Supreme Uprising Chapter 97

Chapter 97: Doing The Right Thing

"There is no other way. Unless someone is able to shut off the mechanism in under one second!" Cui Shengdao said, glancing at the end of large palace hall.

At the end of the hall was a flight of 36 steps made out of black jade. On top of those steps was the statue of a black dragon grasping the sun and the moon in its claws. Cui Shengdao had been staring at the round scarlet sun.

Luo Yunyang stood at least 20 meters away from the sun, so he would have to rush over to that black dragon and shut off the mechanism within that time frame.

Qin Wanqing was silent for a bit before she said softly, "I I'll beg the Martial God to help. Would that work?"

"The Martial God is indeed strong, but Zulong's Tomb isn't as simple as we expected. There is another set of mechanisms inside the tomb that is used specifically to deal with the most powerful martialists."

"We can only admire the people who created Zulong's Tomb. Although there is a difference between their technology and civilization compared to ours, there have been people among them that walked down a different path."

Professor Qin's eyes were glowing with adoration.

There was another set of mechanisms made especially to deal with the strongest martialists. Although this sounded somewhat illusory, everyone present knew that Professor Qin wouldn't mess with the lives of all these people.

If he said something like this, then he had to be certain.

Suddenly, the atmosphere became even more stifling. None of the people present could just stand by and watch as Professor Qin and the others died.

"Please read out the secret formula, Professor Qin," said Lu Tiefeng. His voice was so calm that he sounded almost uninterested in the entire matter.

Nobody there had a problem with Lu Tiefeng's approach. Everyone knew very well that he wasn't a coward. He was just being sensible.

"They agreed at last. Please recite the ancient body-strengthening formula, Professor Qin." Cui Shengdao clapped his hands as he spoke in a resounding voice.

Professor Qin nodded before he said clearly, "Anyone with a good memory should help memorize this. If there are any mistakes, the effects of the formula will be very different."

"100 grams of ancient hemp, 70 grams of earth ginseng, 250 grams of yellow smoke weed..."

The long prescription was so precise that it was exact to the very last gram. Memorizing all these ingredients was not an easy task for an amateur, yet everyone there memorized the formula carefully.

Some people even wrote it down on whatever materials could be used to take notes. Meanwhile, Qin Wanqing just listened quietly from the sidelines.

When Professor Qin repeated the formula a second time, Qin Wanqing, who had already memorized it perfectly, recited it along with her father.

"Alright, you can all go back now." Professor Qin waved his hands at Lu Tiefeng and the others. "I don't wish for any of you to watch us die."

Qin Wanqing bit her lip hard. This time, she shed no more tears. She wanted her father to remember her most resolute side.

"Goodbye, Father!"

Qin Wanqing turned her head away as soon as she said these words. The instant that she turned her head, Lun Yunyang, who was standing beside her, could already see tears streaming down her cheeks.

When he noticed Lu Tiefeng and the others all looking at him, Luo Yunyang said softly, "I am half-confident that I could shut down this mechanism."

As soon as he said this, Qin Wanqing immediately turned around, her eyes filled with hope.

Blood relationships could not be replaced easily after all. Having to bid farewell to her father, whom she had depended on for so many years, was indescribably painful.

"Can you really do that?" Qin Wanqing tried her best not to look anxious.

"I am half-certain!" Luo Yunyang replied calmly as he met Qin Wanqing's gaze.

This time, he wasn't lying. After doing some quick calculations using his Mind Attribute, he had concluded that there was some hope.

The result could be successful or unsuccessful. Everything would happen in a second, so Luo Yunyang would have no way of controlling the outcome.

As he had thought about all the possible outcomes, he had felt a little hesitant deep down. He could have left peacefully.

It was true. If he hadn't said anything, nobody would have known that there was a chance. He could have just left.

However, he had still spoken up in the end.

Although Luo Yunyang had felt sufficiently rational, cool-headed and indifferent at first, everything that had just happened had made his blood race.

Every person trapped there enjoyed a high status in their own domain, yet they were all about to meet their death calmly.

If Luo Yunyang had half a chance of saving them, would he choose not to help in order to guarantee his own safety?

If he didn't at least try, then he would live in guilt for the remainder of his life.

It would be a lifetime of guilt and unease. Luo Yunyang was afraid that he wouldn't forgive his lack of regard for the rest of his life.

Thus, he decided to speak up.

His words relit the fire in many people's eyes, especially Zhu Yan's and the trapped team members' eyes.

However, when Professor Qin spoke, his voice was dull. "Shouldn't you tell me how high the probability of failure is first, young man? You've got barely half a chance, right? And if you fail, you will die. Am I wrong?"

Luo Yunyang didn't reply. His gaze landed on Qin Wanqing instead. "I have already decided to do this, but I hope that you could promise me something."

"Spit it out!" Qin Wanqing bit her lower lip. She hadn't promised anything yet, but judging by her expression, she would do anything she could to help Luo Yunyang.

"I still have a mother and a younger sister. If I don't make it, they won't have anyone to rely on. Their lives would be extremely tough. Can you promise that you will help look after them?" Luo Yunyang stared at Qin Wanqing's face.

"I will treat your mother and younger sister like my own family!" Qin Wanqing promised right away.

Luo Yunyang smiled. He was really afraid of dying. He was afraid that the people who relied on him would be forced to leave Chang'an and start a new life in Donglu Town after his death.

However, he had finally made a choice.

He would not hesitate. He would do the right thing!

These words were like a mountain in his heart. He couldn't act indifferent or detached anymore. He had chosen to step forward.

"Everyone leave this place!" Luo Yunyang said resolutely as he waved away Qin Wanqing and the others.

Qin Wanqing turned her head away and left without hesitation. She didn't look at her father or Luo Yunyang again.

Although there was no sunlight accentuating her figure, her silhouette looked firm as she left.

Zhang Hu opened his mouth to say something, but he was pulled away by Lu Tiefeng before he could. Lu Tiefeng shook his head and shouted at Luo Yunyang, "If you fail, I will treat your mother and sister like my own family! I promise!"

Xiong Ben glanced at Luo Yunyang and nodded his head.