Supreme Uprising Chapter 993

Chapter 993 Complete Inheritance

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Although only his clone embodiment was sitting on the Black Underworld Platform, Luo Yunyang still gave it all his attention.

It would be alright if he lost this clone embodiment, but such an opportunity was extremely hard to come by.

Luo Yunyang had received many inheritances before, but this situation was different. After all, this was the inheritance of the Mysterious Underworld Races Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord.

There were also many records of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord in the ancient books of Sky Martial Underworld Hall. Although the records did not say how the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord had died, according to Luo Yunyangs theory, the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord was definitely an Almighty.

Perhaps even a peak Almighty.

Regardless of why or how a being like this had died, his resurrection and inheritance were definitely no small matter.

Once his clone embodiment sat down in a lotus position, Luo Yunyang concentrated his mind power and waited quietly. He didnt wait too long. Soon, a force rushed straight towards his body from the Black Underworld Platform.

In an instant, this force poured into Luo Yunyangs body.

Violent.This was the first thought Luo Yunyang had when the force entered his body.

Although the body of this Mysterious Underworld Being had not been tempered, it was still much stronger than an ordinary body. However, it felt as if it was going to tear apart the moment the force entered it.

Luo Yunyang felt weird, but all he could do now was let this force quickly gush into the divine light of his God Sky Conversion Technique.

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master and the other people watching suddenly looked uneasy as they witnessed the black force that surrounded Luo Yunyang and the Black Underworld Platform.

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master had already regarded Luo Yunyang as one of his own. When he saw that the force was rushing into Luo Yunyang so violently, he knew that it wasnt good. Hence, he shouted at the Ancient Underworld Hall Master, Sagu, what is going on? Why is this power so violent?

Could this be about getting even? Let me tell you that Nalanye is a rare genius the Mysterious Underworld Race managed to produce after many years. If you were to destroy him like this, it would be too

The Ancient Underworld Hall Master grinned but didnt say anything. Standing behind him was an Underworld Lord with a body that looked like iron armor. He replied coldly, Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master, the inheritance of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord is not a trivial matter to begin with.

Nalanye should not butt into this matter if he really doesnt have the necessary skill. Its ridiculous to make you come out and complain about it if he cant withstand the fury of the inheritance.

Upon saying that, this being sneered, The size of the power of this inheritance is decided by the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord. Even the four Saints cannot control it. So what are you yelling about here?

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master could not believe this statement, but he was also speechless. He just couldnt say anything.

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master huffed and said, Nalanye can still obtain the inheritance even if you are playing games with him!

I also hope that he can completely succeed the inheritance so that the strength of the Mysterious Underworld Race can improve by leaps and bounds.

Legend has it that as long as we attack and destroy the Human Race, the Mysterious Underworld Race will be able to obtain great opportunities and gain merit.

I dont want us to lose such merit and opportunities.

The Ancient Underworld Hall Master spoke in an impassioned manner, as if he was considering this for the sake of the entire Mysterious Underworld Race.

However, Jiuzi Xuanming furrowed his brows. After all, he knew all about this inheritance.

Although people said that one should accept ones responsibilities and not pass them on to others, he still felt a little unfortunate for Nalanye after seeing him get enveloped by the black light.

Nalanye was definitely a genius, so it would really be a pity if he was assassinated by Ancient Underworld Hall.

However, it would also be a great pity to let him succeed the inheritance of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord. After thinking to himself, Jiuzi Xuanming decided to cast all these thoughts aside.

The power of the black force was like a fog at the beginning, but after a quarter of an hour, it turned into a fiery light. Some people even saw small black dragons within the surging light.

The small black dragons were not real. They were the solidification of all the nomological laws. The anger in the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Masters eyes intensified when he saw the complete small dragons.

He attached great importance to this inheritance and considered Nalanye a trusted aide.

He had also made a lot of preparations for the succession of the inheritance. However, this situation was a harsh face slap by the Ancient Underworld Hall Master.

Who would still join forces with him in the future if he couldnt keep Nalanye alive? However, he was unable to stop the situation.

Sagu, I never expected you to be so vicious. You actually disregarded the overall situation of the Mysterious Underworld Race

The Ancient Underworld Hall Master replied icily, Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master, dont blame me for being impolite if you continue spouting nonsense.

He glared icily and berated him. There are certain things you can speak about, but there are also some things that you need to think through before mentioning.

Just as the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master was about to speak again, the Sky Gold Underworld Hall Master arrived beside him and said, Alright, well concede this time!

But since you can do this, dont blame us for using the same method in the future. Sagu.

Although the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master was furious, there was simply no way out. He watched the increasingly powerful black dragons swirling in the black light and knew that Nalanye could only rely on himself now.

What a pity. In the end, this was all the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master could say!

The Ancient Underworld Hall Master smirked in approval, as the current situation was the most favorable for him.

Although it was unfortunate that Nalanye would die, there were many geniuses in the entire Mysterious Underworld Race so this wasnt considered very unfortunate.

While they were talking, five figures had gathered in a distant void of Burial Underworld Earth.

One of them was Yuan Demon Startling Wind, whose expression was dull.

Have you contacted Luo Yunyang? asked a tall human being. His awe-inspiring presence made everyone in his surroundings feel like submitting to him.

His words also had some kind of influence that would make one involuntarily yield.

I have already contacted him, but Luo Yunyang did not respond. The person who replied was a gentle-looking man. He then added softly, It seems like Luo Yunyang has joined the Mysterious Underworld Race.

My Lord, we would have suffered a great loss this time without your attention to detail.

Standing opposite the man was a woman in golden armor. Although she was wearing armor, her voluptuous figure was still distinctly visible and everything that was perfect about her was presented clearly.

Her face was wrapped in a golden mask so that only a pair of vivid limpid eyes could be seen.

After hearing that Luo Yunyang could not be reached, she said, I think there must be something wrong. Based on my understanding of Luo Yunyang, he definitely isnt the kind of person who would betray the Human Race.

The womans words provoked the gentle-looking man into retorting immediately, I have tried contacting him three times by using the method he left behind, but there has been no response every time. This alone is enough to show that he definitely is a problem.

The lady still wanted to speak, but the tall leader stopped her and said, Well, lets talk about this matter when we head back. For now, our priority is to finish what we have on our hands.

As soon as he said that, an object that looked like a cannon barrel appeared in his hand. The barrel was dark and had no pattern, but when the tall and strong man took it out, everyone present felt as though something was suffocating their minds.

Is this an object that belongs to the Mysterious Underworld Race? The lady glanced at the black item as she asked.

The gentle-looking man asked with a look of doubt on his face, My Lord, what kind of weapon is this?

The Mysterious Underworld Races World Destroying Yuan Sonic Cannon! the tall man said proudly, It is a treasure that cant even be found in the six underworld halls of the Mysterious Underworld Race.

After saying that, he added coldly, I heard that in the last Great Era, this kind of World Destroying Yuan Sonic Cannon destroyed a Great Cosmos of the Human Race. Today, it is time they had a taste of the power of this World Destroying Yuan Sonic Cannon.

This weapon contained power capable of destroying a Great Cosmos in a single shot? This was chilling to hear.

Although Yuan Venerates could reverse and create nomological laws, breaking an entire Great Cosmos that had very stable nomological laws in a single blow was still a very tough task.

My Lord, why do you have something like this? the mild-looking man asked with a hint of curiosity.

Why? I was actually lucky. I acquired it accidentally on a mission. If I didnt have this World Destroying Yuan Sonic Cannon, I wouldnt dare say that I would spoil the inheritance of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord.

Its just that it is troublesome to activate this sort of weapon. I require at least five Yuan Venerates. Otherwise, I wouldnt be asking the Five Sacred Halls for help.

Upon speaking of this, he added with a smile, Its about time. Well try our best to activate this World Destroying Yuan Sonic Cannon and strive to hit the target in one shot.

The words of the tall man made the woman in the golden armor and the others get excited. Although it was dangerous to do so, there were also many benefits.

We will not only destroy their inheritance, but also smash Burial Underworld Earth to pieces! a man with a steely look said as his eyes burned brightly with intent.