Supreme Uprising Chapter 986

Chapter 986 Convergence From All Sides

Chapter 986: Convergence From All Sides
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Ouyang Tengfei, which one do you think is the most valuable treasure? Luo Yunyang asked.

Ouyang Tengfei was watching the horizon when he heard Luo Yunyangs question. He had an awkward look in his eyes.

Upon sensing that Luo Yunyangs face was turning darker, Ouyang Tengfei answered, Sir, I think you should be able to obtain that treasure.

The treasure pointed out by Ouyang Tengfei was a spot of light flying at a corner of the sky. Although it was not clear what the light spot was, it seemed much dimmer compared to the others. It shouldnt be a treasure that was too strong.

Luo Yunyang hadnt even noticed that light spot.

The supreme treasure was wrapped in divine light, so it was hard for Luo Yunyang to find out what was inside even if he used his mind power.

Ill listen to you this time. You know what will happen if youre wrong! Luo Yunyang took flight into the air and dashed towards the divine light.

He really wasnt at ease around Ouyang Tengfei. After all, he did not know him very well.

The reason he went with Ouyang Tengfeis decision was because Luo Yunyang had no obvious choice to make this time.

Since every option looked the same to him, it wouldnt hurt to try Ouyang Tengfeis selection.

The other reason was because Luo Yunyang still somewhat trusted Ouyang Tengfeis foresight technique.

Although he had some doubts over his claim that he and the eldest daughter of the Wa family were a match made in heaven, Luo Yunyang still had a vague intuition that Ouyang Tengfei wasnt bragging.

Luo Yunyang was the first to make a move. Just as he soared towards the divine light, a figure beside Jiuzi Xuanming also dashed forward.

This figure, who had a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate cultivation base, immediately blocked off Luo Yunyang the moment he took flight.

Fast This was the right word to describe that person.

This was also partly because Luo Yunyang hadnt gone all out, but the other persons cultivation should be quite considerable since he could block Luo Yunyang instantly.

Luo Yunyang only knew that this Mysterious Underworld Being came from one of the six underworld halls and was someone that Jiuzi Xuanming regarded highly.

He was sending an obvious message by blocking Luo Yunyang.

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master frowned when he saw Luo Yunyang making a move. He started to doubt his decision to choose Nalanye to go up against Jiuzi Xuanming.

Although Nalanye cultivated the God Sky Conversion Technique, it seemed like he was inferior to Jiuzi Xuanming in terms of rationality and cultivation.

Making a move when the situation wasnt clear was an irrational act.

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master was very uncomfortable with such behavior, and the person blocking Luo Yunyangs way enraged him even further.

All of you are from the Mysterious Underworld Race. Acting against one another will disgrace our race!

Even though this was his sentiment, he would not hesitate to let Wanyan Tiannu and the rest go up against Jiuzi Xuanming if he did make a move.

He was actually already looking at Wanyan Tiannu.

His intention while looking at Wanyan Tiannu was very simple. He wanted him to spring into action faster.

Unfortunately, Wanyan Tiannu acted oblivious despite the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Masters glances.

Brother Nalan, Ive always revered your God Sky Conversion Technique. Why dont we find a good place and chat about it? the Mysterious Underworld being clad in silver armor, who was blocking Luo Yunyangs path, said in a mocking manner.

He was a disciple of Sky Sun Underworld Hall, and his name was Yelu Tianze. He only had one objective here: to protect and safeguard Jiuzi Xuanming.

In Jiuzi Xuanmings opinion, there was no need for others to intervene. In order to show off himself, this person had chosen to intercept Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang looked at Yelu Tianze and said faintly, Chat? What is there to chat about with you? Get lost!

Luo Yunyang was determined to win the inheritance of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord. Since Yelu Tianze had dared to stop him, Luo Yunyang naturally wouldnt tolerate this behavior at all.

Instantly, he swung his palm, sending a massive golden mark smashing against Yelu Tianze.

The mark, which contained the true intent of the golden mark conjured by the Daoist, shook the heaven and earth Luo Yunyang saw in the Sky Martial Sacred Bowl.

Although Luo Yunyangs cultivation wasnt at the level of that Daoist, he relied on the God Sky Conversion Technique and other techniques. Hence, it could be said that the massive golden mark contained 80% of its true might.

Even the likes of the Long Family Patriarch would definitely be flustered if he was caught in the midst of Luo Yunyangs attack. However, Luo Yunyang wasnt facing the Long Family Patriarch now, but a disciple carefully nurtured by an underworld hall.

This sort of individual could not be compared to ordinary beings.

Yelu Tianze chuckled as he replied, Brother Nalan is really impetuous. This is not very good for you!

Then, his hands moved quickly, gathering traces of wine-gold luster that condensed into a scarlet light sphere before sending it over to meet the massive mark.

Both attacks appeared similar in terms of strength and might. However, the moment the light sphere collided against the golden mark, the golden mark was blown apart instantly.

Traces of golden light rays transformed into razor-sharp swords that swarmed towards Yelu Tianze.

Yelu Tianze had an impressive cultivation, but Luo Yunyangs attack contained the mastery of the Golden-Winged Rocs 108,000 Swords.

The attack of the mastery of this sword technique alone wouldnt be much of a threat to Yelu Tianze.

Unfortunately, the mastery of this sword technique was also accompanied by the power of the massive golden mark.

Under the circumstances, Yelu Tianze didnt have any time to respond whatsoever before his body was slashed by the surging sword-lights.

In a moment, Yelu Tianze unleashed many rays of blinding light from his body. Although these rays of light were blinding, they were still not strong enough to block this crazy attack.

Nalanye, Ill have my revenge! Yelu Tianze took action to improve his image in front of Jiuzi Xuanming. However, he had never thought that he would be utterly defeated right away.

Right after he spoke, Luo Yunyang, who had already dashed past him, suddenly changed direction and moved towards him.

Yelu Tianze was completely unprepared for Luo Yunyangs return. In his opinion, Luo Yunyang would never give up the window of opportunity that had opened for him and would surely continue to dash forward.

This matter concerned the inheritance of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord, so Nalanye would not waste time with him even though he was extremely powerful. Unfortunately, Yelu Tianzes guess was wrong this time.

Someone shouted to warn him just as he deflected the last sword. Unfortunately, by then, he was already exhausted. More importantly, he had not yet seen where the attack was coming from.

Tyrannical Fist! Luo Yunyang conjured his God Sky Conversion Technique and executed the Tyrannical Fist directly. After tempering in the Sky Martial Sacred Bowl, it could be said that Luo Yunyangs Tyrannical Fist had improved greatly.

The punch struck Yelu Tianze like a fist hitting a punching sack, sending him flying away. When he crashed to the ground, his body started to show signs of cracking.

This sort of injury would not cost Yelu Tianze his life, but it was still a significant injury.

By the time he frantically urged the energy inside him to recover his body, Luo Yunyang had already left and dashed towards the treasure in the sky.

There was a glimmer of approval on the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Masters face. Meanwhile, Ouyang Tengfei, who was watching Luo Yunyang closely, started to have a thought.

Although he believed that Luo Yunyang was his only way out, he was equally reluctant to place his fate in the hands of a Mysterious Underworld Race powerhouse.

After seeing Luo Yunyangs performance, he was very delighted. Damn it, if I dont like you, Ill beat you up first even though I have more important things to do.

If it werent for the fact that Luo Yunyang was a Mysterious Underworld being, Ouyang Tengfei believed that he would definitely befriend Luo Yunyang.

Leave! Jiuzi Xuanming, who was also observing the situation, could only gently nod his head as he saw the severely-injured Yelu Tianze before shouting to the people behind him.

Behind him stood the younger powerhouses of Ancient Underworld Hall, who obeyed Jiuzi Xuanmings instructions and hurriedly escaped.

However, the moment they dashed away, Wanyan Tiannu and his gang also sprung into action.

Ha ha Ive long heard about Jiuzi Xuanmings incredible cultivation. Today, I must experience it for myself, Wanyan Tiannu said excitedly.

Unfortunately, Jiuzi Xuanming did not even consider Wanyan Tiannu someone capable of competing against him. Thus, he scoffed in disdain, Youre thinking too much.

Then, Yun Tiansheng laughed out loud and interrupted. Wanyan Tiannu, right? Let me have a taste of what youre capable of.

While Yun Tiansheng was making his move, half of the disciples from the Ancient Six Families rushed towards Wanyan Tiannu and his gang while the other half followed Jiuzi Xuanming to block Luo Yunyangs way.

This was only the beginning.

Ha ha! What a lively scene! How can I not join the fun myself? Brother Nalan, Im Tu Ming from the Divine Incarcerate Race. Please advise me, said a Divine Incarcerate powerhouse with a huge physique whose cultivation was already at the peak Heavenly Venerate.

His imposing vigor was only inferior to Jiuzi Xuanmings just by a little bit.

The other powerhouses from the Divine Incarcerate Race that came immediately surrounded Luo Yunyang.

Ha ha The Star Sky Race also wants to join in the fun! someone suddenly said.