Supreme Uprising Chapter 996

Chapter 996 Returning Like A King

Chapter 996: Returning Like A King
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Although the Mysterious Underworld powerhouse standing in front of him was totally disheveled and in an extremely sorry state, the Sky Martial Hall Master was certain that the Mysterious Underworld powerhouse was Nalanye.

Nalanye had unexpectedly survived!

The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master had always been very fond of Nalanye. The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master also felt very sorry to see him attacked by that terrifying force.

He had thought that it would be a dead-end for Nalanye this time. The power of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord was extremely strong to begin with, so if it was combined with the power that had destroyed half of Burial Underworld Earth, even a Taiyu Yuan Venerate might not be able to survive the ordeal.

However, Nalanye had actually managed to climb out of the rubble.

Ha ha ha! You are Nalanye! You You actually got out! The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master shouted loudly, Blessed by the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord! Its so great that youre fine!

Luo Yunyang eyed the worked-up Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master and smiled. Its all thanks to the blessing of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord. Otherwise, I would have really been in hot soup this time.

Jiuzi Xuanmings face twitched. Given his prideful personality, he was not too concerned about the inheritance of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord.

However, he had started to feel concerned about it after his defeat.

Unfortunately, just as the inheritance had been about to fall into his hands, this thing had happened and left him deeply frustrated.

It could even be said that this made him so annoyed that he wanted to go crazy.

The Sky Moon Underworld Hall Master Hall and the Sky Gold Underworld Hall Master were equally happy to see Luo Yunyang. Since they had opposed Ancient Underworld Hall, they naturally did not want Jiuzi Xuanming to succeed the inheritance.

Good fortune will follow after you survive a calamity. I believe you will make great achievements in the future, the Sky Gold Underworld Hall Master said dryly, sounding devoid of any sincerity.

The Sky Moon Hall Master smiled at Luo Yunyang.

Young man, how did you survive? A raspy voice spoke by Luo Yunyangs side.

The person who had spoken was one of the Mysterious Underworld Saints, whose entire body seemed like it had withered up. His six eyes were flickering with a turbid glow.

Luo Yunyang became annoyed when he saw this Mysterious Underworld Saint.

He hadnt seen the four Saints leave. Furthermore, he also began to understand why the inheritance force that surged into him was so violent.

Get lost!

Luo Yunyang had no misgivings regarding his actions, so he immediately berated the Saint.

The skinny Mysterious Underworld Saint had never thought that Nalanye would treat him in such a manner.

How dare you speak to me like that! The shriveled Mysterious Underworld Saint was enraged.

The Saints had extraordinary cultivations. On top of that, they had gradually hidden in Burial Underworld Earth and one could say that they possessed an extraordinary status.

Although their cultivation and combat abilities were not as good as those of the six underworld Hall Masters, the Hall Masters would still address them respectfully as Saints.

Nalanye was indeed a Yuan Venerate, but he was only a junior in their eyes. The fact that he was speaking to Nalanye was a form of recognition.

He felt that Nalanye should be treating him with respect, like the way one respected their ancestors.

He had never expected that Nalanye would act against common sense and actually ask him to get lost in such a rude fashion!

Moreover, this impudence had not taken place in private but loudly in front of many people.

Jiuzi Xuanming and the others stared at Luo Yunyang in disbelief. They even thought that Nalanye had gone insane.

He he I am a snobbish person. How do you think I should speak to you? Luo Yunyang looked indignant at this injustice as he said, Dont you know what youve done? Do you really think that I am a fool?

What did you all do when you left? You sent the full inheritance force of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord into my body! Were you afraid that I would die too slowly? Is that why you did that?

Although the expression on the faces of the four Mysterious Underworld Race Saints remained unchanged, a slight trace of uneasiness could be seen.

Guilt. Furthermore, everyone present knew what they had done.

However, they were Saints who had lived for eons. After exchanging quick glances, they came up with a counterattack and the first Saint who had spoken responded, Why did we send the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords entire inheritance force into you?

It was for your sake! Otherwise, how would you have clambered out unharmed and gotten the full inheritance of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord?

I did not expect you to repay me with such impudence. Its really outrageous that you failed to live up to our painstaking efforts.

A snide smile appeared on the Ancient Underworld Hall Masters face when the Saint replied. He naturally knew what was going on.

He had been afraid that the four old Saints would be stupid enough to admit their vile deed directly.

It would be troublesome if that happened. However, although the old Saints had been buried for a long time, their heads were still working fine.

This counterattack was executed rather nicely.

While he had those thoughts, the Ancient Underworld Hall Master suddenly chuckled. Nalanye, the Saints did this for your sake. It was really abominable of you to be so ungrateful.

Seeing that you managed to escape the devastating danger, I can act as if nothing has happened. The Saints are broad-minded too and will not argue with a junior, but you have to get out of my sight now!

Although the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master wanted to help Luo Yunyang very much, he knew deep down that this was going to be a muddled situation. Nalanye claimed that the Saints were plotting against him, but they all claimed that they had been helping him.

They had helped because they did not want to waste the inheritance of the Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord. Under the circumstances, it was difficult for anyone to determine what was the truth.

In the end, Luo Yunyang would still be the loser of this argument. After all, no one was willing to offend the Mysterious Underworld Saints.

Furthermore, the Ancient Underworld Hall Master stood behind them.

Although it was very humbling to take a loss, there were times when losses had to be suffered.

Nalanye, let it be! the Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master told Luo Yunyang after considering for a moment.

Forget it? How could that be! While Luo Yunyang had gained a lot this time, he also understood the danger that he had been through.

He would only lose a clone embodiment if the body was destroyed. However, he didnt want to lose this argument either.

Furthermore, he wasnt willing to back down after being on the receiving end of such a plot. More importantly, this was a good opportunity to solidify the conflict between the six underworld halls.

Hall Master, I can see your kind intentions, but I, Nalanye, absolutely cannot let this matter rest.

He stared furiously at the crowd and berated it. NO!

Jiuzi Xuanming eyed the raging Nalanye and secretly smirked at how silly Nanlanye was. Nalanye would only receive the short end of the stick for being stubborn at a time like this.

Of course, if Nalanye insisted, Jiuzi Xuanming wouldnt mediate. After all, he would feel more comfortable the more devastated Luo Yunyang became.

Right now, a smirk could be seen on the Supreme Hall Underworld Masters face. He knew that although he couldnt kill Nalanye, he could at least viciously attack his arrogance.

Just as he was about to speak, he saw that Nalanye had raised his arm and started to say in an extremely solemn tone, In the name of the Underworld Master and the Mysterious Underworld Race, I, Nalanye, swear that if the four Saints didnt harm me, my mind shall be destroyed and never be able to resurrect itself for eternity!

The oath was sworn with extreme resoluteness and decisiveness.

Suddenly, a thunderous boom shook the sky above Burial Underworld Earth as if to cheer on Nalanyes oath.

He slowly withdrew his arms, glanced at the four Saints, and said, Your turn, folks!

The Mysterious Underworld Race believed in the Underworld Master, so even formidable powerhouses never dared to spout nonsense in the name of the Underworld Master.

Oaths couldnt be mindlessly taken. Otherwise, ones spirit consciousness might really be destroyed and cause them to die horribly!

After swearing, Luo Yunyang glared at the four Mysterious Underworld Race Saints icily.

The four Mysterious Underworld Saints had never expected Luo Yunyang to do this. At first, they had been pleased with themselves for suppressing a junior like Nalanye. However, they now felt extremely unsettled.

Although they would soon be burying themselves in Burial Underworld Earth, they did not want to disappear completely from heaven and earth.

The reason they buried themselves in Burial Underworld Earth was to allow their cultivation to improve further.

Dear seniors, please go ahead! Luo Yunyang wasnt going to give them any chance to retreat. Thus, he glared at the four Mysterious Underworld Race Saints aggressively.