Supreme Uprising Chapter 98

Chapter 98


When everyone stepped out of the large hall, someone shouted goodbye. All the leaving soldiers faced Luo Yunyang and gave a seemingly ordinary, yet unmistakably firm and solemn military salute.

Luo Yunyang returned the salute silently before he turned back to look at Professor Qin, Zhu Yan and the others. He didn’t start right away. Instead, he sat down cross-legged on the floor.

Power: 66 (Fire: 7, Ice: 6, Wood: 5)

Speed: 11

Mind: 16

Constitution: 78 (Golden Body: 18)

Luo Yunyang studied the figures on the attribute regulator before raising his Mind Attribute to 168, leaving only a few points for his Speed, Power and Constitution.

He used his impressive mind power to simulate once more what would happen during the process of shutting down the controlling mechanism. Unfortunately, when he was done with the simulation, his chances of success were still only 50%.

“Prepare yourselves. We might be bidding this world goodbye soon!” Luo Yunyang said dully as he looked at Zhu Yan and the others.

Zhu Yan bit his lip hard. He knew that Luo Yunyang didn’t need to be there. The only reason he had gone there was because Zhu Yan was there.

If it hadn’t been for him, Luo Yunyang wouldn’t have been sent on this mission. The brotherly camaraderie between them was invaluable.

Zhu Yan muttered something to himself before he said, “I believe in you. You can do it, just like you were able to walk from Donglu Town to Chang’an!”

“I believe in you, too!” Professor Qin shouted suddenly. “I am still waiting for you and Qing’er to give me a granddaughter. I want to watch her grow up!”

Luo Yunyang smiled. He knew that Professor Qin was trying to reduce the pressure he felt.

“Greetings, father-in-law!” Luo Yunyang said respectfully as he rushed over and grabbed Professor Qin’s hand.

Cui Shengdao, Zhu Yan and the other soldiers burst into laughter. Even though this was a dangerous, crucial moment when they didn’t know whether they would live or die, this had unconsciously made them all relax.

Luo Yunyang raised his Speed Attribute to 150. This adjustment would let him get close to the speed of sound and allow him to reach the pearl that resembled the sun in under one second.

Cui Shengdao and the others thought they saw a flash, yet before they could work out what they had seen, the throwing knife in Luo Yunyang’s hand had already shot out.

Luo Yunyang adjusted his attributes in mid-air and quickly raised his Mind Attribute to 150!

The throwing knife’s speed and Luo Yunyang’s speed as he charged forward were so fast that, in the blink of an eye, the throwing knife was already stuck in that bright red sun.

Crack! Crack!

The stone figures guarding the area started to move. The crossbows in their hands had already turned to aim at the mechanism.

By the time he activated the lever to shut down the mechanism, an uncountable number of powerful crossbows were pointed at Luo Yunyang, Professor Qin and the others.

Everything suddenly shook. Heaven and Earth had flipped places!

Professor Qin and the others didn’t have any time to think. By the time they could react, the stone figures that were about to fire at them had suddenly stopped moving.

Meanwhile, the black dragon holding the sun and the moon suddenly started to move as though it had come to life. The dragon raised its claw and swatted down violently at Luo Yunyang.

There was a bright flash of light before Professor Qin and the others saw the falling Luo Yunyang enter a hole that had suddenly split open.

The hole immediately disappeared without a trace!

Luo Yunyang knew very well what clambering up from the depths of Hell, reaching Heaven and then falling back down to Hell felt like.

He seemed to have gone through a hell where only death awaited and reached paradise. When the crackling sounds stopped, Luo Yunyang heaved a huge sigh of relief.

Now that the mechanism had been shut, he would be able to leave with Zhu Yan and the others. However, just as he thought that everything was going smoothly, he felt a sudden immense pressure on his body.

He felt totally powerless to retaliate under this crushing pressure, which made him feel how small and weak he was.

Luo Yunyang, who couldn’t react in any way, was struck down.

When he regained his senses, he realized that the place he was at was actually full of bright light.

The suspended sun was dazzling beyond measure!

Could he have been sent out of Zulong’s Tomb? If that was really the case, then it was great!

Luo Yunyang scanned his surroundings. He realized that, although he could see the large sun that had been suspended in the sky, he could only see in a small radius of a few hundred meters around him.

This was a sky of only a few hundred meters.

Was he being narrow-minded about the current situation, or was this…

Bewildered, Luo Yunyang suddenly thought about Base 7. Was this place a crack in the void, just like Base 7 was?

Luo Yunyang saw a stone dragon that looked like it was about to soar up in the air in what was the center of this pocket of space.

The 30-meter long stone dragon seemed to contain a mystical kind of magic. When Luo Yunyang glanced over at it, he felt an immense pressure repressing him.

Even when he raised his Mind Attribute to 150, he still found this pressure overwhelming.

As Luo Yunyang stared at the stone dragon, he realized that there was a name written in seal script on its eyes.


When Luo Yunyang saw the name and recalled what Qin Wanqing had told him, he reached the conclusion that this was where Zulong’s true tomb was.

Zulong lay beneath this stone dragon!

Although Luo Yunyang didn’t try, he had a hunch that if he took a few more steps towards Zulong’s Tomb, he would find himself buried in this unknown place.

Luo Yunyang took some deep breaths and then looked around. There was a stone house about 60 meters away from the stone dragon.

Luo Yunyang strode towards that house. He couldn’t enter Zulong’s Tomb, so he could only check out what was inside the stone house.

The door of the house was shut. When Luo Yunyang tried to push it open, he felt two strange energies flow through him.

It was a blazing sensation and an incomparable frigidness. The moment these two strange energies entered his body, Luo Yunyang felt the two spots he had acquired though the Ape-Dragon Blueprint start to react.

As the two energies converged with the powers of the Ape-Dragon Blueprint, Luo Yunyang’s body felt immensely comfortable. The two source cores seemed to double in size.

When Luo Yunyang opened the attribute regulator once again, he noticed some changes to his Power.

Power: 77 (Fire: 10, Ice: 9, Wood: 5)

Speed: 11

Mind: 16

Constitution: 78 (Golden Body: 18)

He had merely touched the door, yet he had made huge progress. This was unimaginable. Suddenly, a huge question formed in Luo Yunyang’s heart. What exactly was the relationship between the Ape-Dragon Blueprint and Zulong’s Tomb?

Why did the suspended sun and moon in Zulong’s Tomb contain such a frigid and burning power? Why had this door contained the same power?