Supreme Uprising Chapter 991

Chapter 991 The Inheritance Starts

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It only took him a few moments to return to the territory of the Mysterious Underworld Race from Wanyu Sacred Mountain, but upon returning, Luo Yunyang was protected by the Sky Martial Hall Master and the others.

Although Luo Yunyang felt that such protection was really unnecessary, he did not object after seeing the expression on the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Masters face.

The Mysterious Underworld Race wasnt peaceful. The level of hidden danger was inconceivable even at times like this, so the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master and the others had to protect him to this extent.

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master was really relieved after returning to Sky Martial Underworld Hall.

Nalanye, dont ever think that our Mysterious Underworld Race treats talented people with unconditional support. I can tell you that among the six underworld halls, there has always been an intense competition for power.

One of my senior brothers who was far above me in terms of talent was nearly appointed Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master.

However, at the time, I hadnt joined Sky Martial Underworld Hall. Just as my senior brother was about to become a Yuan Venerate, he experienced Qi Deviation and died!

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master was somewhat irritated as he spoke. Nalanye, Qi Deviation is a small matter for ordinary cultivators, but to my senior brother, who was about to inherit Sky Martial Underworld Hall

Luo Yunyang wasnt surprised to hear about martialists fighting among themselves under such circumstances. However, killing the heir to an underworld hall directly caught him off guard.

Who did it? Although it wasnt useful to listen to such old secrets, Luo Yunyang still asked.

According to some elders of Sky Martial Underworld Hall, it must have been done by Ancient Underworld Hall because the Hall Master of Ancient Underworld Hall back then was slightly inferior compared to my senior brother.

Unfortunately, we can only guess, as no one can prove it, the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master said bitterly.

Otherwise, it would be time for Sky Martial Underworld Hall to go to war with Ancient Underworld Hall!

Luo Yunyang listened to the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master say this through gritted teeth, when he suddenly had an idea. If the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master had mentioned a senior brother, didnt this mean that he must have a master who was above him?

Your master must be very sad.

Luo Yunyang spoke in a rather skillful manner. This was a subtle way of finding out information while not revealing his own purpose.

It was unclear if the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master had dropped his guard against Luo Yunyang as he answered, My master was upset, but he began to put more attention on me, his new disciple, afterward.

Alright, lets not talk about the past. Stay in Sky Martial Underworld Hall for now. Well go receive the inheritance of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord in a few days.

Everything will no longer be a problem as long as you can succeed the inheritance of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord!

In Sky Martial Underworld Hall, Luo Yunyang enjoyed the treatment of a top distinguished guest. Some places used for cultivation in Sky Martial Underworld Hall, including the Scripture Depository of Sky Martial Underworld Hall, were unconditionally open to Luo Yunyang.

Of course, some of the supreme techniques related to the inheritance of Sky Martial Underworld Hall were not shown to Luo Yunyang.

All the things Luo Yunyang could view were stuff deemed ordinary by the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master.

However, even this ordinary stuff was also very great. Luo Yunyang even found the incomplete records of the 12 Ancient Yuan Underworlding Technique.

The 12 Ancient Yuan Underworlding Technique was used to summon the 12 Ancient Yuan Underworldings. One Underworldling represented a level of the universe, so the power of 12 Underworldlings would exceed the limits of a ninth-level Heavenly Venerate by far.

Although Luo Yunyang had defeated this technique before, he could not help flipping through the pages when he saw it in front of him.

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master did not stop Luo Yunyang. Instead, he specifically found someone to explain it to Luo Yunyang.

It seemed like the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master was a hospitable host.

Compared to the martial techniques of Sky Martial Underworld Hall, Luo Yunyang paid more attention to some ancient secrets recorded in the Scripture Depository.

Most of these ancient secrets left Luo Yunyang feeling puzzled, but there were some that Luo Yunyang could still comprehend.

For example, on a large stone that was 100 feet wide were four engraved characters: Do not ever bury

Although the characters felt no connection to the words before him, Luo Yunyang was able to understand what exactly this Mysterious Underworld Race powerhouse wanted to express after recalling the words of Yuan Emperor Shaking Sky.

In addition, there were also some records about the top echelon powerhouses of the Human Race. The most famous of them was a supreme powerhouse that radiated propitious omens.

This powerhouse came from an unknown generation, but his emergence had caused the downfall of the Mysterious Underworld Race.

The Mysterious Underworld Race had stayed at the mercy of that powerhouse, as he had struck with supreme power every time he had attacked.

According to the records left by the powerhouse of the Mysterious Underworld Race, the Mysterious Underworld Race had been nearly forced to extinction.

However, when the powerhouse from the Human Race had pursued the Mysterious Underworld Race, someone had discovered that the powerhouse had died quietly in that location while training in seclusion.

His state of death was terrifying!

This was the description of the powerhouse of the Mysterious Underworld Race. He had even mentioned in the record, I feel that there is an invisible hand between heaven and earth that is helping us!

After this was written, the top powerhouse wrote another line in the ancient book. However, in the end, he blurred the line away and only placed an annotation over the blurred-out part: I believe that I will die horribly if I mention what I discovered.

Luo Yunyang felt creeped out after reading those ancient records.

The Human Race did produce geniuses that made full accomplishments, but those geniuses, whose cultivation far exceeded his, had died one by one mysteriously.

Beware of the Ancient Six Families. They They are not trustworthy! Luo Yunyang even found records of the Ancient Six Families in another ancient book.

However, the records of the Mysterious Underworld Race on the Ancient Six Families were limited.

If these things were still within the scope of Luo Yunyangs understanding, then some of the things he saw in the corner of the Scripture Depository seemed unbelievable to him.

We are united because we have discovered what we should know and we firmly believe that we will win

This vague record was inside a colorless book. At first glance, it seemed like the collaboration of a few powerhouses in the Mysterious Underworld Race. However, after taking a closer look, Luo Yunyang felt that the meaning the author wanted to express was more horrible than what was written within it.

Based on this, the powerhouses of the Mysterious Underworld Race really did not have it as easy as Luo Yunyang had thought.

It could even be said that the higher ones cultivation was, the deeper one would sink into unpredictable danger.

Just as Luo Yunyang was preparing to continue his search among the ancient books of the Mysterious Underworld Race, the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master came to the Scripture Depository.

He was not too concerned about Luo Yunyang reading in the Scripture Depository. He merely glanced at the ancient books around Luo Yunyang and casually said, Lets leave now.

The Underworld Burial Earth array formation has been activated. The inheritance will appear within three days. Lets go to Underworld Burial Earth now!

Luo Yunyang nodded in agreement. Alright!

This time, the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master was not the only one following Luo Yunyang to Underworld Burial Earth. Even the Sky Gold Hall Master and the Sky Moon Hall Master had gathered in Sky Martial Underworld Hall. Obviously, they were afraid that someone might attack Luo Yunyang right now.

A massive ship made of Supreme Underworld Metal was activated. Then, Luo Yunyang, the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master, and the others quickly broke through the void at a speed far beyond the speed of light.

Nalanye, the inheritance this time is very important, so when you accept it, you must not be careless. The Sky Metal Hall Master looked at Luo Yunyang and said, You must concentrate your mind power during the process of accepting the inheritance.

When it comes to the inheritance, any small issue might result in failure. I dont think you will want to let such a good opportunity slip away so easily!

Luo Yunyang didnt have a favorable impression of the Sky Metal Hall Master, but he also knew that what he said wasnt harmful.

Therefore, he replied in a low tone, Thank you for your advice. Nalanye knows what to do.

The Sky Moon Hall Master did not say much all this while. However, after stepping down from the spaceship, he turned to Luo Yunyang and said, Do what you can, but dont lose your life if you cant inherit it.

When Luo Yunyang followed the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master out of the spaceship, he felt a mighty force of desolation coming towards him.

He even felt that his entire body was wrapped by this deathly force.

Although this clone embodiment was a Yuan Venerate, he still felt slightly uncomfortable.

This is Burial Underworld Earth. Ive forgotten how many powerful Mysterious Underworld Almighties were buried here through all these years.

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master pointed to the endless underworld earth and said, Legend has it that when our Mysterious Underworld Race faces the danger of a genocide, the great heroes buried in this earth will come out to fight.

However, this is merely a legend. Heaven and earth will not be destroyed, and the Mysterious Underworld Race will not be destroyed! the Sky Moon Hall Master, who did not speak much, suddenly said solemnly.

Luo Yunyang turned to look at the Sky Moon Hall Master. While he was trying to comprehend these words, he saw another spaceship landing slowly.

A line of people exited the spaceship. Among them, the one who caught Luo Yunyangs attention was Jiuzi Xuanming, who walked in the middle of the group.

What is the meaning of this? The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master berated coldly a tall, massive man who had an aura similar to Burial Underworld Earth!