Supreme Uprising Chapter 985

Chapter 985 Thousands Of Treasures Falling Like Rain

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Luo Yunyang was triggered when he saw someone laughing at him! Who was it?

Although this person followed the powerhouses of the Ancient Six Families, he obviously looked out of place amongst them.

After all, his cultivation was only at the third level of the Heavenly Venerate.

Although a third-level Heavenly Venerate could easily dominate a region, they were only considered cannon fodder in such a situation.

Furthermore, the other powerhouses from the Six Ancient Families seemed like they were deliberately trying to keep some distance from him. This made Luo Yunyang understand something immediately.

Youre actually laughing. Do you think the Mysterious Underworld Race is a joke? Luo Yunyang snapped at that person instantly.

Both the Third Patriarch of Si Clan and the number one figure among the younger generation of the Ancient Six Families, Yun Tiansheng, were rather apprehensive when they saw Luo Yunyang. After all, this powerhouse of the Mysterious Underworld Race had some opinions against their families.

Not just opinions, but strong negative opinions.

Hence, they immediately looked at the grinning man. Meanwhile, the mans companion beside him hurriedly swung his palms towards the man. Ouyang Tengfei, what are you smiling at? Quick, apologize to Sir.

The slap was performed without any secret technique. It was merely a simple swing of the palm.

However, the man used a mysterious body technique to evade the palm of his companion.

How dare you dodge it! The man who swung the palm was furious.

He did not retaliate. Instead, he continued to dodge. On top of dodging, he also retreated to Luo Yunyangs side.

Sir, Im not related to the Ancient Six Families. I heard that you have a lot to comment on the Human Race and thus decided to smile at you. Its my way of showing absolute agreement to your supreme insight, the man said while dodging.

Luo Yunyang looked at the man and chuckled. The Human Race is interesting indeed!

As soon as he said that, he sent out his palm. Even though he did not execute any formidable techniques, his palms still smacked the shoulder of the disciple from the Ancient Six Families that was pursuing the man.

The angry, imposing disciple of the Six Ancient Families was sent flying before crashing onto the ground heavily.

The other people from the Ancient Six Families were furious when they saw their companion get smacked to the ground like a fly.

Yun Tiansheng, who was akin to a king in the Six Ancient Families, had to suffer repeated humiliation at the hands of Nalanye.

This made him extremely pissed. It could even be said that he was on the verge of exploding in rage.

If he had not known that this wasnt the place for him to behave atrociously, he would have struck that vile Nalanye.

While he was fuming in anger, the fallen disciple of the Ancient Six Families had stood up and recovered from his sorry state.

Although he managed to get back on his feet, his entire vitality felt nearly exhausted.

Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master, what is this about? Si Yun demanded while helping the disciple to his feet and providing him with a medication pill.

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master snorted as he told Luo Yunyang, Get back and remember not to touch anyone from the Six Ancient Families at will.

Although the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master acted in an imposing manner, he handled Luo Yunyang in a rather soft and easy way, as though this wasnt anything of importance.

The faces of Si Yun, Yun Tiansheng, and the others turned darker.

Since the Hall Master has said so, Ill forget about this matter. Upon saying that, Luo Yunyang turned to look at the ordinary but crafty man and said, Youre interesting. Im in need of a subordinate. Follow me.

He shot a glance at Yun Tiansheng after speaking, implying that he wouldnt act kindly if anyone dared to object.

Yun Tiansheng wasnt very concerned about losing a servant, but Luo Yunyangs attitude infuriated him greatly.

This was simply a slap to his face!

Just as he was about to speak, Si Yun walked beside him and said something. Eventually, Yun Tiansheng scoffed and did not speak any further.

Thank you, Sir. The Human Race Heavenly Venerate arrived beside Luo Yunyang and greeted him respectfully.

What is your name? Why did you get into the Six Ancient Families? Luo Yunyang looked at the Human Heavenly Venerate as he spoke.

My name is Ouyang Tengfei. Originally, I did not have any relationship with the Ancient Six Families. However, some time ago, I met the eldest daughter of the Wa family and it was love at first sight. The rest is history Ouyang Tengfei looked at Luo Yunyang with a face full of embarrassment.

This person had fallen for the eldest daughter of the Six Ancient Families. Luo Yunyang shot a glance at Ouyang Tengfei and said, Then tell about it. Is the eldest daughter you fancy here?

No, she begged her family to forgive me and was grounded. The reason Im here is because the Six Ancient Families needed some cannon fodder during the treasure competition.

Their disciples are precious to them so they naturally would not bear to see them die. Thus, they brought us to beef up the numbers.

Luo Yunyang took a good look at Ouyang Tengfei and immediately sensed his cultivation. However, he still felt that there was something indistinct on Ouyang Tengfeis body.

Luo Yunyang couldnt point out exactly what was unclear.

Im from the Mysterious Underworld Race. Even if you hold a grudge against the Six Ancient Families, wouldnt it be too sudden if you simply defected to me? Luo Yunyang glanced at Ouyang Tengfei and added, Convince me with a good reason.

If I cant believe this reason, then Im sorry but youll have to die in my hands. Luo Yunyang pondered for a moment before speaking to Ouyang Tengfei.

Ouyang Tengfei was slightly hesitant upon hearing this. He looked at the serious expression on Luo Yunyangs face and sensed that this person wasnt messing with him.

His intuition told him that relying on this Mysterious Underworld Race elite was his only way out. He followed his intuition and made a decision.

However, Luo Yunyang was still a Mysterious Underworld Race elite. There was nothing he could do if Luo Yunyang wanted to kill him.

I was born with the gift of getting premonitions. This time, my senses tell me that youre my only way out, Ouyang Tengfei said earnestly.

Luo Yunyang heard Ouyang Tengfeis somewhat mysterious words and nodded his head gently. I can accept this reason for the time being.

After saying that, he smiled and added, If you can get premonitions, can you tell me why you still made a move to confess your love to the eldest daughter of one of the Ancient Six Families?

I determined that she was going to be my wife the moment I set my eyes on her. Therefore, I didnt care too much about the consequences and went ahead. However, I never thought that someone as irritating as Yun Tiansheng would be beside her.

Ouyang Tengfei gently crossed his hands and added, I always seek luck and avoid calamity, but I didnt expect to encounter such a situation.

Luo Yunyang was silent while Ouyang Tengfei spoke, as if it wasnt his fault. Then, he said faintly, Do you know what being obsessed is like? I think youre being blinded by her charm.

Blinded by charm? Am I, Ouyang Tengfei, someone who lusts after things? Let me tell you something. I really felt that she was going to be my future wife and I chose to be with her

Although Luo Yunyang scoffed at Ouyang Tengfeis words on the surface, he was about 90% convinced by his abilities. Seeking luck and avoiding calamity usually had no effect in times like this, but it could have extraordinary uses during critical moments.

While the two of them were speaking, the powerhouses from the Divine Incarcerate Race also arrived. When Luo Yunyang and the rest reached a palace hall prepared by the Divine Incarcerate Race, they found out that three or four forces had already gathered there.

Those forces belonged to different races but they werent weak. Most of them were also rather cordial when they met the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master and Jiuzi Xuanming.

Alright, its about time. The storm created by the supreme treasure this time is about to begin. Everyone, please be prepared! an authoritative figure of the Divine Incarcerate Race said. His status was not any lower than the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Masters status.

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master and the rest became serious when they heard the words of this Divine Incarcerate being. The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master even asked Luo Yunyang to come over. Nalanye, were looking at the value of the treasures both of you obtained this time. Remember, you must choose the best one. Otherwise, everything will go down the drain.

Although Luo Yunyang knew that he wasnt doing this for himself, he still responded earnestly, Thank you, Hall Master. I will not let you down.

Jiuzi Xuanming saw the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master calling Luo Yunyang over to explain the situation but did not say a word. He acted as if this had nothing to do with him whatsoever.

As for Wanyan Tiannu and the other three, they were focusing their attention on the vast void.

After a short while, a thundery boom echoed from the void without any warnings and a ray of extremely bright light shot over from thousands of miles away.

When the light appeared, the boundless force of the impact shattered everything in its path into pieces.

The mighty light gradually faded when it shot up thousands of miles away, while trails of different colored lights fell down like shooting stars in all directions.

Every fallen star was a supreme treasure!

Although Luo Yunyang was not aware of the origin of Wanyu Sacred Mountain, most of the supreme treasures that came flying out were pretty impressive.

Even Luo Yunyang could not tell which one was more powerful with his naked eyes. Hence, after pondering for a moment, he looked at Ouyang Tengfei.