Supreme Uprising Chapter 980

Chapter 980 Sky Martial Sacred Bowl

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In the Endless Underworld, nine identical Jiuzi Xuanmings were seated on nine tall erected stones. On first look, there didnt seem to be any differences between these nine.

We are sincerely honored by your presence, Hall Master! The nine voices spoke and reverberated strangely in the void.

If you were sincere, then this whole place wouldnt exist. The Ancient Underworld Hall Master jested.

Jiuzi Xuanming chuckled. You rarely joke with me. Looks like you havent brought good news today.

No good news, the Ancient Underworld Hall Master said, The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master and the others believe that you shouldnt be the only candidate to gain the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords inheritance. They have proposed an opponent to compete with you, and I have agreed.

A faint smile appeared on Jiuzi Xuanmings face. Indeed, the opponent they suggested is interesting.

I know you dont really think highly of that opponent, but I have to say that this person isnt simple.

In 10,000 years, he had always seemed thoroughly mediocre. However, when he mastered the God Sky Conversion Technique that the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord imparted, he soared up at a rapid pace.

A Heavenly Venerate in 10 days, a Yuan Venerate in 100 days. He has even entered Sky Martial Underworld Hall as of now. I believe that the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master would spare no effort to groom him. After all, he hates you to the core!

Jiuzi Xuanming snickered. This fellow is just too sensitive. If I had known that he would turn out like this, I would have smashed him to death back then.

The Ancient Underworld Hall Master said softly, He is just like an extremely annoying housefly. How great it would be if you could kill him

Two authoritative figures of the Mysterious Underworld Race both shut their mouths at the same time. After all, they knew that saying all this now was useless.

Furthermore, at the time, even though the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Masters cultivation hadnt rivaled theirs, he had also been a Shengzi of Sky Martial Underworld Hall who had received their full attention. Their goal to kill the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master was something difficult to achieve.

How is the investigation regarding the spies of the Human Race you were talking about going? Jiuzi Xuanming pondered for a moment before chuckling.

The Ancient Underworld Hall Master replied, The Human Race tried sending Yuan Venerates again the previous time, but they were ambushed. One of their Yuan Venerates was killed, while another was seriously hurt.

Its just a pity that we still havent completely captured the human spies hidden in our midst. However, their time will be up soon.

Jiuzi Xuanming nodded his head. Is there any news about Luo Yunyang from the Human Race?

Yes, Luo Yunyang is currently in seclusion. However, before he entered seclusion, he slew one of the human Yuan Venerates we took great pains to force to submit to us, the Long Family Patriarch.

Although that person was a Taishi Yuan Venerate, he was still someone with considerable fighting ability amongst Yuan Venerates. It was a pity that he died.

A look of anticipation flashed through Jiuzi Xuanmings eyes. If he killed a Yuan Venerate, it looks like his cultivation has progressed considerably since the Dual Realm Sky.

I really hope to be able to have a fight with him to determine my superiority. The sooner, the better. Otherwise, once I obtain the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords inheritance, it would feel like a one-sided battle even if I were to defeat him.

Jiuzi Xuanmings tone was placid, but there was absolute confidence within his placid tone.

The Ancient Underworld Hall Master chuckled. I still hope that you will be able to encounter Luo Yunyang again before you accept the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords inheritance. Actually, crushing him would be rather good.

The Ancient Underworld Hall Master then said, The Divine Incarcerate Races Wanyu Sacred Mountain shouldnt pose too much of a problem to you. However, I hope that you will still take it seriously. If you were to lose, it would be really humiliating for me.

Jiuzi Xuanming eyed the Ancient Underworld Hall Master and said icily, You should stop making such brainless comments.

The two of them chatted and joked for a while more before the Ancient Underworld Hall Master turned to leave. However, he had only traveled a hundred miles when he looked at his left palm.

A jade pendant was in his palm. Some words were flickering on the jade pendant. Preliminary investigations have ascertained that Luo Yunyang is amongst the people who have entered our races domain to try and disrupt the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords successor.

Luo Yunyang, you have actually come to the Mysterious Underworld Races domain. Dont even think about returning. The Ancient Underworld Hall Master muttered to himself as he saw the words flashing on the pendant in his hands.

Naturally, Luo Yunyang didnt know that he had already caught the attention of a big shot like the Ancient Underworld Hall Master. Unfortunately, even if he had known, he still wouldnt have come out or interacted with the Ancient Underworld Hall Master.

At the moment, he was inside a pool full of entirely black fluid. The pool of black fluid stretched for miles and seemed to be so deep that it was bottomless.

Gurgle, gurgle!

Sounds of surging water echoed throughout the huge pool. However, when Luo Yunyangs body entered this pool, the first thing he felt was an ice-cold sensation.

A coldness that chilled the soul. Even though this was the body of a Mysterious Underworld being that already had the cultivation base of a Yuan Venerate, this coldness still made his heart shiver.

However, in Luo Yunyangs opinion, the might of this black pool wasnt this icy chill but the dark and abstruse power contained within this black fluid.

This power would allow the body of a Mysterious Underworld being to evolve. If this evolution were to occur on a human body, it would most likely lead to death.

Thats right, death! After all, Luo Yunyang concluded that this fluid was a hundred times stronger than a top-tier poison.

Fortunately, the clone embodiment Luo Yunyang was using had been derived from the body of a Mysterious Underworld Being and had the special characteristics of that race.

He didnt feel that anything was wrong in the black pool. He actually felt like a fish in water.

Brother, looks like you worry too much. Two figures were high above, overlooking Luo Yunyang and the pond.

The person who had spoken was the Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master. Gathering this much Taiyin Source Fluid took great effort. Using it all up in one shot like this is a great loss!

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master chuckled. Its better to be careful than make a huge blunder. Although I know that the possibility of this young fellow being a Human Race spy is really low, I still have to make sure. You know it as well. This matter is too important.

We absolutely cannot let the Mysterious Underworld Races ultimate treasure help a human. If that happened, I would just become a disgrace to the entire Mysterious Underworld Race.

At this point, the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master laughed. Besides, this Taiyin Source Fluid of yours is a top treasure used for refining the body in our race. His cultivation base soared by relying on the God Sky Conversion Technique, but his bases arent stable. This sacred fluid would be of great help to him!

The Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master scoffed. You have said so much, but it just looks like you want to take advantage of my sacred fluid. However, it wouldnt be an easy task for this young fellow to overcome Jiuzi Xuanming. You have to be prepared for the possibility of failure.

So what if we fail? In any case, I just want to embarrass that brat Jiuzi Xuanming and make him understand that not everything in the world is meant to be his. The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Masters tone was somewhat furious.

Time passed by quickly as the two of them were conversing and the black pond water started to slowly become lighter in color. Finally, when the fluid in the pond had become completely pure, Luo Yunyang rose into the air.

On the surface, he didnt seem much different, just a bit more austere. However, both the Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master and the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master could sense that the vitality within Luo Yunyang had doubled after he had entered the black pond.

Good, you havent disappointed me this time, the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master told Luo Yunyang, You have to thank the Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master for the Taiyin Source Fluid used to temper your body. Now, I shall take you to a good place.

As soon as he said that, the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master nodded his head at the Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master and said, Ill see you again in a bit.

Luo Yunyang was rather looking forward to the place where the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master would take him now. After all, the Taiyin Source Fluid had allowed his cultivation to rise to new heights.

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master waved his sleeves and the two of them weaved through the void. In the blink of an eye, Luo Yunyang realized that he had appeared within a vast world.

The spiritual essence there was abundant. While it couldnt be compared to bathing within the Taiyin Source Fluid, it wasnt that far off.

What you have to do here isnt cultivate but breathe. As the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master said that, his hand rapidly formed hand seals. Once his six hands had formed different hand seals, the fog in the void started to surge rapidly.

When the vapor all around became weaker, Luo Yunyang saw a huge bowl coming over from a distance.

Although this was the first time Luo Yunyang was seeing this huge bowl, he had the same feeling as when he had seen the Great Obliteration Millstone.

This was Sky Martial Underworld Halls treasure. If he could get this item and take it out, it would definitely be shocking.

However, Luo Yunyang could sense that this huge bowl had been completely refined by someone. If he were to steal this huge bowl, then he would really be courting death.

This is Sky Martial Underworld Halls ultimate treasure, the Sky Martial Sacred Bowl. There is boundless essence as well as countless ancient marks here. I hope that some of these marks will be of use.

Remember, you have to immediately retract your spiritual consciousness when your mind feels like crumbling upon seeing some things. Otherwise, I wont be able to save you either.

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master exhorted seriously. Luo Yunyang actually thought that the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master was a good person based on the look of concern on his face!