Supreme Uprising Chapter 974

Chapter 974 Ancient Underworld Hall Returning Ruin Underworld Wheel

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Nalanye, are you responsible for spreading the God Sky Conversion Technique? the green-scaled elder asked.

Although Luo Yunyang had his own opinions about Ancient Underworld Hall, he still responded obstinately, So what if I am?

This technique benefits everyone. Could Ancient Underworld Hall think it is wrong of me to spread it?

The green-scaled elder furrowed his brows. He was the third deacon of Ancient Underworld Hall and was considered someone with a reputable status. Even an Emperor Mysterious Underworld Being that ruled over a region would need to be apprehensive around him.

Nalanye was savagely ambitious!

Although the green-scaled elders impression of this young powerhouse had worsened, he could only endure this for now.

After all, Nalanye had broken through and become a Yuan Venerate in two months and could be considered an impressive genius in the entire Mysterious Underworld Race.

While his breakthrough was the result of the God Sky Conversion Technique, the technique was still a technique left behind by the ancient Mysterious Underworld Race according to historical records.

After mulling this over for a moment, the green-scaled elder replied, Im not saying that spreading the technique is wrong. Im just confirming it.

After he said that, the green-scaled elders tone deepened. Youre now at the Yuan Demon level, so I have to ask on behalf of Ancient Underworld Hall if youre willing to join us.

Joining Ancient Underworld Hall was naturally the best opportunity to infiltrate the core of the Mysterious Underworld Race. Luo Yunyang had been longing for such a window of opportunity to open.

However, he knew that he couldnt display too much zeal, as he might attract unnecessary trouble.

I think Im good where I am. Theres no need for me to join Ancient Underworld Hall and listen to someone else. Luo Yunyang pondered it for a moment before replying.

The green-scaled elders face darkened instantly. In the past, he had only received positive replies whenever he had invited someone to enter Ancient Underworld Hall.

After all, Ancient Underworld Hall had an extremely important status in the Mysterious Underworld Race. Even most Yuan Venerates would feel honored to join them.

Luo Yunyangs cultivation aside, the reason Ancient Underworld Hall was willing to accept Luo Yunyang was because of the God Sky Conversion Technique, which had never appeared in the Mysterious Underworld Race before.

Now, this junior actually dared to speak with such impudence!

Based on the green-scaled elders temperament, he should have stormed off and ignored this audacious fella.

However, after recalling his Hall Masters instructions, he took a deep breath and replied, Entering and serving Ancient Underworld Hall is the responsibility of all Mysterious Underworld beings.

Furthermore, not only can you receive rare resources to aid your cultivation after entering Ancient Underworld Hall, but you can even comprehend the top-level techniques left behind in Ancient Underworld Hall.

The green-scaled elder drew another deep breath before adding, Young lad, do you know how many people have cried and begged to enter Ancient Underworld Hall?

Luo Yunyang would have been caught unprepared if the green-scaled elder had indeed stormed off. If that had happened, he would have been forced to continue making a name for himself.

However, the elder did not leave. Instead, he continued to preach. This confirmed Luo Yunyangs thoughts as he deliberately continued manipulating the elder. Ha ha I have always respected Ancient Underworld Hall. However, I dont think Im worthy of becoming a member of Ancient Underworld Hall.

Dont bother mentioning ordinarily benefits. I hope to receive things that can convince me to join Ancient Underworld Hall.

A murderous intent began to burn deep within the green-scaled elder. He wouldnt mind killing Luo Yunyang right away if he could.

The Hall Master can allow you to cultivate in the Returning Ruin Underworld Wheel for a hundred days and can name you the ruler of this entire Great Cosmos.

The green-scaled elder then added loftily, Of course, you can also choose an Ancient Underworld Artifact as your weapon.

Returning Ruin Underworld Wheel?

Luo Yunyang was moved slightly when he heard these words. The Divine Creation Disc in Hong Meng Sacred Hall was filled with ardent creation force and the Returning Ruin Underworld Wheel contained deathly obliteration nomological laws.

During the great war between the Human Race and the Mysterious Underworld Race, the Returning Ruin Underworld Wheel had dominated the battlefield and swept everything in its path. Even some of the supreme treasures of the Human Race had been crushed to pieces by the Returning Ruin Underworld Wheel.

It was utterly unthinkable that a Human Race martialist could cultivate in the Returning Ruin Underworld Wheel.

A longing look emerged on Luo Yunyangs face momentarily while he thought about this opportunity. The green-scaled elder smirked when he saw the changes in Luo Yunyangs expression.

This was a smug smirk.

Can you add 10 more days to the time I will spend cultivating in the Returning Ruin Underworld Wheel? Luo Yunyang asked greedily.

This I can approve on behalf of the Hall Master, the green-scaled elder answered with a hint of mockery.

Luo Yunyang thought quickly to himself before replying with a grin, If its convenient for you, Third Deacon, why not add even more time for me?

The elders lips twitched, as he suddenly felt that accepting Nalanye in Ancient Underworld Hall might not be the right move.

This chap should really be kept hidden away.

Nothing can be accomplished without rules. Furthermore, do you think the Returning Ruin Underworld Wheel is something that you can use however you want? The green-scaled elder added icily, You might be considered a genius, but let me tell you something. Ancient Underworld Hall doesnt lack geniuses. You have to know the rules and your limits if you want to survive here.

Upon saying that, the elder handed Luo Yunyang a green token before saying faintly, This is your identity token, which is your pass to enter Ancient Underworld Hall in the future. You must not lose it. The Hall Master will not spare you if the spies of the Human Race obtain it, even if you are in no way related to them.

Luo Yunyangs heart shuddered when he heard the words spies of the Human Race. He looked at the green-scaled elder before asking with a flustered expression, How can there be spies from the Human Race in the territory of the Mysterious Underworld Race?

Why wouldnt there be? Do you think they dont exist just because they never appear? Let me tell you something. There are plenty of spies from the Human Race in the territories that our race has obtained.

Remember, its best not to kill a human spy if you encounter one, as capturing them alive is much more useful to us. The tone of the elder turned sinister. But dont worry. Those spies will suffer very soon.

After saying this, the green-scaled elder added proudly, Sort your things out after you return and report back to Ancient Underworld Hall.

As soon as he said that, the elder took flight and shot into the distance.

After watching the green-scaled elder leave, Luo Yunyang then used his spirit consciousness to scan the token. Although it was not likely that the token had been tampered with, Luo Yunyang still chose to be careful.

After examining the token thoroughly, he headed in the direction of the Sky Moon Peak. When he landed there, many Mysterious Underworld Beings gazed at him with reverence.

Greetings, Lord Nanlanye. This loud, crisp sound could move anyones heart.

A feeling hit Luo Yunyang as he looked at the powerhouses paying their respects to him. He felt that he had to be the one with the highest status amongst all the humans that had entered the Mysterious Underworld Race.

Dismissed! Luo Yunyang wasnt that interested in the people paying homage to him. What he wanted most was to complete his mission and return to the Human Races territories.

He felt as though he had lost his objective after becoming a Yuan Demon of the Mysterious Underworld Race.

He had obtained the necessary status and cultivation, but it might not benefit his status in the Mysterious Underworld Race much even if he beat up Jiuzi Xuanming.

Just as Luo Yunyang was pondering his next move, Lanhui, who had become his bodyguard, handed him a letter respectfully.

It was a letter from another Yuan Demon!

Yuan Demon Startling Wind!

Luo Yunyang was familiar with his person. According to Nalanyes memories, Yuan Demon Startling Wind was actually the boss of Nanlanyes father. As the newly-minted Duke of Rose Sky City, Luo Yunyang was considered his subordinate.

However, he had actually come to pay his respects to Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang was curious about the Yuan Venerates in the Mysterious Underworld Race. Hence, he did not reject Yuan Demon Startling Winds request to visit.

However, since Luo Yunyang had acted insolently, he did not appear to be very respectful when it came to the visit of this Yuan Demon.

After all, he had supported Nalanfeng in the past.

Never expected you to soar up high one day, Nanlanye. It seems like my foresight is failing! The towering Yuan Demon Startling Wind, who was clad in golden armor, strolled over with a smile on his face.

Although both of them were Yuan Demons, Luo Yunyangs clone Nalanye was too absurd. After all, he had managed to become a Yuan Venerate in only two months and had even become a member of Ancient Underworld Hall. Hence, Yuan Demon Startling Wind lowered himself while facing Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang was just about to speak with Yuan Ming Jing Feng when he suddenly felt a little surprised. The token the Middle Hall Master had given him earlier had started to illuminate.

Could Yuan Demon Startling Wind be the person he was supposed to meet?