Supreme Uprising Chapter 979

Chapter 979 Stirring Up All Sides

Chapter 979: Stirring Up All Sides
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Brother Nalanye, good news! Yuan Demon Startling Wind was all smiles when he came to the place Nalanye was at. Sky Martial Underworld Hall has already relayed news. Ha ha Brother, you can compete for the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords inheritance already.

Luo Yunyang could tell that Yuan Demon Startling Wind didnt seem at all afraid of being killed judging by his expression. It thus seemed that the people behind Yuan Demon Startling Wind werent simple either.

Thank you, Brother Startling Wind! Luo Yunyang said courteously.

Yuan Demon Startling waved his hands. All I did was just call in some favors here and there. What really helped you gain this opportunity are the three underworld hall masters. Later on, the three hall masters will summon you, Brother. You must make sure to properly express your gratitude.

Luo Yunyang already had a rather deep understanding of the circumstances in the Mysterious Underworld Race. There were all sorts of conflicts concerning the six great underworld halls.

Although Ancient Underworld Hall was the strongest, it still wasnt able to be the supreme authority.

Being summoned by the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master was quite a good opportunity. It would be even better if he could incite internal strife between the six great underworld halls!

With this thought in mind, Luo Yunyang quickly made a decision.

Before ascending to the Heavenly Venerate level, he had known about the hatred between the Human Race and the Mysterious Underworld Race, which was something that could never be resolved.

The hatred within the bloodline and the stance of both sides had already decided everything.

If the Mysterious Underworld Race was powerful enough, they would absolutely exterminate the Human Race without the slightest scruple. Similarly, if the Human Race was capable enough, they would unleash their might on the Mysterious Underworld Race without a second thought.

This was a scenario with no solution.

As a member of the Human Race now situated within the Mysterious Underworld Race, Luo Yunyang definitely wouldnt let the Mysterious Underworld Race have an easy time.

I definitely have to thank the three hall masters. However, I dont really understand much about the three hall masters. I hope you could share some pointers, Brother.

While the two of them were chatting rather happily, their expressions suddenly darkened. Both of them had sensed a powerful aura descending at the same time.

This vast aura seemed to blanket the sky and earth!

As Yuan Demon entities, both of them could sense that two Yuan Demons had arrived. Furthermore, they could sense that the newcomers didnt have any kind intentions.

Although Luo Yunyang didnt know who they were, these people had rushed into Rose Sky City brazenly and their aura made the martialists in Rose Sky City shiver uncontrollably wherever they went.

Now, practically all the Mysterious Underworld martialists in Rose Sky City cultivated the God Sky Conversion Technique. Thus, Luo Yunyang was able to sense all their feelings clearly.

The Mysterious Underworld beings were resisting hard. Some of them had knelt down immediately, while others had thrown themselves to the ground entirely, prostrating in admiration!

Although Luo Yunyang wasnt close to his subordinates in Rose Sky City, this city still represented his dignity. These two Yuan Demons arrival implied that they werent showing him any respect. It was simply a slap across the face.

In the Mysterious Underworld Race, especially amongst Yuan Demons, once face was lost, it would forever be impossible to retrieve it.

Luo Yunyang exchanged a glance with Yuan Venerate Startling Wind and saw slight panic in his eyes. However, it was only for a moment. Soon, that panic quickly turned to slight joy.

However, Luo Yunyang could still understand what Yuan Demon Startling Winds intention was behind this slight joy. He didnt really care too much about the little tricks of Yuan Demon Startling Wind. Of course, he was rather willing to have this battle in order to stir up conflict with the six great halls.

Nalanye, the Grand Deacon has arrived and you still havent come out to receive him! said Ancient Underworld Halls Third Deacon. It could be said that hed had a past dealing with Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang and Yuan Demon Startling Wind had already been surrounded by the spiritual consciousness of these two so trying to leave was simply impossible. Therefore, the two of them rose into the sky simultaneously and flew towards an area outside of Rose Sky City.

This is the Grand Deacon! Are you two still not paying your respects? the Third Deacon said when Luo Yunyang flew over.

Luo Yunyang glanced at the Third Deacon indifferently. He ignored the Third Deacon and instead turned towards the imposing Grand Deacon. Sir, didnt your teachers teach you that guests ought to exhibit certain behavior when calling open someone? Or were you just born stubborn and incorrigible?

The Grand Deacons face twitched when he heard this. As Ancient Underworld Halls Grand Deacon, he had always been mighty and awe-inspiring.

He had wanted to teach Luo Yunyang a lesson. However, he had never imagined that this person would actually chide him in this manner off the bat.

Immediately, the fury in his heart burned even greater.

Nalanye, how dare you say such things! You You should die! Four rays of light shot out of the Grand Deacons six eyes as he said that.

Each of these rays of light contained the power of nomological laws. The rays gathered within the space Luo Yunyang was at.

Flashes of lightning and thunder that could rip the sky and earth gathered together.

Yuan Demons could create and control laws. Four types of nomological laws gathered in the Grand Deacons attack. If these nomological laws were unleashed, a whole Great Cosmos could be shattered in an instant.

The Grand Deacon seemed to be just a Taishi Yuan Venerate, but the might of this attack had actually reached the levels of an initial Taichu Yuan Venerate.

Luo Yunyang understood that the Grand Deacon definitely had some unknown secret art. However, he was still confident about dealing with this sort of attack.

Instantly, Luo Yunyang made his move. As the God Sky Conversion Technique was used, he gathered the power of billions of martialists who cultivated the God Sky Conversion Technique within his palm.

He blasted out this power with a fist towards the core of those four types of nomological laws!

A Yuan Venerates power had always been described as boundless. However, as Luo Yunyang defeated the 1st Mysterious Demon, the number of Mysterious Underworld Powerhouses cultivating the God Sky Conversion Technique swelled.

Although they knew that their power could be borrowed by Nalanye through this cultivation technique, the power that was momentarily taken away was nothing in comparison to the difficulties the God Sky Conversion Technique had helped them overcome.

Furthermore, each time the power was drawn and returned, these cultivators would come to a more fruitful realization of this technique.

Thus, even some Mysterious Underworld Martialists had benefited from this and hoped that their own power would be drawn by Luo Yunyang. If this happened, their cultivation would experience greater progress.


Luo Yunyangs fist collided with the four types of nomological power surging towards him. Vast power immediately formed a massive black hole in the void that frantically absorbed all the power in the surroundings.

The defensive array formations of Rose Sky City were instantly raised to the max. Unfortunately, even so, the city walls constructed of black rock collapsed.

Luo Yunyang was pushed back three paces during this clash. Meanwhile, the six eyes of the Grand Deacon had turned scarlet.

Clearly, the Grand Deacon hadnt gained the upper hand either.

I thought that you would have some amazing methods since you dared to challenge Jiuzi Xuanming. However, it looks like you are way too lacking. Your hopes of obtaining the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords inheritance are simply wishful thinking.

The Grand Deacon grinned at Luo Yunyang. Clearly, he had used this method to express his disdain for Luo Yunyang.

I was also wondering how Ancient Underworld Halls Grand Deacon could only be at this level. Luo Yunyang wanted to cause internal disputes within the six halls.

Since the Grand Deacon had said this much, he would take this opportunity to add fuel to the fire.

Furthermore, as the Grand Deacon was talking, Luo Yunyangs spiritual consciousness sensed that a figure had appeared nearby.

This persons cultivation base and aura both surpassed Ancient Underworld Halls Grand Deacon by far.

Ha ha ha! What you said is definitely right, Nalanye! Some people are just really ignorant. A big, tall Mysterious Underworld powerhouse who had an imposing demeanor had appeared in front of Luo Yunyang and the others.

Although he didnt use any power, his nomological laws had already enveloped the space millions of miles around them. Even though Luo Yunyangs clone embodiment Nalanye was considered a Yuan Venerate, he felt as though he was just a small fish and the other party was a river.

The importance of a river to a fish was self-explanatory.

This was the disparity between him and a Taichu Yuan Venerate. Although Luo Yunyang had confidence in his ability to blast a hole through the encirclement of laws and escaping if he used all his power, his odds of defeating this paragon entity were really slim.

You are Nalanye. You arent too bad if you can say all this! You are much stronger than the Grand Deacon. The Yuan Demon then turned towards Ancient Underworld Halls Grand Deacon. Scram!

Ancient Underworld Halls Grand Deacon was an absolute big shot in the eyes of many people. However, he didnt even dare retort against this berating. Instead, he left right away.

Meanwhile, Yuan Demon Startling Wind greeted the new arrival respectfully. Startling Wind greets the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master.

No need for formalities. Nalanye, although your cultivation isnt too bad, you still cant compare to Jiuzi Xuanming. Are you willing to enter Sky Martial Underworld Hall?

Joining Sky Martial Underworld Hall before even leaving Ancient Underworld Hall was simply a blow to the reputation of Ancient Underworld Hall. If this had happened in the Human Race, Luo Yunyang would definitely have considered it carefully. However, as a human spy trying to cause trouble in the Mysterious Underworld Race, why would Luo Yunyang even worry?

Your subordinate pays his respects, Hall Master!