Supreme Uprising Chapter 968

Chapter 968 High Ambitions

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Luo Yunyang exhaled sharply. He was currently very satisfied with this clone embodiment of his.

It was a Heavenly Venerate, and a third-level Heavenly Venerate to boot. Luo Yunyang was already able to display a third-level Heavenly Venerate cultivation base just by using the sacred light of the God Sky Conversion Technique.

Plus, this was just the beginning. He could now sense that the flow of sacred light energy into his body from all directions becoming quicker and greater. There were even peak Universe-Grade existences that were being used as a source of energy.

The God Sky Conversion Technique was a mother-child-relationship sort of technique. What Luo Yunyang cultivated was the mother technique. This technique cultivated the sacred light and allowed those that cultivated the son technique to tap into the energy of this sacred light.

Of course, this wasnt a reliance without clauses. While they drew on the mother sacred light and made use of the God Sky Conversion Technique, a portion of their power would also flow into that sacred light.

In their opinion, this power still belonged to them. After tapping into the sacred light energy Luo Yunyang cultivated, their cultivation bases would soar tremendously.

At the very least, their fighting strength would make massive progress.

If Luo Yunyang didnt extract this energy, then the God Sky Conversion Technique would be an unrivaled divine technique for the people cultivating the son technique.

However, the moment Luo Yunyang started to extract this energy, all these people would experience a great fall in cultivation. Of course, when Luo Yunyang once again congealed a new sacred light and lent it out again, their cultivation would swell just like before.

To the people that cultivated the God Sky Conversion Technique, this technique was tremendous but couldnt be considered too great. Those that used this technique to get through adversity were still the ones that gained the most out of this technique.

Young Master, can I come in? A respectful voice was heard from outside.

Luo Yunyang already knew who this person was without even listening to his voice. He also knew what this person was thinking, as this person also cultivated the God Sky Conversion Technique that Luo Yunyang had spread.

Come in! Although Luo Yunyang knew what was going to be reported to him, he still acted like he didnt know anything.

After all, he didnt want to reveal that he controlled the fates of all the people who cultivated the God Sky Conversion technique. He didnt want to seem too vicious yet.

Second Young Master, we have just received news that the old Dukes injuries are severe. Big Young Master has already occupied Rose Sky City and is preparing to succeed the Dukes position, the officer reported to Luo Yunyang deferentially.

Luo Yunyang nodded. What do you guys think we should do?

Although Luo Yunyangs voice was tranquil, the officer couldnt help but tremble as he heard his voice.

He could sense Luo Yunyangs cultivation base and felt like he was merely an ant before a massive dragon in the face of Luo Yunyangs third-level Heavenly Venerate cultivation.

He had the utmost admiration for the God Sky Conversion Technique and was even more devoted ever since the God Sky Conversion Technique had been imparted to him.

In three months, the Second Young Master had already risen from a Universe 3-Grade to a third-level Heavenly Venerate. This was frightening progress that was somewhat unbelievable

Second Young Master, you are the heir the old Duke appointed, as well as the publicly acknowledged heir. You should be the one to succeed the title of duke. The officer knelt on the ground respectfully as he said that. Your subordinate Lanhui pays his respects, Duke.

Luo Yunyang didnt really care about the title of duke. However, he knew he needed to have sufficient status within the Mysterious Underworld Race in order to find his hidden compatriots and foil the resurrection of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord.

In these three months, besides cultivating the God Sky Conversion Technique, he had been waiting. Unfortunately, there had been no information from his fellow humans hidden within the Mysterious Underworld Race.

Luo Yunyang reckoned that he shouldnt continue to keep a low profile. What he needed to do was soar rapidly and break into the upper echelons of the Mysterious Underworld Race.

The status of a duke was still rather important within the Mysterious Underworld Race.

Alright, Lanhui. I order our forces to return to Rose Sky City right now, Luo Yunyang said while gesturing with his hands.

Second Duke, should we contact those loyal to your power to march on as well? Lanhui pondered for a moment before posing this question to Luo Yunyang.

Lanhui, do you think that I would waste this much time given my current power? Luo Yunyang said rather nonchalantly, Besides, with the support of the Good Sky Conversion Technique, I dont even fear other high-level beings!

I wish you victory, Duke! Lanhui had a blazing look in his eyes when he heard Luo Yunyang mention the God Sky Conversion Technique.

The place where Luo Yunyang and the others were garrisoned was a desolate area that bordered with the Human Race. Thus, Luo Yunyang and the others couldnt return at the drop of a hat under normal circumstances. However, nobody would dare stop Luo Yunyang from going to fight for his duke title.

This force of millions was vast and mighty. Because this army cultivated the God Sky Conversion Technique that Luo Yunyang had imparted, they all gazed at Luo Yunyang in adoration and respect.

Reclaim Rose Sky City and fight for Duke Nalanye! A soldier shouted before he was immediately echoed by many more soldiers.

The journey to Rose Sky City was millions of miles long. Although the speed of Luo Yunyang and his host already surpassed ordinary folks by far, the journey still took at least half a month.

This time was mainly spent spreading the God Sky Conversion Technique. Everywhere they went, martialists who had reaped the benefits of the God Sky Conversion Technique would be imparting and spreading the God Sky Conversion Technique.

There were selfish, mercenary people amongst then. However, they all became completely devoted servants under Luo Yunyangs command.

Because of this imparting process, the intensity with which the God Sky Conversion Technique spread increased greatly during this month.

The sacred light that converged in Luo Yunyangs Mysterious Underworld embodiment clone raised Luo Yunyangs cultivation base to the seventh-level Heavenly Venerate.

The cultivation base of Luo Yunyangs original body was also at the seventh-level Heavenly Venerate. His Chaotic Four-Origin Beast Clone hadnt yet congealed a Sacred Image, but the God Sky Conversion Technique had allowed the cultivation of his embodiment clone to reach the seventh-level Heavenly Venerate.

If Luo Yunyang wanted to, he could congeal a sacred image at any time. However, because this cultivation was so quick, Luo Yunyang didnt have the time to congeal a sacred image.

In Rose Sky City, Nalanfeng, who had already proclaimed himself the new duke, was looking through the information in his hands with a mocking grin. There were four Heavenly Venerates standing respectfully by his side.

I was intending to spare this fools life. Nalanfeng turned to the person by his side and chuckled. But he just doesnt know how to give and take. He actually wants to seize the title of the duke.

Do you think that he can wield the title of the Duke of Rose Sky City with his current cultivation base?

Furthermore, my title has already been recognized by Sir Yuanming. How does he think he is going to take it away?

Nobody replied to Nalanfengs words, as everyone present knew that Nalanfeng didnt need a reply. He waved the information in his hands before saying, They are already within 3,000 miles of the city. We should welcome them. It is probably time for the four marquises to display their ability.

The four Mysterious Underworld Heavenly Venerates that were addressed as four marquises were still Heavenly Venerate entities even though their Heavenly Venerate level wasnt that strong.

At once, Duke. The four marquises bowed at the same time.

A short while later, when Luo Yunyangs vast forces arrived, the city gates of Rose Sky City, where many array formations were in place, opened up slowly. Under Nalanfengs leadership, the four first-level Heavenly Venerate marquises strode forth.

Third-level Heavenly Venerate Nalanfeng strode up with a wide smile as he was escorted by these four.

The cultivation of a third-level Heavenly Venerate allowed Nalanfeng to have a good grip on the position of the Duke of Rose Sky City. Given his cultivation base, he could easily attain a duke status throughout the Mysterious Underworld Races domain.

It was because of this self-confidence that he simply didnt think much of Luo Yunyang coming over to seize the title of the duke.

In his opinion, slapping Nalanye in one move and making him submit before all the subordinates of Rose Sky City would be the perfect scenario.

He and his four companions were a total of five Heavenly Venerates. Furthermore, along with the hundreds of Universe-Grade powerhouses gathered, they formed the strongest force of Rose Sky City.

Nalanye, my good younger brother. How good are you? Do you think you and your worthless people can compete with me for the title of the Duke of Rose Sky City? This is seriously hilarious.

He he Since you are my younger brother, I shall give you a chance. As long as you pledge your allegiance to me, I will spare you.

Nalanfengs spiritual consciousness scanned the forces behind Luo Yunyang as he spoke confidently.

Luo Yunyang hadnt displayed a cultivation base, so all that Nalanfeng sensed was a false image. He reckoned that Luo Yunyang and the others would collapse at the first blow. Thus, his tone became disdainful.

Luo Yunyang grinned as he stared at the pleased Nalanfeng. Nalanfeng, I too shall give you the same chance. As long as you surrender within ten seconds, I can overlook this whole matter. Otherwise, dont blame me for being impolite.

Ha ha ha! You being impolite? How? Are you talking about you or about the pathetic forces behind you? Nalanfeng pointed at the forces behind Luo Yunyangs back and spoke disdainfully.