Supreme Uprising Chapter 981

Chapter 981 Thousands Of Mystic Abilities

Chapter 981: Thousands Of Mystic Abilities
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With the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Masters help, Luo Yunyang entered the Sky Martial Sacred Bowl. As the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master made hand seals, Luo Yunyangs body entered the Sky Martial Sacred Bowl rather easily.

If the fog in the previous space he had been at was surging, then upon entering the Sky Martial Sacred Bowl, Luo Yunyang felt as though his surroundings were like a marsh.

This marsh-like spiritual essence made it somewhat difficult for him to even move.

Exactly what sort of precious substances were in this abundant spiritual essence that made it so powerful?

Upon recalling the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Masters prior advice, Luo Yunyang quickly found a spot and sat in a lotus position, using his mind powers to probe all around him.

Although Luo Yunyang was using the God Sky Conversion Technique now, in terms of cultivating mind power, the God Sky Conversion Technique wasnt inferior to any of Luo Yunyangs other cultivation methods.

In no time, Luo Yunyangs mind power had already shrouded a radius of 1,000 miles.

Given Luo Yunyangs cultivation base, enveloping an entire Great Cosmos with his mind power was an easy feat.

However, his mind power could only extend for 1,000 miles.

In this 1,000-mile radius, Luo Yunyang immediately discovered nine strange colored streaks that seemed like a rainbow of spirit essence stretching through the sky.

After pondering slightly, Luo Yunyang immediately chose to draw close to one of these streaks. When his spiritual consciousness approached that spiritual essence, an enormous golden rock appeared in his mind.

The golden roc stretched its wings and 108,000 sword-lights showered the land like a torrential rainstorm.

Not only was this sort of cultivation technique thoroughly ferocious, but it was also sharp and incisive. Luo Yunyang felt that, in the face of this ferocious flurry of 108,000 sword-lights, the wisest and best decision would be to escape as fast as possible.

After all, these 108,000 sword-lights didnt seem easy to deal with. Forcefully going up against this type of sword-lights would be a very bad choice.

However, the moment those 108,000 sword-lights appeared, a sleeve also appeared in the void. Yes, a sleeve.

Upon seeing this sleeve, a magnificent absorbing strength appeared. The 108,000 sword-lights and that massive golden roc that had unleashed the sword-lights were sucked into those robe sleeves in an instant.

As these lights scattered, Luo Yunyang felt many thoughts going through his mind. Although he had seen most clearly the usage of those 108,000 sword-lights, what interested him the most was the sleeve that seemed capable of engulfing everything.

With a wave of a sleeve, everything would become his.

Quite a bit of comprehension entered Luo Yunyangs mind. However, he gained little regarding the sleeve that absorbed everything.

After all, the nomological law contained when waving that sleeve was really powerful. On top of that, Luo Yunyang had seen too little of it.

This streak of spirit essence, which was like a rainbow, was mainly trying to show the cultivation technique of those 108,000 sword-lights.

This sort of technique wasnt really of much use to Luo Yunyang. Thus, he didnt choose to absorb the spirit essence containing the 108,000 sword-lights.

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master had told him before entering the Sky Martial Sacred Bowl that he could at most absorb two spirit essences.

He had to completely comprehend the cultivation technique displayed within the spirit essence if he wanted to absorb it. Otherwise, a forceful absorption would very likely result in implosion.

Luo Yunyangs spiritual consciousness landed on the other few streaks of spirit essence. Their strength was similar to the spiritual essence that displayed the enormous golden-winged roc.

The cultivation techniques they displayed werent much weaker or stronger either.

There was a mountain-like Sacred Image that could crush the sky and land and 10,000 streaks of golden light that purified everything

All the displayed cultivation techniques in these glowing spirit essences contained ordinary nomological law power. From what Luo Yunyang saw, the beings that had used these techniques in the past were all Yuan Venerate entities.

Judging by these spirit essences, they were basically buried within the Sky Martial Sacred Bowl.

After roughly looking through all these cultivation techniques once again, Luo Yunyang moved forward to the area with even denser spiritual influence. According to what the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master had said, stronger spirit essences were contained where the spiritual influence was greater.

The stronger a spirit essence was, the greater the mystic ability contained within it.

As he continued advancing, Luo Yunyang came across dozens of spirit essences. These spirit essences had different origins, but the battle scenes contained within them were even greater than the previous ones.

One of them in particular showed a black ape that formed a huge square-edged rod from the power in his surroundings. Although there werent any other variations, it had the power to shatter anything.

It could be said that this rod possessed the might to break 10,000 techniques.

If the spirit essence of this black ape hadnt been too weak, Luo Yunyang would have completely absorbed this spirit essence into his own body.

However, even though he didnt absorb the spirit essence of the black ape, Luo Yunyang still sat in a lotus position before that black spirit essence and seriously tried comprehending it for quite some time, until he had fully understood the mysteries of this black apes move.

Ten, twenty, ninety

In the end, Luo Yunyang even forgot exactly how many spirit essences he had walked past. Through these spirit essences, he saw countless battles and witnessed some Origin Source Laws that he wouldnt ever have thought of.

He even saw a law of the four properties that could be considered very mysterious and could make an opponent crash to the ground in a matter of breaths.

However, Luo Yunyang didnt choose this cultivation method either. Even though this Four Property Law would be really great to use, its requirements exceeded Luo Yunyangs abilities.

As Luo Yunyang continued to advance, a thought he had puzzled him even more. As he had been walking forward, he hadnt actually sensed a single figure that belonged to a human.

Could no Human Race powerhouses have fallen here before?

This was a paragon treasure of the Mysterious Underworld Race, so it was impossible that no Human Race powerhouse had fallen here before. While Luo Yunyang was a little confused, he finally saw a human figure as he neared a purple spirit essence.

Luo Yunyang felt somewhat shocked when he saw this human. After all, what this person was wearing was identical to what a cultivator would wear according to some information and records he had viewed back in the Da Alliance.

He was wearing purple robes with an embroidered black-and-white Yin Yang diagram. It seemed as if this person was faintly discernible and saintly. Before he had entered the stars, Luo Yunyang had even wondered whether he would run into the fabled characters of the Da Alliances fables.

Afterward, he realized that he had overthought. In the vast and endless starry sky, he had really never encountered any such person.

Instead, what he came across were mostly martialists. All sorts of martialists that were pursuing the pinnacle.

This daoist moved his arms and a huge golden mark formed in the void. This giant mark was formed entirely of laws and every single ripple seemed to contain a magnificent divine might.

As the huge mark fell, the sky, the earth, and the void shattered. There was a boundless power that Luo Yunyang felt was close to his own Tyrannical Fist.

As he vaguely comprehended the huge mark in the void, bits and pieces of understanding filled his mind.

This huge mark contained at least five different types of Origin Source Laws. It would benefit Luo Yunyang greatly if he could completely comprehend it. Thus, without any hesitation, Luo Yunyang sat in a lotus position before it and started to comprehend the huge mark.

Time passed quickly and Luo Yunyang quickly lost track of how long he had been sitting in front of this spirit essence. However, when he opened his eyes, there was a hallowed glow in it.

The sky and earth were overturning, great and unbending!

This was what Luo Yunyang came to realize about this cultivation technique. However, after hesitating for a while, he didnt choose to absorb the purple spirit essence that the purple-robed daoist had left behind.

This was not because he didnt want to, but because of the limits the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master had given him before he had entered. Or rather, because of the restrictions of the Sky Martial Sacred Bow.

He hadnt yet reached the extremities. Even though this spirit essence was not bad, there would still be even more powerful choices ahead.

Although Luo Yunyang knew that this mentality of hoping for even better things wasnt that healthy, he still advanced without turning back.

As he continued advancing, the spirit essences that belonged to humans increased. Amongst them, the one that left Luo Yunyang with the most thoughts was the spirit essence of a daoist with a face as smooth as jade. This persons strongest technique was his body.

Regardless of what attacks came his way while he was facing enemies, this daoist would block them all with one punch. The attacks striking his body didnt seem to affect him at all.

Luo Yunyang properly comprehended this daoists cultivation technique as well. However, in the end, he still chose to give it up.

Even though he felt that giving it up was really a pity.

After advancing for who knew how long, Luo Yunyang realized that the fog before him seemed to have cleared slightly.

However, he felt that every step inside this clear fog had become extremely difficult. The area his spiritual consciousness shrouded had also dropped to a 10-mile radius.

For a Yuan Venerate, a 10-mile radius was really limited.

He was already nearing the limits of this body. Luo Yunyangs body felt like it was tearing apart with each step he took. He knew that the best choice right now was to retreat.


Luo Yunyang felt somewhat reluctant. After walking this much, he realized that he had truly reached the central point of the Sky Martial Sacred Bowl. He was really unwilling to turn around and leave just like this.

However, if he didnt leave, the possibility of him imploding was really great.

After some consideration, Luo Yunyang made a decision. The exceptional opportunity in the Sky Martial Sacred Bowl might be difficult to obtain but it was worth taking a risk for.

Therefore, he used the attribute regulator in his mind to transfer the various attributes of his main body into the Chaotic Four-Origin Beasts clone embodiment.

With the support of the attribute regulator, Luo Yunyangs somewhat difficult steps once again became firm.

Finally, Luo Yunyang encountered a spirit essence after he had converted half of his main bodys attributes.

It was a light green spirit essence that shot straight into the nine skies!