Supreme Uprising Chapter 990

Chapter 990 After The Dust Settles

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Within the territories of the Mysterious Underworld Race, several figures were sitting cross-legged in a secret place that was largely unknown.

These figures were surprisingly human.

While they were all human beings, each of them was shrouded by a faint mist. Their silhouettes could be seen, but their faces were all hidden.

Among these figures, the most striking one was a woman with a perfect figure and a spirited look.

The woman was sitting in her own position silently, but all the people present appeared rather respectful around her.

"I think there should be a 40% chance of success if we use the methods of the third plan to come into contact with Jiuzi Xuanming." A hoarse voice broke the peaceful atmosphere.

Although the speaker was hidden in the mist, he had a very valiant vibe.

"The winner has not yet been determined. Isnt it too rash to choose the third plan so hastily?" A shrill voice followed.

The two people who spoke seemed like they had conflicting opinions, but nobody present came out to mediate.

The hoarse voice asked again, "Do we still need to choose between Jiuzi Xuanming and Nalanye?"

"Ill give you my head if Jiuzi Xuanming loses." Upon saying that, the hoarse-sounding voice continued speaking with an obvious hint of provocation. "What do you think? Do you want to have a bet? I want nothing else but that Flying Cloud Armour of yours."

"Ha ha! You are suggesting trading your stupid head for my Flying Cloud Armor? Youre clever, but let me give you my answer. Dream on!"

The mans tone was cold. "I would never give up my Flying Cloud Armor to you regardless of what you offered."

While these two men were still bickering, the figure sitting in the middle gently waved his hand and said, "Okay, lets not talk about this."

"Although we have our own opinions on who the victor will be, we should stop before the result comes out."

After he said that, his eyes shifted to the person with the hoarse voice and he added, "Has there been any news from the man who claimed to be Luo Yunyang?"

"No. According to your orders, we did not contact him voluntarily, nor did he contact us," the man with the hoarse voice said, "I sense that there is something fishy with this Luo Yunyang."

"Luo Yunyang is very powerful. Our mission this time will definitely be much easier if we can get his help," the feminine beauty, who looked like a martial goddess, said firmly.

Even the man sitting in the middle dared not disregard this woman. Thus, he replied, "Under normal circumstances, we would meet him even if there were some risks for us."

"However, the resurrection of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord is imminent. We mustnt make any mistakes in the process."

"According to our deductions, there is a great possibility that Luo Yunyang has evaded the detection of the Mysterious Underworld Race. However, even so, we still need to be vigilant enough to avoid betting the survival of our race on such a chance."

"I will leave him some clues when we take action. It would be good if he could catch up with us. It will not have much influence on our actions if he cant or he has already fallen under the control of the Mysterious Underworld Race."

The woman who looked like a martial goddess gently nodded and said, "I have no right to question your decision. I merely voiced some of my own opinions."

Just as the woman finished speaking, a jade pendant instantly flew over. The person with the hoarse voice waved to the jade pendant, making it fall into his hand.

After he viewed the contents of the jade pendant in his hand, the face of the man with the hoarse voice changed greatly. He almost instinctively muttered to himself, "This How is this possible?"

"Whats the matter?" the man who was obviously the leader of the lot asked.

"We just got the news that the victor of the inheritance of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord is Nalanye."

The man with the hoarse voice looked exasperated and frustrated. "He managed to obtain the Great Wide World Jade from the treasure rush of Wanyu Sacred Mountain!"

When the Great Wide World Jade was mentioned, the man seated in the middle asked in amazement, "Is this true?"

"My Lord, its insider news from Yuan Demon Starling Wind. There can be no mistake," the man with the hoarse voice said heavily, "One could say that this time, Jiuzi Xuanming has lost a great deal of face. His position in the Mysterious Underworld Race will definitely be shaken."

"We might be able to deal a devastating blow to Jiuzi Xuanming if we capitalize on this properly."

The towering man said heavily, "It seems like we cant underestimate Nanlanye since he was able to defeat Jiuzi Xuanming."

"He has risen like a shooting star and actually defeated Jiuzi Xuanming. This will cause us endless trouble if we dont start working on him as soon as possible and we allow him to further develop"

As he said that, the man waved his hand and ordered, "Use all our means to find out everything you can about Nalanye. We must take Nalanyes life by surprising him when he receives the inheritance."

While the Human Race was silently plotting, the Ancient Underworld Hall Master, who had also received the news back in Ancient Underworld Hall, could not believe it.

The Ancient Underworld Hall Master had expended a lot of resources in order to make Jiuzi Xuanming win easily this time, as well as to strike back at the Sky Martial Hall Masters provocation.

Otherwise, the Ancient Six Families and the Divine Incarcerate Race wouldnt have gone all out to support Jiuzi Xuanming.

However, even these sure-fire conditions for victory had yielded an unexpectedly disappointing result. Thus, the Ancient Underworld Hall Masters mood was as bad as one could imagine.

He stared at the Third Deacon, who reported the news to him, and asked indifferently, "Are you sure there is no mistake in your information?"

As the Third Deacon of Ancient Underworld Hall, the person who reported back clearly knew the position of Jiuzi Xuanming within Ancient Underworld Hall.

Although he didnt want to come in person this time, he still had to come and report the news he had received.

"There is no mistake. I have already checked with the powerhouses of the Divine Incarcerate Race," the Third Deacon said sullenly.

The fact that he had checked again with the Divine Incarcerate Race showed that the Third Deacon regarded this matter highly as well. The Ancient Underworld Hall Master couldnt help but shake his head after hearing that. "Its actually the Great Wide World Jade. Heh heh How unexpected!"

Although the Great Wide World Jade was also a Supreme Treasure, it wasnt like there wasnt anything like it in Ancient Underworld Hall. Thus, it certainly didnt attract the Ancient Underworld Hall Master that much.

However, this Great Wide World Jade had made their calculations fall through completely.

"What do you think? Is Jiuzi Xuanming stronger than Nalanye?" The Ancient Underworld Hall Master changed the topic and asked the Third Deacon a question.

The Third Deacon hesitated for a moment before replying, "Hall Master, in the past, I would certainly have thought that Jiuzi Xuanming wasnt someone that Nalanye could compare to."

"However, judging from the news we received about Nalanyes performance, Nalanye isnt all that simple. Especially those fists of his I believe that he is absolutely qualified to compete with Jiuzi Xuanming, but he unfortunately betrayed Ancient Underworld Hall."

The Ancient Underworld Hall Master gestured with his hand. "I cant blame you for this. We simply didnt pay enough attention to this person."

"So, the inheritance of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord" The Third Deacon did not speak out explicitly, as he believed what he meant was obvious enough and the Ancient Underworld Hall Master would understand.

Sure enough, before he had finished speaking, the Ancient Underworld Hall Master waved his hand and replied, "Theres nothing we can change since things have reached this point. Let Nalanye receive the inheritance of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord then!"

"However, it isnt that easy to obtain the inheritance of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord."

The Ancient Underworld Hall Master sounded rather grim and scary when he said that.

The Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master and the Sky Gold Underworld Hall Master were discussing things when they heard the news. They were overjoyed at first when they received the news, but their mood quickly became heavy.

"The inheritance of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord is not so easy to obtain. Perhaps there are some unexpected dangers about it."

"Nalanye is not bad, but can he successfully receive the inheritance?" the Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master said worriedly.

The Sky Gold Underworld Hall Master replied indifferently, "When theres a will, theres a way. Now that things have come to this point, he has to take one step at a time."

In the Endless Underworld, news of this competition spread like wildfire. Some people even sent pictures of Luo Yunyang smashing Yun Tiansheng to the main pages of the Endless Underworld.

This caused a momentary commotion in the entire Endless Underworld.

The martialists who cultivated the God Sky Conversion Technique were extremely excited. Some even publicly announced the benefits they had received after cultivating the God Sky Conversion Technique.

Similarly, some people also questioned Luo Yunyang and the God Sky Conversion Technique. However, these questions were soon thrown into the dust by the sheer number of people revering Luo Yunyang.

Some unbiased martialists began to consider Nalanye an equal to Jiuzi Xuanming, while some supporters of Jiuzi Xuanming said that Nalanye was only relying on luck.

However, their statements were all shattered completely by Luo Yunyangs fist, which blew everything away.

In the words of an older powerhouse of the Mysterious Underworld Race, Nalanye was currently like a burst of scorching sun rising gradually along with its unique light in the Mysterious Underworld Race.

However, these discussions aside, the real senior members of the Mysterious Underworld Race had already shifted their attention to the inheritance of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord.