Supreme Uprising Chapter 973

Chapter 973 Dominant In A Thousand Skies

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Ancient Underworld Ancestor True Body!

If Luo Yunyangs own body encountered the Ancient Underworld Ancestor True Body, he could use his Supreme Unrivaled Fists to smash the Ancient Underworld Ancestor True Body into smithereens.

However, while facing the Ancient Underworld Ancestor True Body, Luo Yunyang realized that his clone embodiment was lacking and his clone was much weaker than it.

His plan was to become the Mysterious Underworld Races top young powerhouse in one fell swoop and then stop the resurrection of the 2nd Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord!

Was he really going to give up on this plan?

The 1st Mysterious Demons attack didnt give Luo Yunyang too much time to ponder this. The Underworld Sky Technique was like a massive ax cleaving at the sky and earth as it barreled over at Luo Yunyang.

Under the tremendous power of the laws, Luo Yunyang found it difficult to even move. It could even be said that the very thought of moving out of the way was really difficult.

Luo Yunyang immediately used the strongest move of the God Sky Conversion Technique, Dominant In A Thousand Skies!

Luo Yunyang had never used Dominant In A Thousand Skies in the past, as using it required absorbing the cultivation of martialists that cultivated the God Sky Conversion Technique.

Furthermore, this absorption was extremely tyrannical. Regardless of what these martialists were doing, their cultivation would immediately be drawn upon.

Luo Yunyang definitely wouldnt have used this method if the Ancient Underworld Ancestor True Body used by the 1st Mysterious Demon had not exceeded his expectations. After all, employing such a method was akin to killing the golden goose.

Six arms rapidly formed hand seals. In just a moment, Luo Yunyang completed the hand seals.

As each of these seals was completed, the golden glow reached out with countless tentacles in every direction.

These tentacles instantly brought Luo Yunyang boundless power. While this power gathered, countless projections sprung up behind Nalanyes body.

They were projections of ordinary Mysterious Underworld beings. However, the instant they took shape, they looked like soldiers escorting Luo Yunyang.

The moment the last hand seal was formed, the countless Mysterious Underworld figures became the size of grains. Their convergence made Luo Yunyangs aura intensify immensely.

Eighth-level Heavenly Venerate, ninth-level Heavenly Venerate Yuan Venerate!

Luo Yunyang had all sorts of ideas about what breaking through to the Yuan Venerate would feel like. However, he couldnt think about anything else while undergoing this sudden breakthrough.

The instant he broke through to the Yuan Venerate, Luo Yunyangs Dominant In A Thousand Skies Technique was unleashed. Dominant In A Thousand Skies sounded complicated, but when unleashed, it was actually a heavy palm strike.

The greatest deeds were achieved in the simplest way!

Unlike Luo Yunyang, who felt that he was unleashing the simplest of blows, the countless martialists watching from the Endless Underworld saw a humongous unrivaled Mysterious Underworld powerhouse dazzling in a golden glow while striking out with its fists.

Golden fists collided with the heaven-splitting power as endless streaks of light exploded on the Sky Moon Peak.

The Mysterious Underworld powerhouses that believed the 1st Mysterious Demon held the upper hand suddenly had doubts when Luo Yunyang attacked.

The golden light shrouded Nalanye and emanated an aura that wasnt inferior to the 1st Mysterious Demon, who had broken through the extreme limits of the 12 Ancient Yuan Underwordlings Technique.

It could even be said that they found Nalanyes attack considerably stronger than the 1st Mysterious Demons in terms of raw power.

Divine light lit up the sky and countless craters appeared on the land. The various mountains surrounding the Sky Moon Peak collapsed and even the stars high up fell like a passing shower.

After this crazy power passed, over a hundred spectating Mysterious Underworld martialists were immediately killed by these dazzling lights.

The blazing lights seemed to reach an extreme limit in an instant. These lights, which seemed able to make heaven and earth stagnate, vanished completely after a moment.

Everything came and went so suddenly. As these lights vanished and the dust settled, the silhouettes of the 1st Mysterious Demon and Nalanye appeared on the peak.

Right now, these two were like two statues standing tall.

Beneath the Sky Moon Peak, countless Mysterious Underworld powerhouses stared at these completely still silhouettes.

Even though they didnt know the outcome of this clash, the battle between these two had shocked many people greatly.

Many martialists that cultivated the God Sky Conversion Technique felt all the power within their bodies emptying. However, this lost power was replenished very quickly. Thus, they didnt know what had happened either.

Although some quick-witted people mulled over the reason for this sudden anomaly, very few people even considered giving up cultivating the God Sky Cultivation Technique.

Even though there seemed to be something amiss with this technique, it provided great help.

Furthermore, Nalanye, who also cultivated the same God Sky Conversion Technique, had displayed a might that fascinated them.

Even if they couldnt achieve a cultivation like Nalanyes, half or one-tenth of Nalanyes cultivation would make them extremely excited and

"Who won?" A minute passed before someone broke the silence of the Endless Underworld. The bodies of Nalanye and the 1st Mysterious Demon still remained unmoving.

However, nobody answered this question.

"What the hell was that technique?" As many peak Mysterious Underworld martialists wondered whether they should ascend the Sky Moon Peak to take a look, the 1st Mysterious Demons voice finally echoed.

Some supporters of the 1st Mysterious Demon cheered when they heard his voice. In their opinion, the 1st Mysterious Demon had probably won this battle.

However, as they were cheering, the 4th Mysterious Demon suddenly had a bad feeling. Based on his understanding of the 1st Mysterious Demon, the 1st Mysterious Demon definitely wouldnt be asking such a question if he was victorious.

Had the 1st Mysterious Demon, who had condensed the Ancient Underworld Ancestor True Body, really been defeated? How could the 1st Mysterious Demon, who had condensed the Ancient Underworld True Body, have lost?

As the 4th Mysterious Demon had these thoughts, Nalanyes voice was heard. "Dominant In A Thousand Skies."

Once this was said, cracks started to appear on the lofty body of the 1st Mysterious Demon. The cracks started widening as seconds passed.

Practically everyone was certain that if these cracks continued to widen, the 1st Mysterious Demons body would surely crumble.

The 1st Mysterious Demon was the one who had lost!

Although many people found such an outcome unbelievable, they had no choice but to accept this reality as they watched the increasing number of cracks on the body of the 1st Mysterious Demon.

Just as they accepted this reality, a soft sigh was heard in the void. A streak of vast light accompanied this sigh and shot towards the 1st Mysterious Demon.

Luo Yunyangs gaze went cold when he saw the light. This light contained the essence of the 12 Ancient Yuan Underwordlings. However, it was perhaps a hundred times purer than the 12 Ancient Yuan Underworldings the 1st Mysterious Demon had displayed.

The person using this method was definitely someone of equal authority with the Middle Hall Master in the Mysterious Underworld Race. Although Luo Yunyang really wanted to slay the 1st Mysterious Demon, the appearance of this person had saved the 1st Mysterious Demons life.

"The 1st Mysterious Demon has already been defeated. From this day on, you are the 1st Mysterious Demon," that person said casually, "The God Sky Conversion Technique has indeed been a top cultivation technique of the Mysterious Underworld Race since ancient times."

"Nalanye, I hope you dont disappoint the Mysterious Underworld Race in the future!"

As each of these words reverberated in the void, the 1st Mysterious Demons body and the essence that had traversed through the void and entered the 1st Mysterious Demon both vanished without a trace.

"Ha ha ha! Didnt I say that the 1st Mysterious demon was no good? Our God Sky Conversion Technique is truly unrivaled!" a God Sky Conversion Technique cultivator said excitedly.

The supporters of the 1st Mysterious Demon were silent. Although they knew that the strange God Sky Conversion Technique had some sort of problem, what would be the repercussions compared to any future dangers they might face? Furthermore, many powerhouses had already reached their limits so continuing to cultivate wouldnt result in too much progress.

Therefore, many of them thought of cultivating the God Sky Conversion Technique.

Some geniuses might deem this cultivation technique beneath them, but deep down they were envious.

After all, even though their innate talent was outstanding, they couldnt become Mysterious Demons even if they cultivated with dedication. Nalaye had merely been the son of a duke. His innate talent wasnt even comparable to their own, yet he had already made this achievement.

Now, Nalanye had made a name for himself in one move. It could be said that he had gained a spot at the peak of the Mysterious Underworld Race.

"Sir Nalanye, I am the third deacon of Ancient Underworld Hall and I would like to discuss some matters with you. This way, please." A Mysterious Underworld Elder covered in twinkling light green scales ripped through the void and appeared on the Sky Moon Peak.

His appearance sent many Mysterious Underworld nobles into a frenzy.

Ancient Underworld Hall was to the Mysterious Underworld Race what Hong Meng Sacred Hall was to the Human Race. It was a place every Mysterious Underworld genius looked up to.

Luo Yunyang felt pleased when he saw that green-scaled elder. His large-scale activities in the Mysterious Underworld Race were finally reaping rewards.

By the time Luo Yunyang and the green-scaled Mysterious Underworld elder left, people had already sent out a string of numbers via special means.

This string of digits didnt seem to have any meaning!

However, when these digits were transmitted to a designated location, they became a messageNalanye, priority assassination, target six!