Supreme Uprising Chapter 987

Chapter 987 One Fist To Obliterate A Cosmos

Chapter 987: One Fist To Obliterate A Cosmos
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The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Masters expression turned ugly.

This was an unexpected turn of events for the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master, as the raging killing intent he had was ready to erupt.

As the Hall Master of Sky Martial Underworld Hall, the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master was always proud and arrogant. Otherwise, he wouldnt have brooded over his defeat by Jiuzi Xuanming.

This time, he knew that the probability of Nalanye winning was very slim, but he still hoped that Jiuzi Xuanming would be tortured into an extremely perilous state by his scheme.

Unfortunately, things had just begun and Nalanye had already exceeded his expectations by far. Furthermore, the situation had shocked him too.

He had always believed that his people had already occupied half of the six underworld halls, but he had not expected that the Divine Incarcerate Race, the Six Ancient Families, and even the Star Sky Race, which had a pretty good relationship with him, would act against Nalanye at such a decisive juncture.

This really made him feel lost.

Brother Sky Martial, we have agreed that this battle is between those juniors. We cannot join in.

The authoritative figure from the Divine Incarcerate Race added faintly, Although you represent the Mysterious Underworld Race, the Divine Incarnate Race is the host and will never take a laissez-faire attitude if you dont abide by the rules. Brother, I hope that you will not make things difficult for us.

The authoritative figure spoke politely, but the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master wasnt someone that could be put off by mere words. He glared at the Divine Incarcerate Races leader and said coldly, Why?

It was only one word, but it had many meanings. The Divine Incarcerate leader hesitated for a moment before replying, I have to show respect to the Ancient Underworld Hall Master.

Furthermore, Brother, youre supporting Nalanye. Although his cultivation isnt bad, he is still miles away from Jiuzi Xuanming.

We can choose to remain neutral and not side with anyone. However, this attitude would definitely offend Jiuzi Xuanming.

Rather than remaining neutral for your sake and offending Jiuzi Xuanming, it would be better for me to let you suffer a little. After all, your defeat in this competition is already set in stone!

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master wasnt surprised by the Divine Incarcerate powerhouses decision. He would have done the same in that position.

However, this decision was incredibly painful for him. It could be said that his dignity had been stomped on the ground by Ancient Underworld Hall and Jiuzi Xuanming in front of all his allies.

He could still accept losing to the Ancient Underworld Hall Master. However, losing to Jiuzi Xuanming made him furious.

Si Yun also laughed at the same time and said, Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master, our Ancient Six Families already received the order before we came here. I hope you understand that this isnt my decision to make!

The powerhouses from the other races also apologized to the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master with smiles, as if this entire matter wasnt decided by them. However, they were all laughing deep down.

Since you cant make a decision about this, I will not make things difficult for you guys. After this, I will definitely find the decision-makers of each race and ask for a proper explanation.

Although he knew that he had failed utterly, he could only stand firm and endure at a time like this.

Because he was a Hall Master, he would not lose the will to fight back again if he was suppressed by the situation.

The authoritative figure from the Divine Incarcerate Race, Si Yun, and the others grinned as they watched the tough stance of the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master. However, in fact, none of them considered this sort of threat significant.

Most of them were looking at Luo Yunyang.

Si Yun was totally annoyed by Nalanye. Now, he had finally found the chance to get back at him so he naturally wouldnt go easy when it came to mocking him.

He is also at the Yuan Venerate level, so why doesnt he use his brain? Competing against Jiuzi Xuanming for that opportunity is just too

While Si Yun didnt continue his sentence or speak explicitly, most of the people present knew what he meant.

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master would have taught him a lesson if Si Yun had dared to speak like this moments ago. However, the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master did not speak after seeing that Luo Yunyang was surrounded.

The Divine Incarcerate authoritative figure did not choose to listen quietly to Si Yun. He did not have much of an enmity against Nalanye and thus did not wish to comment on him.

Luo Yunyang could still hear what Si Yun and the rest were talking about. However, he wasnt angered by them.

He glanced at the Divine Incarcerate powerhouse blocking his path and said calmly, Ill give you a chance now. Scram as far away as you can.

The Divine Incarcerate powerhouse exuded a might akin to a massive ancient primordial mountain. He wasnt angered by Luo Yunyangs words. Instead, he smiled smugly. I know youre pissed off now, but theres nothing you can do. You cant fight your way out, so why not save some time?

Humph Competing against Jiuzi Xuanming is a joke to begin with. I advise you not to waste too much effort anymore.

The person who spoke was Yun Tiansheng, who was standing behind Luo Yunyang like a godly figure of the land, as if everything was under his control.

The powerhouses from the Star Sky Race had begun sending out endless stars to seal the space around.

They did not say anything, but their actions sealed off Luo Yunyangs path of escape.

Luo Yunyang glared at the people who surrounded him coldly. He wasnt interested in saving face for the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master but he had to obtain the inheritance of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord.

This time, his goal to come to the Mysterious Underworld Races territories was all about his mission to spoil the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords resurrection.

Without contacting the other hidden Human Race powerhouses, he could only depend on himself.

Compared to desperately destroying the inheritance, what better way to spoil the revival than to accept the inheritance directly?

Hence, Luo Yunyang didnt want to just charge forward right now. He had to do it at the fastest speed possible. Otherwise, Jiuzi Xuanming would have gotten ahead of him.

He was now the focal point of many people. When he spoke arrogantly, many people started to look at him as though he was overestimating himself.

Ouyang Tengfei was trying to distance himself from Si Yun. His intuition told him that someone like Si Yun wouldnt act against him all of a sudden, but he also wasnt willing to put his life at the mercy of someone else.

Similarly, Nalanye, who was his greatest backer, was also the focus of his attention. He suddenly felt that Nalanye could definitely charge out of the entrapment after seeing the group surrounding him.

It wouldnt take very long either.

Although he always firmly believed in his intuition, he still felt that it was impossible for that to happen.

After all, that occurrence would be just too unreal. Just as Ouyang Tengfei was at a loss about what to do, he saw Luo Yunyang taking action.

Luo Yunyangs execution wasnt very fast, but Ouyang Tengfei could sense a destructive energy forming within Luo Yunyangs hands.

I have a sword that can obliterate anything! Luo Yunyangs palm moved as four different types of obliteration energy began to concrete around his palm.

This was the sword path that Luo Yunyang had comprehended during his time in the Sky Martial Sacred Bowl. After he had inherited the spirit essence left behind by the Daoist, he had become extremely proficient in controlling the four sword-lights.

Now, he did not send out the swords. Instead, he gathered the four sword-lights in his palm.

While Luo Yunyang was able to make a move, Yun Tiansheng smirked at the sight as illusions illuminated by endless divine light appeared behind him. All those illusions contained a might that overlooked everything.

However, the illusions began to shudder when Luo Yunyang gathered the four types of nomological laws in his palm. It could even be said that they were trembling.

Yun Tiansheng was shocked by the situation. He had many experiences dealing with his opponents. Although the Ancient Six Families had put their focus in nurturing him greatly, he also knew that he would not amount to much if he did not engage in life-and-death battles.

Hence, when he was very young, he had been thrown into the black prison where the Ancient Six Families imprisoned various powerhouses from other races to train.

His experiences had made his hundreds of sacred images become menacingly ferocious against overwhelmingly strong opponents.

Now, these sacred images were afraid of Nalanye, who had yet to make any moves. This left Yun Tiansheng in disbelief.

His rationality told him that the best choice of action was to remove himself from the situation. However, upon recalling getting humiliated by Nalanye and the benefits that would come from helping Jiuzi Xuanming, he decided to remain staunch in his decision.

He would strike first and gain the upper hand!

Yun Tiansheng was no ordinary person. After making the decision to stand firm, he struck at Luo Yunyang immediately.

The hundreds of sacred images converged into one as countless palms finally gathered within Yun Tianshengs fist.

A Thousand Saints Return To One!

The rest of the assailants also executed their moves at the same time. The powerhouses from the Divine Incarcerate Race transformed their fist technique into 36 levels of endless purgatory that blanketed Luo Yunyang.

Other powerhouses also sprung into action.

In the face of these attacks, Luo Yunyang flew into the sky right away and the four sword-lights nomological laws that had been gathered in his hands began to bombard in every direction!