Supreme Uprising Chapter 971

Chapter 971 Sky Moon Peak Battle At The Top

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All sorts of information rapidly gathered in the Endless Underworld.

News of Nalanye challenging the Sixth Mysterious Demon and the Sixth Mysterious Demons reply had cooled off. In the eyes of many Mysterious Underworld martialists, there was simply no need to propagate this type of news, as this fellow was clearly overestimating himself and was just using little tricks to make a name for himself.

The best way to deal with these methods was to simply ignore it!

However, while many people treated Nalanye as a joke, a recording appeared on the forums of the Endless Underworld.

In this short recording, a god-like powerhouse unleashed an attack. It seemed as if everything was under his control and within his grasp.

Vast power gathered in this palm. As it was released, even the colors of the sky and earth changed.

However, what caught most peoples attention was the figure of the Sixth Mysterious Demon. The Sixth Mysterious Demon attacked, the Sixth Mysterious Demon begged for mercy, and the Sixth Mysterious Demon was turned to dust during this battle.

Everything shocked the viewers. They felt as if what they saw wasnt real, but everything had been completely true.

The Sixth Mysterious Demon was dead. There was a line of words in the recording.

Nalanye came and slew the Sixth Mysterious Demon like a dog!

Such words could be considered a massive disrespect to the Sixth Mysterious Demon, but nobody wanted to harp on this matter.

The Sixth Mysterious Demon was already dead, so nobody would want to offend anyone over this small matter. Furthermore, the judgment of the Sixth Mysterious Demon didnt seem to be wrong in the slightest.

How How is Nalanye that powerful? someone asked in bewilderment after watching this clip.

In the eyes of many people, Nalanye was just the successor of a duke. How could such a person be compared to the Sixth Mysterious Demon?

While there were lots of doubts and questions were asked, more people started to analyze the methods that Nalanye utilized. Based on this analysis, many people recognized that what Nalanye used was the God Sky Conversion Technique.

An ordinary Duke successor had slain the Sixth Mysterious Demon after cultivating the God Sky Conversion Technique and had become the new Sixth Mysterious Demon.

However, that wasnt all. Those domineering words had shocked countless people.

Is the God Sky Conversion Technique really that impressive? Someone picked up the God Sky Conversion Technique manual he had gotten some time ago and studied it.

Many ambitious youngsters treated the God Sky Conversion Technique as a huge shortcut.

Therefore, in the Mysterious Underworld Race, more and more people cultivated the God Sky Conversion Technique. Even Heavenly Venerate Mysterious Underworld beings had started to study this cultivation technique.

Meanwhile, Luo Yunyangs words inspired and stirred up many people.

Of course, many people were offended by his words.

The 1st Mysterious Demon, who had returned in defeat from the Dual Realm Sky, was currently training his body. Although he hadnt suffered any repercussions after returning from the Dual Realm Sky, he already felt extremely disgraced.

He actually felt as if he had completely disgraced his family.

This feeling made the 1st Mysterious Demon so uncomfortable that he started to cultivate furiously upon his return. He had only one objective for his cultivationto surpass Luo Yunyang one day.

Luo Yunyang had defeated Jiuzi Xuanming, whom the 1st Mysterious Demon didnt even dare challenge. He had even captured Green Wood Yuan Venerate, one of the Five Qi Mysterious Brothers.

This was like a massive mountain taking root in the 1st Mysterious Demons mind. It made him doubt whether he had the ability to draw comparisons with Luo Yunyang.

Big Brother, I need to consult you about something. He received a message on his communication device at a crucial point in his cultivation.

The 1st Mysterious Demon was pissed about the interruption of his communication device. Although he knew who the sender was, he didnt show any respect to this person.

What is it? You do know that those who disturb me without a good reason have to pay. The 1st Mysterious Demon sounded clearly impatient when he put through the 4th Mysterious Demon.

The 4th Mysterious Demon didnt pay his respects to the 1st Mysterious Demon right away. Instead, he sent an image to the 1st Mysterious Demon.

Although the 1st Mysterious Demon didnt really like the 6th Mysterious Demon, he didnt loathe the 6th Mysterious Demon. After all, this person was still considered a subordinate of his.

A burning desire to fight appeared in the 1st Mysterious Demons eyes when he saw the 6th Mysterious being slain. He didnt shut his communication device. Instead, he asked, Why did you send me this?

Big Brother, that fellow has already challenged me. I cant make up my mind, so I decided to consult you on whether I should accept this challenge. The 4th Mysterious Demon sounded hesitant.

Challenges for the position of Mysterious Demons basically couldnt be shirked easily. However, one could give up his title and avoid a fight if one didnt care about saving face.

Now, the rather intelligent 4th Mysterious Demon intended to retreat.

The 1st Mysterious Demon stared at the 4th Mysterious Demon and scoffed. He could easily see through the 4th Mysterious Demon.

Wanting to back off is right. After all, your cultivation probably isnt capable of matching Nalanye, the 1st Mysterious Demon said.

Although the 4th Mysterious Demon was already prepared for this, he still felt a little unhappy upon hearing the words of his Big Brother.

It felt as if something he had painstakingly looked after and brought up had become the possession of someone else in the blink of an eye.

Big Bro, Nalanye has a huge appetite. Im afraid his final challenge target will be you, the 4th Mysterious Demon said provocatively.

Watch your mouth. This will be the last time I hear such words from you. If there is a next time The 1st Mysterious Demon shot him a cold glare.

Just as the 4th Mysterious Demon felt a little disappointed, he heard the 1st Mysterious Demon continue. Help me inform the new 6th Mysterious Demon that I shall meet him on the Sky Moon Peak in ten days to decide our relative superiority.

Big Bro, you are the 1st Mysterious Demon. How can you challenge a 6th Mysterious Demon? This is

The 4th Mysterious Demon had wanted to make the 1st Mysterious Demon feel displeased with Nalanye, yet he had never imagined that the 1st Mysterious Demon would actually challenge Nalanye on his own accord.

Even though they were both Mysterious Demons, the status of the 1st Mysterious Demon was many times greater than the other Mysterious Demons.

For example, the 4th Mysterious Demon himself was nothing more than an insignificant person in front of the 1st Mysterious Demon.

However, the 1st Mysterious Demon wasnt waiting for Nalanyes challenge. Instead, he had automatically challenged Nalanye. This was a little unbecoming of his status.

Say no more. I have already made my decision! the 1st Mysterious Demon said before he shut off his communication device.

Although the 4th Mysterious Demon was slightly uncomfortable, he didnt dare doubt the 1st Mysterious Demons decision. Therefore, he immediately posted the challenge notice on the forums of the Endless Underworld after ending the call with the 1st Mysterious Demon.

Then, he personally went on a trip and delivered the 1st Mysterious Demons challenge notice to Rose Sky City.

If the Sixth Mysterious Demons defeat by the lesser-known Nalanye had come as a surprise to many people, then the 1st Mysterious Demons voluntary challenge caused huge waves amongst martialists of the entire Mysterious Underworld Race.

The 1st Mysterious Demons status was extraordinary. He was a peak existence that represented this generation of Mysterious Underworld Race powerhouses.

Although he had been defeated at the hands of the Human Races Luo Yunyang, he still had an extraordinary status in the Mysterious Underworld Race. However, he had actually voluntarily challenged Nalanye, who had defeated the 6th Mysterious Demon.

Did he want to avenge the 6th Mysterious Demon?

Many people felt that this notion was simply impossible. After all, the 6th Mysterious Demon and the 1st Mysterious Demon hadnt been friends by any means.

However, if this wasnt the case, then what could it be? Could the 1st Mysterious Demon really believe that the new 6th Mysterious Demon could test his ability?

Powerhouses in the Endless Underworld had all sorts of discussions regarding this matter. On the other hand, Luo Yunyang grinned when he received the 1st Mysterious Demons challenge.

This fellow had been defeated some time ago and was now coming back to challenge him. Luo Yunyang rather looked forward to it. However, what he looked forward to wasnt the 1st Mysterious Demons ability, but rather the position of the 1st Mysterious Demon.

Becoming the new 1st Mysterious Demon would probably allow him to know about matters regarding the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord. After all, the 1st Mysterious Demon would become the Mysterious Underworld Races strongest individual in the future.

I accept! This was Luo Yunyangs reply to the 4th Mysterious Demon when he received the challenge notification. After this reply, this great fight attracted the attention of countless Mysterious Underworld beings from all over the place.

This was a great battle that couldnt be missed. Both the 1st Mysterious Demon and the new 6th Mysterious Demon were very powerful.

Thus, many people eagerly awaited the battle between these two.

The Mysterious Underworld Race also liked betting. Thus, within the Endless Underworld, bets regarding Luo Yunyang and the 1st Mysterious Demons fight sprung up.

Between these two, ninety percent of bets supported the 1st Mysterious Demon.

There werent many people who supported Nalanye, but most of these bettors were mainly martialists who cultivated the God Sky Conversion Technique.

10 days was a short time for Mysterious Underworld Race powerhouses.

The Sky Moon Peak extended for miles and miles. It was the highest peak in the Great Cosmos of the Mysterious Underworld Race, so most Mysterious Underworld beings would have difficulty ascending to the top. However, this time, the 1st Mysterious Demon and Luo Yunyangs clone embodiment would be having a match on that peak.

In no time, countless Mysterious Underworld powerhouses came from all over to spectate. Their objective was to see whether Nalanye, who had risen up like a rocket, would plummet like a comet too.