Supreme Uprising Chapter 972

Chapter 972 Underworld Ancestor True Body

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The moons of the Mysterious Underworld Races Great Cosmos were both cold and penetrating. Even if there was faint moonlight, those without at least a Planet-Grade cultivation would feel as if this moonlight was sharp blades.

On the Sky Moon Peak, which was many miles high, the moonlight was like incisive swords raining down.

For Galaxy-Grade and weaker Mysterious Underworld martialists, the Sky Moon Peak was forbidden ground. Without a compatible ability, going up was akin to throwing ones life away.

The 1st Mysterious Demon was strolling leisurely under the sword-like moonlight. His body bathed in the glow of the moon, creating huge shadows.

"The 1st Mysterious Demon has already arrived, but that vile Nalaye is nowhere to be seen! Who does he think he is to be this pretentious and make the 1st Mysterious Demon wait!" a middle-aged Mysterious Underworld being said with a cold gaze in his eyes.

This middle-aged Mysterious Underworld being had a peak Universe-Grade cultivation. Although he couldnt occupy a mountain around the Sky Moon Peak to watch, he was still considered quite a character.

His words immediately elicited an echo of similar responses.

The new Sixth Mysterious Demon, Nalanye, could be said to have a considerable status now. However, in the eyes of many Mysterious Underworld Race powerhouses, the gulf between him and the 1st Mysterious Demon was too great.

Many people believed that the 1st Mysterious Demon had lowered his status by challenging Nalanye. Now, Nalanye was actually making the esteemed 1st Mysterious Demon wait for him. The word despicable was the aptest to describe him.

"Disgraceful people will do all sorts of things for attention!"

"Perhaps he is afraid. He knows he is no match for the 1st Mysterious Demon, so he deliberately wont be coming to avoid disgracing himself."

"That possibility makes sense too!

All sorts of discussions continued beneath the Sky Moon Peak, as well as on the forums of the Endless Underworld, as people were waiting to view the broadcast of this great battle.

Real bodies didnt exist in the Endless Underworld, so people were even more unscrupulous with their comments and views. In no time, all sorts of verbal attacks were launched at the new Sixth Mysterious Demon.

"Sir Nalanye is the chosen son of god. It is the 1st Mysterious Demons honor to wait for him." Mysterious Underworld martialists who cultivated the God Sky Conversion Technique and were Nalanyes supporters made their voices heard.

There wasnt just one person, but a whole bunch.

Although only a portion cultivated the God Sky Conversion Technique, the effectiveness when all of them attacked at once was not too bad.

In no time, the Endless Underworld was filled with verbal spats between the two sets of supporters.

The 1st Mysterious Demon had absolutely no idea about the situation in the Endless Underworld. He just waited quietly under the moonlight.

When the moon was at its highest, the serene 1st Mysterious Demon suddenly turned his head and saw Luo Yunyang walking over.

Although this was the first time he was seeing the new Sixth Mysterious Demon, the 1st Mysterious Demon felt a sense of familiarity, as though he somehow knew this person.

It wasnt just that. A resentment also welled from his heart and started to fill up his body.

Resentment! Fury!

While the 1st Mysterious Demon wasnt a kind or benevolent being, having such murderous thoughts about a person he was seeing for the first time was really a first for him.

Could this person really be his natural enemy? Otherwise, why would he have such a sensation upon seeing him?

Many thoughts went through his mind rapidly. However, on the surface, the 1st Mysterious Demon was the epitome of calmness. He glanced at Nalanye and said, "You came at the right time. Not early or late."

Luo Yunyang didnt really care much about this challenge. The 1st Mysterious Demon was a previously-defeated opponent. Luo Yunyang was confident about defeating the 1st Mysterious Demon even if he didnt use the power of his body or the attribute regulator.

Furthermore, his cultivation had made considerable progress in the past 10 days.

Now, as he glanced at the 1st Mysterious Demon, who seemed to have changed completely since the Dual Realm Sky, Luo Yunyang shook his head heedlessly and said casually, "Hurry up and show me what you can do. I have other matters to attend to and I am running out of time."

The 1st Mysterious Demons face twitched when he heard this. Although he had voluntarily challenged Nalanye, he had always considered himself a superior existence.

He was the strongest genius amongst the young generation of the Mysterious Underworld Race. His cultivation was many times stronger than Nalanyes, yet this ignorant fellow actually dared speak to him in such an impudent way.

"Alright, if you wish, I shall help you leave earlier," the 1st Mysterious Demon said after taking a deep breath.

Although the two of them were talking about leaving early, the intent in their words was entirely different.

Luo Yunyang didnt continue to squabble. It could be said that his attention wasnt even on the 1st Mysterious Demon. Instead, it was on the token that could contact the other Human Race powerhouses hidden within the Mysterious Underworld Race, which was on Nalanyes clone. He was using this token to see if there were any reactions from his comrades.

Unfortunately, the token didnt produce a reaction.

The 1st Mysterious Demon examined everything down to the smallest detail. As he was prepared to make his move, he concentrated all his thoughts on Luo Yunyangs body.

He sensed that Luo Yunyangs mind was somewhat fleeting. He was shocked for a moment before becoming furious.

What he couldnt stand the most was being ignored after making various preparations and getting ready to launch an all-out attack.

Thats right, he was being ignored.

The 1st Mysterious Demon, who could feel his blood boiling, said icily when Luo Yunyangs gaze met his own once again, "Nalanye, you must know that you arent the only genius in this world. You arent the only one that has been blessed by the heavens either."

As he said that, the 1st Mysterious Demon made his move. Any intent he had to probe out his opponent was tossed aside.

The 1st Mysterious Demon wanted to use his own strength to immediately crush this annoying fellow.

Six arms quickly formed hand seals that in turn formed projections of Ancient Yuan Underworldlings.

The 1st Mysterious Demon had used this method back in the Dual Realm Sky. Therefore, Luo Yunyang didnt seem too worried by the congealing 12 projections of Ancient Yuan Underworldlings.

However, he frowned when the 1st Mysterious Demon condensed his 8th Ancient Yuan Underwordling projection. The 1st Mysterious Demon had clearly exceeded the abilities he had possessed back in the Dual Realm Sky.

However, these methods of the 1st Mysterious Demon still werent enough. Thus, Luo Yunyang didnt make a move. He just continued watching the 1st Mysterious Demons moves.

The 10th Ancient Yuan Underworldling was a winged entity made of bones. In the center of its forehead was a bead that was flickering with light. The forums of the Endless Underworld erupted when this 10th Ancient Yuan Underwordling appeared.

"How is it possible? He congealed 10 Sacred Images out of the 12 Ancient Yuan Underwordlings. This This is just too terrifying." Someone gave this evaluation before adding lots of exclamation marks.

Others also immediately mentioned the difficulties of cultivating the 12th Ancient Yuan Underwordling Sacred Technique and listed the names of Mysterious Underworld Race Heavenly Venerates that had managed to condense 10 Ancient Yuan Underwordling Projections in the past few eons. Each of these names was the name of an outstanding individual.

It could be said that each of these people was an entity that possessed the power to awe and intimidate others.

"The 11th Sacred Image!" As yet another sacred image was condensed, everyone around the Sky Moon Peak started to get worked up.

The 4th Mysterious Demon and the others couldnt help but shout in glee. However, at the same time, some people looked rather sorry. After all, they knew they would never catch up to the 1st Mysterious Demon.

Amidst this hubbub, some Mysterious Underworld beings were filled with eager anticipation as they watched the 11th Sacred Image condensed on the Sky Moon Peak.

What they were eagerly awaiting was the 12 Ancient Yuan Underworldings Sacred Image to be condensed.

Luo Yunyang sighed as he watched the 1st Mysterious Demons aura increasing. He was seemingly starting to be bathed in a hallowed glow.

The 1st Mysterious Demons progress had exceeded his expectations. He definitely wouldnt be able to defeat the 1st Mysterious Demon just by relying on the God Sky Conversion Technique.

He hesitated for a moment before adding the power of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast into his clone embodiments golden sacred glow.

When Luo Yunyang completed that process, the 12th Ancient Yuan Underworldling Sacred Image had also appeared behind the 1st Mysterious Demon.

The appearance of the 12th Ancient Yuan Underwordling made the 1st Mysterious Demon seem like a holy figure. He stood amid these 12 Ancient Yuan Underworldlings like an undefeatable entity.

"Take this, Underworld Sky!"

The 1st Mysterious Demon practically joined his six arms as he said that. The 12 Ancient Yuan Underworlding Sacred Images that were scattered rapidly gathered towards the 1st Mysterious Demon.

The 12 Ancient Yuan Underworldings were all separated when that happened. However, as the 1st Mysterious Demon used Underworld Sky, the 12 Sacred Images gathered in the 1st Mysterious Demons body in an instant.

The 1st Mysterious Demons body rose nearly 30 meters and a vast aura emanated from his body.

At the moment, the 1st Mysterious Demon had already become a golden-black massive Mysterious Underworld being several times larger than normal.

Many Mysterious Underworld beings couldnt help but kneel down when they saw the 1st Mysterious Demon. Although some people were still forcing themselves to stand, their hearts were wavering and they didnt know what to do.

"Underworld Ancestor! This is the Underworld Ancestor True Body!"

Some people shouted, while others bowed!

Unlike the fanatic reactions of the Mysterious Underworld Race, Luo Yunyang realized that he had really underestimated the 1st Mysterious Demon.

As the 12 Ancient Yuan Underworldlings gathered to form the Underworld Ancestor True Body, its might was 10 times more powerful than before.