Supreme Uprising Chapter 966

Chapter 966 God Sky Conversion Technique

Chapter 966: God Sky Conversion Technique
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Sumen, I was born with a greater aptitude than my elder brother. The reason I am in such a situation is because I have always been considering a type of ancient technique.

The person addressed as Second Young Master said emotionally, You You just have to give me time. Once I have fully comprehended the God Sky Conversion Technique, I will definitely succeed the position of the duke.

A cold glint flickered across Sumens eyes. Its already too late, Second Young Master!

Now that I have already put you in this state, even if that technique of yours is real, what will you do to me? Im afraid that you would have to kill me right away!

Sumen sounded hysterical at this point. Therefore, you are just a fool wasting away great innate talent on studying some ancient technique. Do you know something? There are just too many people that are disappointed in you.

Basically, in the Mysterious Underworld Race, one has more potential the later they are born. But look at you, you have wasted all your innate talent. You only have yourself to blame. Second Young Master, dont blame me. Go to hell!

As for your God Sky Conversion Technique, you can go study it when you are dead!

As Sumen said this, a large black sword cut down at the purple Second Young Masters neck.

This purple Mysterious Underworld Being did indeed have a decent aptitude. Although he couldnt be compared to beings like the First Devil Son or Jiuzi Xuanming, if he was placed in Hong Meng Sacred Hall, he wouldnt be any weaker than Profound Calm Zongzi and the others.

Luo Yunyang had an idea while watching the Second Young Master, who was about to die. His Chaotic Four-Origin Beast still lacked a clone.

He needed to blend into the Mysterious Underworld Race and the Second Young Master had innate talent. Thus, Luo Yunyang felt that this was simply a gift from heaven.

As the sword in Sumens hand slashed downward, Luo Yunyang had already quietly arrived where the Second Young Master was. Once Sumen slashed down and killed the Second Young Master, Luo Yunyang would send the dead body of the Second Young Master into his internal universe.

The Chaotic Four-Origin Beast clone routinely absorbed the Second Young Masters body as well as all the memories of this clone.

Suman laughed maniacally after killing his own master.

After all, killing ones master wasnt a glorious affair. This was frowned upon even in the Mysterious Underworld Race.

Sumen was pleased. He felt as if he had vented the pressure in his heart. However, after he laughed hysterically, he suddenly discovered that the already deceased Second Young Master was once again alive in front of him.

How How did you do that? Sumens eyes widened in shock as he stared at the Second Young Master in front of him. He thought that the Second Young Master in front of him was a different Second Young Master than the one he had known.

Sumen didnt believe that someone he had just killed moments ago would actually be resurrected. His body trembled as he saw the person standing before him.

His guilty conscience made him extremely fearful while he faced the supposedly deceased Second Young Master.

Thank you for letting me comprehend the God Sky Conversion Technique. Unfortunately, theres no reward for you. Just go die!

As the body of the Second Young Master spoke, its finger tapped lightly. Sumens body disintegrated without a sound.

He was dead. Sumens eyes were wide open, as though he had died an unjust death. A path to achieving greater things had already been laid out in front of him.

Even though his cultivation base had been improving greatly, his blood would also be purified and his status would soar to a whole new level.

Then, he wouldnt be just a lowly Mysterious Underworld soldier. Unfortunately, all his hopes were shattered by the appearance of Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang didnt really care about Sumens unwillingness. The moment this clone embodiment of the Second Young Master had been conjured up, Luo Yunyangs real body had already hidden inside the clone.

Luo Yunyang had obtained all the Second Young Masters memories because he had passed away recently. After gaining the complete memories of the Second Young Master, Luo Yunyang felt really carefree.

The Second Young Masters conversation with Sumen hadnt been wrong at all. The reason his cultivation hadnt experienced great improvement was because he had been comprehending an ancient technique called the Sky Switching Technique. This technique was different from how the Mysterious Underworld Race normally cultivated.

However, the intelligent Second Young Master had immediately sensed that this technique contained great might upon discovering it.

Unfortunately, although this technique was extremely strong, a considerable flaw existed in it. This flaw was a problem that the Second Young Master had been troubled with.

However, for Luo Yunyang, this flaw simply wasnt a problem.

The problem the Second Young Master had faced was that he had no way of forming the God and Sky of the God Sky Conversion Technique and wasnt able to provide any support to the martialists hoping to learn this technique either.

In all these years, the Second Young Master had been continuously studying how to break through the God or Sky form of the technique. This simply wasnt much of a problem for Luo Yunyang.

His bodys power far surpassed a Taishi Yuan Venerates, and he could fully utilize the God Sky Conversion Technique.

After slaying Sumen, Luo Yunyang gazed into the distance and smiled before taking to the sky and flying over.

A million miles away, a Mysterious Underworld army was waiting. The soldiers of this army were all Galaxy-Grade existences.

A few officers were peak Universe-Grade entities.

I wonder whether Sumen will be able to succeed. I heard that the Duke was severely injured recently! an elite Mysterious Underworld martialist said solemnly, If he doesnt succeed, then we will be sent to our deaths along with the Second Young Master.

What Second Young Master? He is simply a piece of trash. His comrade, a Mysterious Underworld being glowing in scarlet light, huffed. Mysterious Underworld Race beings have even greater potential the later they are born.

But look at him. He was blessed with the level of comprehension the Duke had at his peak, as well as immense physical potential, yet he still hasnt progressed to a Heavenly Venerate level after so many years.

He just had to go study that unknown method. How repulsive!

The high-ranking officers complaints were full of rancor, but it couldnt be helped. In the Mysterious Underworld Race, they were all bound together in glory or disgrace.

If they couldnt gain the understanding of the Big Young Master before the old duke passed, then all of them would accompany the Second Young Master into the afterlife.

After all, the struggles of the Mysterious Underworld Race were extremely intense.

Luo Yunyangs clone embodiment had already appeared in the palace these officers were in. He shut his eyes and listened quietly to the conversation of these officers.

Luo Yunyang didnt feel any pity for the Second Young Master, who had been called Nalanye. He also didnt feel any loathing for these treacherous subordinates either.

These people were insignificant individuals struggling bitterly within the Mysterious Underworld Race.

The Mysterious Underworld Race had a strict ranking system. There were Emperor Mysterious Underworld beings, King Mysterious Underworld Beings, General Mysterious Underworld beings, and Soldier Mysterious Underworld Beings.

Different Mysterious Underworld beings had different duties and authority.

Low-ranking Mysterious Underworld Beings relied on high-level beings and sought protection. Meanwhile, high-ranking Mysterious Underworld Beings had control over the fates of the lower-level Mysterious Underworld beings.

Nalanye, whom Luo Yunyang had formed an embodiment clone out of, was a King Mysterious Underworld Being. The clans of all these Mysterious Underworld beings had been servants of Nalanye ever since he had been born.

The leaders of these clans had originally been very pleased to be servants of Nalanye. However, when Nalanyes performance hadnt lived up to peoples expectations, they had started to feel threatened, especially when the old Duke had gotten gravely injured.

This threat naturally came from Nalanyes brother, Nalanfeng, who had already become a Heavenly Venerate.

In order for Nalanfeng to not take revenge after ascending to the position of the duke, all these subordinates had decided to get Nalanye killed and rely on Nalanfeng for support in the future. However, they had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would return in his form and wreck all their plans.

Luo Yunyang strolled in leisurely when the conversation was more or less over. While glaring at them coldly, he asked, Are you all going to betray me?

The Mysterious Underworld officers froze up when they saw Nalanye enter. Although they were stronger than Nalanye, they didnt dare do anything to Nalanye, as this was a strategic location for their army.

They couldnt hide it, so there would be a disaster if they took action here.

He he I know what you are thinking, but let me tell you that those thoughts are merely shortsighted. In any case, I still have to thank all of you. Without your plan, I wouldnt have been able to comprehend the last step of the God Sky Conversion Technique.

Speaking of, I still have to say thanks. Luo Yunyang then chuckled. Sumen is already dead. I believe you all know what to do?

I will be your loyal, devoted subordinate to my death! the Mysterious Underworld being with the scarlet glow said decisively.

In just under a minute, all the other officers had pledged their loyalty. Luo Yunyang, who was delighted, only put on a calm smile. Alright, all of you stand up.

By the way, some of the blame lies with me. If I had given you all a clear explanation, you wouldnt have tried to kill your master.

Luo Yunyangs eyes scanned everyone around as he said this. However, I have comprehended the God Sky Conversion Technique. This will be beneficial to you No, to the whole Mysterious Underworld Race.

Come, come Everyone will get a copy of this technique. Cultivate it properly and you will gain benefits you have never dreamed of.

As he said this, a jade pendant appeared in Luo Yunyangs hand.