Supreme Uprising Chapter 964

Chapter 964 Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord

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Abandon the plan?

The Middle Hall Master frowned before telling Yuan Venerate White Crane, You may leave now!

Yes! Yuan Venerate White Crane had said his piece. After listening to the Middle Hall Masters command, he left the void immediately.

We cannot abandon this plan! the Da Qian Hall Master shouted out loud right after Yuan Venerate White Crane left. The Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord is about to be resurrected. Once he establishes himself, the Mysterious Underworld Race will surely double in strength. We will be in a disadvantageous position once that happens!

The lady in black from Xuan Pin Sacred Hall appeared indifferent, but the individual from Battle Sacred Hall snorted coldly. So, who are we sending this time?

Heavenly Venerates? Do you think sending a Heavenly Venerate would be useful at all?

The atmosphere went silent immediately. Everyone present knew that a Heavenly Venerate wouldnt amount to anything if he was sent into the Mysterious Underworld Race.

What about letting the Heavenly Venerate smuggle a Yuan Venerate or making some Universe-Grade or Galaxy-Grade martialists bring Yuan Venerates in? the lady in black from Xuan Pin Sacred Hall said softly.

Before the lady in black could complete her sentence, the figure from Battle Sacred Hall replied coldly, The Mysterious Underworld Race is located far away from us. Im afraid they will discover the scheme before we enter their territories. This is a completely foolish idea.

The Battle Sacred Hall Masters cold response did not anger the lady in black, who instead chuckled and replied, In that case, we can only choose to abandon the plan.

Everyone went silent again. Obviously, all the Hall Masters were in a dilemma.

Their spy in the Mysterious Underworld Race had made a great deal of effort to find out about the impending resurrection of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord. It would be very unfortunate if they did not dispatch enough forces to disrupt it.

It might even make them sinners amid the Human Race.

Sending a Yuan Venerate to infiltrate wasnt easy, but after dispatching three, the results had spoken for themselves. One was dead, one injured, and one missing. The final result would be the same if they attempted it again.

What if we send a genius that has the capabilities of a Yuan Venerate? the Da Qian Hall Master finally said.

A genius that had the capabilities of a Yuan Venerate was a precious anomaly for the Five Sacred Halls. After all, once this genius became a Yuan Venerate, he would most likely become a Taichu Yuan Venerate.

Taichu Yuan Venerates were considered formidable figures among Yuan Venerates.

Despite the Human Races deep foundation, they were only able to amass almost 1,000 Yuan Venerates, including less than 40 Taichu Yuan Venerates.

It could be said that these Taichu Yuan Venerates were the true foundation of the entire Human Race.

The benefits a Taichu Yuan Venerate would offer to the Human Race were very evident.

The Middle Hall Master nodded his head calmly but did not speak immediately. Instead, he looked at the others.

The lady in black from Xuan Pin Sacred Hall responded instantly. I have no objections to the Da Qian Hall Masters suggestion. After all, we havent seen such an existence in Xuan Pin Sacred Hall for many years.

The figure from Dark Sacred Hall nodded his head in a similar fashion as he said, Such a strong figure might not even appear in several Yuanhuis. The Dark Sacred Hall had one that emerged a dozen Yuanhuis ago, but he is now a Taishi Yuan Venerate.

The Da Qian Hall Master did not speak. He was the one who had made this suggestion, so his silence obviously meant that he did not have such a subordinate.

Eventually, it was all down to Battle Sacred Hall and Hong Meng Sacred Hall.

The woman from Battle Sacred Hall looked at the Da Qian Sect Master and said, Your suggestion is flawed. A genius Heavenly Venerate that possesses Yuan Venerate capabilities can have a high chance of escaping detection, but risking the life of a genius doesnt sit well with me.

The Da Qian Hall Master responded in a deep tone. I know my suggestion will face objections. After all, Da Qian Sacred Hall does not nurture such formidable figures.

However, once the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord is resurrected, he alone could divide himself into many elites.

When that happens, our Human Race will face even greater pressure and danger.

After he said that, his tone became firm. Geniuses are extremely important and rare, but it is impossible to compare them to the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord.

The Middle Hall Master nodded gently and replied, The Da Qian Hall Master is right. If we dont capitalize on our opportunity this time, the Human Race will surely find itself in a passive predicament. Although geniuses are important, it is times like this that allow them to show their worth.

Upon saying that, he turned in the direction of the Battle Sacred Hall Master and added, Hong Meng Sacred Hall agrees on this matter. Furthermore, we have a suitable candidate

Although the Battle Sacred Hall Master wasnt polite to the Da Qian Hall Master, he still revered the man.

Since the Middle Hall Master agrees, Battle Sacred Hall has no objections either.

The moon dangled in the sky while Luo Yunyang quietly sipped his wine and Yunxi played the zither gently beside him. In the past 1,000 years, Yunxis cultivation had improved tremendously and reached the peak Universe Grade.

She was one step away from becoming a Heavenly Venerate.

However, it wasnt easy to rely on her own efforts to become a Heavenly Venerate, and Luo Yunyang had no intention of letting Yunxi become a Heavenly Venerate that could never break through to the second level through the voids in those small cosmoses.

Of course, Yunxi had the aptitude and did not need to worry about such things. However, close subordinates of Luo Yunyang, such as the Flame Emperor, had already become Heavenly Venerates through various means.

This wasnt because they did not want to cultivate, but because they had limited talent. It would be nearly impossible for them to become Heavenly Venerates even if Luo Yunyang expended a large amount of resources.

Under the circumstances, Luo Yunyang helped them by searching for small voids to allow them to become the weakest Heavenly Venerates.

The moon is hanging bright in the night sky. What a spectacular sight! Luo Yunyang said emotionally as he listened to the tune of the zither.

Yunxi stopped playing for a moment and asked gently, Is something on your mind?

No, its just Luo Yunyang stood up suddenly before he could complete his sentence. Which esteemed person has arrived? Please excuse me for not welcoming you.

As soon as he said that, the void they were in suddenly brightened and a figure emerged under the blazing sky.

Luo Yunyang furrowed his brows. Although his surroundings had brightened as though it was day time, he realized that his location had not changed at all.

He was still in the Rising Sky Feather Sect, on the same mountain peak. Even the spot he was standing on had not changed.

Greetings, Middle Hall Master! Luo Yunyang said respectfully upon seeing the figure.

Yunyang, skip the formalities. It is now yesterday afternoon. The Middle Hall Master sounded at ease.

However, the more at ease the Middle Hall Master was, the more uneasy Luo Yunyang felt. He had a strong premonition that the Middle Hall Master wasnt looking for him for a good reason.

As the saying goes, showing respect usually means that one is looking for help. Although Luo Yunyang did not know what the Middle Hall Master wanted, he became wary when the Middle Hall Master acted in such a manner. Furthermore, he knew that the Middle Hall Master wouldnt execute such a supreme technique that could steal the moon and night sky if this was an ordinary request.

Middle Hall Master, please instruct me! Luo Yunyang remained respectful as he interacted with the Hong Meng Sacred Hall Master.

Yunyang, this time, I came to see you because there is a task that you need to complete. This task is important, so I had to see you in person. The Middle Hall Master looked at Luo Yunyang solemnly before smiling gently. It is a task that cannot be rejected.

Our own people are in the territories of the Mysterious Underworld Race. Although it wasnt easy for them, they sent us an extremely important piece of news.

The Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord is being resurrected. Once he is revived completely, he will be able to utilize his Ancient Yuan Underworld Tower to strengthen the Mysterious Underworld Race tremendously. It could even be said that if he is resurrected successfully, the impact on our Human Race will be immeasurable.

We sent three Yuan Venerates to enter the territories of the Mysterious Underworld Race, but they were discovered. Now, we can only send Heavenly Venerates that have the capabilities of a Yuan Venerate to enter those territories.

Luo Yunyang was clearly bitter after listening to what the Middle Hall Master said. Am I the lucky person chosen to enter the Mysterious Underworld Race?

Thats right. Youre one of the selected, the Middle Hall Master said, Theres another person, but it isnt convenient for me to disclose this information to you.

Luo Yunyang did not ask anything else, as he knew that even though he was a participant, he would not necessarily be given too much information.

When am I leaving?

Three days from now. You will need to traverse across the void. Make arrangements for the remaining three days and return to Hong Meng Sacred Hall to cultivate in seclusion. The Middle Hall Master looked at Luo Yunyang and added, Rest assured, I will take care of the Rising Sky Feather Sect for you during your absence.

After he said that, the Middle Hall Master and the blazing sky disappeared without a trace.

Luo Yunyang was still sitting under that serene picture while Yunxi was watching him with deep emotion.

I just want a child of our own! Luo Yunyang looked at Yunxi while the words that he had nearly said changed in an instant.

Yunxi was surprised and her expression turned shy right away.

Luo Yunyangs behavior was unfamiliar, but it delighted her nonetheless. She did not recall ever experiencing such a sweet, lovely feeling.

She fell into Luo Yunyangs warm, powerful arms all of a sudden. She didnt want to speak, so she shut her eyes and rested against Luo Yunyangs body, becoming completely weightless for a long while before stammering, Yunyang, you should know that Im having the same thoughts, but our cultivations

Are not a problem. Luo Yunyang smiled lightly as he replied.

Three days later, he arrived in Hong Meng Sacred Hall and quickly announced that he would be staying in seclusion there until he became a Yuan Venerate.

As soon as he returned to his residence, the Middle Hall Master, who had already been waiting for him, sent him tunneling through the endless void with a wave of his sleeves before they arrived in a patch of completely desolate emptiness.