Supreme Uprising Chapter 967

Chapter 967 You Are The Sky You Are God

Chapter 967: You Are The Sky, You Are God
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Can the God Sky Conversion Technique really allow us to interchange with the sky and be like a god that controls everything in battle? a young Mysterious Underworld powerhouse asked doubtfully on a Mysterious Underworld Planet.

The young Mysterious Underworld powerhouse was a little skeptical about this cultivation technique that had been given to him for free.

In his opinion, this sort of technique was too unreliable.

Brother Deji, listen to me. This definitely cant be fake! A bulky Mysterious Underworld martialist twirled his arm. Look, the reason this arm of mine is still here is entirely because of the God Sky Conversion Technique!

Tsk, tsk I encountered a Black Dragon Python. It was actually a Galaxy-Grade Black Dragon Python. You all know that, in general, an encounter with this sort of Black Dragon Python leads to death.

At the time, I even thought through my funeral arrangements, but guess what happened at the most dangerous time?

Thanks to my instinct to survive, I suddenly thought about the God Sky Conversion Technique. He he When I used this technique, my cultivation practically soared to the Galaxy Grade and my consciousness felt like I was overlooking everything from high above.

The bulky Mysterious Underworld being continued speaking in a crazed fashion. At the time, I was the sky. I was a god! I controlled everything. The Black Dragon Python that would be normally nearly impossible to defeat was beheaded with a single slash. Ha ha ha!

The Mysterious Underworld that was addressed as Brother Deji looked hesitant. Although it seemed like his comrades words were reasonable, he knew that miraculous instances like this rarely happened.

Brother Deji, I know that you dont really believe in this technique, but as a good brother, I have to tell you that this technique is useful.

As the bulky Mysterious Underworld being said this, he handed over a jade pendant. This is for you. Cultivate it properly. I believe that you will find a use for it one day.

The Mysterious Underworld Being known as Deji looked at him in disbelief. However, he wouldnt reject his friends kind offer.

Upon returning to his own dwelling, Deji looked through the so-called God Sky Conversion Technique. This great technique wasnt as difficult to learn as Deji had envisaged. It could even be said that this technique was really simple, so Deji grasped the gist of it after going through it once.

In his opinion, the God Sky Conversion Technique was basically a really simple cultivation technique. As long as he wanted to, he could master it anytime.

There is no free lunch in the world. Its best to use the God Sky Conversion Technique as little as possible. Upon making up his mind, Deji stowed away the jade pendant.

Three days later, Deji came out of seclusion and walked along a secluded path. He rather enjoyed this sort of peacefulness.

However, as his thoughts were roaming, he heard a mocking voice speak. Isnt this Deji? I cant believe that you want to compete with me for the post of deputy commander. Clearly, you are overestimating yourself.

In front of him was a Mysterious Underworld powerhouse that Deji absolutely loathed.

This was a General Mysterious Underworld being who had a far greater aptitude than Deji. It was just unfortunate that, as the eldest son of an earl, this person wasnt single-mindedly focused on cultivation. His affairs were a mess, so the people in this small city didnt really like him much.

The deputy commander position of the city guard was a position that Deji had made great effort to attain. This was what Deji was relying on to change his fortune.

Young Master Jinfeng, the position of deputy commander was conferred on me by the Earl. I didnt fight with you over it.

Deji, you brat, how dare you talk back! Heh heh Today, I shall see for myself what sort of ability this deputy commander has. Young Master Jinfeng smirked. I will give you a chance. As long as you can take three of my strikes, I will admit that you are capable of being the deputy commander. If you do not, you will scram back to the hole you came out of.

Young Master Jinfeng didnt even give Deji any time to decline. He brandished his arms and threw a sweeping strike at Deji.

Deji, who was slightly surprised, instantly felt like his entire body had already been caught up in Young Master Jinfengs palm-light.

This strike contained the power of Origin Source Laws that far exceeded Dejis understanding of Origin Source Laws. In the face of this palm strike, Deji realized that he lacked any power to withstand it.

Immediately, he frantically used his strongest technique. However, this method was completely routed by Young Master Jinfengs strike.


Deji was sent flying by this palm strike. Although he quickly landed on the ground and steadied himself, he knew that he wouldnt be able to withstand a second strike.

Was he going to give up on the deputy commanders position he had struggled so painstakingly for? Dejis heart was filled with reluctance. He actually felt like he was going to go crazy.

At that moment, he recalled the God Sky Conversion Technique. Although he felt that this sort of method wasnt reliable, he still couldnt help but use this technique, which had been imprinted in his mind.

The instant he used it, he found out that his mind was already connected to the vast and high sky. He could even sense every bit of power in the vast sky.

In just a moment, this source of power doubled his bodys strength.

At that moment, Young Master Jinfeng also unleashed his second strike. This strike seemed even more vicious than the previous one.

Deji, who had yet to use the God Sky Conversion Technique, would simply have been helpless under normal circumstances. However, the attack unleashed by Young Master Jinfeng was full of flaws in Dejis opinion.

Water Dragon Mark, break!

As Deji shouted, a water dragon that was thousands of meters long rushed over at Young Master Jinfeng.

Although Young Master Jinfengs methods and aptitude were extraordinary, he was sent flying by this Water Dragon Mark.

Overlooking the fallen Young Master Jinfeng, who was like a pile of dirt on the ground, gave an unbelievable feeling to Deji.

He thoroughly enjoyed this sensation. He felt high and mighty while overlooking everything like an ancient Yuan Underworld being.

Azure-blue ripples started to appear in his body as he felt this way. As these ripples appeared, the aura emanating from Dejis body seemed to intensify tenfold.

Young Master Jinfeng stared at Deji in disbelief. His voice was wavering as he said, How did you awaken a General origin source? How could you have awakened a General source?

Deji couldnt be bothered to reply to this question. He no longer even cared about Young Master Jinfeng, who had been difficult to deal with in the past. He simply chanted in a deep, revering voice. You are the sky, you are god, you are every organism

Deji didnt pay any attention to the hastily-leaving Young Master Jinfeng. Now, Young Master Jinfeng was no longer important.

His priority right now was to cultivate quickly under the guidance of the God Sky Conversion Technique and impart this technique to even more comrades as quickly as possible.

While Deji was frantically cultivating the God Sky Conversion Technique, the God Sky Conversion Technique had already permeated all the Great Cosmoses of the Mysterious Underworld Race.

Many people immediately started cultivating this technique, which could be easily mastered, to boost their cultivation. There didnt seem to be any negative effects either.

Many geniuses of the Mysterious Underworld Race cultivated it as well.

Although some people felt that the God Sky Conversion Technique would definitely present some problems, nothing was found despite their probing.

Therefore, even though they had their doubts, these thoughts could only remain doubts.

In a massive palace, two people sat facing each other. They were two actual humans, but the place they were in was the place of a Heavenly Venerate Mysterious Underworld being.

The journey must have been tough, said a man who exuded an extraordinary vibe. He had the appearance of a man in his thirties, but the hallowed glow hidden within him showed that he wasnt an ordinary being.

Opposite him was a lady with golden hair and blue eyes. She was simply a beautiful lady that didnt seem flawed in any aspect.

However, most peoples eyes wouldnt be caught by this ladys beauty, but by her temperament. The only way to describe it was by saying that it allowed her to carry herself tall. Although this lady was wearing a dress, one could tell at first glance that she was a female martial god.

It cant be described as tough. I still have to thank you for hosting me, the lady said. If I am not mistaken, you are probably Lord Xuan?

Indeed, I am Xuan. The man wasnt overly polite as he said straightforwardly, Your arrival here shows me that the decision-makers of the five Sacred Halls are very determined.

Xuan then added, Although it is a hefty price to pay, it would be all worth it as long as this operation is successful.

The lady nodded. Before I came, my hall master told me to listen to your instructions. Feel free to order me as you see fit, the lady said.

However, Xuan didnt seem pleased as he answered, There should have been two people this time, but the person from Hong Meng Sacred Hall hasnt made contact.

This is a problem we will face. However, if he is uncontactable, you will have to complete the tasks that were arranged for him.

The female martial god nodded. Alright. You will discover that giving these tasks to me is actually the right choice. Oh, wait. Is that person in danger? the female martial god asked casually.

I dont know. However, it is very difficult for him to evade detection just by using the transformation attire. Furthermore, the possibility of him being discovered increases as time passes, Xuan replied, Therefore, we cannot only rely on ourselves now. While we must search for him, we cant spend too much effort on it.