Supreme Uprising Chapter 965

Chapter 965 Entering The Mysterious Underworld Domain

Chapter 965: Entering the Mysterious Underworld Domain
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Yunyang, you must take care of yourself when you go this time. The Middle Hall Master pointed to the desolate void ahead and added, Our territories and the Mysterious Underworld Races territories are sealed by two great array formations.

One is the Human Races 10,000 Hidden Sky Path Array, while the other is the Mysterious Underworld Races 12 Yuan Underworld Main Array!

These two large arrays are guarded by all sorts of forces. Going head isnt an easy task.

However, both the 10,000 Covered Sky Path Array and the Yuan Underworld Main Array cover a big area, so even if there are no problems with the main nodes, gaps will still exist in some inconspicuous places. These gaps cannot be avoided.

The Middle Hall Master then sighed before continuing. We have at most ten gaps in the 10,000 Covered Sky Path Array. We know about five of them that have already begun getting sealed. However, we still dont know about the remaining five.

Similarly, we also have control of six channels of the Mysterious Underworld Races 12 Yuan Underworld Main Array. Unfortunately, one was exposed some time ago.

Most of the time, the two sides arent willing to dispatch Yuan Venerates into one anothers territory because the power of Yuan Venerates is too great and easy to discover unless they possess very powerful concealment treasures.

Luo Yunyang watched the Middle Hall Master and said solemnly, That means that we also have Yuan Venerates on that side?

Yes, you will meet them when the time is right. The Middle Hall Master smiled.

This channel appears based on time. Every year, this channel will only appear once. The Middle Hall Master didnt seem too willing to talk about the spies within the Mysterious Underworld Race as he looked at the area that was seemingly split into two different colors.

There werent any cracks where the two lights converged. However, Luo Yunyang believed that the Middle Hall Master wouldnt joke about this matter.

That channel isnt very large and it only appears for a few moments. You have to enter the Mysterious Underworld Race within these few moments.

There are some things inside this storage bracelet that you should be able to use. There is also a token inside made by using special methods. When you encounter a similar token, the two will produce a reaction.

As the Middle Hall Master said that, he strapped a black storage bracelet onto Luo Yunyangs wrist.

Based on the way the Middle Hall Master was acting, Luo Yunyang could tell that his mission this time would definitely be very dangerous. He returned the Middle Hall Masters smile and said, Dont worry, I should be able to find the people who will support me rather quickly.

The Middle Hall Master was silent for a moment before saying, Actually, I should have fought for better benefits for you given how dangerous this mission is.

Its just that this mission was really urgent and you must leave quickly. Also, ordinary opportunities wouldnt be of much use to you. When you return, I will take you to the sacred grounds of each Sacred Hall.

Luo Yunyang nodded. I will definitely return in triumph for those great benefits.

When everything that needed to be said had been said, the two of them fell silent. After an hour, the Middle Hall Master suddenly said, Get ready. Rein in your aura and immediately charge through when the channel opens.

Remember, there is a set of transformation clothes in your storage bracelet. Put it on immediately when you go through. Although you wont be able to fool high-level Mysterious Underworld powerhouses, ordinary Mysterious Underworld folks wont be able to tell that you are human.

Luo Yunyang used a bit of mind power and discovered that there was attire that looked like a Mysterious Underworld beings body inside the storage bracelet.

Or rather, it couldnt be called attire. It was probably the body of a Mysterious Underworld being that had been refined into external transformation equipment.

Although its external appearance didnt seem to look wrong, a Heavenly Venerates consciousness should be able to sense that this body didnt have a soul.

Still, Luo Yunyang was very impressed by the person who had been able to refine this body to such an extent.

As he was studying the transformation attire, a ripple suddenly appeared in that deadly, still void.

It was just like a ripple appearing on the waters surface when a light breeze blew past.

Ordinary people, and perhaps even some Heavenly Venerate level powerhouses, wouldnt think of anything the moment they saw this ripple.

However, the moment the ripple appeared, the Middle Hall Master grabbed Luo Yunyangs arm and threw him over to the ripple.

Im awaiting good news!

Luo Yunyang felt as if some sort of power was tearing him apart when he came into contact with the ripple. In just one-tenth of a split second, he realized he had already appeared in some sort of gray and drab land.

He looked around him from his position. The area across from him was green. Further away, the vitality of this green was even more majestic.

That side was the Human Races territory. Luo Yunyang had already entered the Mysterious Underworld Races domain.

Many thoughts went through his mind quickly. He recalled the Middle Hall Masters exhortation and immediately took out the transformation attire.

The transformation attire wrapped around Luo Yunyangs body in an instant. Luo Yunyang realized that he had already become a huge Mysterious Underworld being. His surroundings seemed to have reacted to this transformation attire, as they now seemed rather familiar.

This was an area of wilderness in the Mysterious Underworld Race, so Mysterious Underworld beings would be patrolling it from time to time. Luo Yunyang had to leave this place as soon as possible.

A map appeared in Luo Yunyangs mind as he thought about it. This map was really precise and there were even coordinates for some small unnamed planets.

Unnamed planet 30 million miles ahead. Dark purple in color. Follow the instructions below to activate the communication device in the center of the planet. A line of words appeared on the map.

Although Luo Yunyang didnt know what sort of person would be making contact with him, he still flew in that direction rapidly.

30 million miles wasnt a great distance for Luo Yunyang. If he went all out, this distance could be covered in a moment.

However, Luo Yunyang was extra careful now that he was on Mysterious Underworld Race soil. He knew very well that he could only rely on himself here.

Luo Yunyang traveled at the speed of an ordinary Universe 3-Grade powerhouse. He flew for an hour before arriving somewhere near the planet.

However, he quickly withdrew his spiritual consciousness when it neared that planet because he had sensed that there were actually more than ten Mysterious Underworld Heavenly Venerates on that planet. The most powerful one amongst them was a Venerate Lord entity.

Mysterious Underworld Heavenly Venerates are actually hiding here. That means that either the contact encountered a problem, or something happened to the human forces hidden amongst the Mysterious Underworld Race. With this thought in mind, Luo Yunyang silently withdrew.

Although it wouldnt be difficult for him to exterminate these Heavenly Venerates, his objective here wasnt to charge in and massacre the army.

He was supposed to get in touch with the human forces hidden in enemy territory and stop the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord from being resurrected.

He had to avoid the Mysterious Underworld Races detection as much as possible. Luo Yunyang found a small meteorite to stop on before bringing up the map and trying to find other means of contact.

However, the map didnt display any other methods. This made Luo Yunyang swear under his breath. How could there be only one method of communication for such an important matter?

Even though Luo Yunyang wasnt happy, he knew that he could only rely on himself for everything. However, although he had a Yuan Venerate level cultivation base, it was still difficult for him to keep hiding and gain useful information.

There was even a possibility that if he got information about the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord, the entire Mysterious Underworld Race must have already started celebrating the return of this Underworld Lord.

The best means of getting information was to integrate himself into the Mysterious Underworld Race. However, blending into the Mysterious Underworld Race just by relying on this transformation attire wouldnt be enough.

Gaining power within the Mysterious Underworld Race wasnt an easy task either. It required a lot of time. The Long Family Patriarch, for example, had spent a long time to amass that much power as a spy of the Mysterious Underworld Race.

How could he blend into the Mysterious Underworld Race?

As Luo Yunyang was mulling this over, his spiritual consciousness suddenly sensed something. Instantly, he looked over in that direction.

A Mysterious Underworld being with purple veins all over his body was struggling on a meteorite about 10,000 miles away.

Unfortunately, there were already five gaping sword wounds on his vital parts. Black light flickered continuously from those sword wounds and absorbed the purple Mysterious Underworld beings life.

Sumen, I have never been unkind to you. Why Why are you doing this to me? The purple Mysterious Underworld being cried out hysterically.

The being he called Sumen was a black Mysterious Underworld being that glanced at the struggling man and said sardonically, Second Young Master, you cant blame me.

You know that the Mysterious Underworld Race has always valued strength. Sumen then added icily, I followed you because I thought that you would one day become a Heavenly Demon and allow me to live comfortably.

However, after so long, you are actually only a Universe 3-Grade. You are simply a piece of trash that cannot be saved!

How will you succeed the dukes title or even become the head of your family?

Sumens tone got icier at this point. Therefore, if I kill you and bring your soul to Big Young Master, he will give me a great reward.

Ha ha You know it too. The family doesnt really value dead clansmen. I have been serving you for so long, so you will die here for me, Second Young Master!