Supreme Uprising Chapter 970

Chapter 970 Fame And Fortune Are Irrelevant

Chapter 970: Fame And Fortune Are Irrelevant
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Tianyu Palace overlooked a turquoise lake filled with lotus leaves. Dark Dragon Crystal tables were laid out on a tall, long purple lotus platform, making the entire place seem lavish and gorgeous.

Although the Sixth Mysterious Demon wasnt the host, he was the center of attention this time.

In the Mysterious Underworld Race, the Sixth Mysterious Demon wasnt a name but a title. If someone were to defeat the Sixth Mysterious Demon right now, that person would immediately succeed the Sixth Mysterious Demon.

Similarly, if the current Sixth Mysterious Demon were to die, a new Sixth Mysterious Demon would arise.

Mingyun Great Cosmos was one of the many Great Cosmoses controlled by the Mysterious Underworld Race. Being able to produce the sixth-in-rank Mysterious Demon was a tremendous feat in the Mysterious Underworld Race.

Naturally, the Sixth Mysterious Demon was also deemed a future ruling authority of the entire Mingyun Great Cosmos and practically all young powerhouses were very respectful to the Sixth Mysterious Demon.

"Sixth Mysterious Demon, you didnt go to Rose Sky City this time. He he Perhaps that fellow is laughing his head off," a pleasant-looking Mysterious Underworld powerhouse said with a laugh.

Although he had the appearance of a Mysterious Underworld being, people would instinctively think kindly of him even if he was placed in the Human Race because of his dazzling smile that charmed many individuals.

The Sixth Mysterious Demon glanced at the Mysterious Underworld being with the enchanting smile and said, "You are a disgrace to the Mysterious Underworld Race!"

"I think that while cultivating in the future, besides cultivating your power, you will also need to train your mentality. Thus, when we battle the Human Race, they wont be able to mock the Mysterious Underworld Race."

The Sixth Mysterious Demons words were unrestrained and full of mockery. That smiling Mysterious Demon was a third-level Heavenly Venerate and a vicious individual within his own faction.

However, even though he was displeased with the Sixth Mysterious Demons irony and sarcasm, his emotions didnt show on his face. Instead, he looked sincerely eager to accept this advice.

"Hes just a clown that wants to use the Sixth Mysterious Demons reputation to become famous. Just ignoring him will do," a grim Mysterious Underworld being said, "Sixth Mysterious Demon, have you heard of the God Sky Conversion Technique?"

The clown this person was referring to was Luo Yunyangs clone embodiment, Nalanye. He was clearly sucking up to the Sixth Mysterious Demon by changing the topic.

The Sixth Mysterious Demon chuckled. "The God Sky Conversion Technique is now a highly discussed topic. However, in fact, this topic Heh heh"

The Sixth Mysterious Demon didnt continue, but his disdain could be seen clearly.

"Does this mean that you believe that the God Sky Conversion Technique wont do? I have seen a junior brother lacking in aptitude and combat ability defeat quite a few senior brothers with high levels of cultivation just by cultivating the God Sky Conversion Technique," said a green-scaled Mysterious Underworld Being.

He looked at the tall Sixth Mysterious Demon and said in all seriousness, "The God Sky Conversion Technique can allow its cultivators to exhibit multiple times their bodys power."

"Besides power, what is more important is the users battle awareness. Their positions are swapped with the sky and they can sweep everything before them!"

The Sixth Mysterious Demon was a little displeased upon seeing that this person hadnt gone along with what he had intended. Thus, he said coldly, "Although I have never studied the God Sky Conversion Technique before, I know that the God Sky Conversion Technique is just a shortcut. Cultivating it would be a wasted effort for many people. A power that belongs to others will eventually still belong to others."

The people at the feast immediately praised the Sixth Mysterious Demons acute foresight. In their opinion, one had to comply with the Sixth Mysterious Demons words.

Furthermore, the cultivation base of their bodies made them believe it was beneath them to use the God Sky Conversion Technique. Thus, they looked down on those who used the God Sky Conversion Technique.

"Sixth Mysterious Demon, it is said that a top powerhouse has risen in the Human Race. That persons name is Luo Yunyang. I wonder if you have ever encountered him?" A golden-scaled Mysterious Underworld being chuckled.

This golden-scaled Mysterious Underworld being possessed a rather extraordinary status in the Mysterious Underworld Race. Thus, many people looked at this being respectfully when he spoke.

The Sixth Mysterious Demon seemed to feel some fear for this golden-scaled Mysterious Underworld being. Therefore, even though he was unhappy with this question, he still answered honestly. "I fear that I wouldnt have been able to meet everyone here if I had indeed come across him. Luo Yunyang is definitely a freak!"

The Sixth Mysterious Demons evaluation stunned many young Mysterious Underworld powerhouses. Clearly, they had never imagined that the high and mighty Sixth Mysterious Demon would actually give Luo Yunyang such a generous evaluation.

"Ha ha I just heard that the impudent Nalanye really went to the challenge location. Looks like he is going to make a big deal about the Sixth Mysterious Demon avoiding this challenge." The golden-scaled Mysterious Underworld being chuckled. "Sixth Mysterious Demon, do you mind if I get rid of this pesky fly on your behalf?"

The Sixth Mysterious Demon frowned. Although he wanted someone to act on his behalf, owing a favor to the golden-scaled Mysterious Underworld being wouldnt be an easy debt to repay.

Thus, he replied casually, "I can handle such trivial matters myself."

The golden-scaled Mysterious Underworld being frowned. How could he not guess the Sixth Mysterious Demons thoughts? Although he was a little displeased with the Sixth Mysterious Demons attitude, he still put on a smile. "I think you should let other people handle it since it is such a trivial matter. That way, you wont have to sully your hands."

He waved his hand while saying this and a message was sent out.

The Sixth Mysterious Demons brows furrowed even more. He was really unhappy with the golden-scaled Mysterious Underworld being for insisting on this.

However, the golden-scaled fellow was the grandson of a Yuan Venerate Mysterious Underworld Being. Thus, even the Sixth Mysterious Demon had to be apprehensive when dealing with him.

"In that case, thank you!" The Sixth Mysterious Demon paused for a moment before quickly making a decision.

"No big deal. Its like squishing an ignorant bug, thats all. Ha ha ha!" the golden-scaled being said.

As soon as he said this, a figure suddenly appeared in the originally calm void. This figure was a purple-scaled King Mysterious Underworld being. Amid this gathering of young Mysterious Underworld elites, he wasnt considered much.

However, the first words this person said made the Sixth Mysterious Demons heart shudder. "You are the Sixth Mysterious Demon?"

This direct question clearly implied a sense of superiority. The Sixth Mysterious Demon immediately felt extremely uncomfortable when he heard this question.

In the past, this sort of attitude had been used by the Sixth Mysterious Demon. The way this person was speaking now was simply disrespectful to him.

If this person had not seemed strange, the Sixth Mysterious Demon would have immediately cut him up.

However, the origins of this person werent clear. He couldnt lower his guard, so he instead said, "I am the Sixth Mysterious Demon. May I know who you"

"Nalanye!" As this name was barked up, the body of that person erupted with an endless golden glow. It seemed as if a sun had risen from within this Mysterious Underworld powerhouse and enveloped his entire body.

Nalanye seemed as holy and mighty as a divine entity.

It was at this moment that the Sixth Mysterious Demon realized that he had underestimated Nalanye. However, he suddenly realized that it was too late for regrets.

Just as he was about to say something, Nalanyes voice echoed from within the golden glow. "Go to hell!"

A massive, mighty palm mark smashed toward the Sixth Mysterious Demon.

As this palm mark descended, the Sixth Mysterious Demon felt as if everything of his was locked up by this palm mark. He found it difficult to even move, no matter how much he wanted to struggle or escape.

A moment later, the Sixth Mysterious Demon discovered that he could only forcefully try to withstand it. Realizing that he had been overzealous, the Sixth Mysterious Demon quickly adjusted his mental state and used his strongest Sky Covering Mark against it.

The Sky Covering Mark made the heavens tremble and the earth shake.

The Sixth Mysterious Demon had rarely used his full strength in the past. However, he no longer cared about anything else. He just gave it his all.

Thanks to his full power, the Sixth Mysterious Demons demonic light illuminated the sky. Unfortunately, as the Sky Covering Mark collided with Luo Yunyangs golden palm mark, the Sky Covering Mark immediately crumbled.

The Sixth Mysterious Demon looked frightened when he witnessed the Sky Covering Mark crumble. He naturally possessed countless mystic arts and methods considering that he had been able to become the Sixth Mysterious Demon. However, he simply couldnt unleash anything else while he was enveloped by the golden palm mark.

The bright, shining figure in front of the Sixth Mysterious Demons eyes was like a celestial emperor. He couldnt resist it at all.

"I am the Sixth Mysterious Demon. I concede this time and"

The palm mark landed heavily before the Sixth Mysterious Demon could finish speaking. As golden light wrapped around him, the Sixth Mysterious Demons body had already turned into nothing.

The Sixth Mysterious Demon was dead!

All the Mysterious Underworld beings present stared in shock.

In their eyes, the Sixth Mysterious Demon was unrivaled within the young generation of the Mingyun Great Cosmos.

Now, this challenger called Nalanye, whom many people didnt think much of, had actually slain the Sixth Mysterious Demon in one strike!

In the Mysterious Underworld Race, the status of a Mysterious Demon was high and mighty. Ordinary folks couldnt do anything to them. However, killing a Mysterious Demon in a one-on-one challenge was fair.

Nalanye had just slain the Sixth Mysterious Demon in one strike.

There was only one thought on everyones mind: How was this possible?

"Can you even be the Sixth Mysterious Demon based on these standards? Looks like I can even fight for the 1st Mysterious Demons position!" Luo Yunyang remarked casually.

As soon as he said that, he vanished without a trace!