan Venerate Jin Ge had a premonition that he would be finished when the bell smashed against his body. Fortunately, when the massive bell struck him, it seemed like the strength of the bell was somewhat weaker. Otherwise, his body would have shattered completely.

The physical body was extremely important to a Yuan Venerate. Most of the time, a Yuan Venerate was strengthening their physical body.

It would be a considerable loss for a Yuan Venerate if they lost their physical body completely. Thus, losing a small portion of it was a rather minute loss.

Yuan Venerate Jin Ge was enraged after smashing to the ground. However, he was feeling more afraid than angry.

This sense of deep fear came from the bottom of his heart.

The massive bell move executed by Luo Yunyang actually defied space nomological laws, so it had appeared behind him all of a sudden. This made Yuan Venerate Jin Ge realize that the bell move executed by Luo Yunyang was extraordinary.

If he didnt have any means to counter the bell technique, then

Yuan Venerate High Stone and Yuan Venerate Haoyu were also stunned by the scene. Although they had not suffered any damage, they still felt extremely threatened by the massive bell.

Even though Yuan Venerate Jin Ge was a Taishi Yuan Venerate like them, he was already at the peak stage, while the two of them were only at the initial stage of a Taishi Yuan Venerate.

They might not necessarily beat Yuan Venerate Jin Ge even if they fought against him together. After all, Yuan Venerate Jin Ge was one of the Five Executives of Battle Sacred Hall.

How could they escape this attack if even Yuan Venerate Jin Ge couldnt do so?

After exchanging a glance, both of them arrived beside Yuan Venerate Jin Ge at once. Firstly, this was to protect Yuan Venerate Jin Ge. Secondly, it was so they could huddle together for strength.

Luo Yunyang naturally saw through the actions of the two Yuan Venerates but did not continue his pursuit. He watched the three of them gather before saying, Again!

A massive bronze bell appeared in Luo Yunyangs hands again. The bell looked almost exactly the same as the massive bell held by Luo Yunyangs Sacred Image. However, this was actually the true World-Shaking Sky Bell.

Luo Yunyang had finally pieced together the hundreds of shattered parts of the World-Shaking Sky Bell after using the Nine-Sky Divine Clay he had obtained.

Although this method of piecing back the bell seemed reliable, the material Luo Yunyang used was, in fact, the Nine-Sky Divine Clay. An ordinary Taishi Yuan Venerate wouldnt be able to break the bond of the Nine-Sky Divine Clay that easily.

Besides, a mysterious bond would be formed between each part of the World-Shaking Sky Bell after it was pieced back together.

This bond would converge to form a light barrier, making it seem like it was protecting the World-Shaking Sky Bell from the outside.

After the World-Shaking Sky Bell had been completely pieced back together, some of its powerful abilities also began to surface. For example, the bell was able to execute a top-level nomological law that was hidden within it.

This nomological law was Shattering Heavens.

A space nomological law created by a top-level Yuan Venerate could also be shattered by Shattering Heavens. This could only be felt when the attack was nearing the targets body.

Stop! Yuan Venerate Jin Ge glared at Luo Yunyang while feeling extremely regretful. However, he was someone that could face gains and losses with equanimity.

He knew that he would be getting the short end of the stick if they continued to entangle with one another. Hence, he decided to stop Luo Yunyang when he saw that Luo Yunyang was about to attack again.

Luo Yunyang smirked cheekily at Yuan Venerate Jin Ge before teasing him. Arent we enjoying the battle? Why do you want to stop?

The question sounded so rhetoric that Yuan Venerate Jin Ge felt that Luo Yunyang was obviously bullying him.

But so what? He was the one who had been feeling confident in himself and had budged in because of the possible benefits promised by Yuan Venerate High Stone and Yuan Venerate Haoyu.

Great Heavenly Venerate Yunyang, I admit defeat this time! Yuan Venerate Jin Ge admitted defeat honestly after taking another glance at Luo Yunyang, who seemed like he wasnt going to let the matter rest.

Admitting defeat was easy to say. However, it was extremely difficult for a figure like Yuan Venerate Jin Ge to humbly admit defeat.

Yuan Venerate High Stone and Yuan Venerate Haoyu were helpless, as both of them could understand Yuan Venerate Jin Ges decision.

However, understanding wasnt the same as agreeing. After all, Yuan Venerate Jin Ges decision had landed them in this difficult situation.

What were they supposed to do after Yuan Venerate Jin Ge admitted defeat?

There would be no benefits if they continued, but they were reluctant to surrender too.

After exchanging a glance again, Yuan Venerate High Stone finally said, Great Heavenly Venerate Yunyang, the two of us admit defeat too. We will return the territories of the Rising Sky Feather Sect that we are occupying immediately.

Wouldnt it have been wonderful if both of you had acted in such a principled manner right from the start? Luo Yunyang grinned and gave an answer to the two Yuan Venerates sarcastically.

Yuan Venerate High Stone and Yuan Venerate Haoyu frowned at once after hearing what Luo Yunyang had said. They knew that, based on the way Luo Yunyang had spoken, that this matter wasnt over yet.

Is it that hard to lose what youve bet? Yuan Venerate Jin Ge did not want the matter to drag on any longer, so he growled at Yuan Venerate High Stone and Yuan Venerate Haoyu. Both of you should show sincerity. Stop hiding whatever you are hiding!

Although Yuan Venerate High Stone was very reluctant, he knew that this wasnt the time for him to be stingy. Hence, after pondering for a moment, he turned to Luo Yunyang and said, The Yuan Venerate High Stone Sect is willing to offer 10 Spirit Mountains and 10 Sacred Rivers to congratulate Great Heavenly Venerate Yunyang on successfully becoming the Sect Master of the Rising Sky Feather Sect.

The Sacred Rivers and Spirit Mountains offered by figures like Yuan Venerate High Stone naturally werent common commodities. Luo Yunyang did not respond. Instead, he turned to look at Yuan Venerate Haoyu.

Although Yuan Venerate Haoyu did not want to speak, he was helpless. After all, the situation did not allow him to remain mute. Hence, left with no other choice, he could only force out a sentence. I will do the same.

While 10 Spirit Mountains and 10 Sacred Rivers did not seem like much, each Spirit Mountain was enough for a medium sect to settle down and a Sacred River could make a medium sect soar to greater heights.

These gifts wouldnt cripple Yuan Venerate High Stone, but this was as good as carving a large piece of flesh off his body.

Yuan Venerate Jin Ge, who was satisfied with what the two Yuan Venerates had offered, turned to face Luo Yunyang. Heavenly Venerate Yunyang, should we call it a day?

How can that happen? Isnt it a joyous occasion to have friends visiting from afar? Yuan Venerate Jin Ge, you have graced me with your appearance and my Great Jasper Forest Banquet has just begun. You have to have a few drinks before you leave. Luo Yunyang chuckled.

Although it seemed like getting his guest to stay was rather normal behavior, Yuan Venerate Jin Ge could tell from Luo Yunyangs expression that this was an order rather than a request.

Even though it left a bitter taste in Yuan Venerate Jin Ge, he could only accept the invitation to attend the Great Jasper Forest Banquet.

Thus, while all the high-level Heavenly Venerates of Longtian Great Cosmos were paying attention, Luo Yunyang, Yuan Venerate High Stone, and the other two Yuan Venerates drank and feasted together. It could even be said that this was a joyous event.

The Great Jasper Banquet naturally became an event that changed the situation in Longtian Great Cosmos. Not only did the Rising Sky Feather Sect reclaim its territories, but it even managed to obtain many other territories that werent theirs to begin with.

While Luo Yunyang and the others were raising their cups and enjoying the feast, in a distant void within Hong Meng Sacred Hall, the Middle Hall Master, the Da Qian Hall Master, a lady in black from Xuan Pin Sacred Hall, and two other indistinct figures were sitting at different corners of the space.

All of them were looking at Yuan Venerate White Crane, who had only been left with half of his physical body.

Yuan Venerate White Crane was in a sorry state. Although the damaged half of his physical body had been replaced by a faint purple light, three black holes the size of a fist could still be seen on his chest, frantically devouring his energy.

It seemed as though each of the three black holes was possessed by some form of demonic energy.

Five Hall Masters, weve failed. Brother Ba Jian of Battle Sacred Hall has died. Brother Tian Quan of Da Qian Sacred Hall is missing, even though he managed to escape.

Yuan Venerate White Crane sounded aggrieved.

Yuan Venerate Ba Jian, who had been mentioned by Yuan Venerate White Crane, had ranked above Yuan Venerate Jin Ge. As for Yuan Venerate Tian Quan of Da Qian Sacred Hall, although he didnt rank higher than Yuan Venerate Tian Shu, his cultivation was higher than Yuan Venerate Tian Shus.

Out of the three Yuan Venerates, one was injured, one was dead, and the last was missing. It could be said that this was a huge blow to the Human Race.

How were you all discovered? The Middle Hall Master thought for a long while before asking this question.

Middle Hall Master, while we were strengthening our surveillance of the surrounding stars, the Mysterious Underworld Race also intensified their scouting expeditions. Although I do not know what sort of method they were using, it has become very difficult for a Yuan Venerate to enter the Mysterious Underworld Races territories.

After saying that, Yuan Venerate White Crane added, In my opinion, Im afraid that we have to give up on this mission!