Supreme Uprising Chapter 995

Chapter 995 Successfully Accomplished

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Lets go! After the blast of the World Destroying Yuan Sonic Cannon, the tall Human Race powerhouse shouted.

They had practiced their retreat many times, so the instant they heard the tall man shouting, all the people present quickly entered a palm-sized spaceship and tore through the void.

In this small space that had started to crack, only Yuan Demon Startling Wind, who was now in a state of rapid aging, stood silently.

As a Yuan Demon, he was basically immortal. However, it seemed like Yuan Demon Startling Wind had lost all awareness now.

He stood there like a block of wood.

However, if someone looked at Yuan Demon Startling Wind, they would discover that he no longer had any cultivation base at the moment.

Even his vitality and everything about him were rapidly declining.

Huh? Who is it? A crazy roar was coming from Burial Underworld Earth before dozens of figures rushed towards this small space from all directions.

The powerhouses of the Mysterious Underworld Race were all very skinny, but every single one of them gave off a stern, austere vibe.

They were hidden Mysterious Underworld Race cultivators of this sacred land. How could they not be furious when such a situation had occurred in Burial Underworld Earth?

Some of them had even been killed by the World Destroying Yuan Sonic Cannon.

The Human Race powerhouses were already leaving on a spaceship that exceeded the speed of light and had traversed through many spaces already.

Ha ha We destroyed most of Burial Underworld Earth. Ha ha ha! The gentle-looking man suddenly laughed without grace.

Many Yuan Demon entities no longer showed any emotions on their faces, but their deeds had been really frightening

The tall man, who was the leader, was also all smiles. However, he immediately said, We will spread out in all directions later and conceal ourselves carefully one by one.

Ling Yunfei, although your task has been completed, we still have no way of sending you back.

After all, the Mysterious Underworld Race is going through an upheaval now. It is too dangerous to send you back.

The golden-armored woman known as Ling Yunfei flashed him a gentle smile. I dont want to return yet either. I had a hard time coming to visit the Mysterious Underworld Race. I will regret it if I dont have a good tour of the region.

The tall leader smiled and said, Although I am not from the Mysterious Underworld Race, it still is very good in some aspects. For example, the God Sky Conversion Technique is really unique.

The man with the mild appearance burst out laughing. Leader, you are really humorous. You just killed a bunch of people yet still praised their cultivation technique.

Ling Yunfei also smiled as she replied, To tell you the truth, Nalanye is not a simple fella. He was actually able to beat Jiuzi Xuanming.

Its just a pity that his victory didnt end up going well. All he did was be a substitute for Jiuzi Xuanming in death.

The tall man smiled and did not speak, but the delight in his expression was clear.

This was a smile of satisfaction caused by the success of his plan.

After several people started to talk among themselves, the tall man spoke. Our spaceship will blow up in a moment. It will then turn into several smaller spaceships and fly off in different directions. In the future, contact me only as needed.

Ling Yunfei had been proud and lofty back in Battle Sacred Hall, but her experience this time had caused her to admire the tall man who had lurked within the Mysterious Underworld Race for many years.

What about Luo Yunyang? Ling Yunfei asked after hesitating for a moment.

Luo Yunyang can only depend on himself! the tall man answered casually, Now that Yuan Demon Startling Wind is gone, the only contact we have with him has been lost.

The most important thing for us now is to protect ourselves. He can do whatever he wishes!

Letting him do whatever he pleased could be considered giving someone freedom, as one felt assured. However, it could also be a way of giving up on that person completely. Based on the given situation and the way the leader of the infiltrators spoke, it was probably the latter.

Ling Yunfei wanted to say something else but stopped herself in the end. Although Luo Yunyangs status in the entire Human Race was very important, it seemed like this was the only way to go about it based on the current circumstances.

The crazy power storm on Burial Underworld Earth had dispersed. The calm and sturdy Burial Underworld Earth, which had looked like a sacred land, had turned into a ruined wasteland.

There were ravines upon ravines, and even bottomless sinkholes had developed in certain places.

Layers of black Qi were hovering above these sinkholes, which was a frightening sight. For the Mysterious Underworld Race, these black Qi were great supplements and the effect was absolutely first-class if used on ones cultivation.

However, most of the Mysterious Underworld powerhouses faces darkened when they saw the black Qi. After all, this black Qi was actually the spirit essence of an ancient Mysterious Underworld Race powerhouse that had been buried in Burial Underworld Earth.

Now that the black Qi had spread out, it basically meant that this ancient powerhouse had no hope of resurrection.

Sagu, you are responsible for this! The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master was in an extremely sorry state, and one of his arms was also broken.

He pointed at the Ancient Underworld Hall Master, who was unscathed but seemed to be in an equally sorry state, and growled angrily, Your Ancient Underworld Hall has always been responsible for the protection of Burial Underworld Earth. Now, we are actually being attacked at such a critical juncture. You You deserve to die!

The Ancient Underworld Hall Master had a higher position among the Mysterious Underworld Race than the Middle Hall Master of Hong Meng Sacred Hall. Although he could not be considered the ruler of the entire Mysterious Underworld Race, he was still considered one of the chief decision-makers of the race.

During ordinary times, the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master would have dared not say that the Ancient Underworld Hall Master deserved to die no matter how dissatisfied he was with him. However, he had now brazenly spat out these words.

Although the Ancient Underworld Hall Master was fuming in anger, he could not object to the accusation of the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master.

It was a disgrace to let someone cause such damage to Burial Underworld Earth. Even someone like him might need to pay a painful price for this mistake.

Furthermore, this sort of thing was impossible to cover up in the Mysterious Underworld Race so his position as Hall Master might even be on the line.

Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master, this is not the time to talk about this. At last, the Sky Sun Underworld Hall Master, who had always had a good relationship with the Ancient Underworld Hall Master, spoke up. He glanced at the distressed Ancient Underworld Hall Master and said, This was done by spies of the Human Race.

We should now find out where the spies of the Human Race are. Only when we catch them and sacrifice their blood to Burial Underworld Earth will we allow the disturbed ancestor to rest in peace!

Find them, catch them, kill them! the Sky Sun Underworld Hall Master said in utter resentment.

The Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master had always been very calm, but his eyes were radiating with killing intent right now.

The Ancient Underworld Hall Master was about to speak but was interrupted when a pair of Mysterious Underworld powerhouses clad in black armor rushed over. Among them was Yuan Demon Startling Wind, who was chuckling as he was escorted inside.

Hall Master, we only found him! someone said as he pointed at Yuan Demon Startling Wind.

All the Mysterious Underworld Race powerhouses stationed in Burial Underworld Earth were feeling very uneasy. This situation was too frightening for them.

They would probably face the most severe punishment possible even if those bloody Human Race spies were caught, not to mention the fact that they had only captured this silly-looking Yuan Demon Startling Wind.

As soon as the Ancient Underworld Hall Master reached out with his hand, a mighty spirit consciousness probed inside the mind of Yuan Demon Startling Wind. Unfortunately, the moment his spirit consciousness entered Yuan Demon Startling Winds mind, he saw that Yuan Demon Startling Winds state was very bad.

Not a single trace of mind power remained!

In other words, although Yuan Demon Startling Wind was in front of them, he was actually already a dead being.

A dead Mysterious Underworld Race Yuan Venerate powerhouse and a tormented Burial Underworld Earth How would the Ancient Underworld Hall Master account for all of this at once?

Furthermore, the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master was eyeing him covetously now that the initiative was in the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Masters hands.

As many thoughts were going through the Ancient Underworld Hall Masters mind, Jiuzi Xuanming spoke out. Since the Human Race has done such a thing, they must be very prepared. I think they must have wiped out all traces of evidence already.

Instead of being angry, we might as well think of how to search for the Human Race powerhouses who have already concealed themselves.

Jiuzi Xuanmings suggestion received approval from most people. They were all leaders of their respective regions so they naturally knew that it was useless to be angry.

At the same time, the four Mysterious Underworld saints, who had seemed like they were about to turn into ash previously, reappeared in the void.

Their reappearance greatly relieved the Ancient Underworld Hall Master. After taking a deep breath, he told the four saints, Even though the inheritance has been thoroughly destroyed this time, I believe that given the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords strength, his inheritance will never dissipate completely. Even if there are some flaws in the inheritance, I think we should still do our best to complete it.

Now, Jiuzi Xuanming, make your preparations. Ill invite the four saints to activate the array formation again

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master smirked. He no longer cared much about the inheritance. In his opinion, the inheritance was already half-destroyed and wasnt valuable anymore. Furthermore, the Ancient Underworld Hall Master was in deep trouble already.

It was just unfortunate that Nalanye had not managed to escape

As soon as the four saints agreed to the Ancient Underworld Hall Masters suggestion, an arm popped up on the ground of a nearby hill. The arm moved about and a purple Mysterious Underworld Being clambered up to the surface!