Supreme Uprising Chapter 976

Chapter 976 Fight First Then Talk

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Luo Yunyang had a look of resolve on his face as he watched Yuan Demon Startling Wind leave. Luo Yunyang seemed as though he was thriving, but he was actually just like a headless fly knocking into everything.

He definitely had to find the Human Race powerhouses hidden within the Mysterious Demon Tribe.

Yuan Demon Startling Wind could elicit a change from the token he carried. Perhaps Luo Yunyang would have to start from him.

In a moment, a figure appeared beside Luo Yunyang. This too was one of the clone embodiments of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast.

The clone embodiment that used Blue Lotus Daozi as its base already had a sixth-level Heavenly Venerate cultivation base. By relying on his attribute regulator, Luo Yunyang could let the Blue Lotus Daozi clone reach the level of a Yuan Venerate.

In no time, the Blue Lotus Daozi embodiment went after Yuan Demon Startling Wind.

As a Yuan Demon, Yuan Demon Startling Winds speed was extremely quick. He had traveled millions of miles through the void in the blink of an eye.

Just as Yuan Demon Startling Wind thought of a plan, he suddenly realized that his surroundings had changed.

In just a moment, Yuan Demon Startling Wind discovered that his surroundings had already become a sea of blue lotuses. A Human Yuan Venerate was actually standing in front of him.

Upon seeing this Human Yuan Venerate, Yuan Demon Startling Wind was stunned at first. However, a hint of killing intent blazed shortly after.

Human Race I never imagined that I could still encounter a human here! Yuan Demon Startling Wind roared with laughter. You are voluntarily providing me with merit by daring to appear here!

Yuan Demon Startling Wind brandished his hands as he spoke. A golden squall formed and everything around it started to disintegrate.

Blue Lotus Daozis cultivation base wouldnt have resisted in the face of Yuan Demon Startling Wind. However, through the attribute regulator, the Blue Lotus Daozi clone embodiment could be comparable to his main body.

Although the Blue Lotus Daozi clone embodiment wasnt as skilled as the original, it didnt seem to be in any way wrong compared to what Luo Yunyang remembered.

Therefore, the attack unleashed was his own comprehended move called Unrivaled Fists.

A blue glow wrapped around the clone embodiments fist. It contained the power of Three Eras, as well as the Chaotic Yuan Bell Technique and all the various cultivation techniques Luo Yunyang had cultivated over the years.

The fist blasted out and shot towards Yuan Demon Startling Wind.

The furiously revolving golden squall collapsed in an instant. Yuan Demon Startling Wind rapidly retreated, but Luo Yunyangs clone embodiment was even faster.

In just a moment, he had already caught up with Yuan Demon Startling Wind. Furthermore, as the clone embodiment got close, a black millstone appeared formed before its eyes and crashed Yuan Demon Startling Winds mind.

Yuan Demon Startling Wind felt his mind swaying uncontrollably. However, he too had been a Yuan Venerate powerhouse for many years. As he was retreating, an edged golden-black blade appeared in his hand.

Blade-light swept forward, splitting the sky and earth.

Luo Yunyang didnt back off while facing Yuan Demon Startling Winds counterattack. He moved his palms and threw a punch in the direction at Yuan Demon Startling Wind instead.

Yuan Demon Startling Wind was also considered a rather senior entity amongst Yuan Demon powerhouses. However, he found it difficult to hold off Luo Yunyangs attack.

As he used the blade-light to parry Luo Yunyangs fist with great difficulty, Luo Yunyangs hands were already forming hand seals. A blue giant bell was also already crashing down.

Yuan Demon Startling Wind, who was startled, was backing off step by step.

As he was frantically dealing with the blue bell, Luo Yunyang struck the outside of the blue bell.

The massive bell shattered in an instant! However, the power of Luo Yunyangs Unrivaled Fists swept towards Yuan Demon Startling Wind like a tsunami.


Yuan Demon Startling Wind was sent flying. There was a look of fear in Yuan Demon Startling Winds eyes.

As a Yuan Demon powerhouse, he was very difficult to slay. However, he had already fallen into Luo Yunyangs trap and Luo Yunyangs Unrivaled Fists, which were filled with boundless killing intent, made his heart shudder.

He would find it even more unfortunate if he were to die at the hands of this human.

Luo Yunyang attacked once more while Yuan Demon Startling Wind had these thoughts. His attack this time was the Thousand Era Imperial Purposes!

This overwhelming fist strike glowed with a blue light and contained a tremendous amount of power. Yuan Demon Startling Wind felt as though he was going to collapse in the face of this strike.

Stop! I convert to the Human Race. Dont kill me! Yuan Demon Startling Wind proclaimed loudly. Although he had very strict prohibitions on his body, he couldnt care much when he was at deaths door.

Luo Yunyangs eyes lit up. Indeed, the most direct method was the most effective.

He might have encountered additional trouble if he had tried to worm information out of Yuan Demon Startling Wind. Now, this direct confrontation had made Yuan Demon Startling Wind speak the truth under the threat of death.

You are a convert to the Human Race? He he Do you think I will believe whatever you say? Luo Yunyang eyed Yuan Demon Startling Wind and said nonchalantly, I must slay a Yuan Demon this time so that I dont return home empty-handed.

Since you just said that you are an ally of the Human Race, I will give you one chance to present evidence right now. Otherwise, you will die!

Although Luo Yunyangs Thousand Era Imperial Purposes hadnt been unleashed, the accumulated power gathered made Yuan Demon Startling Wind tremble uncontrollably.

He was really terrified that not clarifying things properly would leave him full of regret. If he were to be killed by a Mysterious Underworld Race powerhouse, so be it. However, as a traitor of the Mysterious Underworld Race, dying at the hands of a Human Race powerhouse would be a great injustice.

Therefore, after hesitating for a moment, he spoke up. Mr. Le, please come and verify that I am a Human Race convert!

Once he said this, Yuan Demon Startling Wind relaxed completely.

The moment Yuan Demon Startling Wind mentioned Mr. Le, a figure flew forth from Yuan Demon Startling Winds body.

He frowned when he saw Luo Yunyang, who was bathed entirely in blue light. May I know exactly who you are? Why dont I have any memory of you?

Luo Yunyang sized up the rather large, coarse-looking Mr. Le before having a flash of understanding.

The token he carried had reacted because Mr. Le had a similar token on him.

Since Luo Yunyang was using a clone embodiment, he also took out his own token after some hesitation.

The token on Mr. Le instantly emanated a warm light as Luo Yunyangs token was taken out.

Although the light of these two tokens wasnt intense, they were special and, as the Middle Hall Master had said, identical.

Mr. Le appeared to understand something when he saw Luo Yunyangs token. Thus, he said somewhat excitedly, Could you be personnel dispatched by the Sacred Halls for the operation this time?

Luo Yunyang was now 70% sure when he heard Mr. Le mention the operation. After all, there was a token, a human, and the mention of the operation. An ordinary person wouldnt know about these three things.

Luo Yunyang spoke up. Why didnt you all come to receive me?

We sent men to receive you, sir, but never imagined that the information would be leaked. The Mysterious Underworld Race dispatched many experts to try and kill you. Thus, we had to leave the area first.

Alright, then who is the leader here? I was hoping to meet him, Luo Yunyang told Mr. Le.

Mr. Le frowned. He was a seventh-level Heavenly Venerate, but the difference between his strength and the strength Luo Yunyang had displayed was just too big.

It is only natural for you to meet our leader. However, our leader hasnt been here lately. Im sorry to disappoint you, sir.

Mr. Le then waved the token. Actually, this token should be enough for you to trust us.

Luo Yunyang eyed the token and chuckled. A token is a dead object, but we are living, breathing people. If I cant see the leader, we can only make contact another time.

Mr. Le then said, Sir, I believe that you have already received orders before entering the Mysterious Underworld Races domain to consider our leader the commander-in-chief.

For this sort of non-cooperation, you will definitely receive punishment from Hong Meng Sacred Hall when you return.

Luo Yunyang glared at Mr. Le and said, It was a lapse on your side when I entered the Mysterious Underworld Races domain. Remember, if I ever hear you speak to me in this manner again, I could kill you first!

Mr. Le looked as if he had been wronged. However, he ultimately didnt say anything else. After all, he and Yuan Demon Startling Wind combined still wouldnt be a match for Luo Yunyang.

As the two exchanged a glance, Mr. Le said, The Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords resurrection is upon us. Otherwise, we wouldnt have asked the five sacred halls for help. Now, how do I contact you when we require your power?

After all, the resurrection of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord concerns the well-being of the Human Race. We mustnt let emotions affect our decisions.

Luo Yunyang wasnt afraid of this clone embodiment being discovered at this time. Furthermore, he was 80% sure that he believed Mr. Le. Therefore, he said, This is my only communication jade tablet. You can use it to contact me anytime. Notify me if your leader decides to meet me as well.

As soon as he said that, Luo Yunyang tossed a jade tablet over before ripping the void and vanishing through it.

Mr. Le looked unhappy as he picked up the tablet. He knew that things were this way because Luo Yunyang didnt fully trust him.

However, he too had some slight doubts about Luo Yunyang, who had appeared all of a sudden.

Dont you think that his attempt to kill you is a little too coincidental? Mr. Le said softly as he glanced at Yuan Demon Startling Wind.