Supreme Uprising Chapter 977

Chapter 977 Great Waves

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Luo Yunyang didnt immediately withdraw Blue Lotus Daozis clone embodiment. Instead, he allowed it to roam around.

Although he had reason to believe both Yuan Demon Startling Wind and Mr. Le, Luo Yunyang still decided to be more careful for the time being.

After all, this was the domain of the Mysterious Underworld Race, and he now had some hope of wrecking the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords resurrection.

He couldnt let this hope be lost that easily.

The God Sky Conversion Technique he cultivated was actually a technique imparted by the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord. Luo Yunyang had an ominous feeling when he recalled Yuan Demon Startling Winds words.

However, this feeling could only remain a mere thought.

Three days later, Yuan Demon Startling Wind once again came over and made contact with Luo Yunyang. Luo Yunyang couldnt sense anything amiss with Yuan Demon Startling Winds expression.

The Blue Lotus Daozi clone embodiment didnt seem to have been contacted either. It seemed as if Mr. Le and the others had completely vanished.

Luo Yunyang could understand their actions. After all, their status was different and it was natural to be more prudent when it came to revealing their identities.

"Brother Nalanye, looks like your cultivation has improved even more. So, have you thought about my suggestion?" Yuan Demon Startling Wind smiled at Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang was already completely familiar with this Mysterious Underworld clone embodiment. Hence, he replied with a smile, "I thought about it for a bit. What I got was originally an imparted technique of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord!"

"In my opinion, I should be the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords successor. This sort of imparted technique should have belonged to me originally. I am just taking back what belongs to me."

Yuan Demon Startling Winds lips twitched when he heard Luo Yunyang say this. He couldnt help feeling some loathing for this young wannabe Yuan Demon.

However, despite this loathing, there was also envy. An envy that came from the bottom of his heart. Yuan Demon Startling Wind had made great effort and worked a lot to become a Yuan Demon, yet this person had become one right away.

"You are extremely right, Nalanye. This is yours. No one else but you ought to achieve it. Besides Sky Martial Underworld Hall, we have also gained the support of Sky Gold Underworld Hall and Sky Moon Underworld Hall."

"Ha ha If great underworld halls join hands, this inheritance will be yours as long as you are able to defeat Jiuzi Xuanming!"

Yuan Venerate Startling Wind was rather relaxed when he said this, he had merely said all this for the sake of wrecking the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords inheritance.

Although he clearly despised him deep down, Luo Yunyang still put a pleased look on his face. "Ha ha! Then I will have to trouble you over this. I will definitely thank you if I am able to obtain the inheritance. At the very least, I will help you become an Underworld Hall Master."

"Mhmm Ancient Underworld Hall is really despicable. They clearly know I am the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords successor, yet they dare hand my inheritance over to someone else. This is too unbecoming."

"After I obtain the inheritance, I will definitely get rid of their Underworld Hall Master and appoint you as the hall master of Ancient Underworld Hall."

He will make me a hall master? This fellow really dares promise this much?Yuan Venerate Startling Wind, who was increasingly feeling more disdain for Luo Yunyang, laughed heartily. "In that case, I will have to first thank the Underworld Lord!"

The awkwardness between these two lessened considerably, probably due to common interest. They appeared harmonious now that they were joining forces.

Although Yuan Demon Startling Wind was very likely a Human Race spy, his deacon abilities were still very powerful.

Or rather, the three Underworld Halls ability to act was exceptional. In just a day, rumors of Luo Yunyang accepting the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords inheritance started to spread in the Endless Underworld.

"Ha ha ha Didnt I say that the God Sky Conversion Technique is an apex martial study? You guys just wouldnt accept it! Now, look! Ha ha ha!" a martialist that cultivated the God Sky Conversion Technique declared cheerfully.

There were even more who said, "The God Sky Conversion Technique is a supreme inheritance. I believed Supreme Underworld Hall should give Sir Nalanye an even higher position."

"Right, Im in support of giving Sir Nalanye a higher status."

Amid this chorus of support, people started to add fuel to the fire. "I heard that Ancient Underworld Hall intends to open the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords inheritance. I wonder if the one to accept this inheritance will be Sir Nalanye!"

"It will definitely be Nalanye!"

"Besides Sir Nalanye, who else is even worthy of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords inheritance?"

"Congratulations to Sir Nalanye. The moment he obtains the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords inheritance, his power will rise to another level. People like us, who cultivate the God Sky Conversion Technique, can borrow this power and ascend to greater heights as well."

"Sir Nalanye has already said that once he gets the inheritance, the power we can tap into by using the God Sky Conversion Technique will double."

For the Mysterious Underworld Race, which firmly valued the strength of individuals, doubling ones power was no small matter. In no time, the Mysterious Underworld powerhouses that cultivated the God Sky Conversion Technique went into a frenzy.

Their cultivation base could be doubled without them even forking out anything. Furthermore, they could still tap into the power in combat to raise their combat strength tenfold. Even Heavenly Venerates would covet such a thing.

Although some people claimed the power of the God Sky Conversion Technique cultivators had been extracted during Nalanyes battle with the 1st Mysterious Demon, this still didnt really influence the fervent popularity of the God Sky Conversion Technique.

"Support Sir Nalanye in getting the Underworld Lords inheritance!"

No one knew who started this slogan, but it soon gained impetus and spread throughout the Endless Underworld.

Ancient Underworld Hall didnt care much about the words of these ordinary Mysterious Underworld martialists at the beginning. Ancient Underworld Hall had an even greater status than Hong Meng Sacred Hall in the Mysterious Underworld Race. Whatever they said was the law.

However, as this support for Luo Yunyang increased and even some Heavenly Venerate Mysterious Underworld powerhouses declared their position, Ancient Underworld Hall could no longer sit idly by.

What made people get out of their seats was Nalanyes declaration of his stance. This was announced in the Endless Underworld.

"The Underworld Lords inheritance belongs to no one else but me!"

These words were inscribed on a massive pillar right in the center of the Endless Underworld. As these words contained Luo Yunyangs spiritual consciousness, they glowed brightly the moment they appeared.

Immediately, the God Sky Conversion Technique cultivators got excited and the entire Endless Underworld erupted with excitement when these words appeared.

Ancient Underworld Hall didnt exist in any of the Mysterious Underworld Races Great Cosmoses. Just like Hong Meng Sacred Hall, it existed in an individual space.

However, unlike the plain and simple Hong Meng Sacred Hall, Ancient Underworld Hall was filled with a grand icy atmosphere. A massive place made out of humongous glowing blocks of black eyes stretched throughout the endless sky.

"Too much! This is too much! The gall of Nalanye. To think that he would use such methods to try and get the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords inheritance. Who does he think he is? This is absolutely despicable!" a stern Mysterious Underworld being said with a voice laced with killing intent.

"Grand Deacon, whats the use of getting angry now? Right now, our priority isnt to punish Nalanye, but rather to see how we are going to solve this matter." A warm Mysterious Underworld being spoke. His appearance could be considered rather good-looking amongst Mysterious Underworld beings.

Atop the massive hall was a black-clothed figure seemingly shrouded in darkness. He sat atop a lofty throne, seemingly oblivious to the argument below.

This Mysterious Underworld being could only be described as a know-it-all!

The Grand Deacon, who seemed rather uncomfortable with being interrupted, scoffed, "Letting Jiuzi Xuanming gain the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords inheritance was the unanimous decision of our six great sacred halls."

"Now, this Nalanye came bouncing out and simply doesnt think much of the six great halls. In my opinion, he should be thrown into the Primordial Icy Hell so that he can understand what rules are!"

The Primordial Icy Hell was a punishment that everyone in the Mysterious Underworld Race feared. Many Mysterious Underworld Heavenly Venerates had died in the Primordial Icy Hell.

The Grand Deacons suggestion was simply to not give Luo Yunyang any way of surviving.

The good-looking Yuan Demon looked unhappy as he said, "Grand Deacon, Nalanye is an outstanding genius of the Mysterious Underworld Race. Who knows how many cultivators of the God Sky Conversion Technique are out there."

"This might sound out of line, but even though you have an extraordinary cultivation base, you might not even win if you have a fight with Nalanye."

These direct words made the Grand Deacons face turn black. As Ancient Underworld Halls Grand Deacon, he had great authority so these words made him absolutely furious.

"What did you just say? Repeat it one more time!"

The good-looking Mysterious Underworld Yuan Venerate smiled. "Everyone heard what I said. Unless the Grand Deacons ears have a hard time hearing? If the Grand Deacons ears are indeed defective, I am willing to make the effort to say it once more."

There was a flash of killing intent in the Grand Deacons eyes. Just as he was about to say something, he heard the seated hall master speak. "Seal the Endless Underworld for 100 days."

These words were like a decree.

The deacon flashed a bright smile, as this meant that he had won. The good-looking Mysterious Underworld being didnt seem very pleased.

At that moment, someone said, "Emissaries of Sky Gold Underworld Hall, Sky Martial Underworld Hall, and Sky Moon Underworld Hall request an audience!"