Supreme Uprising Chapter 975

Chapter 975 The Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords Inheritance

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Could Yuan Demon Startling Wind be a Human Race spy?

Luo Yunyang was shocked as he took measure of Yuan Demon Startling Wind, who seemed to have a kind demeanor, as if he was completely harmless.

Alarmed by Luo Yunyangs glance, Yuan Demon Startling Wind smiled sheepishly. "I did handle your brothers matter a little inappropriately, but you should understand, Nalanye."

"Ha ha Back then, you were too low-profile!"

Luo Yunyang did not wish to fall out with Yuan Demon Startling Wind. Thus, he replied with a smile, "Lets let bygones be bygones. But Yuan Demon Startling Wind, since you mentioned it, wouldnt it be a little inappropriate if you didnt compensate me?"

Yuan Demon Startling Wind had the urge to curse out loud. However, upon looking at the completely serious expression on Luo Yunyangs face, he secretly muttered to himself about how insolent Luo Yunyang was.

Both of them were Yuan Demons, but Luo Yunyang actually acted like he was out to devour him just because he had made the first move. How abominable!

After thinking about his motive for this visit, Yuan Demon Startling Wind chuckled. "Compensation is not a big deal. Feel free to ask, Borther. Ill do it as long as Im able to."

Luo Yunyang had no intention of going easy. Therefore, he replied in an unrestrained fashion, "Ive heard that you have a huge Mysterious Underworld Metal mine. Im in need of a few weapons crafted by Mysterious Underworld Metal. Can you gift some to me?"

Mysterious Underworld Metal could be refined by Yuan Demon beings. One tael of Mysterious Underworld Metal would cost an entire nebula.

Making such an exorbitant demand for a gift right off the bat was simply shameless. This was simply intolerable bullying!

Yuan Demon Startling Wind was uncomfortable but wanted to continue feigning civility before Luo Yunyang.

After all, he hadnt achieved his main motive!

"This shouldnt be too big of a problem. Although I do not have a lot of Mysterious Underworld Metal, I should still be able to give you 10,000 kilos."

Yuan Demon Startling Wind laughed heartily. However, upon listening to his words, Luo Yunyang rubbed his hands together and acted a little embarrassed before saying, "Ah! You are really straightforward, Brother. Unfortunately, this is too little. It would be perfect if you could add another 10,000 kilos."

What the heck! I only have 20,000 kilos of Mysterious Underworld Metal, yet you have the nerve to ask to take all of it away!

Yuan Demon Startling Wind felt resentment rising in him as he realized that his acute foresight in not supporting Nalanye back then had been totally right.

Who did he think he was? What a disgrace to all Yuan Demons!

"Ha ha Although Im not too affluent myself, since you mentioned it, Borther, Ill find a way to help you get some more." Yuan Demon Startling Winds tone was extremely sullen.

"Thank you. I knew that you were a good person." Luo Yunyang, who had maneuvered himself some good benefits, casually praised Yuan Demon Startling Wind.

More importantly, he was able to confirm his judgment.

When somebody humbled themselves before you, they had a request to make. Yuan Demon Startling Wind was also a Yuan Demon with a similar status to Luo Yunyang.

However, he remained compliant while facing Luo Yunyangs extortion. This showed that he had to be harboring evil intentions.

The two of them spoke casually for a little more and naturally talked about major events happening in the Mysterious Underworld Race. For example, they discussed filthy secrets between the Mysterious Underworld Race and the Divine Incarcerate Race and other stuff, such as some powerhouses calling for the Mysterious Underworld Race to destroy the Divine Incarcerate.

Upon seeing that it was almost time, Yuan Demon Startling Wind suddenly changed the topic and said, "Brother, I actually came this time because I originally wanted to have a simple conversation. My intention is very simple. I want to resolve some of the unhappiness between us. However, now that you have treated me as a Brother, I have to tell you something."

"Brother, do you know that the six Underworld Halls are preparing for something that concerns the future of the Mysterious Underworld Race?"

After seeing the look on Yuan Demon Startling Winds face, Luo Yunyang knew that he could no longer hold back. Hence, he deliberately looked shocked. "I just obtained my title after defeating the 1st Mysterious Demon. Thus, Im still rather ignorant and ill-informed about the major issues of the Mysterious Underworld Race. Senior Brother, what kind of news do you have? Please share it with me."

"The reason for our races uprising was the revival of the First Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord. Although we have now been separated into six different Underworld Halls, all the Underworld Halls regarded the First Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord as their master."

Luo Yunyang had thought of the First Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord when hed heard about the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord. Unfortunately, he hadnt been able to gather any news about him.

Now, after hearing what Yuan Demon Startling Wind had said, he immediately asked, "Does the First Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord still exist?"

"Of course." Although Yuan Demon Startling Wind looked totally like a rebel in Luo Yunyangs opinion, he still appeared very respectful when he spoke of the First Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord.

This reverence came from the bottom of his heart.

"If the First Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord still exists, then why dont we flatten the territories belonging to the Human Race and make the entire universe domain submit to the Mysterious Underworld Races rule?" Luo Yunyang asked urgently.

"He he Conquering the Human Race is the dream of the Mysterious Underworld Race. Do you think other Yuan Demons have not thought of that as well?"

"Let me tell you something. The Human Race is not easy to conquer. Their hidden forces are very strong!"

The Human Race also had strong hidden forces. Luo Yunyang was already someone with a considerable status in Hong Meng Sacred Hall, but the highest person in command he had interacted with was just the Middle Hall Master.

Could there be true Taiyi Yuan Venerates above the Middle Hall Master?

"Brother, the First Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord is training in seclusion." After saying that, Yuan Demon Startling Wind said with a trace of anticipation, "The Human Race will cease to exist once the First Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord exits his training. That old beings level is something we can never surmise."

Luo Yunyang nodded his head in agreement. "Yeah, even the deacon of Ancient Underworld Hall is a Yuan Venerate. Im curious about what level of cultivation the First Ancient Underworld Lord has attained."

"It would be impossible for me to reach that old beings stage in this lifetime. However, you, my brother, might still have a chance."

Luo Yunyangs eyes lit up when he heard this. He stared closely at Yuan Demon Startling Wind and asked, "Brother, what do you mean by that? Why do you think that I have the chance to achieve what the First Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord has achieved? Do you know something that I dont?"

Yuan Demon Startling Wind chuckled at Luo Yunyangs behavior and said, "Brother, you dont have any foundation, so its normal for you to be unaware of certain things. Do you know that the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords resurrection is imminent?"

Luo Yunyang knew that there was nothing wrong with saying that he did not know. However, he pondered for a moment before replying, "Ive heard of this matter before, but why does the resurrection of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord concern us?"

"It has nothing to do with me but it concerns you, my brother, greatly," Yuan Demon Startling Wind said softly, "Brother, do you know that the Second Ancient Underworld Lord suffered a grave injury? His resurrection would therefore be incomplete. Or rather, his inheritance!"

"My brother, we are basically at a bottleneck in our cultivation. If we want to improve further, we can only do so by obtaining supreme opportunities besides concentrating wholeheartedly on cultivating. In that case, isnt the inheritance of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord considered a supreme opportunity for Yuan Demons like us?"

"So how do we obtain this opportunity?" Luo Yunyang stood up immediately as if he couldnt wait.

"The problem is, you rose up a little late and this inheritance has already been decided behind closed doors. It belongs to Jiuzi Xuanming." Yuan Demon Startling Wind acted as though he felt very sorry for Luo Yunyang.

"Why does it belong only to Jiuzi Xuanming if its a supreme opportunity meant for the entire Mysterious Underworld Race? Why cant I compete for it?" Luo Yunyang felt indignant as he added, "I cant accept this. This is unfair!"

"So what if you dont accept it, Brother? The inheritance is about to be released unless you can make Jiuzi Xuanming give it up willingly."

"If you do not, Jiuzi Xuanming will be the one to receive the Underworld Lords inheritance." Although Yuan Demon Startling Wind spoke seriously, a smirk appeared on his face.

He smirked as if everything was under his control.

Luo Yunyang quickly calmed himself down after seeing the smile on Yuan Demon Startling Winds face. "Brother, since you mentioned this, there must be a solution to it."

"Ha ha ha! No wonder people say that a person with good sense needs no explanation. Brother, youre so smart that you saw through it immediately. Not bad. I have a solution for you indeed, my brother. Furthermore, it isnt a solution that I came up with. It is the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Masters solution."

Yuan Demon Startling Wind guffawed again as he added, "The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master hopes that you can obtain the inheritance of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord. After all, the God Sky Conversion Technique you cultivate was originally the technique of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord."

"As long as you can beat Jiuzi Xuanming in a battle, I can guarantee that the inheritance will belong to you, my brother."

Beat Jiuzi Xuanming!

Luo Yunyang had to admit that he had been no match for Jiuzi Xuanming the previous time that they had met. His stunning Nine Worlds Merge As One Technique had been unbeatable.

However, beating Jiuzi Xuanming seemed like the most effective solution to prevent the resurrection of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord.

Besides, obtaining the inheritance of the Second Ancient Underworld Lord would also be an expected haul for him.

Even if the dangers within the inheritance were considerable, he could dispose of the Nalanye clone anytime he liked.

"Good, riches lie amid dangers. Although Jiuzi Xuanming is formidable, I, Nanlanye, am no pushover either. The inheritance of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord will be mine."

Yuan Demon Startling Wind smirked again upon seeing the resolute, decisive look on Nalanyes face.

This was a proud smirk because he believed his plan was going to work.

"Since you are so confident, Borther, I think you wouldnt have a problem obtaining the inheritance."