Supreme Uprising Chapter 989

Chapter 989 Great Wide World Jade

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All the factions present were equally concerned about the inheritance of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord, as either Nalanye nor Jiuzi Xuanming would become prominent and influential figures after obtaining the inheritance of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord.

The importance of building a good relationship with a major figure was self-evident for all the other races.

The Emperor of the Divine Incarcerate Race was an apprehensive person to begin with. Hence, his suggestion at this time was approved by many people.

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master was equally curious about this matter. He had just silently calculated the outcome of these two peoples haul, and the result was roughly the same between the two of them.

As a result, the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master was also eager to know who had obtained more treasures this time.

Therefore, he did not even pay attention to the questioning look of the Grand Deacon of Ancient Underworld Hall as he said bluntly, "Okay, lets have a look."

"Since this matter was raised by the Lord Emperor of the Divine Incarcerate Race, he should be the judge!" The Ancient Underworld Halls Grand Deacon knew that they would definitely be at a disadvantage while facing the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master, so they simply dragged the Divine Incarcerate Races authoritative figure into the picture.

The Divine Incarcerate Emperor was a good friend of the Ancient Underworld Hall Master and was highly trusted by Ancient Underworld Hall.

Furthermore, the proposal was put forward by him, and Wanyu Sacred Mountain belonged to the Divine Incarcerate Race. Hence, it seemed natural to choose him to be the judge.

Besides, Si Yun and the others also had various ties to the Ancient Underworld Hall Master, so they expressed their approval at the Grand Deacons suggestion almost immediately when this was mentioned.

The Divine Incarcerate Emperor then said calmly, "Since everyone thinks highly of me, it would be impolite of me to reject this role."

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master scoffed. He knew that he was weak and powerless in such a situation. Thus, he had no other choice but to accept the suggestion.

"Based on quality, the treasures that came out of Wanyu Sacred Hall can be divided into Heavenly Venerate Supreme Treasures and Yuan Venerate Supreme Treasures."

The Divine Incarcerate Emperor said with a heavy voice, "All treasures can be categorized based on the divine inscriptions within themone divine inscription, two divine inscriptions up to nine divine inscriptions!"

"Of course, there is only a very, very small possibility that a Yuan Venerate Supreme Treasure with nine divine inscriptions will appear."

"According to the rules of all our races, the value of a treasure with a divine inscription is only one-tenth of a treasure with two divine inscriptions, and the value of a nine-divine-inscription Heavenly Venerate Supreme Treasure is only one percent of a one-divine-inscription Yuan Venerate treasure."

"Both of them have acquired a lot of treasures, so it is difficult to calculate them one by one. We should go with the conversion method I just mentioned. What does everyone think?"

Although the Divine Incarcerate Emperor was a good friend of the Ancient Underworld Hall Master, his proposal seemed unbiased.

Therefore, many people agreed after he made this proposal.

Even the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master felt that the Divine Incarcerate Emperor was being very fair.

"I have acquired 63 treasures." Jiuzi Xuanming smiled at the Divine Incarcerate Emperor.

His tone was tranquil, but within this tranquility was a calm confidence that victory was going to belong to him.

63 pieces of treasure did not seem too many in terms of numbers, but the treasures obtained by Jiuzi Xuanming were basically the cream of the crop.

When Jiuzi Xuanming mentioned the number of treasures he had obtained, everyone turned towards Luo Yunyang. They wanted to know how many treasures Luo Yunyang had obtained.

"1,039." Luo Yunyang reported the figure.

Compared to 63, 1,039 certainly had an overwhelming advantage.

However, the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master frowned when he heard Luo Yunyang report the number of treasures he had obtained. He had been observing Luo Yunyang since the start of the action.

He felt that the number of treasures Luo Yunyang had obtained was a lot smaller than what he estimated.

"Now, release all your treasures and I will examine them," the Divine Incarcerate Emperor said. "Both of you do not need to do anything. These treasures, which just came out of Wanyu Sacred Mountain, have been refined for thousands of years inside it and have a unique aura."

"It is useless even if you want to cheat."

Jiuzi Xuanming looked calmly at the Divine Incarcerate Emperor and smiled gently. "All these 63 pieces are Yuan Venerate Supreme Treasures."

"Among them, 49 are one-divine-inscription Yuan Venerate Supreme Treasures, 12 are two-divine-inscription Yuan Venerate Supreme Treasures, and two are three-divine-inscription Yuan Venerate Supreme Treasures."

Many people gasped involuntarily when they heard the figures reported by Jiuzi Xuanming.

They were all very clear about the value of Yuan Venerate Supreme Treasures. Many of them had hoped to obtain one piece of Yuan Venerate Supreme Treasure when they had first come.

Now, Jiuzi Xuanming had managed to obtain so many extremely valuable Supreme Treasures. It was utterly

Momentarily, many people looked at Jiuzi Xuanming in reverence, while some even looked hopeful.

They were hoping that Jiuzi Xuanming would bestow one treasure for their help this time.

The Divine Incarcerate Emperor even lamented, "This time, you have taken away 20% of the Yuan Venerate Supreme Treasures in the entire Wanyu Sacred Mountain."

20% sounded like a small amount, but it was a terrifying figure, as it was 20% of the entire Wanyu Sacred Mountain.

Jiuzi Xuanming smiled casually. "The opponent I met was too strong, so I had to go all out."

Jiuzi Xuanming said the three words "go all out" very seriously, and his stance showed his elegant demeanor.

"Nalanye, what are the treasures you have obtained?" The Divine Incarcerate Emperor turned to look at Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang waved his sleeves and the treasures flew out. Because of the divine light that had been nurtured for many years inside Wanyu Sacred Mountain, these treasures, though dazzling, could hardly fly out of Luo Yunyangs control.

Traces of spirit consciousness swept across those treasures the moment they flew out.

Yun Tiansheng, who had suffered a great loss during the engagement with Luo Yunyang, was the first to examine those treasures with his mind power when he saw Luo Yunyang bring them out.

"One divine inscription Heavenly Venerate treasure. Ahh Forget it. Lets just put them together. 1,030 pieces are Heavenly Venerate treasures. Seven are one-divine-inscription Yuan Venerate Supreme Treasures, and one is a two-divine-inscription Yuan Venerate Supreme Treasure."

"Ha ha It seems that there is no need to waste any time if the gap is so large. Although someone made a great ruckus, he is actually on a different starting line than Lord Jiuzi Xuanming "

Many people thought that Yun Tianshengs sarcastic remarks were a little sharp and unkind. Although Luo Yunyangs treasure did not seem as valuable as Jiuzi Xuanmings, it was already very difficult for him to grab so many treasures from Wanyu Sacred Mountain.

Furthermore, the punch he had shown off just now had already proven that he was qualified to compete against Jiuzi Xuanming. Even if he lost eventually, it would simply mean that the cultivation technique that Jiuzi Xuanming cultivated had more advantages when it came to obtaining treasures.

Jiuzi Xuanming didnt say a word while the Divine Incarcerate Emperor furrowed his brows gently and also remained silent. However, the way he glared at Yun Tiansheng meant that he was obviously much more annoyed than before.

Luo Yunyang ignored Yun Tiansheng and said nonchalantly, "I still have one treasure left."

As soon as he said that, Luo Yunyang took out a treasure and threw it over.

"Ha ha ha Nalanye, you must be joking. Youd still be the loser even if you took out a four-divine-inscription Yuan Venerate Supreme Treasure, let alone a three-divine-inscription Yuan Venerate Supreme Treasure."

"Unless you can come up with a five-divine-inscription Yuan Venerate Supreme Treasure. But can you?" Yun Tiansheng felt a particular impulse.

The sort of impulse that made him want to criticize Luo Yunyang.

"This last treasure of mine shouldnt be a five-divine-inscription Yuan Venerate Supreme Treasure." Luo Yunyang glanced at Yun Tiansheng and smirked.

Just as Yun Tiansheng was about to open his mouth again, he suddenly heard the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master gasp. "This How is this possible? Its Its six No, it must be a seven-divine-inscription Supreme Treasure, but it"

Many people thought they had heard wrong as soon as this sentence was uttered.

How could it be a seven-divine-inscription Yuan Venerate Treasure? How could it have been found in Wanyu Sacred Mountain?

Could the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master be so shamelessly trying to make Nalanye win that he no longer cared about his own dignity?

Just as everyone was wondering, someone spoke out. "This is Great Wide World Jade. I never imagined that we would see this treasure. This is really unbelievable."

The person who had spoken was the Divine Incarcerate Emperor, whose voice was full of lament. "Its just unfortunate that there are only six divine inscriptions left on this eight-divine-inscription Taiyi Yuan Venerate Supreme Treasure."

"Its power has been greatly reduced!"

Yun Tiansheng had never heard of a Great Wide World Jade but could sense the sentiment of the Divine Incarcerate Emperor and the others.

A six-divine-inscription Yuan Venerate Supreme Treasure was definitely worth more than what Jiuzi Xuanming had obtained in total, so this alone had defeated Jiuzi Xuanming.

"Is he cheating?" Yun Tiansheng shouted almost instantly.

He regretted it as soon as he said this, as the Divine Incarcerate Emperor scoffed, "I can still tell if the treasure is from Wanyu Sacred Mountain with just one look."

This was said without any restraint, causing Yun Tiansheng to feel like a fool.

Meanwhile, the smile on Jiuzi Xuanmings face had been wiped clean.